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T O R O N T O 



[ leh iticn, 87L] 





PREFACE ............ 
NOTES ............ 
MORTE ARTHURE ......... 
INDEX OF NAMES ......... 




Tns present version of the Morte Arthure or Death of Arthur is 
rnainly an account of the great war with Lucius Iberius, Emperor of 
llome, and its sequel, the war with the traiter Modred, who, being 
left in charge of the kingdom, during Arthur's absence usurpcd the 
fljrone and married Qucen Guinevere. In his combat with Modred, 
whom he slays, Arthur receives his death-wound, and shortly after 
dies. Among the incidents in tho story net forming part of the 
wars, we may note the great feast at Carlisle, the king's drcam of 
the dragon and bear, the slaughter of the great giant on MichaeI's 
Mount, and Arthur's dream of Fortune's wheel and the lX'ine 
Worthies. The love of Lancelot for the queen finds no place in 
this work. 
Jlorte Arthure was prohably written in the latter part of the 
fourteenth century, or early in the fifteenth. Of the author nothing 
whatever is known, net even his naine. This is tho nlore te be 
regretted as he must certainly be considered a poet of no mean 
ortier ; the freshness of his descriptions of scenery !, the touching 
pathos of seine of his passages , and the rapid flow and thundering 
force of his diction in others , mark him out as one of the greatest 
writers of his time. What, beside him, are Occleve, Lydgate, Aw- 
delay, lIylton, ttawes, Lonelich, and like poetasters ? "Vhat even 
Cestre and Skelton  
I See Il. 920--932. 2506--2512. 
t 8ee ll. 3790--3808, 3874--3894, 3949--3971. 
a See ll. 22042217, 2541--2573, 2089--3000. 

vin rnEr,CE. 
The poem is printed from the Thornton IS., in the library of 
Lincoln Cathedral ; no other copy is known. The IS. is a collec- 
tion of pocms and treatises on various subjects, some in Engllsh, 
some in Latin ; a llst of the contents may be found in Sir Frederic 
Madden's A:yr Gawagne (Bannatyne Club, 1839), or in the Tl«ornton 
omance, coe Halliwell (Camden Soc. 1844). The [S. is namcd 
after Robert Thornton, who permed a great part of it. At the end of 
][orte Arthuxe we find, " R. Thornton dictu» qui »criI»it »il bene- 
dietus. Amen." Thornton ,vas "a native of Oswaldkh'k in York- 
sbire, and Arehdeaeon of ]3edford, in the Dioeese of Lineoln, about 
the middle of the fifteenth eentury. The date of Arehdeaeon Thorn- 
ton and his eonneetion with Lineoln Cathedral tan be vacertained 
pretty aecurately, va among the archives of the Cathedral there is 
preserved an instrument or deed of eonsiderable importance, attested 
by him as Arehdeaeon, whieh bears date 1439." 1 
Morte Arthure was fixst printed in 1847, by J. O. Halliwell, but 
ean hardly be said to bave been published, sinee the impression 
was limited to 75 copies. In 1865 it was edited by the Rev. George 
G. Yerry, for the Early English Text Society. The present edition 
appears instead of a reprint of lIr Perry's, but differs from it in 
several respects ; the text has been carefully read throughout with 
the MS. at Lincoln, and corrections ruade, vhere needful ; the side- 
notes are greatly altered, often replaced with new ; a new Glossary 
bas been written, and an index of names and some notes added. 
I ara greatly indebted to the Rev. W. W. Skeat for much 
valuable help, especially with the Glossary, also for kindly revising 
his paper on the mette of the poem. 

 From Mr Perry'$ Preface, p. vii. 


THE metre in which the "Morte Arthure" is written may best be 
understood by comparing it with "Piers Plowman," the accentuation 
and swi»g of the verse being much better marked in the last-men- 
tioned poem. The principles which govern this peculiar metre may 
thus be more readily discerned, and, whcn once understood, may 
easily be applied te the present poem. 
For a similar reason, it will be the simplest method te consider, 
first of all, a few lines (of "Piers Plowman ") where the metre is 
most strongly marked, and, afterwards, seine vhere it is, apparently, 
less regular. 
It should first, however, be observed that each complete line in 
an alliterative poem consists generally of two sectios, which were 
separated in old manuscripts by a dot, called the netrical point or 
Tause, and which may conveniently be denoted by an inverted full 
stop, thus :-- 
"Schelde vs ffro schamesdede • and synfulle werkes ;" 
or else by printing the lines thus :-- 
"Schelde va ffro schamesdede, 
And synfulle werkes." 
In reading aloud a pause may conveniently be ruade between the 
The two sections form, however, but one complete line; and, as 
the metrical point is more necessary when the poem is te be sung or 
recited than when it is merely te be read, it bas net been thought 
necessary te insert it in this edition, since the reader, when he hav 

OC cuht th rhthm o th vese, may Mws be toerly sure 
as tewhere it must occur. 
Te begin, then ; consider the line--- 
"Ac Lucier lowest • lith o hem allë." 
29iers l'lon'men (ed Skeat), B. i. 12. 
If we use an asterisk fo denote a strong]y-accented  (or louà) syllable, 
the fire 1 to denote a single uuaccented syllable, the figure 2 fo 
mean two unaccented syllables immediately succeeding each other, 
and se on ; we may represent the above line by the scheme, 
1 * 2 * 1 : * 2 * 1; 
and this may be taken as a eonvenient ype of alliterative lines, from 
whieh the cansion of very many others may be readily deduced. 
8ome, however, as will be shewn presently, must be referred to a 
type somexvhat different. 
2X'ow, we here observe (1) that each section contains two strong 
accents ; (2) that, of the strongly-accented syllables, three begin with 
a common letter, whiçh bas been called the rhne-htt«r ; and (3) of 
these three, two occur ha the first section, and one in the second. 
trch is the usual and normal arrangement. The rime-letters may be 
either consonants or vowcls, and may consist of sinfle letters, or of 
such combinations as sc, bi, tr, etc. If vowels, it is suflàcient that 
they are so ; they need hot be flac saine vowels, and, in practice, are 
gonerally d i fferê,t. 
Again, the last strongly-aceented syllable in the line does net be- 
gin with the rime-letter. This also is the usual and more eorrec 
IIaving once/his typical ferre te refer te, it is easy te enumemte 
most of the changes which may arise. Let us new take the line, 
"Iere  messe and here matynes • and many of here ours." 
-Pier Plan'man, B. Prol. 97. 

 I um the terre $tron#lt-aceented advisedly, ail accents hot being equal. 
Thus, in the line- 
" Or the ofit-ras and the sw6rd-gra and the b61rush in the p6ol" 
the yl/ables marked are tron#?y-accented. 
• « Hire [or here = their] is a monosyllable."Guest o. En#lisl, 
hgthms; ed. 1838, p. 34. 

We bave here the arrangement 
1 * 2 * 1 : 1 * 3 * 1 
which shews (1) that an unaccented syllable may be introduced at the 
beginning of the second section ; and (2) that the number of inter- 
mediate unaccented syllables may be rcadily increased to t£ree. 
l'ow hercin lies the i,eculiar freedom and elasticity of alliterative 
verse ; we shall soon find by observation that, under certain cixcum- 
stances, as many as four short unaccented syllablcs (even if they con- 
tain among thcm one that is accentcd sligldl9) may be inserted at 
plcasure between the cmphatic syllables without destroying the 
rhythm ; for it is one addressed fo the car only, and hot to thc eye. 
The chicf point which the poet bas to take care of is that when ho 
introduces a larger numbcr of unaccentcd syllables, they should be 
capable of rapid enunciation, lest the verse seem clogged and un- 
musical. An example may ho seen in tlm lines, 
"Fiyteden for here ff de • fofi]ten attë lë ; " 
zOiers zOl«man B. Prol. 42. 
which may be denoted by 
• 4 * 1 : * 3 * 1 
It would take up too much space to explain' here the truc method 
of scanning the lines by division into feet ; it may suffice to say that 
the general effect of the metre is dact91ic , supposing the terre dactyl 
to be capable of application to an E:glislt foot, which, to speak 
strictly, it is hot. Indced, the nomenclature of English prosody is 
in sore need of alteration. :Neither is there space to explain, and to 
account for, the curious variations which may further be ruade in the 
alliterative metre. The view here given is only an approximate one, 
which will be found uscful in practice. A longer passage may 
exemplify it better 
"I 15ked on my lft hall • s Ie hidy me tafighte, 
And was wr o  wSmman " v0rthe|i ycl0thed, 
Pfirfiled with pélure • Ie flnest vpon érthe, 
Y-crofinede with  c6rone " Ie kng hath non bétter ; 
Fétislich hir fngres • were frétted with g61de wyre." 
Picrs Plowmaa, B. ii. 7. 

,4nalyMs : 1 « 3 * I : 2 * 2 * I 
2 • 2 * I : * 3 • I 
« 3 • I : 1 • 3 • I 
1 • 3 • I : I • 2 • 1 
• 3 • 1 : 1 • 2 • 1 

One variation, however, fotmd oftenest in the first section, is too 
important fo be passed over. It is that we sometimes fmd in a 
section a hird strongly-accented syllable, thus giving to the line a 
rather unwieldy lenh ; as in, 
"The m6ste mschief on mSlde • is mofmt), ng wel f.Sste." 
Pier8 P/wmanç B. Prol. 67. 
This third accent is often very awkwardly placed, as ia the first line 
of "Iorte Arthure," 
"Sow grêtt glSrious Goede • thurgh grâce of hym eluene." 
Other noticeable deviations from the strict type may be briefly 
(1) The syllable begming with the rime-letter is sometimes tm- 
emlohatic  as in "Iorte Arthure," 1. 59, 
" In Glam5rgane with g]ée - thare gl.dchpe was éuere." 
(2) Sometimes there are but fwo rime-letters, as in l 95, 
"At prO, me of the d.4ye • in p.4yue of jour l-vys." 
(3) Sometimes there is no allitemtion, as in l 70. (4) Sometime- 
therc are .four rime-letters» as 1. 32, where all beloug to accented 
" 8cthyl]e Sc5ttlande by kl]e • he skftys as hym lkys ;" 
or as la l_ 35, where one belongs to an unaccented syllable, 
"HSlaund and Hénawde • they hélde of hyme bSthen." 
If will now be sufficient, perhaps, to indicate what is probably 
the correct accentuation of the iirst fourteen lines, as this will enable 
the reader to perceive in them a certain vigorous swing (well suited 
for the ballad-reciter), which will suggest the scansion of most other 
lines, though there is always somewhat of difficulty in if, from the 
ïact that we bave now-a-days ehanged the accentuation of many 
words, and eannot be quite certain about the fanal e's. 


"Now grétt glrious Gdde • thurgh grâce of hym éluene, 
And the précyous pryere " of hys pr-s mOdyr 
cbélde vs ffro schmesdede • and snfulle wrkes, 
And gffe vs grâce to ge • and gSuerne vs hre 4 
In this wréchyde wérlde • thorowe vért[u]ous lwynge 
Tht we may kyre fil hys co6rte • the k'ngdome of hévyne, 
Whene oure sules schalle prte " and sdndyre ff-m the b6dy 
E .wyre fo bélde and to b-de " in blesse wyth hyme séluene ; 8 
And wsse me to wérpe owte • some w6rde at this tme, 
That nothyre v6yde be ne vyne • bot wrchip fille hyme sélvyne ; 
Plésande and pr6fitabille • to the p6pule that theme héres. 
3 that leste bas to " or l(,ffes for to hére 12 
Off élder of glde tyme • and of theire £wke dédys, 
tt6w they were lé.le iu theire lwe • and 16uede Gd Almghty," etc. 
The accentuation of the last two lines is a little doubtful. There 
may have been an accent on the second of in l. 13, owing to its 
position and the fact of its beginning with a rime-letter ; vhi]e in 1. 
14 we bave the rather unusual number of six accents, unless l, ow was 
slurred over. 
After all, the best way of perceiving the rhythm is fo read over 
some fifty lines several rimes till they seem quite familiar, and then 
to read them over once more out loud, with strong emphasis on the 
verbs, substantives, and adjectives, and vith a natural and ïree 
One peculiarity in this poem should be particular]y noticed, riz. 
that the saine rime-letter is offert continued throughout several suc- 
cessive lines. There is a remarkable instance of this in the passage 
benning with l. 1844, where we bave in succession 4 fines founded 
on s, 2 on hard c, 2 on f, 6 on s, 6 on b, 4 on hard c, 2 on vowels, 
2 on s, 2 on clé, 2 on f, and 2 on r. Other striking examples are 
7 lines on vowels, 571--577, 8 on s, 3310--3317, 9 on j or soft .q, 
2889--2897, 10 on f, 33003309, and 11 on f, 0755--2765. 
Similar istances are rare in Piers the Plowman, though we find 5 
successive lines founded upon jo in the ]3-text, Pass. xiv. 190--194. 
For further remarks, see the Essay on Alliterative Verse in the 
third volume of the Percy Folio MS., ed. Hales and Furnivall, and 
the introduction fo Piers the Plowman, Text A. pp. xxii and xxx. 


Lines 212 215. Precions stones were supposed te keep off poison. 
Compare the folloving :--" ]e earn de in Iris neste enne deorewurZe 
imston ]et bette achate. Ver non attri }inc ne mei }ene ston neihen, 
ne }eo hwule ]et he is in his neste hermen Iris briddes. ]es deorewurZe 
ston, }et is lesu Crist, ae ston treowe arul fui of aile mihten, ouer aile 
imst«,nes. tle is }e aehate ]et atter of sunne ne neihede neuere. De 
]line iZine neste, ]et is, iine heorte. )ene hwueh pinen he }olede on Iris 
flesehe viZuten, and hu swete he was iheorted, and hu sorte wiZinnen ; 
and se }u sehalt driue ut euerieh atter of }ine heorte, and bittenesse of 
]ine bodie ...... ]es ston, ase ich er seide, avleie' attri ]inges. 
tlabbe }u ]esne ston wi%ine ]fine heorte, ]et is Godes nest, ne ]er- 
nout dreden ]e attrie neddre of belle. ])ine briddes, et beoZ ]ine gode 
werkes, beo ai sker of his atter."---The Ancren ttiu'le, ed. Iorton, p. 
134--136. Compare aise Piers the Piowman (ed. 8keat, Clarendn 
Press Series), note te Pass. ii. i. 14. 
450. Watlyng-strelte» "the Roman road ieading frein Dorer te Car- 
digan. Leland deseribes it thus: Seeunda via principalis dieitur 
Batellngstreate, tendens ab euro-austro in Zephyrum Septentrionalem. 
lneipit enim a Dovaria, tendens per medimn Cantioe, juxta London, per 
S. Albanum, Dmstaplum, Stratfordiam; Toweestriam, Litleburne, per 
montera Gilberti juxta Salopiam, deinde per Stratton, et per medimn 
Wallioe, usque Cardigan. Itin. vol. ri. p. 1"_)0, edit. O.ron. 1744."--Bos- 
vorth's Anglo-Saxon Dietionary, under Woetlinga strat. 
793. Brallrlle is purposely omitted frein theGlossar)', beeause it 
onght te have been printed brayelle, as it stands in the IS. It seems 
te mean the fur of the bear's belly. Compare the foliowing :-- 
"Brayeul : m. The parts, or feathers, about the Haukes fundament, 
ealled by our Fauleoners the bray]e in a sbort-wingd, and, the pannell 
in a long-wingd, Hauke."--Cotgrave. 
"The broyle, or pannell of a ldake. Le brayer arun oiseau, le 
brayeu l."Shercood. 
" Braiel, brayette: Partie de la culotte qui tenoit lieu de celle qu'on 
appelle  présent le pont."--Roquefort. 


" Brai«el, brao'el: Le haut de la culotte."---Roquefort. 
966. Thow saynned the vnsekgrly. Thou blessedst thyself vnsafely, 
i. e. you did hot cross yourself in a proper manner, so as to ensure your 
safety ; otherwise you would hOt be here, in this perilous place. If the 
slgn of the cross was hot ruade in the right way, it was considered of 
no avail. 
1 I'35. Read wltl [tlle] coquerour. 
1270. Or rnany lyglte salle lawe. Or many shall light Iow, i. e. 
128. " tIorns of elephants full Iovdly blown." Ovr fathcrs wcre 
rem:trkably ignorant of the nature and habits of foreign animais. 
1293. Ecyae in tle nhles. Right in the middle. 
1315. That no ,ysse serues. Who deserve no iii. 
1364. Fretted in salle. Read sable. 
1414. Bretons. This is probably the verb brittenes, hOt the sub- 
stantive, Boitons. 
1425. B«ltailles. Restore the reading of the MS. ; it is right. 
1474. lI« ryghltez tlelre brenez, llore likely /e filiez. 
1485. The relative pronoun is omitted after B,»jce. This is a fre- 
quent ellipsis. Sec line 1558, where tlat is omitted after Hen,?t. 
1548. Or sone deluerde i. e. soon to be delivered. 
1572. The alliteration would be improved by reading bot [sir] 
1588. Il'irA magere fo lengee. u. with rnau.qree, ill-will. 
1653. LMIe. The alliteration and sense req«ire/,jl]e. 
1698. 1Jorghle. A strange mistake for B,'ate, i. e. Brutus, the sup- 
posed founder of Britain. 
1717. " Whether we retire or appear (show ourselves), arrange as 
you please." 

should be 
st 1517. 

Wellyde aile wyke. Boiled alive. 
liSj,'kez lffs inc wayfare. Qu. inc his wayfare. 
Lang ere. The MS. reads langere, which may be right. 
Ai -- tiret  wl,at. 
On lfe shouid be qf Ife. 
The line is ineomplvte ; add [many]. 
Revsse it redelye. Turned it, the eagle, over qtfickly. 
Hcyghe  heythe, heath. Compare tr'ge for trewthe. 
Hasomere» hot more handsome, but more handy or cou- 
]ife the werMe happyne. Qu. welthe. 
This line mcurs st 4155. 
" Arture" askyes. Shouts " Ahur;" but perhaps it 
simply Mrt]ture askes, Arthur shouts. Compare l. 1412. 
Beblede st should ceainly be B«bIede aL 
Lyghte strandez. This should perhapa be tyIhe strandez, as 
Hegh;e  heath. See note on 2108. 

xvi IOTES. 

2398. I l¢ele wglte to I«yne. I care hot to concea.. 
2408. Turkayne (so in MS.) is ccrtain]y a mistake for Tuslayne, 
Tuscany. Correct tbe sidenote according]y. 
250(;. Insert [of afer yste, or e]se read mysty. 
2519. Bïth birenne ony borne. This is corrupt ; no doubt the right 
reading is, H'ith-outene eny berne. 
2565. A[et. "Towards the close of the thirteenth century and hot 
long after the commencement of the reign of Edward I., a new mode of 
protecting the neck was invented, which consisted of small plates of 
steei placed on the shoulders, sometimes called, from their resemblance 
to Iittle standards, Gonfanons. They are Iikewise mentioned by the 
naine of ailettes, or little wings, in that curions document of the sixth 
year of this monarch, relative to a tournament in Windsor Park, gffen 
in the XVIIIth volume ofthe,4rctaeologia ; and in the $tatuta armorum 
in Torniamentis, a few years after, by that of shouider plates ....... 
They continued in fashion til] the midd!e of the reign of Edward III.. 
..... Their shape was . . . varied ; they were square, round, pen- 
tagona], and shie]d]ike ; sometimes plain, but generai]y ornamented 
vith the family arms, or tbe cross of St. George."---Meyrîck 1 in the 
Arctaeologia, vo]. xix, pp. 137, 138. 
2577. It is wei] known that in early rimes barbers practised blood- 
lettin ; they would therefore, of course, know how to stanch biood. 
2578. 131yne sclalle te euer. I:Ie shall never cesse [to bleed]. 
2586. ur9yone in alarne. Compare 1. 4311 and lFilliam of 
«lerne, ed. Skeat, 11. 964 and 1033. 
616. Cyrus witr9e should be cgrwitrge. The letter q is raised a 
little and looks very much iike the usual contraction for us. Cyrqwi- 
trye -- surquidry, arrogance, prlde. 
2675. This line is misplaced ; it ought to foliow line 2677. 
7771. Ereste seems to be a mistake for trfetle, breath. 
2934..f9 a debles seems to be meant for French. Fie, (go) to the 
3061. Iclene te. The ailiteration, af first sight, wonld seem fo be 
on the d of this idene and of dout; but there is no reason why it 
ot be on the i of /alerte and the e of elles. Idene, if hot a miswriting, 
,ay be the saine as ienli, freqnently, in the following lines : 
" ]ai at war fild wit enst and hete 
/at ienli air hertes etc, 
ar wormes sal am underwrote 
In bale wituten hope and bote, 
And for-i ai ber war wont to li 
In air stincand lieheri, 
Ne wald noght here hot air delices 
at drogh am until oer vices 
ai sal haf ien stinc iwis 
at ai sal never mat mis."Cur, or .LrunJi, as quoted 
i,y Dr 3Iorrls in the preface to H'arn2ole'»'Pricl,.e of Conscience, pp. x, 

The may be the verb thee, to thrive ; it was most likely mistaken for 
the article by the scribe, who wrote it with .V. The meaning of the line 
wouhl be, " }Ie shall frequently thrive full well, /ar nought else." This 
accords with the statement, I. 305(;, that the king spoke fo the duchess 
"myldly with fullo meke wordes." 
3257. The word With clearly belongs to the line before. With 
bruchez, &c. 
3282. The two e/e. This is clearly an error for " the tone eye" ---- 
(the) one eye. "One eye of the man was brighter than silver, the 
other was yellower than the yolk of an egg." 
3439. Njne of the nobil«ste namede in erthe. These were the Ninc 
Worthies. The list agrees with that given in Reliqtffw AntilUCe, vol. i. 
p. 287. 
Saraceni. Judoei. 
Ector, Alex., Julius ; David, Josue, Maehabœeus ; 
Artur cure Carolo, Galfridum linquere nolo : 
Isti sunt tel" tres trini fidei t,teliol-es. 
See Shakespere, Love's Labour Lost, Act 5, sc. 2. 
3937. Guchcde. I tan make nothing of this word, the plain reading 
of the MS., unless it ---- gutted  goutté, dropped or spotted. At line 
3759, we read that this king of Gothland "bare of gowles fulle gaye 
with gowces of syluere." Gowces I suppose to be miswritten for ffowtes, 
drops, spots. 




.ai. -- adjective. 
adv. "-- adverb. 
A.S. "- Anglo-Saxon. 
b. = back. 
col. -- eolunm. 
cor»p. = comparative form. 
Comp. --- compare. 
coJj. -- conjunction. 
ed.  edited by. 
E. E.T.S. = Early English 
Ff. = French. 
./[. -- future. 
9en. -- genitive case. 
Germ. -- German. 
lier. -- Heraldry. 
i»p. -- imperative. 
i»lem, v. = impcrona] verb. 
iJd. -- indicative. 
i, -- infinitivc. 
id. -- interjection. 
i.p. --- imperfect participle. 
1. = line. 
Lat. --- Latin. 
ll. = lines. 
M.Goth. = Moeso-Gothie. 
O.E. -- Old English. 


O.Fr. = Old Freneh. 
O.N. = Old Norme. 
p. = page. 
pl. -- plura|. 
2 pl. = second person plural. 
pp. = pages. 
p./. = past or passive partieiple. 
pfep. -- preposition. 
pres. = present. 
pret. = preterite. 
Proapt. Par». = Promptorium Par- 
prw. -- pronoun. 
Qu. = Query. 
ref. -- reflexive. 
s. -- substantive. 
1 s. = first person singular. 
2 s. = second person smgular. 
3 s. = thh'd person singu|ar 
Se. = Seoteh. 
sg. = .ingular. 
Spam -- Spanish. 
subj. = subjunetive. 
superl. "- superlative form. 
tom. = tomo. 
v. = verb. 
vol. = volume. 

The f, Alowing works are indieated in the Index by their authors' 
Iams :-- 
Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon and Eng]i-h Dietionary. 
Brockett's GIossar of North Country Words. 
Burguy's Glossary to his Gra»maire de la La»ge d'Oïl. 
Dueange's Glossarium Medioe et Infimæ Latinitatis, ed. 1840. 
Haliiwell's Dietionary of Arehaie and Provincial Words. 
Jamieson's Elymologieal Dictionary of the Seotth Langue. 
Roquefon's Glossaire de la Langue Romane. 
Stratmann's Dietionary of Ihe Old English Langue. 
Verelius's Index linguoe veteris Seytko-Scaneoe sire Gothieæ, 1691. 


2, sidenotes, for Tvurs read Touraine. 
2 ,, ,, Anb«na read AMae. 
2 ,, ,, Naverne read S«earre. 
3 ,, for the 2nd C«e»'levn read C'«rlide. 
7 ,, ,, ham ad shoulder«. 
7 ,, ,, bu«t«rd« read bittems. 
28, line 913, for grayuez re«d gr«ynez. 
33, sidenotes, for smoke read foam. 
78, strie out the footnote. 
,, 131, col. 1, line 23, for Aulia read Poland. 

d orte rthre. 

]I«,-e e,nues Morte Arthure. In nomi,e Patris et 
Filij et Sp/r/t«c Sancti. Amen pur charite. Amen. 


ow grett glorious Godde, thurglï grace of hym seluene, 
And the precyous prayere of hys prys modyr, he rt a 
for graee, 
Sçhchle vs ffro schamesdede and synfulle werkes, 
And gyffc vs grace fo gye, and gouerne vs here, 4 
In this wrechyde werlde thorowe verrous lywynge, 
That wemay kayre tri hys courte, the kyngdome of hevyne, 
Whene oare saules schalleparte andsundyre ffrathe body, 
Ewyre to belde and to byde in blyssewyth hyme seluene; 8 
And wysse me fo werpe owte some worde at this tyme, 
That nothyre voyde be ne vayne, bot wyrchip tille hyme n ¢o, oe, to 
write somethig 
selvyne, profitable. 
Plesande and profitabill,' fo the popule that theme heres. 
Je that liste bas to lytlï, or luffes for to here, 12 Yethat li to 
bear of elder 
Off elders of alde tyme and of theire awke dedys, ofold rime, 
ttow they were lele in theire lawe, and louede God A1- 
tterkynes me heyndly and holdys ow styll, ,en fo  e 
of the Round 
And I salle telle ow a tale, that trewe es and nobylle, 15 able. 
Off the ryealle rekys of the Rownnde Tale, 
That cheïe ware of cheualrye and cheïtans nobyLle, 
:Barbe ware in thire werkes and wyse rnene of armes, 
Doughty in theire doyngs, and dredde ay schame, 20 
iORTE .RTtl t" RI',. 1 

These knightq 
were noble, wise 
and brave, 


Argyle, Orlney, 
and the ilea» 

lreland and $cot- 
Wales. Flander 
and France, 

had made tribu- 
tary H,dland and 
H ainault, Bur- 
gundy and lira- 
haut. Brittanv, 
land and Greeee, 
ho occupied 
Bayonne and 
Bordeaux, Tours 
an4 Totflouse. 
He was prince of 
!'oictiers and 
[|eaf 53, back] 
Pro ence, of Va- 
I,.nee and Vienne, 
of Ergia 
Aniana, of Na- 
verne and Nor- 
way and Noro 
Of Germany, of 
Austra, and 
many other 
He conq.uered ail 
Denmark with 
his sword. 
Then he dubbed 
hia knights and 
gave them lads. 
Created kings 

Then reeted the 
beroo and held the 
Round Table. 

,After aolac'., ng 
himaelf in Bli- 

Kynde mene and courtays, and couthe of courte thewes 
IIow they whanne wyth were wyrchippis many, 
Sloughe Lucyus the lythyre, that lorde was of P, ome, 
And conqueryd that kyngryke thorowe craftys of armes 
I{erkenes now hedyrwarde, ad herys this storye. 25 
wene that thekyngeArthur byconquestehadc wonnyne 
Caste[les and kyngdoms, and contreez many, 
Ad he had couerede the coroune of the kyth ryche, °8 
Of alle that Vter in erthe aught,, in his 
Orgayle and Orkenay, and aile this owte-iles, 
]relande vttir]y, as Occyane rynnys ; 
Scaflylle Scottlande by skylle he 8kyftys as hym lyky, 
And Vales of were he wane at hys wille, 33 
]athe fflaundrez and ffraunce fre til hym seluyne ; 
H«,laund and Henawde they helde of hyme bothen, 
Burgo 3 ne and Brabane, and Bretayne the lesse, 36 
Gyane and Gothelande, and Grece the ryche ; 
Bayone and Burdeux he beldytt fulle faire, 
Turoyne and Tholus with toutes fulle hye ; 
Off Peyters and of Prouynce he was prynce holdyne, 40 
Of Valence and Vyenne, off value so noble, 
Of Eruge and Anyone, thos erledoms ryche ; 
y conqueste fulle cruelle they knewe hym fore loale, 
Of/auerne and orwaye, and ormaundye eke, 44 
Of Almayne, of Estriche, and other ynowe ; 
)anmarke he dryssede all¢ by drede of hym seluyne, 
ffra Swynne vnto Swetherwyke, with his swerde  kene 
Qwenne he thes dedeshad done, he doubbyd hys knyghtez, 
T)yuysyde dowcherys and delte in dyuerse femmes ; 49 
Iad of his cosyns kyngys ennoyntede, 
In kyth there they couaitte crounes fo bere. 
Whene ho thys  rewmes hade redyne and rewlyde the 
popule, 52 
Then rystede that rya]le and he]de lice Rounde Taby]]e 
Suggeourns that sesone to solace hyme seluene, 
In ]retayne the bradde% as h)qn beste lykes ; 
! lS. swrede. * Or thes. 


Sythyne wente in-to Wales with his wyes aile, 56 tain, he goe inlo 
Sweys in-to Swaldye with h]s snelle houndes, to hunt th« bar[ 
with hiB Bwift 
For to hunt af tlm barres in thas hye lanndes, ouads, 
In Glamorgane with glee, thare gladchipe was euere, a.d in Glamorgan 
rounds Caerleon 
And thare a citee he serte, be assentte of his lordys, 60 un Vk. 
That Caerlyone was callid, with curius walles, 
On the riche reuare that rynnys so faire, 
There he myghte semble his SOlde to see whenne hym 
lykyde ; 
Thane aftyre af Carlelele a Cristynmese he haldes, 64 ^t Caereo. b« 

This ilke kyde conquerour, and helde hym for lordc, 
Wytti dukez and dusperes of dyuers rewmes, 
Erles and ercheucsqes, and otlter ynowe, 
]yschopes and bchelers, and banerettes nobille, 68 
That bowes fo his banere, buske whene hym lykys : 
Bot on the Cristynmesdaye, whene they wereallesemblydc, 
That comlyche conquerour conmaundez hym seluyne 
TTtat ylke a lorde md,le lenge, and no lefe take, 72 
To the rende day fully ware takyn to t£e ende. 
Thus one ryalle araye he helde his 1Rounde Table, 
Wit/ semblat «ml solace and selcouthe metcs ; 
Vhas neuer syche ] noblay, in no manys tyme, 76 
]ffad in mydwynter it tla 'este marelys ! 
ot on the newere daye, at tlte none euyne, 
As the bolde af the borde was of brede seruyde, 
So corne in sodanly a senatom" of ]ome, 80 
Vytti sexte],e knyghtes in a soyte, sewande hym one. 
He salued the souerayne a«d the sale aftyr, 
Ilke a kynge aftyre kynge, and mad lais enelines ; 
Ga)mour in hir degré he grette as hym lykyde, 84 
And syne agayne fo tle gome he gaffe vp his nedys : 
"Sir Lucius Iberb«s, the F.mpe«our of lome, 
Saluz the as sugett, vndyre his sele ryche ; 
It es credens, sir kynge, with cruelle wordez, 88 
Trow if for no trufles, lais targe es fo schewe ! 
:Now in this newers daye with notaries sygne, 
 swyclte struck out, and yce writen instcad. 

hold8 high festi- 
val at Chri,tmaSo 
Ude with his Iorde 
and bishups» 

and bids none 
depart from the 
feat till ten days 
are expired. 

noble a fea«t 

]ut on New 
Year's dav. as 
the kniglàts were 
there eame in 
suddenly a Sena- 
for of llme. 
[leaf 54] 
attended by six- 
ten knighlB. 
He salutes King 
Arthur and his 
and Guinevere 
the Queen. 

Then. in the 
naine of Sir Lu- 
cius Iberiue, the 
Emperor of 


tirer to appear af 
17me on Lammas 

o answer why 
he occupies 
lnds instead of 
paying homae 
to hir% 

and how he date 
rebel ;ainet 

But if Arthur 
wili hot corne, 
the Emperor will 
invade hie iand 
and take 

and destroy 
wherever he may 

The Rester of 
that Arthur's fa- 
ther œeaid tribute» 
which was wn 
by Julius Cœesar 
and his gentle 
Then did Kin 
Arthur lock with 
ferociotts glance 
on the Senator. 

I make the somouns in sale to sue for thi landvs, 
That on Lammesse daye thare be no lette ffoundene, 92 
Th«t thow bee rcdy at Rome with aile thi Rounde Table, 
Appere in his presens ,vit] thy price knyghtez, 
At plTme of the daye, in payne of 3our 13wys, 
In tl«e kydde Capytoile before tl«e kyng selvyne, 96 
V(hene he and his senatours bez sette as them lykes, 
To ansuere anely why thow ocupyes the lanndez, 
That awe homage of alde tille hym and hLs eldyrs ; 
XVhy thow bas red3me and ra)anede, and munsound tle 
pople, 100 
And kyllyde doune his cosyns, kyngys ennoynttyde ; 
Thare sehalle thow gTffe rekkynyngc for aile thy ound 
V'hy thow arte rebelle o Pome, and rentez theme 
w)oEholdez ! 
ilt" thow theis somouns wythsytte, he sendes [hie thies 
wordes, 104 
Hê salle the seke ouer tl«e see wytll sextene kynges, 
Bryne Bretayne the brade, and bryttyne thy knyghtys, 
And brynge the bouxsomly as a beste ith brethe ''hare 
hyrn lykes, 
That thow ne schalle rowte ne D'ste vndyr the heuene 
ry«he, 108 
Thofe thow for reddom' of Rome D'ne fo the erthe ! 
flot if thow flee in-to Fraunce or ffreselannd owtler, 
/7wu salle be fechede wit] force, and ouersette fore euer! 
Thy fadyr mad fewtee, we fynde in oure rollez, 112 
In the regestre of P, ome, who so ryghte lukez : 
Vitb-owttyne more trouflynge the trebute we aske, 
That Iuhus Cesar wane wytl3 lais ientille knyghttes !" 
He kynge Llvschit one theberynewith his brode egl3n,,, 
/7at fulle brymly for breth bD'nte as the gledys ; 
Keste colours as kynge with crouelle lates, 118 
Lnked as a lyonG and on his lyppe bytes ! 
The P, omaynes fi, r radnesse ruschte to the erthe, 
flore ferdnesse of hys fice, as tl,cy fcy werc ; 


Cowchide as kenetcz be-fore thc kynge seluyne, 
Bc-cause of his contcnaunce confusede theme semede ! 
Tl,ene couerd vp a knyghte, and criede ful lowde, 1 124 
" Kynge corounede of kynd, curtays and noble, Thon ove ofthm 
humbly etrea:a 
Misdoo no messangere f,»r menske of thi sehtyne, 
Sen we are in thy mafirede, and m,q'cy the besekes ; 
We lenge with sir Lucius, that lorde es of Rome, 128 
That es the meruelyousteste mane that on molde lengez ; 
It es lefulle fille vs his likynge tille wyrche ; 
Y(e eome at his eommaundment ; haue vs excusede." 
Then earpys the eonquerour erewelle wordez, 132 
" IIaa ! crauaunde knyghte ! a cowarde the semez ! 
thur upbraids 
T/tare [is] some segge in this sale, and he ware sare him ae a coward. 
Thow durste noghte for s alle Lumberdye luke one hym 
"Sir," sais the senatour, "so Crist mott me helpe, 136 vt 
excuses him on 
The voute of thi vesage bas woundyde vs alle ! th« ground that 
Arthur's visage 
Thow arte the lordlyeste lede that euer I one lukyde ; .« tib« 
]3y lukynge, with-owttyne lesse, a lyone the semys !" 
"Thow h me somonde," quod the kynge, "and said 
what the lykes ; 140 
flore sake of thy souaynge I suffre the the more  
Sen I eoroufide in kyth wytla erysnme enoyntede, 
Vas neucr ercature to me that carpede so large ! 
]3ot I salle tak concelle at kynges enoyntede, 144 The King tells 
him that he will 
Off dukes and duspers and doctors noble, tke 
his duke, doe- 
Offe peres of the parlement, prelates and other, to,, e, 
knightn æ 
Off the rieheste renkys of the Rounde Table ; 
Thus schalle I take aviscmente of valianV beryns, 148 
Wyrke aft)oEe the wytte of my wyes knyghttes : 
To warpe wordez in waste no wyrchipe it were, 
h'e wilfully in this wretlie fo wrekene my seluene. 151 
ffor4hi salle thow lenge herê, and lugge wytli thise lorde, ,hie te - 
rt.4ne stay a week 
 b:.¢he struck out, and lowde writlen instead. 
 schewe struck out, and wy,'cbe written instead. 
 MS. full¢.  Zikyd¢ struck out, and 19kes written instea,t. 

to refesh hem- 

Sir Cayous is bid 
to entertain the 

and tbeir horse. 

He ws hot to 
ëare, but to 
at them liber* 

Then were they 
quick ly harboured 
 ithin the high 
In chambers 
with chimn¢ye 
they ehanged 
their weed. 

_rhe Senator sat 
st the King'e 
table, and was 
sem-ed like him- 

for ths Romans 
are of tbe most 
ro}al blood on 

there were esrved 
upon eilver 
umeroUS gadyo 
dressed attend- 
Venisan, fatted 
and wId, with 
choice birds» 

laeocks and plo- 
aïPou golden 

great swans in 
silver chargere 

This seuenyghte in solace, to suggourne 3our horses, 
To see whatte lyfe that wee leede in thees lawe lanndes." 
flot by the realtee of Rome, that recheste was euere, 
Hecomande sir Cayou«, "take kepe to thoos lordez, 156 
To styghtylle tba steD'ne mene as thcire statte askys, 
That they bee herberde in baste in thoos heghe chambres, 
Sythine sittandly in sale seruyde ther-aftyr ; 
That they fynd ha fawte of rude to thiere horsez, 160 
'owthire weyne, ne waxe, ne welthe in this ehe ; 
Spare for no spycerye, bot spende what the lykys, 
That there be largesce one lofte, and no lake foundene; 
If thou my wyrchipe wayte, wy, be my h'(,uthe, 164 
T/lOU salle hane gersoms fulle grett, that gayne salle the 
euere !" 
;'ow er they herberde in hey, and in oste hohlene, 
± Hastyly wythhendemene with-intheesheghe wallez; 
In chambyrs with chympnes theychaungene theire wedcz, 
And sythyne the chauncelere theme fe¢chede with che- 
ualrye  noble. 169 
Sone the senatour was sert, as hyme wele semyde, 
At the kyngez ownne borde; twa knyghtes hym se»ede, 
Singulere sothely, as Arthure hym seluyne, 172 
Richely on the ryghte hannde at the Iounde Table ; 
Be resoune t?at the t,omaynes whare so D'che holdene, 
As of the realeste blode th«t reynede in erthe. 175 
There corne in at th e fyrste course, be-for t e kyn ge selue ne, 
Bareheuedys that ware bryghte, burnystc with syluer, 
Alle with taghte mene and towne in togers fulle ryche, 
Of saunke realle in suyte, sexty at ones ; 
fltesc]5 fluriste of fermysone with frumentee noble, 180 
Ther-to wylde to wale, and wlyche bryddes,  
Pacokes and plouers in platers of golde, 
lygges of porke despyne, that pasturede neuer ; 
Sythene herons in hedoye, hyled fulle faie ; 
Grett swannes fulle swythe in silueD-ne chargeours, 
 IS. clwlualrye. 
 /,rede. strurk out. and bryd written instcad. 


Tartes of Turky, faste whame tlleme lykys ; 
Gumbaldes graythely, fulle graçious to taste ; 
Seyne bowes of wylde bores wlth tle bratme lechyde, 
Bcrnakes and botures in baterde dysches, 189 
/7areby braunchers in brede, bettyr was neuer, 
With brestez of barowes, th«t bryghte ware to schewe ; 
Seyne corne tler sewes sere, with solace ther-aftef, 192 
Ownde of azure alle ouer and ardant them semyde, 
Of ilke a leche the lowe lauschide fulle hye, 
Tl«t alle ledes myghte lyke th«t lukyde theme apone ; 
Thane cranes and curlues craftyly rosted, 196 
Connygez in cretoyne colourede fulle faire, 
ffesauntez enflureschit in flammande siluer, 
With dariclles endordide, and daynteez ynewe ; 
Thane clarett and Creette, clergyally rennene, 200 
Wit] condethes fulle curious alle of clene siluyre ; 
Osay a[n]d algarde, and otler ynewe, 
Rynisc] wyne and Rochelle, richere was nCuer ; 
Vernage of Venyce vertuouse and Crete ; 204 
In faucetez of fyne golde, f, Jnode who so lykes ; 
The kyngez cope-borde was closed in siluer, 
In grete goblettez ouergylte glorious of hewe ; 
There was a cheeffe buttlere, a cheualere noble, 208 
Sir Cayous the curtaise, th«t of the cowpe seruede ; 
Sexty cowpes of suyte fore tle kyng seluyne, 
Crafty ad curious, COlene fulle faire, 
In euer-flk a party pyghte with precyous stones, 212 
That nane enpoysone sulde goo preuely tle:-vndyre, 
Bot the bryght golde for brethe sulde briste al to peces, 
Or ells te venyme sulde voyde thurghe vertue of the 
Ad the conquerour hymseluene, so clenly arayede, 216 
In colours of clene golde cleede, wytti his knyghttys, 
Driid with his dyademe one his deesse ryche, 

tarts of turkey, 

haros and brawn 
in slices, 
eese and 

then cranes and 
curlews crafti]y 

pheasants upon 
flahing si]ver, 
« dariels" and 
manv othr 
Wine caused te 
[leaf 55, bact ] 
run skilfully in 
si]ver conduits. 

Rare 8orts served 
in cups of fine 

The King's cup- 
bard was glori- 
eus with plate. 

The chief butler 
was 8ir Cayous» 

who served the 
wine in goblets 
decked with pre- 
cious stones» 
which hinder the 
deadly effects of 

."thur was clad 
in cloth of gold 
with his crown 

on ; the doughti. 
flore he was demyde tl e doughtyeste tlt duellyde in effile. t kght tht 
dwelt ou eartho 
Thane the conquerour kndly carpede fo those lordes,    
Rehetede the lomaynes witl realle seche, o1 
.- to those Iords. 


Sir," aays the 
Senator, "Rome 
itselE tan show 
nothing equal to 
this luxo/iou$ 

Then they wash- 
ed and withdrew 
to thc chamber. 

Sir Gawain lels 

Spiced drinks 
were erved to 

Certain lords 
were asigned to 
attend upon the 

Arthur goes to 
council in the 
Giant'e tower, 

with his lords i" 
and ge,crie 
First epeake Sir 
Cador of Corn- 

The letters of Sir 
Lucius. he sys. 
lighten h heart. 

They had too long 
lived, a lire of 
ingloriots peaee. 

"Sirs, bez knyghtly of contenaunce, ««d comfurthes 
our seluyne, 
We knowe noghte in this coutré of curious ruerez ; 
In thees barayne landez, bredes none otler, 224 
ffore-thy wythowttyne feynynge, enforce 3ow the  more 
To feede ow with syche feble as e be-fore fynde." 
"Sir," sais the senatouf, "so Criste motte me helpe ! 
There D-mede neuer syche realtee wt]-in Rome walles! 
There ne es prelatte, ne pape, ne prynce in t£is erthe, 
That he ne  myghte be wcle payedeof t]ees pryce metes !" 
ftyre theyre weltie they wesche ad went vn-to 
T/ris ilke kydde conquerour with knyghtes yneve; 232 
Sir Gaywayne tle worthye Dame Waynour he ledys ; 
Sir Owghtrcth on t/te toilier syde, of Turry was lorde. 
Thane spyces vn-sparyly thay spendyde there-aftyre, 
]laluesye and muskadelle, thase meruelyous drynkes, 
Raykede fulle rathely in rossete cowpes, 237 
Tille alle the riche on rawe, Romaynes a,d orner. 
Bot the soueraingne sothely, for solauce of hym seluene, 
Assi»gnyde to the senator eertaygne lodes, 
To lcde to his leueré, whene he leue askes, 241 
Vith myrthe and with melodye of mmstralsy noble. 
Thane the conquerour to concelle cayres there-aïtyre, 
Vyth lordes of his lygeunce that to hym sclfe lanoEs; 
To the geauntes toure iolily he wendes, 245 
Vyth justicez and ifigge, and gentille knyghtes. 
Sir Cador of Cornewayle to the kynge carppes, 
Lughe one hyme lufity with lykande lates, 248 
"I thanke Goe f that thraa tat vs thus thretys ! 
ow moste be traylede, I trowe, bot ife e trett bettyre : 
Te lettres of sr Lucius lyghttys myne herte ! 
We hafe as losels liffyde many longe daye, 252 
Yytti delyttes in this lande with lordchipez many, 
And forelytenede the loos tat we are layttede : 
I was abaischite, be oure Lorde, of oure beste bernes, 
 31S. te 3ow. z MS. ne ha 


flore gret duIe of dcffuse of dedez of armes ! 256 
Now wakkenyse t/te were w wyrchipide be Cryste ! H« rejoi t 
• retun agin t 
And we salle wynne it ag[a]yne be wyghtnesse and 
strenghe !" 
"Sir Cadour," q«wd tle kynge, " thy concelle es noble, he ki,g 
Sir Ctdor for his 
Bot tlou arte a meruailous marie w/fit thi mery wordez ] Ild worda, 
ttbr thow countez no caas, ne castes no forthire, 261 epoken fr*m hic 
heart without 
B,,t hurles furthe appone heuede, as thi herte thynkes ; thought or care. 
I moste'trette of a trcw towchande tldse nedes, 
Talke of thies tythdands tl«t tenes mync herte ; 264 
grieved at theoe 
Tlmu secs t£at the emperour es angerde a lyttille ; tiding. 
Yt semes be his sandismene that he es sore greuede ; 
His senatour has sommonde  me, and said what hym 
tIethhly iii my halle, wytIi heyn]ous wordes, 268 He has been ino 
sulted in his own 
hall by heinous 
In speche disspyszede me, and sparede me lyttille ; words, 
I myght noghtc speke for spytte, so lny herte tD'mblyde ! aa insolently 
Bummoned go 
]Ie askyde me tyrauntly tribute of Rome, py tribute 
the Emperor of 
That tenefully tynt was in tyme of re}me eldrs ; 272 Rome, 
Thcre alyenes, in abscnce of aile mene of armes, 
Couerde it of commons, as cronicles telles ; 
I haue title to take tribute of Rome, of wlom h« ought 
rther fo 
Myne ancestres ware emperours, end aughte it t£eme tribute. 
seluene, 276 
I;elyne and Bremyna, and Bawdcwyne the thyrde, 
They ocupyede t/te empyre aughte score wynnttyrs, His ancestors 
cupied the Em- 
]lkane ayere aftyre other, as awlde mene telles ; pire of Rome 
eight score 
The eouerde Hte Capitofle, and keste dou De walles ; 
Hyngede of theire heddys-mene by hufidrethes af ones ; 
Seyne Constantyne, out kynsmane, conquerid it aftyre, 
T/at ayere was of Ynglande, and emperour of Rome, 
He that conquerid the crosse be craftez of armes, 284 he who gained 
by enquest the 
That Cri.ste was on crucifiede, tlat kyng es of heuene ; truc Crues. 
Thus hafe we euydens to aske the emperour the saine, 
That tlms regnez af Rome, whate ryghte that he 
 Or somoule. 


Then artwered 
King Aungers 
and said that Ar- 
thur ought te be 
supreme over ail 
[leaf 56» back] 

The Rornsns had 
done man" evil 
deeds in Scot- 

for which he 
would bave re- 

He promises te 
bring 50,1J0 men 
te aid Arthur. 

The king of 
little Britain 
would bave Af. 
thur return a 
tierce answer. 

He fearœe the Po- 
man ',o whit. 

He promises to 
I0ring So,ooo 
knights within a 

/tan answarde kyng Aungers te Arthure hym seluyne, 
"Thow aughte te be ouerlynge ouer alle other 
kyngcs, 2,9 
flore wyseste, and worthyeste, and wyghteste of hanndes, 
The knyghtlyeste of counsail¢ that euer corone bare ; 
I date say¢ fore Scottlande, that we theme schathe 
lympyde, 29 "2 
Whene the Romaynes regned¢, thay raunsoun,le oure 
And rade in theire ryotte, and rauyschett oure wyfcs, 
With-ooEtyne resone or ryghe refte vs oure gudes ; 
And I salle make myne avowe deuotly te Criste, 296 
And te tle haly vernacl¢, vertuus and noble, 
Of this grett v¢lany I salle be vengede ones 
On one venemus roche, wytlï valiant knyghtes ! 
I salle the forthire of defence fosterde ynewe, 300 
ffffty thowsande tuerie, wyti-in tWo eldes, 
Of my wage for te vende, whare se the lykes, 
Te fyghte wyti thy ffaa tuerie, that vs unfaire ledcs." 
hane the burelyche beryne of ]retayne tlte lyttylle 
Cunsayles sir Arthure, and of hyme besekys 305 
Te ansuere the alyenes wytli austerene wordcs, 
Te entyce the empereur te take ouere the mounttes. 
He said, "I make myne avove v¢rreilly te Cryse, 308 
And te the haly vernacle, that voirie schaLle I neuere, 
fier radnesse of ha omayne that regnes in ertie ; 
13et ay be r¢dye in araye, and af areste ffotmdene, 
N'o more dowtte th¢ dynte of theire derfe wapyns, 312 
Tan the dewethat es dannke, whene that it doune ffaLles  
e no more schoune  fore the swape of theire scharpe 
Then fore the faireste flotr thatt on the fold¢ growes! 
I salle te batelle the brynge, of brenyede knyghtes 316 
Thyrtty thosannde be tale, thryftye in armes, 
Wytti-in a monethe daye in-te whatte marche, 
That thow wylle sothelye assygne, whene thyselfe lykcs." 
I Or schone. 


"A  A v" sais the Valsctie kyage, "wirchipid be Criste! ,r,- 
• " claimB Ah ! ah ! 
low schalle we wreke fulle wele the wrethe of oure Now,U 
bave revenge. 
elders ! 321 
In West Walys i-wysse syche wonndyrs thay wroghte, 
Tiret alle for wandrethe may wepe, that one tat wero 
I salle haue the avanttwarde wytterly my seluene, 324 
Tylle that I hauo venquiste the Vicounto of l'ome, He 
flght at the head 
T/rot wroghte me at Viterbe a velanye ones, ofhis army till 
he had revenged 
As I paste in pylgremage by the 1)ounte Tremble; 327 hineelfonthe 
Viecount of ltom® 
Ho was in Tuskayne th at type, and tuke of oure knyghttes, oncef°r a wroughtViilany ho 
Areste theme varyghttwyslye, and ratmsoufide thame  
aftyre ; 
I salle hym surelyeensure, that saghetylle salle we neuer, 
Are we sadlye assemble by oure sellerie ones, 
And dele dynttys of dethe with oure derfe wapyns ! 332 
And I salle wagge to that were of wyrchipfulle knyghtes, n od 
two thouanA 
Of Wyghte and of Walschelande, and of the Weste 
Twa thosande in tale, horsede one stedys, ['leaf 57] 
Of the wyghteste wyes in alle one weste landys !" 336 
yre Ewane fytz Vryeuec  thane egerly fraynez, ,e 
wayne and aaid 
 Was cosyne to the conquerour, corageous hymselfene, that the would 
al[ follow 
"Sir, and we wysto jour wylle, we walde wirke the'- eommand81a«ly. 
aftyre ; 339 
]if this journoe su!de halde, or be ajournede forthyre, 
To ryde one ]one Romaynes and ryott theire landez, 
We walde schape vs there-fore to schippe whene 
"Cosyne," quod the eonquerour, "kyndly thou asches ; an eaid Aro 
]ife my eoncelle accorde to conquere ]one landez, 344 
Iy the kalendez of Iuny we challe encountre nes, ,, we 
ready bv the 
Wyth fulle creuelle knyghtez, so Cryste mot me helpe ! 
There-to make I myne avowe devottly to Cryste, 
And fo the holy vevnacle, vertuous and noble, 348 
I salle at Lammesse take leue, to lenge at my large and at Lamma, 
wiil enjoy our- 
 zead Vrvence. 


aelve in Lorraine 
or Lomlu'dy, 

• ojourn six 
'eeks in the 
Vale of Viterbo. 

aend rider te 
Rome and lay 
there a siege, 
t3nless they offer 

Then Sir Ewayne 
vowe vengeance 
against the 
peror of lteme 
for ooeupving &r- 
thur's hectare» 

and promises 
fr teeds. 

Then Lance|or 
declare his satia- 
faction al; the 

He is ready te 
jou.t ¢ith the 
Emperor him- 

['leaf 57, back] 
and te carry the 
war into Re. 

In Lomyne or Lumberdye, whethire me leue thynkys ; 
Merke vn-to Meloyne, and myne doune tle wal]ez, 
Barbe of Petyrsande, and of Pys, and of the l'ounte 
Tremble, 352 
In tire Vale of Viterbe vetaile my knyghttes, 
Suggourne there sex wokes ami solace my selfcne 
Send prekers to tl«e price toune, and plaunte there my 
Bot if t/ay profre me tle pece be processe of tyme." 356 
"Certys," sais sir Ewayne, "and I avowe aftyre, 
And I t]mt hathelle may see eu«r wit myne 
That ocupies thine heritage, te empyere of Iome, 
I salie atmtyre me anes hys egle to touche, 360 
]7at borne es in his banere of brighte golde ryche, 
And raas it frome his riche mene, and ryfe it in sondyre, 
Bot he 
I salle enforsse owe in the felde with ïresche mene of 
armes, 36 
ffyfty thosande folke apone faire stedys, 
On thi ffoo mene to foode, thvre the faire thynkes, 
n ffmtmce or in ffriselande, feghte whene t]e lykes 
" By oure Lorde," qwd sic Latmcelott, "now lyghttys 
myae herte ! 368 
I loue Gode of t]is loue  rais lordes bas avowede ! 
Kowe may lesse mene haue leue fo say whatt theme lykes, 
And hafe no lettyfig be lawe, bot lyst)mnys t]dse wordcz; 
I salle be at journee witb gentille knyghtes, 372 
On a jamby stede fulle jolyly graythidê, 
Or any journee be-gane fo juste with hym selfene, 
Emange alle his geauntez genyuers and otlwr, 
Stryke hym styffiye fro his stede, wit/ strenghe of myne 
handys, 376 
flot alle 
Be my retenu arayede, I rekke bott a lyttille 
To make rowtte in-fo Rome, wit ryotous knyghtes ! 
Viti-in a seuenyghte daye, with sex score helmes, 380 
t Orer]tas, 


I salle be seene on the see, saile whene tle lykes." 
hane laughes s'r Lottez, and alle one lowde meles, 
"Me likez t/rot sii Luci langes aftyre sorowe ; 
ow he wylnez te were, hys wanedrettie begynnys, 384 
It es owre weredes to wreke the wrethe of oure elders ! 
I make myne a-vowe to Gode, and to tire ho]y vernacle, 
.And I may se tlm Iomaynes, tat are so ryche haldene, a.d 
the rich Iomans 
.Arayede in teire riotes on a fou°de felde, 358 in their lmmp. 
I salle af the reuerence of t]e ]ounde Table 
]yde thrughte aile tle rowtte, rerewarde ad otler, that he maytmt 
his way through 
them and 
edy wayes to make, and renkkes fulle rowme, their blood. 
lynnande on rode blode, as my stede ruschez ! 392 
IIe tat folowes my fare, and fyrste commes aftyre, 
Salle fynde in my fare-waye manye ffay leuyde !" 
Thane tleconqucro«r kyndlycomforthes teseknyghtes, 
Alowes tlaime gretly theire lordly a-vowes,-- 396 
p'aises his 
"Alweldande Gode wyrchipe ow alle  
• holding hi 
.And latte me neuere wanntte ow, ,hylls I in werlde honour. 
regne ; 
]Iy mcnske and my manhede le mayntene in erthe, 
Myrte honour alle vtterly in otler kyngys landes ; 400 
My wcle and my wyrchipe, of alle this werhle ryche, 
le hauc knyghtly conqueryde, tlmt to my coroune lauges; 
] Iyln tharc be ferdc for no faees, that swylke a folke ledes, 
]l,»t euer ffresche for to fyghte, in fehlewhcne hym lykes. 
I aconnte no kynge tltat vndyr Criste lyffes, 405 
V'hilles I see o'e alle sou°de, I sette be no more." 
-}whene they tristily had tretyd, tlmy tru»ppedc vp 
_v aftyre, 
Descendyd doune with a daunce of dukes and erles ; 408 
Titane t]ey scmblede fo sale, and sowpped als swythe, 
Alle t]is semly serte, wytti semblante fulle noble. 
feasted tn Ihe 
Thene the roy realle rehetes thes knyghttys, 
Vytti reuerence and ryotte of alle his lounde Table 412 
Tille seuen dayes was gone : tle senato«r askes 
Answere fo tle empcror witl austeryne wordez. 
Aftyre tle Epiphanye, whene tbe purpos was takyne 

[ir Lotlez laughs 
for joy, 

lusic and 
daneinz succeed, 

After eeve° days 
the Senator 
mands his answer 
for Ibe Emperor. 

While they re- 
tnait true to hir 
he fears no king 
on earth. 
Then the Cvuucil 
break up. 


Of peris of the parlement, prelates and ofher. 416 
The kyng in  conceIle, cursive and noblee, 
Vtters tire alienes, and ansuers hyme seluene 
, ^h,r hid " Gret wele Lucius, thi lorde, and layne noghte 
him greet Luciua 
and tell him that 
he shall quickly 
• ee ldm in hi 
country ; 

that he will hold 
his Round Table 
bv the river 

[lef SS] 

and mine down 
the w'alls of 

ravage Tuany 
with Iris knights, 

he will be found 
in France on the 
tiret of February, 

and before ses-en 
winters are gone 
besiege Rome» 

and many a sen- 
ator shal/rue his 

may depart as 

He must travel 
to Sandwich in 
eeven da£$ 

wordes ; 
Ire thow be lygmane 1 lele, late h}ane wiet 8one 420 
I salle at Lammese take leue, and loge af my large 
In delitte in his lanndez, wyth lordes ynewe, 
Pene in my realtee, and ryste whene me lykes, 
By the reyuere of Reone halde my Rounde Table, 424 
ffannge the fermes in faithe  of aile ta faire rewmes, 
ffor aile the manace of hys myghte, and mawgree 
eghne ! 
And merke sythene ouer the mounttez in-to his mayne 
londez, 427 
To Meloyne the meruaylous, and myne doune the walles; 
In Lorrayne ne in Lumberdye lefe schalle I nowthire 
'okyne lede appone liffe, tlat tbare his lawes emes ; 
And t«rne in-to Tuschayne, whene me tyme thynkys, 
yde aile/as rowme landes wyth ryotous knyghttes ; 
Byde hy[m] make reoehewes foremenskeofhaneseluene, 
And mette me fore his manhede in tase mayne landes 
I salle be foundyne in Fraunce, fraiste whene hym lykes, 
The fyrste daye of Feuer3ere, in thas faire marches ! 436 
Are I be fechyde oEti force, or forfette my landes, 
Te flour 6f his faire îolke fulle fay salle be lcuyde ! 
I salle hym sekyrly ensure, vndyre my seele che, 
To seege tire cetee of Rome wyth-in seuene wyntyre, 440 
And that so sekerly ensege apone sere halles, 
That many a senatour salle syghe for sake of me one ! 
3Iy sommons er certifiede and tmw arte fulle seruyde 
Of cufidit and credense, kayre where the lykes : 444 
I salle thi jouraye engyste, enjoyne theme my seluene, 
ffro this place to the porte, there tlwu salle passe ouer; 
Seuene dayes to Sandewyche, I serte at the large, 
Sexty myle on a daye, te comme es bott lyttille! 448 
 Or leygmanc.  Or fa'.'.he. 


Thowe moste spede af the spurs, and st)are noghte thi fole, 
Thow weyndez by Watlyng-strette, and byno waye elles : oing by Wt- 
Thare thow nyghttes one nyghte, nedez moste thou lenge, stopng at night 
wherever he may 
r,e it foreste or felde, found thou no forthire ; 452 
tying his hors 
t a bush by file 
]',ynde thy blonke by a buske wit thy brydille euene, bridle. 
Lugge tli selle vndyre lynde, as tl«e leefe thynkes, 
There awes none alyenes to ayere appon nyghttys, 
With syche a rebawdous rowtte to ryot thy seluene. 456 
Thy lycence es lemete in presence of lordys, 
]e now lathe or lette, ryghte as the thynkes, 
]:or bothe thi lyffe and thi lyme lygges ther-appone, 
Thofe sir Lucius had laide the lordchipe of R«me ; 460 
ifor be t]«ow foundene a lute wit/-owte lice flode merkes, aaer 
of the eighth day 
Aftyr the aughtende day, xvhene vndroune es rungene, »e is round in tha 
COuntry, he ahall 
Thou salle be heucdede in hye, and with horsse drawene, be haned up for 
dog t gnaw. 
And seyne heyly be hangede, houndes to gnawene ! 46 
The rente ne rede go]de, tl«at vn-to Rome langes, 
Salle noghte redily, renke, raunsone thyne one !" . 
"Sir," sais the senatour, " so Crist mot me heli,e ! Then the Senator. 
deeiares that if " 
]Iight I with wirchipe wyne awaye ones, 468 he could only get 
I sulde neuer fore emperour, tlat on erthe lenges, ' he would never 
again go on such 
Efte vnto Arthure ayere one syche nedys ; n errand. 
]ot I ara sengilly here, with sex sure of knyghtes ; 
I be-seke ow, sir, that we may sounde passe : 472 He vrays tbat 
retinue ma- be 
If any vnlawefulle lede Jette vs by te waye, protected on their 
IVith-in thy lycence, lorde, thy loosse es enpeyrede." 
"Care noghte," quod the kynge, "thy cound)u es 
ffro Carlelele to the coste, there thy cogge lengges ; 476 Tn Xn t«ll 
him that ifhis 
Thoghe thy cofers ware fulle, cramede w/th tyluer, coffe were 
Thow myghte be sekyre of my sele sexty myle forthire." 
be 8afè with hi8 
They eclined to the kynge, and coingWthay akede, 
Cayers owtt of Carelele, eatchez one theire horsez ; 480 
Sir Cadore the curtayes kende theme the wayes, 
To Catrike theme eunvayede, and fo Crist theme 
Then the Romans 
So they spede af tle Sloures , tley sprangene/eire horses» deprt 'aP.h 


a1d never test till 
they reach F;a1d- 
wich by the Urne 

They cross tbe 
sea to Flanders 

and over Mount 
• qt Gothard into 

through Tuseany 
to RotCo 

who asks eagerly 
for Artllur's an- 
œwer, and on wbat 
grnuod he reœieta 
the power of 

Ityres/heme hakenayes hastyly there-afyre ; 484 
So fore reddour they retiens, and risted theme neuer, 
Bot ]if they luggede vndire lynd, whills theme lyghte 
ïailede ; 
]3or euere the enatour ïor-othe soghte af the gayneste. 
]3y the euende day was gone the cetee thai rechide ; 488 
Of aile the glee vndire Gode o glade ware they neuere, 
Az of the sounde of the ses and Sandwyche belles ! 
Vythowttyne more townntynge they sehippide theire 
Very to he wane see they went aile art ones ; 492 
Vith the mene of the wal/e they weyde vp theire ankyrs, 
And fleede at lice fore i]ude, in Flaundrez lhey rowede, 
And thorughe Flaundres they founde, a lherne faire 
Tiile Akyne in Ahnayne, in Arthur landes ; 496 
Gosse by the l[ount Goddarde fulle gTeuous wayes, 
And so in-to Lumberddye, lykande to schewe ; 
They turne thurghe Tuskayne, with towres îulle heghe, 
In pSs appaireiles thetne in precious wedez ; 500 
The Sonondaye in suters thay suggourne theire horsez, 
And sekes the Seyntez of Rome, be assente of knyghtes ; 
Sythyne prekes to the pales with portes so ryche, 
Thare sir Lucius lenges with lordes enowe ; 504 
Lowttes fo hym lut]y, and let/res h:an bedes 
Of credence enclosyde, with knyght/yche wordez. 
Thene the emperour was egree, and enkerly fraynes, 
The answere of Arthure he askes hyme sone, 508 
]tow he arayes the rewme, «nd rewlys the pople ; 
if he be rebelle fo Rome, whate ryghte that he claymes : 
"Thow sulde his ceptre haue sesede, and syttyne aboune, 
flore reuence and realtee of Rotne the noble : 512 
]y sertes thow waz my sandes, and senatour of Rome, 
tte sulde fore solempnitee hafe seruede the hym seluene.'* 
m liZ'yde struck out, and tho#hte written instead by the saine 


"rihat wille he neuer for no waye 1 of aile this werhle 
che, 515 
Bot who may ne hym of wee, by wghtnee of 
hande ; 
3Iany fey lle be fyte appone the feldu leuyde, 
Are he apure h t place, profre whene the likes. 
I saye the, sb the es the eye fore euer, 519 
tha the Empio 
d etes  bee ouerlynge of te empe of omc, 
That ae s ancestres aughte, bot Vtere h scffe. 
hy nedes tins newe eoe, I notifiede my selfene, 
c-foret«t obleofname and neyesomeof kynges ;2 m tb th« ,- 
pvror how he 
In the moste ale place of the Eode Table, 524  delivered his 
I somode he solempylye, one-sene  knyghtez; 
never so igh 
ened ce h¢ wa 
Se  w foyde h faythe o feue was I neuere, . 
In ae the phcez ter I psee of pDcez h ethe [ 
I woldc fore-sake ae my suyte of oeou of ome, 
Or I efte fo that soueraye whare sente onesuyche n ees ! 
e y  chosyne chea}e, cheefe of ae other, 530 h i wohy 
Bathe  chauncez of ames and cheuallrye noble, « hic wism 
aad vour. 
ffor whyeseste, and wohyeste, and wyghteste of nndez: 
Of ae thc wy thate I watte  tus wcrlde D'che, 
The yghtlyeste creatoure in Cristdome haldene, 
fmous knight in 
Of kynge or of conquerour, croede in ehe, ChtenaÇm. 
Of cotenaunce, of corage, of creweHe lates, 536 
The coyte of yghhode that d)oEe Cryste les  
He maye be spokene  dyspens, despysere of syluere, 
That no more of golde g thane of gret ston, thing, 
o more of wyne thane of watt, that of the wee ryys, 
th water. 
Se of welthe of this werlde bot w)cpe aone. 541 
Syche connaunce w neuer owene in no kythe ryche, 
 w with that connquerour  s eo haldene ; 
I countede at ts Cstynmse, of kgez enottede, r k,,z, 
ed fet at 
Hole tene af s table, that te with he seffene ; 
He e weaye i-e, be ware ]ff the lyk, 546 
Wage many wyghtemene, and wache thy marches, 
  e.  Substituted for knyght. 


there of zealouz 

and that soldier 
should be dis- 
patched to 
mo forth- 

A watch-towcr 
shall be reared on 
llount St. Goth- 
ard, with a beacon 
ready fo light 

t demand aid of 
ail the kinga and 
Quickl.v te.v 1 
corne, for f of 

That they be redye in araye, and af areste foundyne; 
flot 3ife he reche vn-to Rome, he raunsouns it for euere 
I rede thow dresce the th er-fore, and drawe no lytte langere, 
]3e sekyre of thi sowdeours, and sende to the mowntes 
13e the quartere of this ]ere, and hym quarte stannde, 
He wylle wyghtlye in a qwhyle one hia wayes hye." 553 
" Estyre," sais the emperour, "l ettylle my selfene, 
To hostaye in Almayne with armede knyghtrz 
Sende freklye in-fo Fraunce, that flour es of rexanes, 
ffande to fette that frêke, and forfette his landez ; 557 
flot I salle sette kepers, fulle couaunde and noble, 
3Iany geaunte of gêene, justers fulle gude, 
To mete hym in the mountes, a»d martyre h 3 s knyghtes, 
Stryke tême douneinstrates, and struye theme fore euere, 
There salle appone Godarde a garette be rerede, 562 
That sehalle be garnesehte and kepyde wit gude mene 
of armes, 
And a bekyn abouenn to brynne whene theme lykys, 
That nane enraye with hoste salie entre the mou»tes 
There schalle one 3Iounte ]3ernarde be beyldede ano/here, 
]txschede witli banerettes and bachelers noble : 56]" 
In at the portes of Pavye schalle n prynce passe, 
Thurghe the perelous places, for my pris "knyghtes." 
hane sir Lucius lordlyche lettres he sendys 
Onone in4o tle Oryente, witli austeryne knyghtez, 
Tille Ambyganye and Orcage, and Alysaundyre eke, 572 
To Iade and fo Ermonye, as Ewfrates rynnys, 
To Asye, and to Affrike, and Ewrope the large, 
To Irritayne, and Elamet, and alle thase owte ilez ; 
To Arraby and Egipt, tille cales and other, 576 
That any erthe ocupyes in tàase este marches 
Of Damaske and Damyat, and dukes and erles ; 
flot drede of his daungere they dresside tleme sone ; 
Of Crete and of Capados the honourable k}mgys 580 
Corne at his commandmente, clenly at ones ; 
To Tartary and Turky, whene tythynngez es comene, 
They trne in by Thcbay, emunez fulle hugge, 


The flotar of fhe faire îolke, of Amazonnes landes ; 581 
.Aile thate ffaillez on the felde be forfette fore euere ! ^l that rail arc 
te forfeit their 
Of Babyloyne and Baldake the burlyche knyghtes, ". 
Iayous with theire baronage bydez no langere ; 
Of Perce, and of Pamphi]e, and Preter Iohne landes, 588 
Iche prynce with his powere appertlyche graythede ; 
The Sowdane of Surrye assemblez his knyghtes, 
fifa Nylus te Nazarethe, nommers fulle huge ; 
Te Garyere and te Galelé they gedyre alle af ones ; 592 
The Sowdanes that ware sekyre sowdeours te lome, F-om 
they ce,me sailing 
Thc y gad yrede ouerc the G rekkes See w ith greuous wap yns, 
Sea in their 
In thcire grete galays, wytli gleterande scheldez ; Y 
armed for war, 
The kynge of Cyprys one lhe see tte Sowdane habydcs, 
With alle the realles of Roodes, arayede with hyme one ; 
They sailede with a syde wynde oure the salte strandez : 
Soanly tle Sarezenes, as theme selle lykede, 
Cmftyly at Cornett t]m kynges are aryefede, 600 and nssembled at 
Coreto, sity 
ffra the cetWof Reine sexti myle large, me, from Reine. 
Bc that the Grekes warc a3oEhede , a fulle gret nombyre, Tere 
Greeks a vaut 
The rnyghtyeste of Macedone, w/th mene of a marches, n,m-, d 
of Ira|y, with 
Pu[le and Pruyslande prcsses with o[her, 604: scen 
many lands. 
The lcge-mene of Lettow with legyons ynewe : 
Thus they semble in sortes, summes îulle huge, 
Sowdanes and Sarezenes owt of sere landes, 
The Sowdane of Surry and sextene kynges, 608 " 
At the cetee of Reine assemblede at ones. 
hane yschewes the emperor armede at ghtys, Then goes forth 
the emperor with 
Arayede with his Romaynes appone ryche stedys ; hia knights» 
Scxty geauntes be-fore, engenderide with fcndez, 612 ««a 
sixty giant. 
Witlî weches and warlaws te wacchene his tentys, wt«, d -. 
locks watch his 
Ay-ware whare he wendes, vyntrez and 3eres. 
Iyghte no blonkes theme bere, thos bustooE churlles, 
No herse might 
Bot couerde came[lcz of tourse, enclosyde in maylez ; 
They ride upon 
tic ayerez oute with alyenez, estes fulle huge, 617 eamels heariagtowers. 
:Ewyne in-te Almayne, tlat Arthure hade wonnyne ; 
Rydes in by the ryuere, and ryottez hyme seluene, e 
marches into 
And ayercz w/tT a huge 3"]le alle thas hye landez; 620 


thur commanda 
his knights to 
gather tbeir 
forc, and tobe 
ready to meet 

The fleet assem- 
bles a*. Saadwich, 

He ho]ds a par- 
iimnent at York, 

and appoint as 
vieerov Sir ,Mr- 
dred. Iris nephew. 

He bids bim take 
tare of Queen 

and ofhis caêtle$ 
and forest. 

All Vestwale of werre he wynnys  hym lykes, 
Drawe in by Danuby, and dubbez hys kyghtez ; 
In the contré of Colome x castelles enseggez, 623 
And suggeournez t}at sesone oE] Sarazenes ynewe. 
tthe vtas of Hillary, S}OE Arthure hym seluene 
Ia his kydde councelle cotmande the lordes,m 
"Kayere to 3out cu«trez, and semble 3out knyghtes, 
And kelys me ai Co«stantyne clenlyche arayede ; 628 
]yddez me at Bareflete apone tha Llythe stremes, 
aloey with-in borde with ovre ]este eryus 
I schalle menskïu]]y owe rnetê lu thos faire xnarche." 
]e sendez furthe sodaya]y sergeantes of armes, 632 
To aile hys mariners on rawe, to areste hym schippys ; 
Wyth-ia sextene dayes hys fleet whas 
At Sandwyche on the see, saile whene Lyre lykes. 
In the palez of 3urke a p«rlement he haltlez, 636 
'ith aile the perez of the rewme, prelates and other ; 
And aftyre the prechynge in presence of lordes, 
Thc kyng la his concelle carpys t)es wordes,-- 
"I ara la purpos to passe perilous wayes, 640 
To kaire with xny kene nene, to conquere one landes, 
To owthye rnyne en, y, if auenture it schewe, 
That ocupyes myae heritage, t)e empy of lome. 
I sert ow here a soueraynge, ascente if owe Iykys, 
That es me sybb, my systcr sone, Sir 31ordrede hym seluene, 
Salle be 
Of aile my lele lege-mene, t«t rny landez eraes." 
]e carpes tille his cosyne thane,in counsaile hym seluen«, 
"I make the kepare, sir knyghte, of kyno"ykes manye, 
'ardayne wyrchipfulle, to weilde al my hndes, 
That I haue wonaene of werre, in aile this werlde ryche ; 
I wylle that Yaynour, my weife, in wyrchipe e holdene, 
That hire wannte noo weIe, ne we]the tbat hire lykes 
Luke my kydcle castells be clenlyche arrayede, 654 
Thêre cho rnaye suggourne hire selïe, wytli sem]yche 
 O Coloine. 


ffannde my fforestez be ffrythede, o frenchepe for euere, 
That nane werreye my wylde, botte Waynourhir seluene, »« Çn 
i aiJowed to htmt 
And that in the sesone whene grees es assignyde, 658 i ts 
That cho take hir solauce in certayne tymms. 
Chauncelere and chambyrlcyne chaunge as the lykes, 
Audytours and offycers ordayne thy seluene,-- 661 ! or, re 
tobe completely 
]athe jureez, and juggez, and justicez of landes, mand.Under Iris com- 
Luke thow justyfye theme wele that injurye ,xyrkes : 
If me be destaynede to dye at ]ï)ryghtyns wylle, 664 
I charge the my sektor, cheffe of alle other, 
To mynystre my mobles, fore mede of my saule, oaecutr. 
To mendynantez  and mysese in myschefe fallene : 
Take hcre my testament of tresore fulle huge, 668 
As I trayste appone the, ]e-traye thowe me neuer .t m  mm 
failhful to hic 
As thow wille answere be-fore the austeryne jugge, 
That aile gris werlde wynly wysse as hyme lykes, 
Luke that my laste wylle be lelely perfou»'nede ! 672 
Thow bas clcnly the cure that to my coroune ]angez, 
C)f alle my werdez wele, and my weoEe eke ; 
Luke thowe kcpe the so clere, there be no cause »ndene, 
Whene I to contré corne, if Cryste wille if thole; 6î6 
And thow haue grace gudly to gouerne thy seluene, 
I salle coroune the, knyghte, kmg wlth my bandez." d pr,i 
erow, him king 
Than sir Modrede fulle myldly melcs hym seltene, he remain 
-[- Knelyd fo the conquerour, and carpes thise wordez, 
"I be-seke ow, sir, as my sybbe lorde, 681 wt »or« 
cires tobe 
That e wille for charyté cheese ow a-notler ; 
flot ff e putte me in this plytte, owre poplees dyssauyde; 
To presente a prynce astate my powere es symple. 684 
Whene other of werre wysse are wyrchipide here-aftyre, 
Thane may I for-sorbe ho cette bott at lyttille. 
To passe in our presance my pur I os es takyne, a d 
And alle my purueaunce apperte fore my pris knyghtez." go t t« ,. 
"Thowe arte my neuewe fulle nere, my nurrree of olde, t x,h=, 
him, as Iris nearo 
That I haue chastyede and chosene, a childe of my tor,,,.to 
dertake the 
chambyre ; 690 
ffi MS. mcndvnaantcz. 



Theh Arthur 
take leave of 
his queen. 

Guinever lamet 
his deparlure 

and would rather 
die in his arms. 

Dut Arthur bitls 
ber hot fo griee» 

and tclls her that 
e bas marie MOto 
dloed, a knight 
of ber own» hia 

The king then 
departs aslily 
 ith hia kllights. 

At Sandwich 
the Ior¢ls and 
their followers 

ffur the sybredyne of me, furc-sake noghte tlds offyce 
That thow no wyrk my wille, thow watte wtatte  it 
owe he ez hys leue, and lengez no langere, 693 
At lordez, at lege-mee, that leues hymc by-hyndene. 
And seyne that woyche wy went vn-to chamb3e, 
flot to eomfurthe tle qwene, tlat in care lenges ; 696 
Vaor wayy wepande hym ky8siz, 
Talkez to hym OEnderly witl teres ynewe, 
"I may wery fle e, thatt t werre mouede, 
That waes me wchiI, pe of my wedde lorde ; 700 
AHe my lykge of le oe of lande wendez, 
d I  langour  lefte, ]eue e for eue ! 
Whyne yghte I, dere 1oEe, dye  our aes, 703 
Are I this destanye of de sde drye Uy m3me one " 
"Grefe the nogh, Gaour, fore Goddes lufe of hcwene, 
e che nogh my gangnge, it salle to gude turne 
Thy wondez and thy wepge woundez myrte herte, 
I may noghtc wit of tl woo, for aile t/«is wcr]Je ryche 
I haue ruade a kepaoe, a knyghte of thème awene, 709 
Ouerlynge of Ynglande vnJ37e thy seluene, 
A nd that es sir Mordde, th at th ow has mekyllc praysede, 
Sae be thy dictor, my dere, to doo whatte the lykcs." 
Thane he takes hys feue at ladys in chamy, 713 
Kysside them kynyche, and to Criste be-ches ; 
And then cho swounes fulle swhe, vhe[n] he hys 
swerde aschede, 
Twys  a swounyg, swelte  cho walde  71 
He ped to  palfmy,  presance of loes, 
Poekys of the palez wit his prys yghtcs, 
Vyth a reaHe roe of t]e otmde Table ; 7]9 
Sough to-warde ndche, cho sees hyme no more 
Thare the ete wa gedede, wyt galyarde knyghs, 
Gachit one the ene felde d aythelyche amyede; 
Dues and dtseperez dattehely des, 
Erl of ng]ande wit archers ewe : 74 
 IS. watte watie. 



Schirreucs scharply schiftys the comouns, 
Rewlys be-foro the ryche of the Rounde Table, 
Assingnez ilke a contree to certayne lordes, 727 
In the southe one the see banke saile hene theme lykes. 
Thane bargez theme buskez, and to the bannke rowes, 
P, ryngez blonkez one bourde, and burlyche helmes ; 
Tmssez in tristly traipyde stedes, 
Tentez,  and othim toylcz, and targez ftflle ryche, 732 
Cabancs, and clathe-sekkcs, and colorez fulle noble, 
]Iukes, and haknays, and horsez of armez ; 
Thus they stowe ine the stuffe of fulle steryne knyghtez. 
Çwene alle was schyppede that scholde, they schounte 
no lengere, 736 
]ot ventelde theme tyte, as the tyde rynnez ; 
Coggez and crayers tlmn crossez thaire mastez, 
Af the commandment of the kynge, vacouerde at ones. 
Vyghtly one the wale thay wye vp thaire ankers, 740 
]y wytt of the watyre-mene of the wale ythez, 
ffrekes one the forestayne fakenetheire coblez, 
In floynes, and fercostez, and Flemesche schyppes, 
Tytt saillez to the toppe, and turnez the lufe, 744 
Standez apporte stere-bourde, sterynly Htay songene, 
The pryce schippez of the portc prouene theire depnesse, 
And fondez wyth fulle salle ower the fawe yflmez ; 
IIolly ith-owttyne harme thay hale in bottes, 748 
Schipe-mene schari»ly schotcne//taire portez, 
Launchez lede apone lufe, lacchene ther depez, 
Lukkes fo the lade-sterne, whene the lyghte raillez ; 
Cv.stez coursez be crafte, whcne the clowde rysez, 752 
With the nedylle and the stone one the nyghte tydez ; 
flot drede of the derke nyghte thay drecchcde a lyttille, 
And alle the steryne of the streme strekyne at onez. 
The kynge was in a gret cogge, with knyghtez fiflle many, 
In a cabane enclosede, clcnlyche arayede ; 757 
Vith-in on a ryche bedde D'stys a littylle, 
And wlth tho swoghe of the see in swefnynge ho relie. 
t Or teittez. 

tents, and other 
things are 

Then they haul 
in the boats, ehut 
the lrts, heure 
the lead, look well 
to the i'uiding 
etar, and skil- 
fully chape tbeir 
eoure ith the 
needle and the 

Afler a little de- 
lay on account of 
darkness, they ail 
ail at oce. 

The king i in a 
large eeel with 
nlany knighte. 

Resting himself 
in hie cabin, he 
l',dis tsleep, 


and dreame of a 
dreadful dragon. 

[leaf61» bkJ 

His head and 
neck are blue ; 
his shouldere co- 
]is be||y and 
 ings of variotm 

his feet are 
black, and out of 
|ris Illouth CommeB 

against the dra- 
gon a tierce black 
with hue paws 
and perilous 

mis-shapen lees, 
and foaming iips. 

He prepares to 
roaring and 
raing for the 

Then the dragon 
fihting like a 
f.'dcon with beak 
and claws. 

The bear bites 
I:im with baleful 
teeth, and causes 
tle biood to flow. 

He had killed the 
dregon but ftu" 

Hym d.remyd of a dragone, d.redfulle to be-holde, 7G0 
Corne dryfande ouer the depe to drenschene hys pople, 
Ewene walkande owte of the weste landez, 
XVanderande vnworthyly ouere the wale ythez ; 
Bothe his hede and hys hais ware halely alle ouer 7G4 
Oundyde of azure, enamelde fulle faire : 
His scoulders ware schalyde alle in clene syluere, 
Schreede ouer Mie tl e schry m pe wit]t schrinkande poyntez; 
LIys wombe and hys wenges of wondyrfulle hewes, 768 
In meruaylous maylys he mountede fulle hye  
Whayme that he towchede he was tynt for euer ! 
Hys feete ware florescheàe alle in fyne sabylle, 
And syche a ven,ymous flaya flowe fro Iris lyppez. 
That the flode of tbe flawez alle one fyre semyde ! 773 
Thane corne of the Oryente, ewyne hyme agaynez, 
A blake bustous bere abwene in the clowdes, 
ït/z yche a pawe as a poste, and paumes fulle huge, 
Vith pykes fulle perilous, alle plyande thame semyde, 
Lothene and lothely, lokkes and other, 
Alle wit/z lutterde legges, lokerde vnfaire, 
ffiltyrde vnfrely, wytlï fomannde 1H)pez , 780 
The foulleste of fegure that forraede was euer! 
He balt3Tde, he bleryde, he braundyschte tl, er-after; 
To batai]e he boudinez hym with bustous clowez : 
He romede, he rarede, that roggede alle the erthe ! 784 
So ruydly he rappyd at fo ryot hjn selueae! 
Thane the dragone on dreghe dressede hyme a-aynez, 
And with hys dut tez hym drafe one dreghe by th e walkyne: 
He fares as a faweone, frekly he strykez ; 788 
othe with feete and with lyre he feghttys at ones ! 
The bere in the bataile the bygger hym semyde, 
And byttes hyme boldlye wyth balefulle tuskez ; 
Syche buffetez he hym rechez witt hys brode klokes, 
Hys brest and lais brattelle whas blodye aile ouer ! 793 
He rawmpyde so ruydly that alle the erthe ryfez, 
I,ynnaade one reede blode as rayne of the heuene ! 
He hade weryede the worme by wyghtnesse of strenghte, 


e ware it fore the wyhle fyre tl«t ho hyme wyth dcfendez. 
Thane wandyrs tl«e worme awaye te hys heghttez, 
Commes glydande fro tle clowddez, and coez fle « thedon 
flies aloft, and 
euene ; 799 
Towcboz b wyt is ta]ounez, and forez ys rigge, 
Be-twyx tle taile and the toppe ne fote large  «i.g  t 
nt in the back 
Thus he bfittenyde the bere, and broghte hyme olyfe, « t . 
Lette hyme fafie in the flode, fleete whare hyme lykes : 
in the water. 
Se thcy bge the bolde kyng bne the schippe-bde, 
T]at ncre he bristez for hale, one bede whare he lyggez. 
Thane waez the xese kge, wery fore-trauaede, 
Tak he two phylozophirs, that folowede he euer, Oet 
troubled at the 
In the seule scyence the sutcleste fondene, 808 dream,for hia twoand philo-Sends 
sophera, m very 
The cony[n]gcste of clergye vnde Cris knowene ; 
][e tolde lleme of hys tourmente, tlat tyme tiret he 
"Drechede with a ugone, and syche a dcrfe beste, 
Has m me fe wery ; le tcfie me my swefene, 812 
Ore I mone swelte  swhc, as sse me oure Lorde " 
"Sir," saide tley sone thane, tMes sagge phflosopherse, 
tell him that by 
" The dragone tlat thow em yde of, so eoEtflleto schewe, 
ment himlf. 
That corne fande ouer the deepe, te cheae fly poplc, 
Sothely and ceayne thy seluene it es, 817 
That thus ez ouer te see with thy seke knyghz: 
The colurez tlmt ware caste appone his clere wengez, 
May  thy kykez ae, that thow has ryghte woyne; 
zd the tachesesede ile, wi nges se huge, 821 
Be-taks/is fae foe, that  thy fleet wendez. 
The bere that btnede w abowene in te clowdez, 
ries the tyrants 
who ent 
Be-k the ttez/at touentez thy pople ; ople, or «lac 
seine ant whom 
Or ees with somme gyaunt seine jornee salle happo, 
tlned tÇ over- 
In sflcre batelle by oure sexe one ; th  battle. 
d/ow salle hafe tle ctoe thghe helpe of oure 
As tlow in thy sioae xvas opy schewede  828 
Of this dredfe emc ne drede the no more, Anhr i h- 
'e kare noghte, sh' conquerour, bot comfvtth thy sclucne; 



They peed on 
their wav, and 
rive on te cot 
of Normand S 
At Barflete they 
nd a fleet of 

the flower o fif- 
teen realms. 

When they had 
disembarkefl and 
pitched their 
tents.  Templar 
and te|ls him of 
a ferocious giant 
who feeds upon 
roen ahd chil- 

and who had that 
da captured the 
eaf 62, back] 
Duchess of Brit- 
tan3", and carried 
ber fo the 

And thise at saillez ouer lice see, witlt thy sekyre 
with trumppez thene try8tly, they trisene vpe thail 
saillez, 832 
And rowes ouer the ryche see, this rowtt Mie a onez ; 
The comely cos of Xormandye they cachene fulle euene, 
And blythely at Barflet theis bohle are arryfede, 
And fyndy a fle there of frendez ynewe, 836 
The floure and Hte faire folke of fyftene rewmez ; 
flore kyngez and capytaynez kepyde hyme fayre, 
As he at Carelele cornmaundyde af Crisymesse hym 
seluene. 839 
]e they had takene the lande, and tentz vpe rerede, 
Cornez  a templere tyte, and towchide fo the kynge-- 
" Here es a raun be-syde tha tormentez thi poI,le , 
A gret geaunte of geene, engenderde of ft.ndez ; 
tIe bas fretyne of folke mo thane fyfe hondrettie, 
And als fele fawntekyns of freeborne childyre ! 
This bas bene his sustynaunce alle this seuene .wynttels, 
And 3itt es that sotte noghte sadde, so wele hyme it lykez ! 
In the contree of Constantyne no kynde bas he leuede, 
Vith-owttyne kydd castelles enclosid wyth walles, 849 
That he ne bas clenly dystroyede alle the knaue chfldyre, 
And theme caD'ede to the cragge, and clenly deworyde ! 
The duchez of Bretayne to daye has he takyne, 852 
Be-side Reynes as scho rade with ]fixe D'che knyghttes; 
Ledd hyre to the mountayne, thare that lede lengez, 
To lye by that lady, aye whyls ]air lyfe lastez. 
Ve folowede o ferrome moo thene fyfe hundrethe, 856 
Of beryns, and of burgeys, and bachelers noble, 
:Bot he couerde the cragge ; cho cD'ede so lowde, 
The care of t/at creatottre couer salle I neuer ! 
Scho was flour of alle Fraunce, or of fyfe rewmes, 860 
And one of the fayreste that fourmede was enere» 
The gentileste jowelle a-juggede with lordes, 
ffro Geene vn-to Geronp, by Ihesu of heuene ! 
t Or Comme=. 


Scho was thy wyfes cosyne, knowe it if the lykez, 864 of Ar- 
thur'a queen. 
Comen of the ches, tt renez  ehe : 
 thow a ghtwe kge we on thy pople, 
And fande for to venge theme, that th are rebuykyde " 
" "  sfr hure, "so lange hauo I lyffede, T s Shr 
bitterly Ien 
]Iade I ten¢ of thé, wele had me chefede ; 869 
Me es nogh faHene fe, bot mo es foe ppynede, 
That th tl faire ladye ts fonde h dystroyede  
I had leuere thano e Funce, t fyftene w}mt«r, 
I hade bcne bfore thate foeke, a lange of waye, 873 d 
" bad n there 
ene he that ladye had lagh and ledde to the montez: 
I hadde lof te my le are cho he hae lppyde  
Bot wde thowkenemeto thecm, thare that kenelengez, 
know wbere 
I wde cae to that eoste, andca he he seluene, 
To tt ith that tt fore trone of lodes,  
d take trewe for a te, te it ay tyde bett}Te." 
"8i, e e one farlande, w/th one two fez, 880 d 
by tbe Templar 
 snez 2 that fcnde, frais hene the lykes, o  d 1 
Appone the creste of the cragge, by a co]de 
That enclosez the clic wi the clere strandez, 
er may thow fde folke fay th-owtt}me noer, ere 
many ptives, 
Io florenez in ïambe thane Fmunce es in aft ; 885 
d mooe tresour vn-trewely that tytour h gcte, 
Thane h Troye was,as I trowe, th af te th af it w woe." 
Thane romyez the ryche kynge for rethe of the 
Tben Abur 
«ykez ghte to a nte, and restez no lcngere  889 
He welrys, he steles, he wDmgez hys hdez  
Thoee w no wy of th werlde, that ste whatt he 
He  sir Cayo that of the cowpe seffede, 892 d bi S 
Cavous ad Sir 
And sir Bedve the bolde, that be hys brande che, « 
m at eveug, 
" Le e afte eueange be ayde at ghttez, 
On loez by ono bcayle, y one blythe stremez, 
flore I e poe h pflemage preuely hem-afte, prendig that 
In the te of auppere, whene lordez are seede, 897 
flot to aekene a aaynte be one aalte stremes, 
 Ori9inally lordez.  0, filsu¢z. 

and va»t treasuro 


Then Arthur pro- 
¢eds t» dress 
and arm himself, 

and mountin' a 
brown steed, rides 
to the spot where 
his knights await 

There is a grove 
by the side of the 
river full of gaine 
and decked with 

Here ail birds 

and nightingales 
ake sweet 

Here they Ive 
thelr hoies, and 


In seynt Mighelle mount, there myraclez are schewede." 
Aftyre euesange, sir Athure hyme se[1]îene 900 
Wente to hys wardrope, and warpe of hys wedez, 
Armede hym in a actone with offraeez îulle ryche, 
Abouen one that a jeryne of Actes owte ouer, 
Abouen that a jesseraunt of jentylle maylez, 904 
A jupone of Ierodyne jaggede in schredez ; 
tte brayedez one a bacenett burneschte of syluer, 
The beste that was in Basille, wyth bordurs ryche ; 
The creste and the coronalle, enclosed so faire 908 
Vytli clasppis of clere golde, coucbed wytli stones ; 
The vesare, the aventaile, enarmede so faire, 
Voyde with-owttyne vice with wyndowes of syluer ; 
ttis gloues gaylyche gilte, and grauene at the hemmez, 
Witli grayuez and gobelets, glorious of hewe ; 913 
He bracez a brade schelde, and his brande aschez, 
Bounede hyme a broune stede, and one the bente houys ; 
He sterte tille lais sterepe and stridez one lof te, 916 
Streynez hyme stowttly, and sterys hyme faire, 
Brochez the baye stede, and to the buske rydez, 
And there hys knyghtes hyme kepede fulle clenlyche 
Thane they roode by that ryuer, that D'n_nyd so swythe, 
Thal the ryndez ouerrechez v¢ith realle bowghez ; 921 
The roo and the rayne-dere reklesse thare ronnene, 
In fanez and in rosers to ryotte thame seluene ; 
The ïrithez ware floreschte witli flourez fulle many, 
Vytli fawcouns and fesantez of ferlyche hewez ; 925 
Alle the ïeulez thare fleschez, that flyez with wengez, 
flore thare galede the gowke one grenez fulle lowde, 
Vyth alkyne gladchipe thay gladdene theme seluene : 
Of the nyghtgale notez the noisez was swette, 929 
They threpide wytli the throstilles, thre hundretli af one ! 
T/at whate swowynge of watyre, and syngynge of byrdez, 
It myghte salue hyme of sore, that sounde was neuere ! 
:Iane ferkez this folke, and one fotte lyghttez, 933 
ffestenez theirc faire stedez o ferrome by-twefie ; 


4nd thene the kynge kenely comandyde hys knyghtez 
flot to byde with theireblonkez, andbowne no forthyre,-- 
"flore I wille seke this seynte by my selle one, 937 
Andmelle with this mayster mane, that this monte 3emez; 
And seyne salle 3e oflyre, aythyre aïtyre other, 
BIenskfullyat Saynt BIighelle fulle myghttywith Criste !" 
The kyng coueris the cragge wyth cloughes fulle hye, Th« ki 
ascend the 
[leaf 63, back] 
To the creste of the clyffe he clymbez one lofte ; 
Keste vpe hys vmbrere, and kenly he lukes, 943 
Caughte of tbe co]de wynde fo comforthe hym seluene ; 
Two fyrez he ïyndez tïlawmande fulle hye, 
The ïourtedcle a ïurlange be-twene thus he walkes ; 
The waye by the wcHe strandez he wandyrde hyme one, 
To wette of the war]awe, whare tbat he ]engez ; 948 
Ho ferkez to the fyrste lyre, and euene there he fyndez a going to a 
A wery wafulle wedowe, wryngande hire bandez, 
And gretande on a graue grysely teres, 
/Vow merkyde one rnolde, sene myddaye if semede : 952 
He saluede tat sorowfulle with sittande wordez, 
And fraynez aftyre the ïende ïairely there-aftyre. 
Thane this wafulle wyfe v-wynly hym gretez, 
Couerde via oaa Lire kneese, and clappyde Lire bandez  
Said, "carefulle caremane, thow carpez to lowde ! 957 
May one war]awe wyt, he worows vs aile ! 
hot hope to con- 
Veryd worthe t]e wyghte ay, that tbe thy wytt refede, bt .tha ont. ° tr- 
That mase the fo wayfe here in t]dse wy]de lai:es ! 960 
I warne the fore wyrchipe, thou wylnez aïtyr sorowe ! 
Whedyre buskes thou berne ? vnblysside thow semes ! 
Wenez thow fo brittene hyme with thy brande ryche  
Ware thow wyghttere thane Wade or Wawayne owthire, 
Thow wylmys no wyrchipe, I warne the be-ïore ! 965 
Thow saylmed the vnsekyrly to seke to these mountez, 
Siche sex ware to symple to semble with hyme one ; 
flot and thow see hyme with syghte, the seruez no herte, 
To sayne the sekerly, so semez hym huge ! 969 
Thow arte frely and faire, and in thy fyrste flourez, 
Bot thowarte fay be my faytlie, and that me for-thyukkys ! 

the king bide 
knights t await 
Iris rettUm. 

He aeks her con- 
cerning the giattt. 

She answers with 
him that he can- 

tire whieh he 
he flnds a woeful 
widow wringing 
her Iads. 



Fifly such a Ar- 
thur he tuld fell 
with his fist. 

The poor duches 
has been ravished 
and murdered by 
him, and the dole- 
fui widow, her 
Lxa buried ber, 

and will remain 
there till death to 
bewail ber. 

leaf G4] 
Then Arthur saym 
that he cornes 
from the great 
King Arthur on 
a inissin fo 
treat with tho 

The old wife tells 
him that he cares 
nothing for laws 
or treaties ; th.t 
he regards hot 
goId or treaaure ; 

only ho bas a 
famous kirtle 
covered with hair 

which isbordered 
 ith the beards 
of mighty kings. 

The tribute of 
flf'.een realma is 
sent to him on 
cach Eter-eve. 

Vare syche fyfly one a felde, or one a faire erthe, 972 
The freke walde with hys fyste feue 3ow at ones ! 
Loo ! here the duchez dere,--to daye was cho takyne,-- 
I)epe doluene and dede, dyked in moldez; 975 
tIe hade morthirede this mylde be myddaye war mngene, 
'ith-owttyne mercy one molde, I hOt watte it ment : 
tIe bas ïorsede ]air and ïylede, and cho es ïay leuede ; 
tIe slewe ]air v-n-slely, and slitt ]air to tle nauylle ! 
And here haue I bawmede hir, and beryede t/er-aftyr ; 
flot bale of tte botelesse, blythe be I neuer ! 981 
Of alle the frendez cho hade, there ïolowede none aftyre, 
Bot I, hir ïoster modyr of fyftene wynter ! 
To ferke of this farlande, fande salle I neuer, 981 
Bot here be ïoundene on ïelde, tille I be ïay leuede !" 
Thane answers sir A_rthare to tat alde wyf; 
"I ara comyne fra tte conquerour, curtaise and gentille, 
As one of tte hathelest of Arthur knyghtez, 988 
]Iessenger to this myx, for mendemente of the pople, 
To mele with this maister mane, that here this mounte 
3emez ; 
To trete witli this tyraufit for tresour of landez, 
And take trew for a tyme, to bettyr may worthe." 992 
"3a, thire wordis are bot waste," quod this wif thane, 
"flot bothe landez and lythes ffulle lyttille by he settes ; 
Of rentez ne of rede golde rekkez he neuer, 995 
flot he wille lenge owt of lawe, as hym selle thynkes, 
Y'ith-owtene licence of lede, as lorde in his awene ; 
tot he bas a kyrtille one, kepide for hyme seluene, 
That was sponene in Spayne witli specyalle byrdez, 
And sythyne garnescht in Grece fulle graythly to-gedirs ; 
It es hydede aile with hare hally al ouere, 1001 
And bordyrde with the berdez of burlyche kyngez, 
Crispid and kombide, that kempis may knawe 
Iche kynge by his colour, in kytlie there he lengez ; 
ltere the fermez he ïangez of fyftene rewmez, 1005 
flot ilke Esterne ew3me , how-euer that it ïalle, 
They scnd it hyme sothe]y for saughte of t]e pople, 


Sekerly at that sesone with certayne knyghtez, 1008 
And ho bas aschede Arthure ail« this seuene wynntter. 
wished for tho 
Ifor-thy hurdez he hors, te owttraye hys pople, beard of Arthur. 
Tille the Bretones kynge haue burneschte his lyppys, 
And sent his borde te that bolde wyth his beste berynes; 
Bot thowe hafe broghte t]tat berde, bowue the no forthire, 
i)i it es butelesse bals, thowe biddez oghte elles ; 1014 
fier ho has more tresour te take whene hyme lykez, 
Thane euere aughte Arthure, or any of hys elders i 
If thowe hafe broghte the borde, ho bese more blythe f 
the beard, the 
Thane thowe gafe hym Burgome, or Bretayne the more ; 
Bot luke nowe for charitee, thow chasty thy lyppes, 
That the no wordez eschape, whate se be-tydez ; 1020 .t t« st.- 
proach hi wth 
Luke tId presante be. priste, and presse hym bott lytille, due caution, 
fier ho es ai his sowper, ho wille be sons greuyde. 
And thow my conceLl« doo, thow dosse of thy clothes, d ha h«tcr 
doff his clothes 
And knele in thy kyrtylle, and calle hym thy lorde, ad k o h. 
Ho sowppes aile this sesone with seuene knaue childre, H« eUlm st this 
Choppid in a chargeur of chalke whytt syluer, 1026 ,,e 
chopped in a 
charger of chalk- 
Vith pekille and powdyre of precious spycez, whit 
And p)anent fulle plenteuous of Portyngale wynes ; 
Thre balefulle birdez his brochez they turne, 1029 
wome. turn 
Tlat byddez his bedgatt, his byddynge te wyrche ; ,»i foe .. 
Siche fours scholde be fay with-in fom'e bourez, 
Lre his fyltl vare fillede, that his flesch ernes." tea.] 
" a, I haue broghte te borde," quod he, "the bettyr« ". , Xr- 
thur, "I bave in- 
me lykez ; 1033 de brought thia 
beard ; but show 
me where I shall 
ffor-thi wille I heurte me, and bere it my seluene ; ».« ." 
Bot, lefe, walde tow lere me whare tlat lede longez, 
I salle alowe te and I liffe, ours Lorde se me helpe !" 
"fferke fast te te fyre," quod che, "that flawmez se hye; Te, 
him te approach 
Thare fillis tat fende hyme, fraist whene the lykez ; 
Bot thow moste seke more southe, sydlyngs a lyttille, 
fier ho wille hafe sent hym selle sex myle large." 1040 
Te the sowre of t/m reke ho soghte at te gayneste, 
Sayned hym« sekerly with certeyne wordez, 
And sydlygs of t]e scgge the syghte had ho rechide, 


Roast of the 
flesh of men 
and ttle are 
spitted together. 

Then Arthur's 
]aeart bleeds for 
the woes inflcted 
bv this wretdL 
/-le fastens on 
hi hield and 
brndishe his 
brigh sword, 

an right bldly 
addresses the 

He upbraid 
hira  ith his vile 
crimes and 
uuclea ment. 

For his horriHe 
murders of Chris- 
tian chiJdren 

he wou]d now 
take vengeance 
on him, by the 
aid of St MichaeL 

Then the filant 
stared with 
amazement, and 
gnashed his teeth 
with fury. 

How vn-semly tbat sott satt sowpande h3an one ; 1044 
He lay lenand one lange, lunde vn-fah, 
7e thee of a manns lymme lyfte via by lise haunche ; 
His bakke, and his bewschers, and his brode lendez, 
He bekez by the bale-fyre, and breklesse hyme semede ; 
T]are ware rostez fulle ruyde, and rewfulle bredez, 1049 
Beerynes and bestaile brochede to-geders ; 
Cowlefulle cramede of crysmede childyre, 
Sure as brede brochede, and bierdez tlame tournede. 
And tbane this comlyc] kynge, by-cause of his pople, 
 bette bledez for bale, one bent ware he standez ! 
Thane he dressede one his schelde, schuntes no lengere, 
]3raundesche his bghte swerde by tbe bryghte hiltez, 
Raykez to-warde tbe renke reghte wiU a ruyde wille, 
And hyely hailsez tbat htflke with hawtayne wordez,-- 
"N'ow, alle-weldand Gode, tbat wyrscheppez vs alle, 
Giff the sorowe and syte, sotte, there thow lygges, 1060 
flot the fulsomeste freke that fourmede was euere ! 
ffoully thow fedys the, tbe fende haue thi saule ! 
tIere es cury vn-clene, cade, be my trowthe, 
Caffe of creatours alle, thow curssede wriche ! 1064 
te-cause that tlow -ki]lide bas tlAse cresmede child3a'e , 
Tbow bas marters ruade, and broghte oute of lyfe, 
That here are brochede one bente, and brittenede with 
thi bandez, 1067 
I salle merke t/e thy merle, as thou bas myche serfede, 
Thurgle myghteof seynt Mighelle, tlat tlds monte 3eme ! 
And for this faire ladye, tbat tbow has fey leuyde, 
And liras forcede one ïoulde, for fylt]i of tbi selfene ! 
Dresse the now, dogge-sone, the deuelle haue tld sattle ! 
ffor tlmw salle dye t]xis day, thuxghe dynt of my handez !" 
Thane glopnede tbe glotone and glorede v-a-faire ; 
He grennede as a gTewhounde, with grysly tuskea ; 
]=le gapede, he groned faste, witJ gTucchande latez, 1076 
ffor grefe of the gude kDmge ,/bat hyme witb graine gretez! 
His fax and lais foretoppe was filterede to-geders, 


And owte of his face fome ane baffe fote large ; 
]dis frount and his forheuede, alle was il oucr, 1080 
As the felle of a froske, and fraknede it semede, 
IIuke-nebbyde as a haavke, and a bore berde, 
And hercde fo the hole cyghne with hyngande browes ; 
tIarske as a hunde-fisci, hardly who so lukez, 1084 
So was the hyde of that hulke hally al ouer ! 
Erne had he fulle huge, and vgly fo schewe, 
With eghne fulle horreble, and ardauunt for sorbe ; 
fllatt-mowthede as a fluke, with fleryaude lyppys, 1088 
And the flesche in his fortethe fowly as a bere. 
t[is bcrde was brothy and blake, that fille his brest 
Grazsede as a mcreswyne wlth corkes fulle huge, 
And alle falterde the flcsche in lais foule lippys, 1092 
llke rrethe as a woffe-heuede, il wraythe owtt al ones ! 
]3ulhnekkydewas that bierne,and brade in the scholders, 
Brok-bretede as a brawne, with brustils fulle largeÆ 
Ruyd armes as an ake with rusclede sydes, 1096 
Lyme and leskes fulle lothyne, leue e for sothe : 
Schouelle-fotcde was tha¢ schalke, and schaylande hyme 
Wth schankez vn-schaply, schowande to-gedym ; 
Thykke theese as a thursse, and thikkere in He hanche, 
Gesse growene as a galle, fulle g'lych he lukez ! 1101 
Vho the hnghe of the hde lelly accouutes, 

Out of hi mouth 
Hic forehead 
like the fell of a 
Ho w.« hook- 
nosed like 
hawk, with hair 
up  hi ey,ad 
etle bow. 
as that of  dog- 
fish ; his ea 
huge and u,-Iv- 
hs ey 
and bing. 
with nning 
Iipe, and jaws 
like a r. 
A black 
brest, with 
mighty bristles. 

The fiesh of 
]ips was in un- 
eve f«lds, each 
fold, like an 
law, twisted il- 
self out. 
necked and broad 
in the shoulder ; 
breted ike a 
boat. with 
brists ; bis al'ns 
]ike an oak ; 
limbe nd flauks 
Ioathly  ovel- 
wih unshapely 

of gigantic thick- 
n{'ssn his 

ffro the face to the fore, was fyfe fadome lange ! n height, fu|l 
tire fathom. 
Thane stertez he vp sturclely one two styffe schankez,  «tarte thi, 
Riant, and 
And sorte he caughte hyme a clubb alle of clene vrvne  i.tnan iron 
" • " club, aimsa blow 
Ue waldc hafe kyllcde the kynge with his kene wapene, t Arthur. 
Bot thurghe the crafte of Cyste it the carle failede ; 
The creest and the coronalle, the claspes of syluer, 1108 
Clenly with his clubb he crasschede doune al onez ! 
The kynge cates vp his schelde, and couers hym faire, 
it on bis shield. 
And with lais burlyche brande a box he hyme reches ; nd returns the 
blow with 
fful/e butt in thc frunt the fromonde he biffez, 1112 wi-a it 
th fuehe. 


The brlght b!sde 
ierces to the 
The giant wipes 
his face with hi 
hads, and strike 
fiercely a the 

and then drives 
his sword into the 
giant's haunch. 

The monster 
roars and strikes 
ai random. 
o mighty is 
stroke, that if 
penetrates a 
eword's length 
itto the ground. 
Tbe kin' nearly 
swoons at the 
noi.e of the blowt 
but quickly 
strikes him whh 
his sword. 
His entrils and 
bloo I gush ozt. 

[leaf 65, back] 

That the burnysc]t blade to tbe brayne rynnez; 
He feyede his fysnamye with his foule hondez, 
And frappez faste at hys face fcrsely tlter-aftyre ! 
The kyng chaungez his fore, eschewes a lboEtille , 1116 
:Ne had he eschapede tltat choppe, cheuede had euylle ; 
He folowes in fersly, and festenesse a dynte 
Hye vpe one t/te hanche, witl« his harde wapyne, 
That he hillid the swerde halle a fore large ; 1120 
The hott blode of the hulke vn-to the hilte rynnez, 
Ewyne in-to jumette the gyaunt he hyttez, 
Iust to the genitales, t and jaggede thame in sondre ! 
Thane he romyede and mrede, and ruydly he strykt.z 
ffulle egerly af Arthure, and one the erthe hittez 1125 
A swerde lenghe w/t/t-in tl«e swarthe, he swappcz at ones, 
That nere swounes the kynge for swoughe of his dynttez ! 
Bot 3if the kynge swepefly fulle swythe he by-swenkez, 
Swappez in wit£ the swerde tiret it tle swange brystedde; 
]3othe lice guttez and the gorre guschez owte af ones, 
Tlmt alle englaymez the gresse, one groultde ther he 
standez ! 1131 
Thane he castez the clubb, and the kynge hentez, 

Then throwing 
away hisclub, the On the crceste of t]ce cragg he caughte hyme in armez, 
giant eize Ar- 
tS,, ,,, i» -s. And enclosez hyme clenly, to cruhene hys rybbez ; 
So harde haldez he that hendc, ttat nere hisherte brystez ! 
wh« ,,«,, is Tlcane the balefulle bierdez bownez fo tlce erthe, 1136 
pray for the suc- 
¢« ooeu. Kneland and cryande, and clappide lceirc handez, 
" Criste comforthe one knv«l,», o ., and kepe l,ym fro 
And latte neuer 3one fende folle hyme olyfe !" 
]itt es t]Je warlow so vQ-ghte, he welters hyme vndere, 
,«:-h,. 'rothely t/tai wrythyne and wrystille to-gederz, 1141 
fearful  re»tling 
h. « f Welters and walowes ouer with-in thase buskcz, 
from the top of 
« «io o Tumbellez and turnes faste, and terez l/taire wedez, 
the hore. 
Vn-tenderly fro tle toppe thai tiltine to-gederz ; 1144 
Yhilome A_rthure ouer, and ot/ter-while vndyre, 
ffro t/te heghe of tlce hylle vn-to tlre harde roche ; 
 3IS. genitates. 


They feyne neucr are they alle af the flode merkes ; 
Bot Arthur with ane anlace egerly smyttez, - l 1 
And hittez euer "m the hulke vp to the hiltez. 
The thecffe at thc dede-thrawe so thro]y hyme thryngez, 
sfruggle breaks 
That three rybbys in iris syde he thrystez in sundcre 
• ribs. 
Thene sir Kyous the kene vn-t te kygc tyrtez, 
Said, « allas ! we are lorne, my lrde es cofundcdë, 
Ouer-fllene with a fende ! vs es fulle hapede ! 115 
Ve moe be forfcede in faith, and flemyde for euer !" Hisknights final 
bm lving ex- 
Thay hale vp bys hawberke thane, and handilez ther- 
IIis hydc and his haunche eke, one heghte fo lice 
IIis flawnke and his fcletez, and his faîte sydez, 1158 
Dotle his bakke and his breste, and his bryghte armez. 
Thay ware fayne that//ey fande no flesche entamede, 
him and find no 
3nd for l/iat jou»mee ruade joye, hir gentille knyghttez. 
"Now, certez," saise Six Bedwere, "it semez, be my 
slpeake face- 
Lorde ! 1162 to,y ot 
saint wbom Ar- 
Ife sckez seyntez bot seldene, the sorere he grypes, 
I7«t thus clckys this corsaut owte of hir heghe clyffçz, 
To carye forthe siche a carie at close hym in siluere 
Bc .[yghellc, of syche a makk I haïe myche wondyre 
That euerowre soueraygne Lorde suffcrs hyme in hcuene 
And al_le seyntez be syche, t]iat seruez oure Lorde, 1168 ru e.i .re 
like him no saint 
I salle ner no seynt bee, be my fad)Te saw]e !" 
Thane bouredez the bohle kynge at Bcdvere wordez,-- 
" This seynt haue I soghte, so helpe me owre Lorde 
ffor-thy brayd owtte thi brande, and broche hyme to the 
stab the monster 
herte ; 117 ŒEE to the heavt, to 
make sm'e of him, 
Be sekero of this sergeau»t, he bas me sore euede  f.r °,y o - 
• fore had be met 
with such a ter° 
I faghte noghte wyth syche a freke this fyftene wynt)rs, 
Bot in the montez of Araby I mett yche another ; 
tIe was t]e forcyere be ferre that had I nere fundene, 
5e had my fortune bene faire, fey had I leuede ! 1177 
Onone stlTke of his heuede, and stake if there-aflyre, 
oH lus head, 
Gffe if fo tby sqwycrc, fore he es wele horsede ; 


an4 ber it flrst 
to ir Hoel. 
and t it on 
His ord and 
shield d the 
gant's club are 
  fehed fom 

They may take 
% hat treasure 
they will ; ali 
thur desires is the 
kirtle and the 

The affair was 
kept a secret till 
break of day. 

Then the peol,le 
kneel before Ar- 
thur. and tbank 
and praise 
for slaying the 

Arthor ascriUes 
ail go God. 

He bi,ls his fol- 
lowers distribute 

I}ere it to sir Howelle, flmt es in harde bandez, 1180 
And byd hyme hcrte hym wele, his enmy es destruede ! 
Syne bere it to Bareflete, and brace it in yryne, 
And sett it on the barbycane, bicrnes fo schewe. 
My brande and my brode schelde apone tbe bent lyggez, 
On the creeste of the cragge, thare fyrste we encontrede, 
And tl, e clubb tlar-by, alle of clene irenc, 
Tiret many Cristene bas kyllyde in Constantyne landez ; 
fferke to the farlande, and fetche me tbat wapenc, 1188 
And late fotmde tille oure flete, in flode tbare it lengez. 
If thow wylle any tresour, take whate the lykez ; 
Haue I thekyrtylle and the clubb, I coueite noghte elles!" 
Now tley caire to fle cragge, fldse comlydhe knyghtez, 
And broghte hyme fise brade schelde, and his bD'g}lte 
wapene, 1193 
T/e clubb and t/e cotte ails, Syr Kayous hym seluene, 
And kayres with conquerour, the kyngez to schcwe ; 
That in couerte the kynge helde closse to hym seluene, 
Vhilles clene day fro tire clowde clymbyd on lofte. 
I}e that to courte was comene clamor full,, huge, 
And be-fore t/e comlyche kynge they kuelyd aile af 
ones, 1199 
"Welcome, oure liegc lorde, to lang bas thow duellydc ! 
Gouernon" vndyr Gode, graytheste and noble, 
To whame grace es grauntcd, and gyffene af his wille ! 
:Now thy com]y corne bas comforthede vs al]e ! 
Thow h in thy realtee reuengyde thy pople ! 1204 
Thurghe helpe of thy bande, thyne enmyse are struyede, 
That bas thy renk ouer-ronfie, and refte theme theire 
childyre ! 
Whas neuer rewme owte of araye so redyly re]cuede !" 
Thane tle conquerour cristenly carpez fo his pople, 
"Thankes Gode," quod he, "of tltis grace, and no gome 
elles, 1209 
flot it was neuer manns dede, bot myghte of ttym selïene, 
Or myracle of hysmodyre, tlmt myhle es fille Mie!" 
Hc somond than tle schippemcnc scharpely ri, r-aftyre, 


To schake furthe with the schyre mene to schifte 
gudez ; 
"Alle the myehe tresour that traytour had wonnene, 
To comou of the contré, clergye and other, 
Luke it be done and delte to my dere pople, 1216 
That none pleyne of theire parte, o peyne of $our lyfez." 
lle comande hys cosyne, with knyghtlyche wordez, 
To make a kyrke on the cragg, ther the corse lengez, A 
And a couent there-in, Criste for to serre, 1. me built ontho 
 - eliff. 
In myn,le of that martyre,/bat in the monte rystez. 
(wen Sir Arthur the kynge had kyllcd the gyaunt, ,«.the gian 
ls raisin, Arthur 
x Than blythe]y fro Æareflete he bukes one/hemorne, moe. f:om Bar- 
flele to 
Wiff Iris batelle one brede, by tha blythe stremes ; 12"24 
To-warde Castelle Blanke he chcsez hym the waye, 
Thurghe a faire ehampayne, wa,lyr schalke hyllis ; 
The kyng fi'aystez a furth ouer the fresche stramlez, 
ffoundez with lais faire folke ouer as hym lykez : 1228 
ffurthe stepes that steryne, and strekez his tentis 
One a stronghe by a strcme, in/has straytt landez. 
Onone aftyro myddaye, in the mene while, 
Thare cornez two messangers of tha fere marchez, 1232 e¢o 
ffra the m arschalle of Fratmee, andmenskfully hym grete% th 
Frnnee, who ae- 
13e-soghte hyme of suoout, and saide la»a-ne ttiewordez, quain[ Arthur 
"Sir, thi marschalle, thi mynistre, thy mercy be-ekez, 
Of thy meki]le magestee, fore mendement of thi pople, 
Of thise marehez-mene, that thus are myskaryede, 
A nd thus merrede amange, mauee theire eghne ; 
] witter the the emperonr es entirde in-fo Fraunce, 
Witl5 ostes of enmyse, orrible and huge ; 1240 
13rynnez in ]3urgoyne thy burghes so D'che, 
And brittenes thi baronage, that bieldez/hare-in ; 
He encrochez kenely by craftez of armez, 
Comdrese and castelles that to thy coroun lafigez ; 1244 ,eig 
Confoundez thy comouns, clergy and other ; eonfounding 
Bot thow eomfurflî theme, sir kynge, couer salle they 
lle fellez ff»restez fcle, forrayse thi landez, 

the at,t's trea- 
*ure among the 
clergy and people, 

with the mischief 
which the Em- 
peror Lucitm i 
working in 


- taking goods, 

killing dukes and 

Therefore they 
desire Arthur's 

He sends 
of his knights to 
the emperor, 

to bid him de- 
art out of his 
ingdom, or meet 
iaim in battle. 
['leat 07] 

The knlghts o 
on their errand 
glit/ering in old 
upon gr¢at steeds. 

ffrysthez no fraunchez, bot fraisez the pople ; 124, 
T/us he fellcz thi folke, and iangez theire gudez ! 
ffremedly the Franche tunge fey es bc-lefede. 
tic drawes in-to douce Fraunce, as Duche-men reliez, 
Dresside with his dmgouns, dredfulle to schewe ; 1252 
Aile to dede they dyghte with dynttys of swerddez, 
Dukez and dusperes, tlat dreches thare-ine ; 
ffor-thy the lordez of the lande, ladys and otler, 
Prayes the for Petyr luffe, tlm apostylle of l,ome, 
Sen thow arte presant in place, tlmt tlow wille profyre 
To that perilous prynce, be processe of tyme. 1258 
He ayers by 3onc billes, 3one heghe holtez vndyr, 
Hufes thare with hale strenghe of haythene kyngez ; 
Hclpe nowe for ttis lufe, that beghe in heuene sittez, 
And talke tristly to theme, tlat thus vs destroyes !" 
The kynge biddis sir Boice, "buske the be-lyfe ! 
Take with the sir Berille, and Bedwere the rychc, 1264 
Sir Gawayne and sir Gryme, these galyarde knyghtez, 
And aythe 3owe to 3one grene wode, and gose ouer 
tler nedes ; 
Saise to syr Lucius, to vn-lordly he wyrkez, 
Thus letherly aga3mes law to lede my pople ; 1268 
I lette h3a'ae or oghte lange, ]if me tle lyffe happene, 
Or many lyghte salle lawe, tlat hyme ouere lande fvlowes. 
Comande hym kencly w'tli crewelle wordez, 
Cayre owte of my kyn-nTke witli his kydd knyghtez ; 
In caase that he wille noghte, tlat cursede wreche, 
Corne for lais curtaisie, and countere me ones ! 1274 
Thane salle we rekkene fulle rathe, whatt D'ghte tlat he 
Thus fo ryot tlis rewme and raunsone the pop]e ! 
Thare salle it derely be delte wlth dynttoz of handez : 
The Dryghttene at Domesdaye dele as hyme lykes!" 
ow thei aythe them e to goo, theis galyarde knyghttez, 
Alle gleterande in golde, appone grete stedes, ] 2.-0 
To-warde tire grene wode, tlat with growndenewapyne, 


To gretc wele the grett lorde, that wolde be grefede sone. 
Thise hende houez on a hille by thc holte eynes, 
Be-helde tle howsynge fulle hye of hathcne kyngcs-- 
uriou8 cmp of 
They herde in theire herbergage hundrethez fulle many, the heathen 
I/ornez of olyfantez fulle helyel blawene-- 
Palaisez proudliehe pyghte, that palyd ware ryche, 
Of palle and of purpure, wytl5 preeyous stones ; 1288 
Pensels and pomelle of ryehe prynee armez, 
l'ighte in the playne mede, the pople to sehewe. 
And thane the Romayns so ryehe had arayede their 
of the Romann. 
On rawe by the ryuere, vndyr the round hillez, 1292 
The emperour for honour ewyne in the myddes, 
Vyth eghs al ouer ennelled so faire : 
And saw hyme and the sowdane, and senatours many, 
perr and the 
Seke to-warde a sale with sextene kyngez, 1296 
to bauquet toge- 
Syland softely in, swettly by theme selfene, th«r. 
To sowpe withe that soueraygne, ffulle selcouthe ruerez. 
lgowe they wende ouer the watyre, thise wyrchipfidle 
Thurghe the wode to the wone, there the ¢ryese rystez ; 
Reght as they hade weschene, and went fo the table, h« 
aent themselvcs. 
Sir Wawame the worthethy vn-wynly he spekes,-- si 
livers the mes- 
"The myghte and the maiestee, that menskes vs al]e, age, 
That was mcrked and ruade thurghe the myghte of ttym 
seluene, 130 
Gyffe jow sytte in jour sette, Sowdane and other, 
That here are semblcde in sale, vn-sawghte mott je 
worthe ! 
And the fals hcretyke, that emperour hym callez, 
That ocupyes in erroure the empyre of Rome, 1308 
Sir Arthure herytage, that honourable kynge, 
That alle lfis auncestres aughtc bot Vtere hyme one, 
That ilke cursynge that Cayme kaghte for his brothyre, 
haughty words 
Cleffe one the, cukewalde, with croufie ther thow lengez, 
ffr the vnlordlyeste lede that I on lukede euor ! 1313 
][y 1orale meruail%s hym mekylle, marie, be my trouthe, 


bids him depar, 
or do hattle with 
[leaf 67, back] 
the king. 

Then he aks for 

The ernperor 

thretcn;»g tbç 

Artlmr' Imtd as 

and destrny his 
cities and cast]es. 

M,ereupn Sir 
himel! to fight 
with him, 

VChy thow moI-thires his mene, tlat no mysse serues, 
Comous of the coutré, clergye and other, 1316 
T/at are noghte coupable/ber-in, ne knawes noght in 
ffor-thi the comelyche kynge, curtays and noble, 
Comandez tlm kenely fo kaire of his landes, 
Ore elles for thy knyghthede encontre hyme ones ; 1320 
Sen thow couettes the coroufie, latte it be declarede ! 
I hafe dyscharde me here, chalange whoo lykez, 
]e-fore aile thy cheualrye, cheftaynes and otlwr. 
Schape vs an ansuere, and schunte tlmw no lengere, 
T/bat we may schifte at tle schorte, and schewe to my 
lorde." 13 " 5 
The empero«r ansuerde wytli austeryne wordL.z, 
"3e are with myne enmy, sir Arthure hyme seluene ! 
It es none honour t me to owttray hys knyghttez, 
Toghe 3e bee trous mene, tat ayres one his nedez ; 
I;ot say to thy soueraygne, I senti hyme thes vordez, 
'e ware if for reuerence of my D-che table, 
Thou su]de repent fulle rathe of tld ruyde wordez ! 1332 
Siche a rebawde as thowe rebuke any lordez, 
Vyth theire rctenuz arrayede, fulle realle and noble ! 
Itere ville I suggourne, 'hilles me lefe thyukes, 
And sythene seke in by Sayne witlt solace tl«er-aflere ; 
Ensegge al] tl«a cetese be tie salte strandez, 1337 
And seyne ryde in by one, tlmt rynnez so faire, 
And of alle his ryche castelles rusche doune tle wallez ; 
I salle noghte lefe in laresche, by processe of tyme, 
]tis parte of a pechelyne, proue whene hyme lykes !" 
".Xow, certez," sais sir Vawayne, "mythe wondyre 
haue I, 1342 
T/rot syche an alfyne as thow date speke sychc wordez ! 
I had leuer thene alle Fraunce, that heuede es of rewmes, 
ffyghte wit] the faythefully one felde be oure one." 
Thane answers sir Gayous fulle gobbede wordes, 
Was eme to the emperour, and erle hyme selfene, 
« Euere warc thes Brctouns braggers of ohle ! 1348 

Loo ! how he brawles h for hys ghte edes, 
 he yhte bttyne vs ae w[  brande che  
itt e berkes yche oste, one oy tere e tandes " 
Tane euyde sir Gawae af his ett wordes, 1352 wineOn thihSir -at 
him and tvik 
Grayth to-warde the gome with gcchande herte ; Uh 
With hys stelyne brande he strykes of hys heuede 
And sterttes owtte fo hys stede, and with his stal 
endes ! 
Thghe the wacch they wente, th wchipfe «»knight.thellyBrifi«hith 
knyghtez, 1356 11 
And fyndez  thee fare-waye wondlyche many ; 
Ouer he wate they wente by ghtnesse of horse% 
And tuke de as/hey walde by the wodde hemmes. 
ane folous frekly one fore frekkes ewe, 1360 
And of the Roma ay appone D'che stedes, 
Chede thurghe a champae oure cheualrous knyghtcz, 
Ti a cheefe forest, one schalke wtte bornes. 
Bot a fmke aile  fyne golde, and fretted  sle, 1364 
Corne forthe on a fresone, in flamande wedes ; 
A faire floehte spere in fewt he cte% 
And folowes faste one oe folke, and frchelye cez, 
Thane sir Gawayne the gude apporte a ave stede, 
 e fs'emos of 
]le p h a ete sre, and ythelyhe ttez; 
lain by ir Ga- 
Thghe the guttez -to e goe he des he e, 
That the oundene stele glydez fo s bette  1371 
The gome and tle ette home at the ounde lyggez, 
ffuIIe selyche onande, for efe of s woundez. 
ane prez a preker e, fe proudely arayede, 
That beres aile of pouour, palyde wlth syluer : 
Byly on a broune sde he profem fle large. I76 
fie w a payme of Pee Oat th he p«suede. 
S Boys -abaiste aile he buskes hyme a-gaes, 
With a bustous launce he berez he thurghe, 
mt he breme and te brade schèlde apporte tlm bente 
lyggez  I 80 
And he br3gez ruche the blade, «ml ez fo h 




Sr Feltemour 
meeks to a'engo 
i.- GayouS, 

but Sir Gwain 
cleaves him 

Then a Hch man 
of Rone muggests 
a retreat. 

The rich Romans 

rive thousand 
horsernen still 
ursue the 

and rail upon 
an ambtsh of 

who break out 
ud,lenly on 

with shouts of 
*' Arthur." 

['leaf 68, back] 

The Rmans arv 
defeated and 
driven back 


Thane sir Fcltemonrofmyghte,a manmekyllr praysede, 
lVas mouede one his manere, and manacede fulle faste; 
tic aythes te sir Gawayne graythcly te wyrche, 1384 
fier grefe of sir Gayous, that es one grounde leuede. 
Thane sir Gawayne was glade ; agayne hyme he rydez, 
Vyt15 Galutli his grade swerde graythely hyme hyttez ; 
The knyghte one the coursere he chuede insondyre, 1388 
Clenlyche fro the croune his corse he dyuysyde, 
And thus he killez the knyghte ,vith his kydd wapene! 
Than a ryche mane of Reine relyede te his byerns.-- 
"It salle repent vs fulle sore and we ryde forthire ! 
3one are bolde bosturs,/bat syche bale xv)Tkez ; 1393 
It be-frlle hym fulle foule, that thame se fyrste namede." 
Thane t]e riche Romayns retournes//ail'e brydilles 
To thaire tentis in tene, telles theire lordez 
lIow sir Machalle de ][owne es on tke monte lefcde, 
ffore-justyde at that jouraee, for his grett japez. 
Bot thare chasez one oure mene cheuallrous knyghtrz, 
ffyfe thosande f,,lke appone faire stedes, 1400 
ffaste te a foreste oucr a frlle wat)r, 
That fillez fro the falw see fyfty mylc large. 
Tharc ware Bretons enbuschide, and banarcttcz noble, 
Of the cheualrye cheefe of the kyngez chamb)re, 140t 
Secse theme chase oure mene, and changene/heire horsez, 
And choppe dune cheftaynes, that they moste chargyde. 
Thane the enbuschement of Bretons brake owtc at ones, 
]3rothely at banere, and ]3edwTne knyghtez, 1408 
Arrestede of the P, omayns, that by the f)Tthe rydez, 
Aile the realste renkes/bat te Reine lengez ; 
Thay icle on the enmyse and egerly strykkys, 
:Erles of Inglande, and "Arthure !" ascryes, 1412 
Thrughebrenesand bghte scheldez, brestez they thyrle, 
Bretons of the boldeste with theire bD, ghte swerdez. 
Thare ,vas Pomayns ouer-redyne, and ruydly wondvde, 
Arrestede as rebawdez, witli ryotous knyghttez ! ltl6 
The lomaynes ooEe of araye remouede at ones, 
And rydes awaye in a rowtte, for reddonre it semys ! 


Te tire senatour Petyr a sandes-mane es commyne, 
And saide, "sb; sckyrly, 3out seggez are supprysside 
Than tene thowsande mene he semblede af ones, bnt tl, e Senatr 
Peter sends ten 
And sert sodanly one oure seggez, by t/e salto strandez ; tl,«and men. 
Than ware Bretons abaiste, and greuede a lyttille, 
Bot 3if the banerettez bolde, and bachcllers noble, 1424 
II, rekcs that battailles 1 with brestez of stcdes 
Sir ]3oice and lais bolde mcne myche hale wyrkes 
The Iomaynes rêdyes thane, arrayez tlmme better, 
And al to-ruschecz oure mene witho theire ryste horsez, 
Arestede of the richeste of tle ounde Table, 
Ouer-rydez oure rerewarde, and grette rêwthe wyrkes! 
Thane the Bretons on t/te bente habyddez no lengere, The Britons arc 
repulsed, and 
Bot fleede te tle foreste, and the feelde leuede; 1432 flytothe forest. 
Sir Berylle es borne downe and sir ]3oice takene, 
The beste of oure bolde mene vnblythely wondyde 
ot itt oure stale one a strenghe stotais a lyttille, t a ,bey 
make a little 
Alle to-stonayede witb rb e stokes  of tla steryne knyghtez 
hlade sorowe fore theire soueraygne, tlat se figaro was 
loss of their 
nomene, leader, and pray 
for auccour. 
Io-soughte Gode of socure, soude vhene hym lykyde 
Tha co»tmez sir Idrus, armede vp af alle ryghttez, 
Wyth ïyue humh'ethe mon« appone iaire stedes, 1440 
ffraynoz faste af ouro folke freschely thare-aftyre, 
if thcr frondez ware ferre, tiret one the feldo foundide. 
Thane sais sir Gawyno, "se me God helpe 
We hafo beno chased te daye, and chullede as haros, 
]tebuyked wit] omaynes aIpone t]mire ryche stedez, 
And we lurkede vnd)oE leo as lowrande wfeches 
I luke nouer one my lorde t]e dayos of my lyfe, 
And we se lytherly hyme helpe, t]at hyme se wele lykede !" 
Thane the Bretons brothely brochez theire stedez, 
And boldly in batelle appone the bent rydes ; 1450 
Alle tle ferso mene be-fore frekly ascryes, 
ffcrkand in tlie foreste, te freschene thame selfene. 
The Romaynes thane rêdyly arrayes theme bettyre, 
 lIS. baitailles.  ? strokes. 

Sir 13eryll is borne 
down and Sir 
]oice taken» 

Sir Idrus t'ornes 
to their aid with 
rive hundred 

Iir Gawaine 
ments the check 
which Arthur's 
men had re- 

The 13ritish re- 
turn to the fray. 

The Ramans pre- 
pare themselves 
agatnst them. 


A tierce bttle 

['lea f 69] 

Sir Gawaine does 
mighty deeda of 
The Senator Peter 

but in spire of 
him Sir Gavaine 
rescuee Sir Boice. 

Rejolced af this 
the British press 
more bohUy. 

One rawe on a rowm felde, reghttez theire wapyns, 
By the ryehe reuare, and rewles the pople ; 
And witti reddour sir ]3oice es in areste haldene. 1456 
l'ow thei scmblede vnsaughte by the salte strandez ; 
Saddly theis sekere menn settys theire dynttez, 
With lufly launecz one lof te they luysehene to-gedyres, 
In Lorayne so lordlye on leppande stedcs. 1460 
Thare ware gomes thurghe-girde with grund'ne wapynes, 
Grisely gayspande with m'ucchande lotes ! 
Gmte lordes of Greke greffede so hye ; 
Swyftly with swerdes, they swappene there-aftyre, 146 
Swappez doune ffulle sweperlye swclltande knyghtez, i 
That al.le swellttez one swarthe, that they ouer-sw'ngena, 
So many sweys in swoghe swounande att ones ! 
Syr Gaweayne the gracyous fulle graythelye he wyrkkes, 
The gretteste he gretez wytli gryeslye wonds ; 
Wyth Galuth he gyrdez doune fulle galyarde kny_htez, 
flore grecfe of the ett lorde so grymlye he strykez ! 
/Je rydcz furthe ryallye and redcly there-aftyre, 1472 
Thare this realle renke was in areste haldene ; 
tic ry-t'ez the rannke stele, he ryghttez theire brenez, 
Andreftethemethe D'che marie, andrade to his strenghes. 
The senatour Pet, er thane persewede hyme aftyre, 1476 
Thurghe the presse of the pople, wytli lais pryce knyghttes; 
Appertly fore the prysonere proues lais strenghes, 
Vyt]5 prekers the proudeste that fo the presse lengez; 
Vrothely one the wrange bande sir Gawayne he strykkes, 
Wyth a wapene of were vnwynnly hyme hittez ; 1481 
The breny one the bakhalfe he brystez in sondyre ! 
]3ot lit he broghte forthe sir ]3oyce, for alle theire bale 
biernez ! 
Thane the Bretones boldely braggene theire tromppez 
And fore blysse of sir Boyce was broghte owtte of bandez 
Boldely in batelle they bere doune knyghtes ; 1486 
With brandes of broune stele hey brettened maylez ; 
Thay stekede stedys in stoure with stelene wapynes, 
 ]IS. kn)-nghtez. 


Andallestewedewytlistrenghe, that stode tleme agaynes ! 
Sir I,lrus fitz Ewayne thane "Arthure !" ascryeez, 
Assemblez one the senatour wyth sextene knyghttez, 
Of te sekereste mene that fo syde lengede. 1492 
Sodanly in a soppe they sert in art ones, 
ffoynes faste art the fore breste with flawmande swerdez, 
And feghttes faste art the fronte freschely tlmre-aftyro ; 
fiches fele on the felde appone the ferrere syde, 1496 
ffcy on tlte faire felde by tha fresehe strandez. 
Bot sir Idrus fytz Ewayne anters hyme seluene, 
And enters in anly, and egyrly strykez, 
Sekez fo tlte senatour and sesez hi's brydle, 1500 
Vnsaughtely he saide hyme these sittande wordez,-- 
"3clde the, sir, apely, ife licou tlci lffe ernez, 
flore gyftez tltat thow gyffe may, thou 3eme now the selfene; 
flore dredlez dreehe tow, or droppe any wylez, 1505 
Thow salle dy tlds daye thorowe dmtt of my bandez!" 
"I ascente," quod tle senatour, "so me Criste helpe ! 
So tlcat I be safe broghte be-fore tire kynge seluene ; 
llaunsone me resonabillye, as I may ouer-reche, 1508 
Aftyrc my rentrez in Rome may redyly forthire." 
Thane answers sir Idrus with austoryne vordez, 
"Thow salle hafe condycyone, as lice kynge lykes, 
Whene thow cornes fo te kyth there the courte haldez; 
In caase his concelle bee fo kepe the no langere, 1513 
To be killydeat his conmandment his knyghttezbe-fore." 
Tlmy ledde hyme furthe in tle rowte, and lached ofo 
his wedes, 
Lcftc h)m wyth Lyonelle and Lowelle hys brothire. 
O-lawe in tle launde thane, by tle lythe strandcz, 
Sir Lucius lygge-mene  loste are fore euer ! 
lae senatour Peter es prysoner takyae ! 1519 
Of Pcrce and of Porte Iaffe fulle many price knyghtez, 
And myche pople vyth alle perischede thame selfene ! 
flot presse of the passage, they plungede 2 al onez ! 
Thare myghte mene see lomaynez rewft]y wondyde, 
 Or legge-men¢.  MS. reeat they plungede. 

Sir Idrus, with 
sixteen knights» 
attacks the 

and takes him 

The senator de- 
sires fo be 
brought to the 

Sir Idrus answer 
hmm roughly. 

eaf 69, back] 

Ire glves the 
eenatr into the 
charge of Sir 
Lionel and Sir 

Many of the 
Iumans are s]ain. 


The knight ride 
back towards the 
kiug, and n 
him the news of 
thei success. 

They tell him 
that they hve 
slain fifly thouo 
sand rne 

and taken pri- 
soners the chier 
chancellor avd 
the senator 
er. as well as 
ma ŒE payuim. 

Artbur may de- 
mand sixty 
horse-loals of 
silver for the 
and for the claan- 
cellor, ehariot 
fxtll of gold. 
The other pri- 
Eept until their 
rent are known. 

Ouer-redyae with renkes of the lound Table ! 152  
In the mike of the furthe they rightene theire brenys, 
That rane alle one reede blode redylye alle ouer ; 
They raught¢ in the rerewarde fulle ryotous knyghtez, 
fier raunsone t of rede golde and realle stedys ; 1528 
ladly relayes, and restez theire horsez, 
In rowtte te the D-che kynge they rade al af onez. 
A knyghte cayrez be-fore, and te the kynge telles,-- 
"Sir, here cornmez thy messangerez wlth myrthcz fro 
the mountez, 1532 
Thayhafe bene maehede te daye with meneofthemarehez, 
ffore-maglede in the marras wlth meruailous knyghtêz ! 
Ve hale foughtene in faithe, by one fresche strandez, 
Vith the frekkeste folke that te thi foo ]angez ; 1536 
ffyfty thosannde one felde of ferse mene of armez, 
Vyth-in a furlange of waye, fay ere by-lefede ! 
Ve hafe eschewede this cbekke, thurghe chance of otu'o 
Of tha cheualrous mene that chargede thy pople ! 15t0 
The cheefe chaunchelereof Reine, a cheftayne fulle noble, 
Wille aske the chart3oEe of pesse for charitee hym selïne; 
And the scnatour Pet[re te presoner es takyne. 
Of Perse and of Porte Iaffe payny»mez ynewe 1544 
Commezprekande in the presse, with thy prysse knyghttcz, 
With pouerte in thi presone theire paynez te drye. 
I be-seke ow, sir, say whate owe lykes, 
Vhcthire 3e suffyre theme saughte, or sone delyuerde. 
Je may haue fore Um senatour sextie herse chargede 
Of silucr be Seterdaye, fulle sekyrly payede, 
And for the cheefe chauncelere, Um cheualere noble, 
Charottez chokkefulle charegyde with golde ; 1552 
The remcnaunt of the Romaynez be in areste haldene, 
Tille thiere renttez in Reine be rightewissly knawene. 
I be-seke ow, sir, ecrtyfye one lordez, 
if e wille send thame ouer the see, or kepe thame our 
elfene. 1556 
s S. rauwsone. 


Aile 3out sckyre mene for sothe sounde are by-lcuyde, " An Ah«. 
hav eseaped, 
Saue sir Ewayne îytz Henry es in t/te side wonddede " sir 
• who is wouoded. 
« {leaf 70] 
"Crist be thankyde," quod the kynge, and hys clcre « ki],g rejoiCeSo 
That 3owe comforthede and helpede be crafte of hyme 
selfene ; 1560 
Skilfulle skomfyture he skiftez as hym ]ykez, Th« rate of battle, 
ho sys, is in th 
Is none se skathlye may skape» ne skcwe fro his bandez ; a , 
Desteny and doughtynes of dedys of armes, 
Alle es demyd and delto at Dryghtynez wille ! 1564 
I kwne the thanke for thy corne, it comfortes vs aile ! H« th,, 
knight for his 
Sir knyghte," sais the conquerour, "se me Criste helpe  t«i. ,à 
• him for reward 
I if the for thy thyandez Tolouse the riche,« city of To- 
The telle and tle tachementez, tauernez and otlter, 1568 
Tle towne and the tenementez with towrez se hye, 
That towchez te tlm temporaltee, whilles my tyme lastez. 
Bot say te tlte senatonr I sende hyme tlms wordez, a«.«tor 
net be ransomed 
Tharo salle no siluer hym saue, bot Ewayne recoucre ; v« si 
I had louer see hym synke one the sa]te strandez, 
Than the seegge ware seke, tlmt es se sore woundede ; 
I salle disseuere that sorte, se me Criste helpe ! 1575 Th others shall 
be divided into 
Aud sett theme îulle soloEarie, in sere kyngez ]andez : ff«»t 
Salle he nouer sownde ste kis seynowres in ome, 
Ne sitt in tle assemblé, in syghte wyt] his feris ; 
fier it cornes te no kynge t/at conquerour es holdene, ,*hr ho& 
te aecept ransom 
Te comone with lais captifis fore couatys ofsiluer: 1580 become taot 
It corne nouer of knyghthede, knawe it if hyme lyke, 
Te carpe of coseri, whene captyfis ere takyne ; 
It aughte te no presoners te prese no lordez, 
h'e corne in presens of pryncez, whcne partyes are mouede. 
Comaunde one constable, the castelle that emes, Tey are te tako 
the entor te 
That he ho clcnlyche kepedc, and in close haldene ; th« «o« 
bid him keep him 
tIo salle haue maundement te-morne or myddayo bo 
roungene, 15 87 
To whatmarche tlmysa]lemerke, w tI mangereto lengene." 
T/ay conuaye this captyfe wit] clene mene of amez, 
And kend h3mae te tle constable, atts tle kynge Lyddez ; rb« knight8 
obey» and tl en 


return fo Arhur 
t give him the 
emperor's mes- 

In the tnornin 
Sir Cador and 
Inihts are bid 
to take the pri- 

[leaf 70, back] 
t Paris, and o 
g]ve tem into 
the care of the 

Tbe British 
kniht« depart 
towards Chartres. 

But the emperor 
hazl dispatched a 
cbostm hand to 
intercept them. 

And seyne to Arthurc tltey ayre, and egerly hym towchez 
The answere of the emperour, irows of dedez. 1592 
Thane sir Arthure, one erthe atheliste of oHtere, 
At euene al his awene borde auantid lais lordez,1 
"3Ie aughte to honour theme in erthe ouer aile other 
:That thus in myne absens awnters theme selfene ; 1596 
I salle theme luffe whylez I lyffe, so me our Lorde helpe ! 
And gyfe theme landys full« large,whare theme beste lykes; 
Thay salle noghte losse, one lit is layke, 3 i f me lyre happen e, 
That thus are lamede for my lufe be Hcis lythe strandez." 
1],o in the c]ere dawe3mg , the dere kynge hym selfene 
Comaundyd sir Cadore with his dere knyghttes, 
Sir Cleremus, sir Cleremonde, with clene mene of armez, 
Sir Clowdmm; sir Cle#s, to conuaye theis lordez;1604 
Sir ]3oyce and sG" ]3erelle with baners displayede, 
Sir ]3awdvyne, sir ]3ryane, and sir ]3edwere tire ryche, 
Sir l,a3mahle and sir -,ichere, Rawlaunde chihlyre, 
To D'de with the I'omaynes in rowtte wyth theire feres. 
"Prekez now preualye to Parys the ryche, 
Wyth Petit the pD-ssonere and his priee knyghttez ; 
]]e-teche tham tire proueste, in presens of lordez, 
O payne and o perelle that pendes there-too, 1612 
That they be weisely wachede and in warde holdene, 
Vardede of warantizez with wyrchipfulle knyglttez ; 
Vagge hyme wyghte mene, and woonde for no siluyre ; 
I hafl warnede that wy, be ware 3fie hyme lykes 
ow bownes lice ]retones, als lice kynge byddez, 1617 
]3uskez theire batelles, theire baners displayez; 
To-wardez Chartris they chese, thes cheualrous knyghtt ez, 
And in the clampayne lande fulle faire thay eschewede : 
flot tire emperour of myghte had ordande hym selfene 
Sir Vtolfe and sir Ewandyre, two hononrable kyngez, 
Erles of tl, e Oriente, witli austeryne -knyghttez, 
Of the awntrouseste mene that to his oste lengede, 1624 
Sir Sext)mour of Lyby and senatours many, 


The kynge of Surrye hym selle with Sarzynes ynowe, 
The senatour of Sutere wyth sowmes fulle huge, 1627 
Whas assygnede fo/bat courte be sent of his pcres, 
Traise to-warde Troys the tresone  to wyrke, 
To hafe be-trappede with a tmyne oure trauelade 
That hade persayfede tiret l'eter af l'arys suhle lenge, 
In presonne witlï tlre prouoste, his paynez fo drye. 1632 
flir-thi they buskede theme bowrme wit] baners dis- 
In the buskayle of his wayc, on Llonkkes fulle hugge ; W»oy te , 
position in the 
Planttcz theme in the pathe vit15 powere arrayede, vt « 
To pyke vp the presoners fro oure pryse knyghttez. 
OE Cadore of Cornewalle comaundez his peris, 1637 
• Sir "Clc,6s, sir Clercmus, sir Cleremownnde Ire noble, 
"Here es tlm close of Clyme with clewes so hye; $irCador keep, 
a sharp look ot» 
L,&cz the contree be clore, the corners are large ; 1640 
I)iscoueres now sekerly skrogges and otlwr, 
That no skathelle in the skroggez skorne vs here-aftyre ; 
Loke e skyfte if 8o tlrat vs no skathe lympe, 
ffor ha skomfitoure in skoulkery is skomfite euer." 1644 
ow//ey hye to the holte, thes harageous knyghttez, 
To hcrkene of tle hye mene fo helpene theis lordez ; a,a ai,co,.«r, 
fl)'ndez theme helmede hole and horsesyde on stedys, a»a mo.nta. 
waiting by the 
l{ouande one the hye vaye by the holte hemmes. 1648 «kt o« o. 
Vitli knyghttly contenamce Sir Clefs hym selfcne 
Kryes fo the companye, and carpes thees wovlez,-- 
" Es there any kyde kuyghte, kaysere or otler, si «i - 
Ienges any knight 
Wille kyth for his kynge lufe craftes of armes  165 . aiDoo them to 
the combat« 
We are comene fro tle kyng of//ris lythe ryche, 
That knawene es for conquerozr, corownde in erthe, 
His ryche retenuz here alle of his Round Table, 
To D'de with tlrat realle in rowtt where hyme lykes ; 
We seke justynge of werre, $if any wille happ}m, 1657 
Of tlte jolyeste mene ajuggede be lordes ; 
 MS. the tre«.n« the treson«. 


An erl of tbe 
I{man party up- 
braids ArUmr 
and his knights. 

ir C|egs 
atwers him» 

and boasts that 
he will punish 
ell the Romane. 

He dires three 
 itb any knight 
whom tey will 

Tire king of Syria 
insintrates tiret 
Sir Clegis may 
net be of noble 

Sir Clgis replies 

If here be any hatheile mane, erle or other, 
That for the empereur lufe wille awntere hym selfene." 
And ane erle thane in angere answeres hym sone,-- 
"Me angers at Arthure, and att his hathelle bierns, 
That thus in his erreur ocupyes theis rewmes; 
And owtrayes the empereur, his erthely lorde ! 166 
The araye and the ryalltez of the Itounde Table 
Es wytfi rankour rehersede in rewmes fuile many; 
Of oure rentrez of lome syche reucile he haldys, o 
]te I salle 3ife resoune fulle rathe, 3ff vs reghte happene, 
That many salle repente that in his rowtte D-dez, 1669 
flot the reklesse roy so rewlez hym selfene !" 
"A !" sais sir Clegis thane, "so me Criste helpe ! 
I knawe be thi carpynge a cowntere t/te semes ! 
]ot be thou auditoure, or erle, or emperour thi selfcne, 
Apporte Axthurez by-halue I answere the sone : 1674 
The renke so realle, that rewilez vs aile, 
Tae ryotous mene and he ryche of the Rounde Table, 
Ite bas araysede his accownte, and redde aile his roilez, 
flot he wyile gyfe a rekenyng that rewe salle aftyre, 
That aile the ryche salle repefite that fo ome langez, 
Or he rereage be requit  of reutez that he cla3nez ! 
We crafe of 3out curtaisie three coursez of wcrre, 1681 
And claymez of knyghthode, take kepe fo 3our selfene ! 
e do bott trayne vs fo daye w3oEfi trofelande wordez ! 
Of syche trauaylande mene trecherye me thynkes ! 1684 
Sende owte sadly certayne knyghttez, 
Or say me sekerly sothe, ïor-sake ff owe lykes." 
hane sais the k)mge of Surry, "Alls saue me oure 
Lorde ! 
if thow hure alle the daye, thou bees noghte delyuerede, 
Bot thow sekerly ensure witli eerteyne knyghtez, 1689 
That thi cote and thi breste be knawene with lordez, 
Of armes of ancestrye, entyrde with londez." 
"Sir kyng," sais sir Clegys, "fuile knyghtt]y thow askez: 
I trowe it be for eowardys thow earpes thes wordez : 
t MS. N'e. 2 Zooks lil,-e requiter in MS. 


.Myne armez are of ancestrye enueryde witlï lordez, 
And bas in banere bene bonm sene sir Brut tyme ; 
At tho cité of Troye tlat tymme was ensegede, 1696 
Of te seene in asawtte witl certayne knyghttez, 
ffro tlm Borghte broghte vs and alle ourc boldë elders, 
Te Bretayne the braddere, witti-in chippe-burdez." 
"Sir," sais sir Sextenour, "sayo what the lykez, 
And we salle suffyre fim, als vs beste semes ; 1701 
Luke thi tmumppez be trussede, and trofu]le m lengere, 
fier thoghe tlou tarye alle tle daye, the tyddesno bettyr ! 
fier there salle neuer I'omayne, tlmt in my rowtt rydcz, 
Be with rebawdez rebuykyde, whills I in werlde regme !" 
Thane sir Clegis te flse kynge a lyttille enclinede, 
Kayres te sir Cadore, and knyghtly hym reliez,-- 1707 
" We hafe fotmdene in 3one firthe, floreschede witli leues, 
"17e fleur of tlm fa[reste folke t/at te tli foo langez, 
• fty thosandez of folke of ferse mene of armez, 
Tlmt faire are fewteride on frounte vndyr one fre bowes ; 
They are enbuschede one blonkkes, witl baners dis- 
playede, 1712 
In one bechene wode appone the waye sydes. 
Thay hafe the furthe for-serte aile of tke fa[re watyre, 
That fayfully of force feghte vs byhowys ; 
ttbr thus vs schappes te daye, schortly te telle, 1716 
Whedyre we schone or schewe, schyft as tlm lykes." 
"hay, '' quod Cador, "se me Criste helpe ! 
If ware schame tlat we scholde schone for se lytylle ! 
Sir Lancelott salle neuer laughe, that with the kyng 
lengez, 1720 
That I su]de lette my waye for lede appone erthe ; 
I salle be dedo and vndone af I here dreche, 
fier drede of any doggesorte in 3one dyme schawes !" 
yr Cadet thane knyghtly eomforthes his pople, 1724 
And witl eorage kene he karpes tkes wordes, 
"Thynk one the valymmt- prynce tlmt vesettez vs euer» 
Vitlï landez and lordcheppez, whare vs beste lykes ; 
That bas vs ducherés delte, and dubbyde vs knyghttez, 

Ihat his anceslors 
were at Ihe iege 
of 'fro»'. 

Sir Sextenour 
dee|ares that tho 
I{ornan8 are 
rcady for the 

Sir Clegis tells 
Sir Cador that a 
vast number of 
the enemy are 
drawn up in tho 

[leaf 71, back] 

and sugests a 

Sir Cador scorna 
to retreat. 

Never shall Sir 
Lancelot laugh 
at him. 

He will die be- 
fore he turn back 
for any dog's son 
of them ail 

Sir Cador exhorts 
hia men, and. tells 
them of the good 
deedb of Axthuro 


]C do Rnme of 
them knights. 

To certain of 
tl,em he gives 
the prioner in 

lfhe is defeated, 
they ,re to 
vey Inim to morne 
castle, or to Ar- 

The Brilish pre* 
pare for the fight. 


The flght beglns. 

Gffene vs gersoms and golde, and gardwynes many, 
Grewhoundez and grett home, and alkyne gamncs, 
That gaynez fille any gome, that vndyre God leuez ; 
Thynke one riche renoune of the P, ounde Table, 1732 
And late it neuer be refte vs fore I',omayne in erthe ; 
tïcyne 3ow noghte feynfly, ne frythes no wapyns, 
Bot luke 3e fyghte faythefully, frekes 3o«r selfene; 
I wahle be wcllyde alle qw)-ke, and quarterde in sondre, 
Bot I wyrke my dcde, whils I in wrethe lenge." 1737 
han this doughtty duke dubl)yd lais knyghttez, 
Ioncke and Askanere, Aladuke and oter, 
That ayercz were of Esexe, and alle Hase este marchez ; 
I[owelle and I[ardrlfe, happy in armez, 1741 
Sir Hcrylle and sir Hcrygalle, t«ise hamgeouse knyghttez. 
Than the souerayne assigncde certayne lordez, 
Sir 'awayne, sir Vryelle, sir Bc,lwere the ryche, 174 
1-aynaIlde and Pichecre, and Rowlandez chil.lyre,-- 
"Takez kcpe one this prynee with 3oure price knyghtez, 
And lire we in t]e stortr withstondene the better, 
Standcz hcre in this stedc, and stirrez no forthire ; 1748 
And 3ff the chaunce falle that we bee ouer-chagcde, 
Eschewes fo some castelle, and chewyse 3"ur selfene ; 
Or rydc to the riche kynge 3if 3ow roo happ)me, 1751 
And bi.l,le hym corne redily to rcscewe hys biernez." 
And than the Bretons brothely enbrassez theire 
Iraydez one bacenctez, and buskes thcire launcez. 
Thus he fittez his flke, and to the felde rydez, 
ffif hundretli one a frounte fwtrede at onez ! 1756 
Witli trompes thay trine, and trappede stedes, 
ïtli cornettes and clarions, and cleialle notes ; 
Schokkes in with a schakke, and schontez no langere, 
There schawcs ware scheene vndyr the schire eynez. 
And thane the Romaynez rowtte remowes a lyttille, 
P, aykes with a rerewarde thas realle knyghttez ; 1762 
So raply/]ay ryde thare, that alle the rowte ryngez, 
(tf r:,-tes and mnnke st.:le, and ryche glde maylez 


Thane schotte owtte of the schawe schiltrounis many, 
With scharpe wapynns of were schotande at ones : 
The kynge of Lebe be-fore the wawarde he ledcz, Tac king of LeLe 
lead., on tle 
And aile his ]e]e ]ige mene o laundone ascriez. 1768 
Thane this cruelle kynge castis in fewtire, 
Kaghte hym a couerde herse, and his course haldez, 
Bcris fo sir Beri]le, and brathely hym hittes, 
Berill and la.' 
Throwghe golet and goere he hurtez hym ewyne [ hm. 
The gome and the grette horsc at the grounde liggez, 
And gretez graythely te Gode, and gyffes hym the saule [ 
Thus es Berelle the bolde broghte owtte of lyue, 
And byddcz aftyre beryelle, that hym beste lykez. 1776 
And thane sir Cador of Corncwayle es carefltile in bette, 
Bc-cause of his kynyse-mane, tl, at thus es myscaryede ; 
Vmbeclappes the cors, and kyssez hyme ofte, 
Gcrte kepe hym couerte with his clerc knyghttez. 1780 
Thane laughes the Lebc kynge, and alle on lowde racles,-- T.« i,,z ,,r 
ridicule+ him. 
"Jonc lorde es lyghttede ! me lykes the bettyre ! 
IIc salle noghte dere vs to daye, the deuylle haue [lais] 
bones ]" 
"]one kyuge," said Cador," karpes fulle large, 178 
]3e-cause he killyd thls kene; Criste hafe tl, i saule ! 
]Ic salle hale corne bote, so me Criste helpe [ SirCador vows 
Or I kaire of this coste, we salle encontre ones ! 
Se may the wynde weile turnne,  quytte hym or ewync, 
S[,thely hym selfene, or summ of lais ferez !" 1789 
Thane sir Cador the kene knyghttly he wyrkez, 
Cryez, "A ! Cornewale," and castez in fewtere, 
Girdcz streke thourghe the stour on a stede ryche ! l« 
great deed of 
Many steryne mane he steride by strenghe of hyme one ! -«. 
Whene his spore was sprongene, he spede hym fulle ]erne, wh« 
la hrokcl he 
Swappede owtte with a swerde, that swykede hyra neu«r, »=t ,,itu iris 
V(roghte wayes fulle wyde, and wounded knyghttez ;  
Vyrkez his inc wayfare fulle werkand sydez, 1797 
And hewes of file hardieste halsez in sondyre, 
That ail« blendcz witti blode thare his blanke ry-nnez [ " 
Se many bierncz thc bolde hroughte owt of lyre, 1800 

Sir Cador is »ver- 
vhehaed with 
grief for hia loss. 


Then the kinff of 
Lebe ironica||y 
praiaes his deeds. 

[Icf 72, lck] 

The king of Lebe 

14o makes Irreat 
havoc mong the 

}lad hot Sir 
Cle¢is and Sir 
Clement corne, 
the new men had 
gone fo nought. 

Thon Sir Cador 
l)uts his lance in 
test, and sttikes 
the king of Lobe 
fait on thehel- 

The heathen king 
fails to the 

Tittez tirauntez doune, and temez  theizo sadills, 
And fumez owte of the toile, whene hym tyme thynkkez ! 
Thane the Lebe kynge criez fulle lowde 
One sir Cador the kene, with cruelle wordez, lB01 
"Thowe hase wyrchipe wonne, and wondyde knyghttcz ! 
Thowe wenes fore thi wightenez the werlde es thy 
nowene ! 
I salle wayte af thyne homde, wy, bc my trowthc ! 
I haue varnede he wele, be vare 3if the lykez !" 1808 
Vitl cornuse and clariones/heis newe ruade knyghttez 
L}oEhes vn-to the crye, and castez in fewtire ; 
fferkes in one a ffrounte one ffcraunte stedez, 
ffcllede af the fyrste corne fyfty att ones ! 1812 
Schotte thorowe the schiltrouns, and scheuerede launcez, 
Laid doune in the lumppe lordly biernez ! 
And thus nobilly oure newe mene notez thcire strenghez. 
Bot new hotte es onone that noyes me sore. 1816 
Thc kyngeof Lobe has laughte a stede that hym lykedc, 
And cornes in lordely in lyonez of siluere, 
Vmbelappcz the lumpe, and lattes in sondre ; 
Many lede with ]ris launce the liffe bas he refede ! 1820 
Thus ho chaces the chi]dire of the kyngez chambire, 
And killez in te champanyse cheualrous knyghttez ! 
With a chasynge spere he choppes doune many ! 1823 
Thare w sir Alydukc slayne, and Achinourwondydc, 
Sir Origge and sir Ermyngalle hewene al to pecez ! 
And ther was Lcwlyne laughte, and Lcwlyns brothire, 
ïth lordêz of Lobe, and ledo to/boire strcnghez : 
Ne hade sir Clegis comene, and Clcmente the noble, 
Oure newe mene hade gone to noghte, and many m 
ane sir Cador Oe kene castez in fewtire 1830 
A celle launce and a kene, and fo te kynge rydez, 
Hittez hym heghe one the helme with his harde wapene, 
That aile the hotte blode of hym fo his hande rynnez .1 
The hethcne harageous kyng appone the herbe lyggez, 
 .IFS. repeats and temcz. 


And of his hertly hutte helyde he neuêr ! «d orZtr 
Thane sir Cador tle kene cryez fulle lowde,-- 1836 
"Thow bas corne botte, sir kynge, thare God gyfe the Sir C«r tn- 
Umlhe over .him. 
Thow killyde my cosyne, my kare es the lesse ! 
Kele the nowe in the claye, and comfohe thi selfene ! 
Thow skomede vs lang ere with thi skornefulle wordcz, 
Amd nowe bas thow cheuede soo; it es thye awene 
skathe ! 
Holde at thow hente bas, it harmez bot lyttille, 
flbr hethynge es haine holde, vse it who so wi]le." 
he kyng of Surry thane es sorowfidle in bette, 1844 neki« 
vria, full of 
Ç'ie f, asembles 
-- fforsake of thissoueraygfie, tat thus wassupprissede; his Saraeens for 
Semblede his Sarazenes, and senatours manye : 
Vnsaughtyly tey sette thane apponeoure sere knyghttez; 
Sir Cador of Cornewaile he cownterez theme sone, 1848 Sir Cador 
men slay fifly 
With lais kydde companye clenlyche arraycde ; thousand of [hem 
t. ooee. 
In the frount of the fyrthe, as the waye forthis, 
ffyfty thosande of folke was fellide at ones ! 
Thare was at the assemblé certayne knyghttez, 1852 Certainknights 
are eorely wound- 
[|eaf 73] 
Sore wondede sone appone sere halles ; ed by the sara- 
The sekereste Sarzanez that to that sorte lengede, «. 
Be-hynde the sadyllcs ware sette sex fotte large ; 
They scherde in the schiltrone scheldyde knyghttez, 
Schalkes they achotte thrughe schrenkande maylez, Th« tlght rage 
Thurghe brenys browdene brestez they thirllede, 
Brasers burnyste bristez in sondyre ; 
Blasons blode and blankes they hewene, 1860 T8 «« 
Witli brandez of browne stele bmnkkand stedez ! 
The Bretones brothely brittenez so many, 
The bente and the brode felde aile one blode rynnys ! 
]e thane si»" Cayous the kene a capitayne bas wonnene, 
Sir Clefs clynges in, and clekes another ; 1865 Sir C]egis tak«s 
prisoner the 
The capitayne of Cordewa, vndire tle kynge selfene, ti. of Cordova. 
That was keye of te kythe of alle tat coste ryche, 
Vtolfe and Ewandre, Ioneke had nommene, 1868 
Vith the erle of Affryke and otl, er grette lordes. 

Sir Cador take 
the king of Syria. 

The Roman, fly 
|nto the forest. 

them there. 

A few escape to 

At-thuts ]ights 
eek for their 
companiune who 
are atain. 
Sir Cador bids 
them rry them 
He s  Pa 
th the pri- 
qui«.kly rcturne 

Tlwn be relis him 
of the c«e tht 
Itas befallen. 

They bave fought 
and elain maay. 

[leaf 75» back] 

Divers of their 
best knights are 
tken pt%oners, 


he kynge of Surry the kene to sir Cador es 3cldene,  
The synechalle of Sotere to Segramoure hym selfene. 
Vhen tire cheualrye saw theire cheftanes nvere 
To a cheeïe îoreste they chesene theire wayes, 1873 
And fçlede theme so îeynte, they falle in the greues, 
In the fer)rune of the fyrthe, fore ferde of oure pople. 
Thare myght mene ee the ryche ryde i the schawes, 
To rype vpe the Romaynez ruydlyche wondyde, 177 
SchooEtes aîtyre roche, harageous knyghttez, 
]e humtdrethez they hewede doune be the holte eynys ! 
Tlms oure chcualro mene chasez the pople ; 1880 
Tij a castelle they eschewede a fwe th«tt eschappede. 
Thane relyez the rckez of the ounde Table, 
flot to ryotte the wode, ther the duke restez ; 
IIansakes the ryndez al]e, raughte vp thcirc feres, 1884 
That in tlm fightynge be-forc îay waro by-lcuyde. 
Sir Cador garte chare the)m, and couere theme faire, 
Karie,le theme to the k)mge with his beste knyghttez ; 
And p,sez vn-to laresche witli presoners hym se[feue, 
Bc-toke theyme the proueste, pryncez and otl«er; 1889 
Tase a sope in thc tordre, and taryez no langere, 
Bot tournes tytt to tlce k3ge ,and hym wyth tunge telles. 
" .Çyr," sais sir Cador, "a caas es be-îal]ene ; 1892 
We hale cownterede to day, n ]one coste ryche 
Witl] kyngez and.kayseres, krouelle and noble, 
And knyghtes and kene men clenlych arayede ! 
Thay hade at oue foreste forsette vs Lhe wayes, 1896 
At the furthe in the fyrthe, with fcrse mene of armes ; 
Thare faughtte we n faythe, and foynede wit]ï spcrys, 
One felde with thy foo-mene, and fcl]yd theme on lyre. 
The kynge of Lebe es laide, and in the flde leuyde, 
And manye of his lege menê that yare fo hym langede ! 
Other lordez are laughte of vncouthe ledes ; 1902 
Ve hale lede them af lenge, fo lyf whies t7e lykez. 
Si Ytcre and sir Ewayncdyre» theis hono«rable 
: .: ohlene. 

Be a nawntere of armes Ioneke bas nommene, 
Vit]i erlez of te Orycntte, and austerene knyghttez, 
Of awncestrye the beste ment tlat fo tle oste langede ; 
The senatour Barous es kaughte with a knyghtte, 
The Calitayne of Cornette, that creweile es haldene, 
The syneschaile of Sutere vnsaughte wyth tles ortier, 
The kynge of Surry hym selfen«, and Sarazenes. 1911 
ot fay of ours in the felde a fourtene knyghttcz, But of Arthur's 
knights fourteen 
I wille noghte feyae ne forbere, bot fa)oEhfully teilene ; are s. 
Sir ]erelle es one, a banerette noble, sir Berill waa 
kiHed at the 
Vas kil]yde at rite fyrste corne witl a lynge ryche ; beginni,,goftho 
Six Alidoyke of Toweile, with his rende knyghtez, 1916 
Emange the Turkys was tynte, and in tyme fondene ; 
Gude sir Mawreile of 5[aulcez, and Mawrene his brotlwr, 
ir Meneduke of Mentoche, witl meruaflous knyghttez." 
hane the worthy kynge wrythes, and wcpede with «, 
his eghne , 1920 griev«d» 
Karpes to his cosyne sir Cador theis wordez,-- 
" Sir Cador, tlfi corage cofundez vs aile ! 
Kowardely thow castez owtte aile my beste knyghttez ! 
To putte mene in perille, it es no pryce holdene, 1924 
Bot the partyes ware puruayede, and power, arayede ; 
-When they ware stade on a strenghe, tlwu sulde hafc 
Bot if thowc wolde aile my steryne stroye fore the nonys!" 
" SIX," sais sir Cador, "e knowe wele jour selfcne ; sir ca«o 
le are kynge in this kyttie, karpe whattc ow lykys ! th diguity. 
Salle neuer vpbrayde me, t£at to thi burde langes, 1930 
That I sulde blyne ïor their boste, thi byddynge fo 
wyrehe ; 
Whene any stixttez to stale, stuffe tlame tle bettere, 
Ore thei wille be stonayede, and stroyede in ]one strayt 
londez. 1933 
I dide my delygens fo daye, I doo me one lordez, 
And in daungere of dede fore dyuerse knyghttez, 
I hafe no grace to tld gree, bot syche grett wordez; 1936 tim 
by uch hard 
 .MS. eughne. 

the senator 
arotms, the 
king of Syria, the 
seneschal of 

He bas only done 
his duty 


and speaks  his 
cousin Sir Cado¢ 
bitter words. 


Then Arthur re- 
He acknowledges 
Cadr bas done 
hit duty. 

He is one f the 
bravett of the 
and heir apparent 
to the throae. 
Tbcn he makes  
noble feast in his 
own tent for the 
knights who. 
xvere engaged in 
tbe fight. 

But the senators 
of Rome tell the 
eperor )f the 
deIeat of his men. 

He bas been be- 
trayed by those 
be tusted mobt. 

Then the 
pcror iu very 

He OE««emb|e« a 
c-uncil of war. 

lle tells them his 
porpose fo go 
iJtto Saxony, 

and enterinto 

to riot and revel 
till the arrival of 
Sir l.eo ad the 
Iords of Lom- 

ff I heuen my herte, my hape es no bettyre." 
ofe sir Arthure ware angerde, he ansuers fah'e, 
"Thow bas doughttily dotm«, sir duke, wlth thi bandez, 
And bas donne thy deuer witlï my dere knyghttez ; 
ffor-thy thow arte demyde, with dukcs and erlez, 1941 
ffor one of tle doughtyeste that dubbede was eucr ! 
Thare es none ischewe of vs, on this erthe sprongene ; 
Thow arte al)parant to be ayere, arc one of thi chihlyre ; 
Thow arte my sister sorte, for-sake salle I neuer !" 1945 
itane gerte he in his awene tente u table he serte, 
And tryede in with tromppez trauaillcde biernez ; 
Serfêde them solempnely vith selkouthe metez, 19t8 
Swythe senaly insyghte with syluerene dischees. 
Whene the senato«rs harde saye tiret it so happenede, 
They saide to//«e emperour, "thi seggez are supi,ryssede ! 
Sir Arthure, thyne enmy bas owterayede tld lordez, 
That rode for tl«e rescowe of one riche knyghttez ! 1953 
Thowdosse bot ty»nez thi tyme, and turmenttez tl«i poplc; 
Thow arte be-trayede of thi tuerie, that moste thow on 
That schalle turne the to tene and torfere for eucr." 1956 
Than the emperour irus was angerde at his herte, 
ff,»r oure valyant biernez siche prowesche had wonnene. 
Witlï kynge and with kaysere fo consayle they wende, 
Souerayngez of Sarazenez, and senatours manye i 1960 
Thus he semblez fulle sorte certayne lordez, 
And in the assemble thane he sais them theis wordez,-- 
"My herte sothely es sette, assente if owe ]ykes, 
To seke in-to Sexone, witlt my sekyre knyghttez, 196 
To fyghte witlï my foo-mene, if fortune me happene., 
ff I may fynde the freke with-in the haluez ; 
Or entire in-to Awguste awnters to seke, 1967 
And byde witlï my balde mene w it/-in the burghe ryche; 
lAste vs and reuelle, and ryotte oure selfene, 
Lende thare in delytte in lordechippez ynewe, 
To sir Leo be comene with aile his lele knyghtez, 1971 
Witlï lordez of Lumberdye, to lette hyme lice wayes." 


ŒE, t owre wyese kyng es warre te wayttene his renkes, 
And wyesly by tire woddez voydez his este ; 
Gerte felschene his fyrez, flawmande fulle heghe, 
Trussene fulle traystely, and treunt there-aftyre. 1976 
Setl«ene in-te Sessoyne, he soughte al the gayneste, takes th« B«- 
est road into 
And at the surs of the sonne disseuerez his knyghttez : Saxony; 
fforsette theme the cité appone scre halfez, 
So-daynly on iche halfe, wit]5 seuene grett stales. 1980 
the city with 
Anely in the vale a vawewarde enbusches ; eve bands. 
Sir Vtyant of Vylc%, witli valyant knyghttez, 
De-fore te kyngez visage rnade siche avowez, 
Te venquyse by victorie the vescownte of Roue ! 1984 
ffor-thi the kynge chargez hym, what chaunce se be-falle, 
Cheftayne of lice cheekke, with cheualrous knyghttez, 
And sythyne meles with mouthe, that he moste traistcz ; 
Demenys the medylwarde menskfully hyme selfene, 
frittes his fote-rnene, ails hym faire thynkkcs ; 1989 
On frounte in the fore breste, the flouer of his knyghtez, 
l[is archers on aythere halle he ordaynede ther-aflyre He 
archers on eithtr 
flank ; 
Te schake in a sheltroSe, te schotte whene thame lykez ; 07, back] 
][e arrayed in the rerewarde fulle rialle knyghtez, «s 
knights fr a 
With renkkes renownnd of tle Pounde Table, rearguard. 
Six Raynalde, sir Richere, that rade was neuer, 
The riche duke of Rowne wyt[h] ryders ynewe ; 1996 
Six Cayous, sir Clegis, and clene mene of armes, 
The kyng castes te kepe be thaa clere strandes. 
Sir Lott and sir Launcelotte,/bise lordly knyghttez, 
S'le lenge on his lefte hande, wyth legyones ynewe, 
Te meue in the morne-while, if the myste happynne ; 
Sir Cadet of Cornewaile, and his kene knyghtez, 
Te kcpe at the karfuke, te close in/ler othere : 
He plantez in siche placez pryncez and erlez, 2004 
That no powere sulde passe be no preué wayes. 
ot the empereur onone, with honourable knyghtez 
And erlez, enteres the vale, awnters te seke, 
And fyndez sir Arthure with hostez arayede ; 
And al his in-corne, te ekkene his sorowe, 

King Arthur, geto 
tinR' intelligence 
of this. with- 
draws his rnen 
secretly by the 
woods ; 

Sir Valiant males 
a VOW to van- 
quish the vis- 
cotmt of Reine. 

The king 
hirn comrnaml of 
the vanguard ; 

he himself directs 
the centre. 

The emperor and 
his knights 
quickly enter the 
raie in :earch of 
He finds Arthur's 
host drawn up in 
battle array, 

Sir Lott and Sir 
Lancelot com- 
mand a band 01 
the leR hand, 
which is te more 
in the mist of 
early morning. 
Sir Cadet and 
men are te keep 
guard over thc 


and all the posi- 
tiuns ocupied. 

Then Sir Lucius 
dechres with 
wrath that thcre 
is no way else but 
to fight, for fly 
ho may hot. 

fie arrays 
l'ch {omals. 

The vicount 
iu tle van. 

He hoists his 
tandard, the 
golden dragon 
enamelled wth 
Ïhey drink and 
nake mrry, 

Sir Lu¢ius ex- 
Imrts them to 
think on the 
reat renown of 
l,mehow it 
h.«d conquered all 

['leaf 75] 

mffid ail the land 
et the aracen_% 
frorn Jaffa Io the 
gares of Par4ise. 

Without doubt 
they will quickly 
redute tb.e 

(-)lll burlyche bolde kynge appone the bente howes, 
Vith his bataile one brede, and baners displayede. 
t[e hade tl«e cetWfor-sett appone sere halfes, 2012 
]3othe the clewez and tl«e clyfez witl clene meneof armez 
The mosse and tlm marrasse, the rnounttez so hye, 
Witi gret rnultytude of mene, to mm're h3un in 
'hene st'r Lucius secs, he sais to his lortlez, 2016 
"This traytour bas treunt this tresone to wyrche ! 
IIe bas the ceté forsett appone sere halfez, 
Aile tle clewez and the cleyffez witl clene mcne of armez 
IIere es no waye i-wys, ne no wytt elles, 2020 
]3ot feghte with oure foo-mene, for flee may we neucr ! 
Thane this D'che mane rathê arayes his bycrncz, 
Rewlede lais I:oma3mez , and realle knyghtez ; 
J3uschez in the avawmewarde the vescounte of l,ome, 
ffro Viterbe to Venyse, theis valyante knyghtez : 2025 
Dresses vp dxedfully the dragone of golde, 
Witli egles alouer, enamelede of sable ; 
I)ra'ene dreghely the wyne, and dr3uakyne thare-aftyre, 
Dukkcz and dusseperez, dubbede knyghtez, 2029 
flbr dauncesyngc of I)uche-mene, and dynnyngc of pypez, 
Aile dynned fore dyne that in tle dalc houede. 
nd thane sir Lucius on lowde said lordlyche wordez, 
• "Th3uake one the mythe renownne of our ryche 
fadyrs ; 2033 
And the riatours of 12,orne, tl, at regnede witl lordez 
Ad the renkez ouer-rane aile that rcgnede in erthe, 
]ncrochede alle Cristyndomê be craftes of armes 
In eueriche a viage the victorie was haldene ; 2037 
In sette aile the Sarazenes with-in seuene wyntter, 
The parte ffxo the porte Iaffe to Paradyse atez 
"Eaoghe a rew-me be rebeite, we rekke it bot loEtille 
It es resone and righte the renke be rcstreynede ! 20tl 
Do «:ressê wê thare-fo% and byde wê no langerê, 
flore dredlesse witl«-owttyne dowtte, the daye scha]le be 
ourcz . ' 



Whene theise wordez was saide, the Valsche kynge 
hym selfcne 2044 
Vhas warre of this wyderwyn«, that werrayedo his 
knyghttez : 
Brothely in the vale with voyce he ascryez,-- 
"Viscownte of Valewnce, enuyous of dedys, 
The va.ssallage of Viterbe fo daye schalle be reuengcde ! 
Vnuenquiste for this place voyde schalle I neuer !" 
Thane the vyscoxwate valiante, with a uoyse noble, 
boldly prepares 
Auoyeddyde the avawewarde, enuerounde his horse ; for th« fray. 
He drissede in a dcrfe schelde, endenttyd wit sable, 
Vit]ï a dragone engowschede, dredfulle fo schewe, 2053 
d,-agon devour- 
Deuorande a dolph3me witi dolefulle lates, inç a dolphin. 
In seyne that oure soueraygne sulde be distroyede, 
And alle donc of dawez with dynttez of swerddez ; 
flot thare es noghte bot dede thare the dragone es raissede ! 
Thane the comlyche kynge castez in fewtyre, 2058 Tl,« in 
hia lance in rest, 
Witli a crewelle launce cowpez fulle euene nd piere him 
A-bowne tte spayre  a spanne, emange t he schortte rybbys, " 
That the splent and the spleene on the spere lengez ! 
The blode sprente owtte and sprede as the horse spryngez, 
And he sproulez fulle spakely, bot spekes he no more! 
And thus bas sir Valyant haldene his a-vowez, 2064 
Valiant kept his 
And venqwyste the viscownte, tate victor was haldcne ! o. 
Thane sir Ewayne sir Fytz Vriene ffulle enkerlye rydez si 
a bold attempt to 
Onone to the empero«r his egle to towche ; reach the 
Thrughe his brode bataile he buskes be-lyfe, 2068 
]raydez owt his brande with a blytl] chere, 
lcuerssede it redelye, and awaye rydys ; 
flbrkez in wit]ï the fewle in his faire bandez, 
And frittez in freely one frounte with his feris. 2072 
lgow buskez sir Launcelot, and braydez ful]e euene 
the lr4 
To sir Lucb«s the lorde, and lothelye hyme hyttez ; 
Thurghe pawnce and platez he percede the maylez, 
That the prowde penselle in his pawnche lengez ! 2076 
The hede haylede owtt be-hyade ane haffe fote large, 
 lIS. swreddcz.  MS. te spayre the spayerc. 

Arthur eall. upon 
the vscount of 
Valence, and 
threatena him 


Sir Lott rejoiees 
that his turn i 

[leaf 75, back] 

Ite sla. s a giant, 

and many war- 

The British bow- 
men dicharge 
tbeir arrows. 

The Dutchmen 
ti-ow datte. 

by the sharp 

But the glants 
make a terrible 

Thurghe hawberke and hanche, with the harde wapyne ! 
The stede and the steryne mane strykes to the grownde, 
8trake downe a standerde, and fo his stale wendez ! 
"Me ]ykêz wêle," sais sir Lotli, "3one lordez are 
delyuerede ! 2081 
The lott lêngez nowe on me, with leue of my lorde : 
To day salle my naine be laide, and m a- life aftyre, 
Bot some leppe fro the lyfe, that one 3one ]awnde houez !" 
Thane strekez the ster3me , and streynys his brydylle, 
Strykez in-to the stowre on a stede D'che, 
Enjoynede with a geaunt, and jaggede h3an thorowe ! 
Jolyly this gentille for-justede a-nother, 2088 
Wroghte wayes fulle wyde, werrayande knyghtez, 
And wondes alle vathely, that in the 'aye stondez ! 
ffyghttez with alle the ffrappe a furlange of waye, 
ffelled fele apporte felde vith his faire wapene, 2092 
Venqwiste and bas the victorie of valyaunt knyghtez, 
And alle enverounde the vale, and voyde whcne hym 
likede ! 
hane bowmene of Bretayne brothely ther-aftyre 
13ckerde with bregaudez of ferre in tha laundez, 
With flonez fleterede tlmy ilitt fulle frescly tlter frkez, 
ffichene with fetheris thurghe the fyne maylez : 
Biche flyttynge es foule tlmt so tlte flesche derys, 
That flowe o ferrome in flawnkkes of stedez ; 2100 
Dartes the Duche-mene daltene a]aynes, 
Witli derfe dynttez of dede, dagges thurghe scheldez; 
Qwarelles qwayntly swappez thorowe 1.'nyghtez, 
With ir3me so wekyrly, that wynche they neuer. 210 
So they scherenkene fore schotte of the scharppe arowes, 
That alle the scheltrone schonte, and schoderide at ones ! 
Thane riche stedes rependez, and rasches one armes ; 
The hale howndrcthe one hye appone heyghe lygges, 
Bott itte the hathelieste on hy, ha3oEhene and other; 
Alle hoursches ouer hede harmes to xTrke. 2110 
And alle theis geauntez be-fore, engenderide witl fendez, 
Ioynez on sir Icnitalle, and gentille knyghtez, 



With clubbez of clene stele clcnkkede in helmes, an wlth the|r 
teel clubs de. tro. 
Caschede doune crestez, and craschede bray-nez; ma.y knights 
on white teeda. 
Kyllede cou[r]sers and couerde stedes, 2115 
Choppode thurghe eheualers one chalke-whytte stedez. 
Vas neuer stele ne stede myghte stande them a-ayncz, N«,thing ean 
stand against 
Bot stonays and strykez doune, that in the stale houys, t«,,,,t,, 
thur comes. 
Tille the conquerour corne witlï his kene knyghttez, 
With erewelle eontenaunce he cryede fulle lo'de,-- 
"I wende no ]3retones walde bee bassehede for so l:oEti/le, m 
And fore bare-legyde boyes, that one the bente houys ! » 
e clekys owtte Collbrande fulle clenlyche burneschte, anà Vlucki, 
Colbrand, quic|d$ 
cuts the giant 
Graythos hyme fo Golapa, that greuyde moste  ,«w in 
Kuttes hyme euene by the knees c]enly in sondyre, at the knee, 
"Corne downe," quod the kyaage, "and karpe to thy ferys ! 
Thowe arte fo hye by the halle, I hete fhe in trouthe ! tm m 
too high b." half. 
Thow salle be handsomere in hye, with the he]pe of my 
Lorde !" 2128 
With that stelene brande he strake ofe his hede. Thon h« 
o hi head- 
Sterynly in that stoure he strykes a-nother. 
Thus he settez on seuene witi his sekyre knyghttez : te 
He and 
Vhylles sexty ware seruede soo, ne sessede they neuer  t ,t ,it 
" giahs. 
And thus at the joynenyge the geauntez are distroyede, 
And at that journey for-justede with gentille lordez. 
Than the lomaynes, and the rennkkez of the lounde T« 
rally and make 
l'able» a liercm 
l,ewles theme in arraye, rerewarde ande other, 2136 
Vit/i wyghte wapynez of wcrre» thay wroghtene one 
Rittez witl rannke stele fulle ryalle maylez ; 
Bot they fitt  theme fayre, thes frekk byernez, 
ffcwters in freely one ffemunte stedes, 2140 
ffoynes fulle felly wit]a flyschande speris, 
ffretene of orfrayes feste appone scheldez. 
So fele fay es in fyghte appone the felde leuyde, 2143 Soma 
dead on the tleld, 
That iche a ftrthe in the firtie of rede blode rynnys ! thé«  
in the forest run 
]3y that swyftely ont swarthe the swett es by-leuede, with rcd. bIood. 
 Or fut. 


The Romans 
begn to retreat, 
and Arthur 
presses oa them. 

Sir Payons, Sir 
Cle«is, and their 
men slav fivv 

Sir Cayous rides 
to a king and 
thrusts him 
tl,rough with his 

hut is sorely 
coward kni'ght. 

Swerdez swangene in two, swcltand knyghtez 
Lyes wyde opyne welterande one walopande stedez ; 
Vondes of wale mcne werkande sydys, 21t8 
ffacez feteled vn-faire in filterede lakes, 
Alle craysed for-trodyne xvit]5 trappede stedez, 
The faireste fygured folde 1 that fygurede was eue»; 
Ats ferre alls a furlange, a thosan«le af ones ! 2152 
]e than the P, omaynez ware rebuykyde a lyttille, 
Vith-drawes thcyme drerely, and dreches no lengam ; 
Oure prynce with his powcre persewes theyme aftyre, 
Prekez one 2 the proudeste with his price knyghttez. 
Sir Kayous, sir Clefs, wit]5 clene mene of armez, 2157 
Encontcrs theme af the c]yffe with clenc mcne of armes ; 
ffyghttes faste in te rth, frythes no wapene, 
ffelled at te firste corne fyfe hundrethe af ones ! 
And when they fande thcan foresett witli oure fors 
knyghtez, 2161 
ffewe mene agayne fcle mot fyche theme bettyre ; 
ffeghttez with alle tbe frappe, foynes witb speres, 
And faughte with the frekkeste tht to Fraunce langcz. 
Iot sir Kayo«s the kene castis in fewtyre, 
Chasez one a corsere, and to a kynge rydys ; .°166 
With a launce of Lettowe he thirllez his sydez, 
That the lyuer and the lunggez on the launce lengez. 
The schafte sc[h]odyrde and schott in the schire byerne, 
And soughte thorowowte tbe schelde, and in the schalke 
Bot Kayos at the in-corne was kepyd va-fayre 
Vith a cowarde knyghte of the kythe ryche ; 2172 
At the turnynge that tym the traytore hym hitte 
In thorowe the felcttes, and in the flawnke aftyre, 
That the boustous launce the bewells attamede, 
TTat braste at the brawly-nge, and brake in te myddy 
Sir Kayos knewe wele, be that kyde wounde, 2177 
That he as dede of the dynte, and donc owte of lyfe. 
 Or felde.  Or over. 


Than he raykcs in arraye and one rawe rydez, 
Ono this ryalle his dedc to reuenge ; 2180 
"Kepe the, cowarde," and calles hyra sone, 
Cleues hyra wyth his clere brande clenliche in sondire ! 
" Hadde thow wele delte thy dynt witti thi bandes, 
I hade for-geffene te ray dcde, be Crist now of hewyne !" 
tIe weyndes fo the wyese kynge, and wynly hym gretes, 
king, tetls him he 
"I ara wathely woundide, waresche raone I neuer ! is mortally 
wounded,and bids 
Virke nowe thi wirchipe, as the worlde askes, him greetwellthe 
queen, the ladies 
And brynge rae to beryelle, byd I no raore ! 2188 
Grete wele ray llye the qwene, 3ife tle werlde happyne, 
And alle the burliche birdes that to hix boue lengez, 
And ray worthily weffe, tlmt wrethide rae neuer, 
Bid hire fore hir wyrchipe wirke for ray saulle !" 2192 
The kmgez confessour corae,wit Criste inhis bandes, 
king's confessor 
ffor to comforthe the knyghte, kende hyra te wordes, to coro 
The knyghte coueride on his knees with a kmmt herte, 
And caughte his Creato«re tlat comfurthes vs alle ! 
Thane rcmmes tle riche kynge fore rewthe at his herte, he ^hu. fU 
of grief, rushes 
Rydes in-to rowte his dede to reuenge ; into rb« fray to 
avenge him. 
I)resedc in-to the plumpe, and witl a prynce raetes, 
That wv.ç ayere of Egipt in thos este raarches ; 2200 
Cloues hym witl Collbrande clenlyche in sondyre ! 
Egyptia prince 
]te broches euene thorowe the byerne, and t/e sadille 
And at t]m bake of te blonke tle bewelles entaraede ! 
hlanly in his raaly[n]coly he raetes a-nother, 2204 
in half, 
The raedille of tlmt myghtty, tlat bym rayche greuede ; 
]te raerkcs thurghe the raaylez the rayddes in sond}oEe, 
That the rayddys of te raane on the raoute fallez, 
17e totler halle of the haunche on the horse leuyde. 
Of tlat hutte, ails I hope, heles he neuer ! 2209 
He schotte thorowe the schiltrouns with his scharpe 
way through the 
,vapenP battle, cuting 
men in sunder, 
Schalkez he schrede thurghe, and schrenkede raaylez ; 
aneres he bare down»e, bryttenede scheldes, 2212 

a,,d fl» ]rothely with broe stele s brethe he thare vrekes ; 
,th ,., hi f. Vrothely he ythts by wyghtnesse of strenghe, 
roundes these whydemv, weayede yght, 
Threppede thorowe the thykkys thrne s, 2216 
Tgez toly in the thrange, and chis euene aftyre ! 
Sir Gawainegoes ane sir Gawayne the gude, th Trchipfe 
foard and mee 
w ith tl¢ emror, knyghttez, 
Veez in the a-vawewarde be tha wodde hemmy ; 
Was aoee of sir Lcius, one lade there he houys, 
With lordez and gge mene, that to he seffc lengede. 
Thane the emperour eerly kes hym sonne, 2222 
"at e thow, Gawae, ke with t wapyne  
pe,f ;1 I wat be t auer3mge , thow wez afto sorowe ; 
I salle be xokyne on thi wrethe, fore aile t ete 
wordez ?" 
L,,«i,, .ifl, bU He laughte oxte a lange swerde, and luyschede one 
Iang swo 
d sir LyoneHe  the lade, lordcly h) strykes, 
][ittes h on the hede, t],at the helme bfistis ; 2228 
Httes s berne-pane an hannde-brede large ! 
Th he lay one the lumppe, and lordlye theme seruede, 
Vondide worty wircpfle yghttez ! 
ghttcz wiff Florefit that bes es of swerdcz, 2232 
Te the fomde blode te  fys rn ! 
Thane t]e Roma releuyde, t/car are ware rebuykkyde, 
d alle toemttys oe mene with thee rte horsses ; 
flore they see thae chefia)e be chauffede so sore, 
They chasse and choppe doe oe ch euao knygb t  ! 
S Bedwere was bome thurghe, d his broe thyrlled% 
Wit a bm'lyche bmnnde, brode at he ls ; 
The ryaHe rae stele to his her ryys, 2240 
d he ch to the erthe, .he es the more [ 
Thane the conquerour te kepe, d corne lh  
To reschewe the ryche mene of the de Table, 
To ooEtmye the emperour, ff aunte it schewe» 2244 
Ew)e fo the eglc, and " ¢rthe !" askD-es. 

l,il,ful khights. 

Then A-thut 
cornes to thO 


The empereur thane egerly at Arthure he strykez, 
Awkwarde on the vmbrere, and egerly hym hittez ! 
The nakyde swerde at the noyes hym sare, 2248 
The blode of [the] bolde kynge ouer tlte bresto rynnys, 
:Beblede af the brode schelde and the bryghte mayles ! 
Oure bolde kyngc bowes the blonke be the bryghte brydylle, 
Vith his burlyche brande a buffette hym rechcs, 2252 ^th.r gi,- m,im 
• a buffet that cuta 
Thourghethebreneandtebrestewit]« hisbryghtcwap)me, through 
O-slante doune fro the slote he slyttes at ones ! breaat. 
Thus endys the empereur of Arthure hondes, si 
and the Romm,a 
And al]e his austeryne este/lmre-ofe ware affrayede ! y- 
New they fcrke te the fyrthe, a fewe that are lcuede, 
fier ferdnesse of oure folke, by the fresche strandez ! 
The fleure of oure ferse mene one fferant stedez 
fft,lowes frekly on the frekes, thate ffmyede waa neuer. ^m,.. 
pursue them. 
Thane te kyde conquerour cryes fulle lowde, 2261 
"Cosyne of Cornewafle, take kepe te tli selfene, 
That no captayne be kepyde for none siluer, Te king bida 
tbem take venge- 
Or sir Kayous dede "ve cruelly vengede i" 0064  
•   Cayou. 
"Nay," sais sir Cador, "se me Cryste helpe ! lqir Cadet de- 
elarea that he 
Thare ne es kaysere ne kynge, tt vdire Criste ryngnes, im Vre neitber 
king hot kaiaer. 
27«at I ne schalle kille colde dede be crafte of myhan«ez. 
Thare myghte mene sec chiftaynes, on chalke whitte stedez, 
Choppe doune in the chaaa cheualD-e noble ; 2269 
omaynes the rycheste and D-alle kyngea, 
Braste with ranke stele theire rybbys in sondyre  Oet 
A fearful carnage 
P, raynes fore-brustene thurghe burneste helmes, 2272 toow. 
Vith brandez for-brittenede one brede in the latmdez. 
Thcy hewede doun,, haythenem enewith hiltede swerdez, 
hewn down by 
]e hole hundrethez on hye, by the holte eynyes ! 
Thare myghte no siluer thaym saue, ne socoure theire 
1)ams, 2276 
Sowdane ne Sarazene, ne senatour of Rome ! 
Thane releuis the renkes of the Rmmde Table, 
e Hte riche reuare that rynnys so faire ; 
Lugcgez thasqu luflye by tha lyghte strandez, 2280 
£11c on lawe in the lawnde, thas lordlyche byernes. 

TI,e trlperr 
«trike Artl,ur on 
tbe vior, and 
wouud hia uoe. 


Arthur's men 
plunder the nch 
c««mp of the 

milk-white mules» 
and many mar* 
vellous beste are 

The bodieq of the 
emperor and 
tbe chief men of 
Borne are em- 
balmed and 
wrapped in lea 

enclosed in 
chests, and sent 
to Rome with. 
their bannere 
over them. 

corne barefoot 
and kneel before 
tJae t'onquerOr. 

Thay kae to tire karyage, and te -ha them likes, 
Kees and sekadrs, d co fe che, 
Hekes, d haenays, and boxes of aes, 2284 
" Howsge and herboege of heythene kz ; 
They ewe o of omondaes de lordes, 
[oyez mylke wtte, and meayo bz, 
Eaydes, d aabys, and olyfatez nobl% 2288 
Ther are of the Oent, with honourable 
ot sir 'the onone aye th-afte 
Ee to tle emperou» 
Laughte hymvpe fle louelyly th loroeyche yghttez, 
d ledde he to tle layere, thare the kg 13g. 
Thane harawdez heghely, at h of the lordes, 
Hts vpe the hahemene, that on hegh 13ges, 
The Sowdane of Suy, and ceae kg, 2296 
Sexty of the cheefe senatours of Rome. 
Thane they bussches and baede thaire honourche 
Sewed theme  sende sexti-fade aftc, 
Lappede them  lede, lesoe that they schde 2300 
Chage or chae, 
Closed  kystys clene -to Rome, 
With thee bane a-boe, the ba there-d3e, 
In wha countr t/aykae that knyghtsmygh awe 
Iche kge   colou,  kyth whare [he] lengede. 
Onone one the secounde ye, sorte by the morne, 
Twa setours ther corne, and cea3me knyghtz, 
Hoes fro the hethe, ouer tlm holte ees, 2308 
Barefote ouer tbe nte, with brondes so che, 
Bow to the bolde kge, and bid hym the s, 
ete he e bang the or hedde, or halde 
theyme on lyfe ; 2311 
Knelyde -fore tlm conquerour h kes aUone ; 
Vith e connaunce/ay karpide/hese wordcs, 
"Twa senatours we are, t subgettez of Rome, 
That h sauede oure lyfe by tlme salte strdys 
]Iyd vs tc heghe wode, thurghe tle helpyng,' of Cstc ; 

eek th of ocoe, a ou«e nd lode i 
Grante v lyffe and 1)e with lebeme hee, 
ffor hh lb that the lente this lordchipe  ehe !" 
"I graunte," qd [the] de kynge, "thghe ace of 
them thir liv 
my selfene, 2320 on ndition of 
their ing 
I gifle ]owe lyfie and le, and leue for  pse, 
So le doo my meage menskefy at Rome, 
That ilke charge that I ow iffe here Le-fore my cheeffe 
"Ils, h the oenatom, "that salle we ee, _3_4 
Sekerly Le oe trowhes thi sayenges to fe ; 
We salle lett for no lede tl, at lyff  ehe, 
flore pape, ne for potestate, ne p'nce so noble, 
That ne salle lelely in lande thi lettres pmnounce, 2328 
llbr duke ne fore depere, to dye in the pae 
hane the baneretz of reta)me broghte theme to e 
r to shav¢ 
Oeir nubmiio. 
There burs we boxmne, wit bms one lofte, 
Viff warme watire  i-s they wette thcme fulle aorte ; 
They schoucne thea achalkea schappcly ther-afi), 
To rekkene theis Roma)mes recreaunt and ohlene ; 
ffor-thy schoue they thcme to achewe, for skote of 
ey coupyhle the kystys on kameles be4e, 2336 
ehta on mel 
On sea and aabyes, theis honouraLle kyngea ; 
The emperou for honore, aile by h one,  
y, for ho, 
Eueae aHone aae ]ate, hys egle owtt ouïe ; i, 
" -re are te yst," u the yne, « aire oue s,, 
tbat they have 
 OZ  broht the ar- 
Te £axe and he treLatte f ne schre te,  e. 
Saye to he enatore, he c£é hat ees, 
a IS. wnrfire. 


This is the only 
ribute they wi|l 
ever get from 

They lrform 
Arthur's mesaage 
s be tlirected. 

They ]qave 
|,rought the taxe 
fr.m Fnglald and 
lreland, ad ail 
the west. 

['leaf 7, back] 
They declare that 
they bave surfer- 
cd defeat and 
g, eat Ioss, 

and  the 

This great hattle 
betwee Arthur 
and the Romans 
was fou£']tt in te 
calends f My. 

Attirer buries his 

Sir Pedere at 
Sir Cayous at 

Bott byde theme neuere be 80 bolde, whylles my blode 
regnes, 2348 
F_.fte for to brawlle t]«eme for my brode landez, 
:Ne to aske trybut ne taxe be nakyne tytle, 
Bot syche tresoure as this, whilles my tyme lastez." 
owe they raike to Rome the redyeste wayes, 2352 
Knylles in the Capatoylle, and comowns assembles, 
Souerayngez and senatours, the cet that emes ; 
Be-kende theme the caD-age , kystis and otIer, 2355 
.lls he conquerour comaunde with cruelle wordes. 
"We hafe trystily trayuellede ],is tributte to feche, 
The taxe and the trewage of fowre sco wyntes, 
Of I[n]glande, of I_relandc and alle t/dr ooEt illes, 
That Arthure in the Occedente ocupyes att ones. 2360 
He byddis ow neuere be so bol«le, whills his blodc rees, 
To brawle ]owe fore Bretayne ne his brode landes, 
'e aske hyme trcbute ne taxe be nonkyns title, 
lIot syche tresoure as tl, whi]Js his tyme lastis. 2364 
We haffe foughttene in ffrance, and vs es foule haiicnede , 
And alle oure myche faire folke faye are by-leuede ! 
Eschappide thcre ne cheuallrye, ne cheftaynes noher, 
Bott choppede downne in the chasse, syclm chawnse es 
bc-fallene ! 2368 
Y'e rede e store owe of stone, and stuffene jour wallcs : 
,»w vakkcns wandrethe and 'erre ; be vare, if ow 
lykes !" 
a the kalendez of [aye this caas es be-fallene: 2371 
The roy ryattc rcnomdc, with his Rownde Table, 
One the coste of Costantyne by te clere strandcz, 
l[as the lomaynes ryche rebuykede for euer ! 
W'hene he hade foughttene in Fraunce, and the felde 
And fersely his fooraene fellde owtte of lyre, 2376 
Ite bydes for the beryenge of his bolde knyghtez, 
That in batelle witli brandez ware broughte owte of lyre. 
He beD'es at Bayone sir Bedwere the ryche ; 
Thc cors of Kayone te kene at Came es be-l«mefede, 


Koueride with a crystalle clenly aile ouer ; 2381 
IIis fadyre conqueride that kyth knyghtly with hondes. 
Seyne in Burgoyne he bade to bery mo knyghttez, 
Sir Berade and Bawdwyne, sir Bedwar tire rychc, 
Gud sir Cador at Came, as his kynde askes. 
Thane sir Arthure onone, in the Auguste ther-aftyre, In the 
aRer Arthur en- 
]ntres to Almayne wyth ostez arrayed ; 2357 tr, i,tto 
Lengez at Lusscheburghe, to lechene hys knyghttez, nna ta nt 
Luxenburg fo 
V(itli his lele ligge mene, as lorde in his awene, best hia knights. 
And on Chïist,,fre daye a concelle ho hahlez, He holdsa coun 
cil to de ise how 
V'ithe kynges and kaysers, clerkkes and other, be may conquer 
al| the territm T 
Comandcz them kenely to caste aile theire wittys, 2392 tt 
IIow he mayco«quere bycrafte the kythe t]at heclaymes. 
Bot the coquerour kene, curtais and noble, 
Karpes in the concelle theys knyghtly wordez, He --e  
speech m the 
"l lere esa knyghte in theis kleuys, enclesside wit]] hilles, eo«|. aying 
that ]te mueh de- 
That I haue cowayte to knawe, be-cause of his wordcz, i«. t|,e 
aiona of the duko 
of Lorraine, 
That es Lorayne the lele,  kepe noghte to layne ; 
The 1,-rdchipe es louely, as ledes me telles. 2399 
I wille that ducherye devyse, and dele as me lykes, 
And seyne dresse wytl] the duke, if destyny suffre : 
The renke rebelle bas bene vn-to my Rownde Table, 
P, edy aye with Romaynes, and ryotte my landes ! 
"We sall rekkene fulle rathe, if resone so happene, 2404 Fn o» win |, 
reckon who bas 
Who bas D'ghte to/bat rente, by ryche Gode of heuene ! ght t the 
Thane wilIe I by Lumbardye lykande to schawe, A.«wd hc 
will go fo 
Sett lawe in the lande, that laste salle euer ; bardy and 
riait the 
The tyrauntez of T«rkayne tcmpeste a littyile, 2408 oT.key, 

who ha long been 
a rebel to b»s 
Round Table. 

Talke with the tempemile, whil]es my tyme ]astez ; 
I gyffe my prottccciofie to aile the pope landez, 
My ryche penseile of pes my pople to schewe. 
It es a foly to offende oure fadyr vndire Gode, 2412 
OwH, er Peter or 1-'aule, tha postles of Rome. 
if we spare the spirituelle, we spede bot the bettire ; 
Vhiils we haue for to speke, spille salle it neuer !" 
-ow they spede at the spurres, with-owttyne spcche 
more, 2416 

but be will 'ive 
protection {o nll 
the lands of the 
Ueaf 79] 
Pope, for if is 
f«dly fo offend 
out father under 

If we spare the 
goods of Ihe 
eplritualty we 
ehall speed the 


Arthor straight- 
v.-ay |eads |sis 
knight to iay 
siege to Metz. 

Tbey eeek a glace 
to fix the enghtes. 

The bowrnen 
hoot st them. 

Tbe king, with- 
out his ehieid, 
remains cloe to 
thc walls wit|th3. 
range of the 

Sir Ferrere re- 
rnonstrtes with 
him for exposing 
Iiseif to such 

bim, and relis - 

|bat he wonld be 
afrald ofa fly 

lqever knave will 
a erowned king. 

Then corne the 
llant tt'oops of 

To the marche of ]Ieyes, theis manliche knyghtez, 
That es Lorrayne alofede, as Londone es here ; 
CetWx of t/at seynowre, that soueraynge es holdene. 
The kyng ferkes furthe on a faire stede, 2420 
Witli Ferrer and 2 Ferawnte, and other route knyghtez ; 
A-bowte the cetWtl«a seuene, they soughte at lice nextte, 
To seke theme a sekyre place to sett withe engeynes ; 
Thane they beneyde in burghe bowes of vyse, 2424 
]ekyrs at the bol, le kynge with boustouse lates, 
Allblawsters af Arthure egerly schottes, 
flot to hutte hyme or his horse with/lat hard wapene. 
The kynge schonte for no schotte, ne no schelde askys, 
Bot schewes hym scharpely in his schene wedys ; 2429 
Lenges aile af laysere, and lokes one the wal]ys, 
Whaxe tley ware laweste the ledes to assaille. 
"Sir," said sir fferrere, "a ffoly thowe wirkkes, 
Thus nakede in thy noblaye to neghe to tl«e wallcs, 
Sengely in thy surcotte, this ceté to reche, 2434 
And schewe the witl-ine, there to schende vs alle. 
Hye vs hastylye heynne, or we mone fulle happene, 
flot hitt they the or thy horse, it harmes for euer !" 
"Ife thow be ferde," quod the kyng, "I rede thow 
rde vttere, 2438 
Lesse/hot they r)ve the wit] theire rownnd wapyne ! 
Thow arte bot a fawntkyne, no ferly me thynkkys ! 
2r7wu wille beflayede foraflye tlatonethyfleschelyghttes ! 
I ame nothynge agaste, so me Gode helpe ! 2442 
T/tuf siche gadlynges be greuede, it greues roc bot lyttille ! 
Thay wyne no wirchipe of me, bot wastys theire takle ! 
They salle want« or I weende, I wagene myne hevede ! 
Salle neue harlotte haue happe, thorowe helpe of my 
To kylle a comwnde kynge witl a kysome enoynttede !" 
Thane corne the herbariours, harageous knyghtez, 2448 
The hale batelles one hye harrawnte ther-aftyre ; 
And oure forreours ferse, appone fele halfcs, 
 MS. Pety.  l[S. ferrerannde, a MS. with with. 


Corn flyeande be-fore one ferawnt stedes ; 
fferkande in arraye theire ryalle knyghttez, 2452 
The renkez renownde of tire Rownnd Table. 
Alle tire frekke rnene of Fraunce folowede thare-aftyre, 
flaire fittyde one frownte, and one the felde houys. 
Thane the schalkes scharpelye scheftys thcire horsez, 
Te schewene them semly in theire scheene wedes ; 2457 
Buskes in batayle witti baners displayede, 
Wit]5 brode scheldes enbrassede, and burlyche helrnys, 

and the renowned 
champions of the 
Round Table ; 
and ail the bold 
men of France 
following them. 
['leaf 79, back] 

They proceed in 
battle-array with 
banuers and broad 
shielda, and 

Wit]5 penouns and penselles of ylke prynce armes, 2460 nnon, a,loed 
with precious 
AppayreHde witli perrye and precious stones. tonea. 
The lawnccs vit]5 loraynes, and lemande schehles, 
Lyghtcnande as the leuenynge, and lemand al oust. 
hane the price prekes, and proues theire horsez, 
Satilles te tire cote, appone sere halfes ; 2465 
Enscrches the subbarbes sadly thare-aftyre, 
Discoues of schotte-rnene, and skyrmys a lyttille ; 
Skayres t/raire skottefers, and theire skowtte-waches, 
Brittenes theire barrers with theixe bryghte wapyns ; 
Bett downe a barbycane, and the brygge wynnys. 2470 
Ne ha,le the garnysone bene gude at tire grete ates, 
Thay hade wonne that wone be theire awene strenghe ! 
Thane with-,lrawes ours tuerie, and dr[sses theme bettyre, 
withdraw te 
where the king 
fier ,lred of the drawe-brigge dasschede in sondre ;  waiting. 
Hyes te tire harbergage, thare the kynge houys 
SVitlï his batelle one heghe, horsyde on stedys ; 24ï6 
Thane was tire prynce puruayede, and tlreire places 
Pyghte pauyllyons of parte, and plattes in seegge. 
Thane lenge they lordly, as therne leefe thoghte, 
Waches in ylk warde, as te the werre falles, 2480 
Sertes vp sodaynly certayne engynes. 
One Sonondaye be the Soofie bas a flethe $oldene. 
The kynge calles one Florente, that fleur was of 
k nyghttez,-- Fiorent, 
"The Fraunche-mcfie enfeblesches, ne farly me thynkkys ! 
They are vn-fondyde folke in ta faire marches, 2485 

The lances gleam 
like lightning. 

Tbev encompoE«a 
tbe [ty on divers 

skirmish with the 
and break down 
their defences. 

But the garrlson 
ai the great gatee 
ehecks them. 

They pitch thelr 
tents, and pre- 
pare for a regular 


nd wk him to 
forage for cattle. 

Sir Gawaine him- 
self, the wor- 
shipfui wrden, 
«hall accompany 

and many other 
knights of re- 

They rail wpo , 
field of grass 
where they bait 
their hore, 
while the birde 
eweetty eig. 

Sir Gawalne oes 
forth by himself 
to eeek wh'en- 

He sees a knight 

flot theme wantes the flesche and fude that theme lykes. 
Here are fforestez faire apporte fele halues, 2487 
And thedyre feemene are flede with freliche bestes ! 
Thow salle foonde to the felle, and forraye the momtes ; 
Sir fforawnt and sit" Florydas salle folowe thi brydylle ; 
Vs moste with some fresche mette refresche oure polle , 
That are feedde in rite fyrthe wit]t H«e froyte oftle erthe. 
Thare salle weende fo tis viage sir Gawayne hym selfene, 
Vardayne ftdle wyrchipfulle, and so hym wele semes ; 
Sir Wecharde, sir Waltyre, theis wyrchipfulle knyghtes, 
X'ith aile wyseste mene of tbe weste marches ; 2496 
Sir Clefs, sir Clarybalde, sir Claranownde t]e noble, 
The capoEayne of  Cardyfe clenlyche arrayede. 
Goo now, varne alle the wache, Gawayne and otber, 
And weendes furthe oa lour waye xvithoxvttyne moo 
wordes." 2500 
ow ferkes to t]e f3nChe thees fresche mcne of armes, 
To He felle so fewe, theis fresclyche byernes, 
Thorowe hopes and hymlande hillys and oHe; 
H«ltis and hare woddes wit] heslyne schawes, 2504 
Thorowe marasse and mosse and montes so heghe ; 
And  the myste morn3nage one a mede falles, 
Maweae and vne-made, mayao3oEede bott lyttylle, 
In swathes sweppene downe, fu]le of swete floures. 2508 
The vnbrydilles theis blode, and baytes t]cire horses, 
To te grygynge of He daye, Hat byrdez 2 gane synge, 
Xïylles the surs of ge sonne, Hat sonde es of Cryste, 
That solaces aile synfiflle, Hat syghte has in erthe. 2512 
Thane weendes owtt the wardayne, sir Gawayne hy,ne 
At-ts he t]tat xveysse was and wyghte, a wondyrs to seke ; 
Thane was he warre of a wye, wondyre wele armyde, 
Baytand one a wattire banke by tire wodde eynis, 2516 
P, uskede in brenyes bryghte to be-halde, 
Enbrassede a brode schelde on a blonke ryche, 
Vith birenne ony borne, bot a boye one, 
 IIS. oo. - MS. tat byrdez that byrdes  lIS. wyghte wyghte 


Houes by hym on a blonke, and his spere holdes. 2520 a,a a 
ing his spear. 
fie bare gessenandc in golde, thre grayhondes of sable, 
Witli chapes a cheynes of chalke whytte syluer, o. his ahi«ld 
coat of arms 
A charcbocle in the cheefe, chawngawnde of hewes, depicted. 
And a checfe anterous, chalangc who lykes. 2524 
Sir Gawayne glyftes on the gome with a glade wille ! sir awi.« 
holds him with 
A grete spere fro his grome he grypes in hondes, «tjoy, 
OeS across t]tO 
Gyrdcs ewene ouere the streme one a stede ryche, atreamhim, towards 
Te/bat steryne in stour, onc strcnghe/harc he houys ! 
Egerly oas [ugliscs "Arthurs !" he askryes, 2529  ot. 
ta-y "Artbur." 
Thc totl.,r irotLslye ansuers h)qn sone 
On a lauudc of Lorrayne wit]] a lowdc steuen, Th«o, heranaw«r 
with a Ioud vo!ce. 
That lcdcs myghte lystene the lenghe of a myle ! 2532 
""Whcdyr prykkes thow, pilouur, that profcrs se large ? 
Hcre pykes thowe no praye, profire whene t]e lykes ! 
kniht declares 
lot thow in t/As perelle t put of the bettire, that {]awaiile 
shall be hia 
Thow salle be my presonere, for alle thy prowde lates !" 
"Sir," sais sir Gawayne, "se me Gods helpe ! 2537 Sir ç.awalne 
treats his great 
Siche glauerande gomcs grcues ms bot lyttille  ord with con- 
" tempt. 
I0,t if thowe graythe thy gere, the ville grefe happene, 
Or thowe goo of this greue, ibr alle thy gretc wordes !" 
Thane hcire launces thcy lachene, thes lordlyche byernez, Th«. they 
their spears in 
Lagne with longe spcres one lyarde stedes ; rct. ,,d 
Cowpcne at awntere be kraftes of armes, 
Tille bothe the crowelle speres broustene att ones ! 254 n.t 
trike fait, 
Thorows sehchlys they schotte, and scherde thorowe wou.« the 
ma[!!les, knigl,t.«. 
Bothe schere thorowe schoulders a schaft-monde large ! 
Thus worthylye thes wyes wondede ere bothene ; 
Or they wreke Heme of wrcthe a-waye wille tkey neuer ! 
Than they raughte in the reyne and a-gayne rydes, Then they re,,, 
iii their horsoB 
Redely theis ,the mene rusches owtte swerdez, 550 [t,.afs., 
ttittes one hellmes fulle hertelyche dynttys, tt,« ht iith 
IIewes apporte hawberkes wit]] fulle harde wapyns ! Fearful blows are 
ffulle stowttly they stryke, thire steryne knyghttes, 
Stokes at the stomake with stelyne poynte% 2554 

x MS. pererelle. 


Sir Gawaine 
waxes wroth, and 
• trikes griml}" 
wih hi word 

He deaves the 
kniçhz's shield 
aunder, and lays 
open his eide. 

The knight 
slrikes fiercefy af 
air Gawaine. 

He cnts throuh 
his armf,ur and 
draws bloo 

which flows over 
ail his dress. 

Then the kight 
jeers ai him, and 
a.vs the blood 
ha|l never be 

ir Gswine 
spises his words i 

and bids him tell 
what wi|l stop 
the bleeding. 

The kni:t wili 
te|! Gawaine if 

ffeghttene and floresche withe flawmande swerdez, 
Tille the flawes of foEe flawmes one theire helmes. 
Thane sir Gawayne was euede, and grychgide fulle 
sore ; 
Vitlï Galuthe his gude swerde ¢nTmlye he strykes ! 
Clefe t£e knyghttes schelde clenliche in sondre ! 2559 
Who lukes to the lefte syde, whene his horse launches, 
Witti the lyghte of the sonfie men myghte see hi 
lmere ! 
Thane granes tle gome fore greefe of his wondys, 
And gyrdis af sir Gawayne, as he by glentis ; 
And avkevarde egerly sore he hym smyttes ; 2564 
An alet enamelde he oches in sondire, 
]ristes tle rerebrace with the bronde ryche, 
Kerues of af the coutere with tle clene egge, 
Ane[n]tis the avawmbrace, vrayllede vith siluer! 2568 
Thorowe a dovble vesture of veluctt ryche, 
With tle venymous swerde a va3me h he tovchede ! 
rhat voydes so violcntly t/rot alle his witte changede ! 
The vescre, the aventaile, his vesttu% rychc, 25î2 
Vit]] the valyant blode was verrede aile ouer ! 
Thane this tyrantc rite fumes tle brydille, 
Talkes vn-tendirly, and sais, "tlow arte towchede ! 
Vs bus haue a blode-bande, or thi ble change, 25î6 
flbr aile the barbours of Bretayne salle noghte thy blode 
stawnchc ! 
ffor he t/at es blemeste with tlds brade brande, blyne 
schalle he neuer." 
" la," quod sir Gawayne, "thow greues me bot 
lyttille ! 2579 
Thowe wenys fo glopyne me with thy et wordez ! 
Thow troves with thy talkynge tlat my barre talmes ! 
Thow be-tydes tourfere or thowe hyene turne, 
Bot thow telle me toEte, and tarye no lengere, 
W-hat may staunche this blode tlat thus faste Dnnes. '' 
"ise, I say the sothely, and sekire tle my trowthe, 
o surgyone in Salarne salle sane le bettyre ; 


With-thy t]iat thowe suffre me, for sake of thy Cryste, e w|l! allow 
him te have 
Te schewe schortly my schrifte, and schape for m3me shriftand pre- 
pare him»elf for 
ende." 2588 his ,d. 
"is," quad Sir Gawayne, "so ]ne God helpe !  readily 
rants this. 
I g2rfe the grace and graunt, thofe thou hafe grefe seruede, - 
Wit]i-thy thowe say me sothe what thowe here sekes, 
Thus sengilly and sulayne alle thi selle one ; 2592 
And whate laye thow leues one, layne noghte the sothe, 
And whate lcgjauce, and vhare thow arte lorde." 
" My °ame es sir Priams ; a prynce es my fadyre, Te 
knight relis him 
Pmysede in his partyes witli prouede kynges; 2596 that he is Sir 
In Pome thare he regnes he es riche ha]dene ; o 
He has bene rebelle te ome, and redene theire landes, ho 
Verreyand weisely wyntters and ;eres, 2599 .ndgai°ed a 
[leaf 81 ] 
:Be witt, and be wyssdome, and be wyghte strenghe, kingdom. 
And be wyrchipfulle werre, his awene bas he wonne. 
]te es of Alexandire blode, ouerlynge of kynges, m la of the bleui 
of Alexander ad 
The vncle of kis ayele, sir Ector of Troye ; 2603 HectorofTroy; 
And here es the kyaredene that I of corne, 
And Iudas and Iosue, thise gentille knyghtes, related alto te 
Judas and 
I anae apparmmt his ayere, and eldeste of other ; °; 
Of Alexandere and Aufrike, and alle tha owte landes, , la heir o 
I ara in possessione, and plenerly oessede. 2608 
In aile the price cetees that te the porte langes, 
I alle hale trewly the tresour and the le°des, 
And bothe trebute and taxe whilles my tyme lastes. 
I was se hawtayne of herte, whilles Iat home lengede, whe af hem« ho 
waS 8o proud and 
I helde nane my hippe heghte vndire heuene ryche ; overbearing, 
ffor-thy was I sente hedire witti seuene score knyghttez, tt  , t 
by his fatber te 
Te a-saye of tMs werre, be sente of my fadire ; 2 615 this war with a 
band of knights. 
And I ara for Cyrus witrye schamely supprisede, 
And be aw[n]tire of armes owtruyede fore euere ! 
]ow hafe I taulde the the kyne that Iofe corne, 
Ville thow for knyghthede kene me thy naine ?" 2619 m,ire, te 
know Sir Ga- 
"Be Criste," qwd sirGawayne, "knyghte was I neuer ! 
Sir Gawaine an- 
1Vit]5 the kydde conquerour a knafe of his chambyre w deceitfully 
that he 
IIas wroghtc in his wardrope wynters and 3eres, c|.mber.knave of Arthur's 


«, Ho z.(]e me a 
yeomn at Yule» 
great gft. "° 

«« If his knave 
be such, 
knichts are no- 
ble ! "' exc!aims 
Sir Priamus. 
Alexander and 
Ilector wiU be 
nothing to ldm. 

The Sir Gawa]ne 
tells him the 

He is Sir Ga- 
waine, cousin to 
the eonqueror. 
the rehest kniFh$ 
of ail the Round 

[leafSI, Imck] 
Then Eir Priamus 
• ay8 he is better 
pleaed than if he 
wcre prince of 
Provence and 

Then he warns 
Gawaine that the 
duke of Loaine 
with his kuiehts 
is lyinf lu tho 

One his longe armoz«r that hym beste lykid ; 2623 
I poyne alle his pavelyouns that to bym selfe pendes, 
:Dyghttes his dowblettez for dukes and erles, 
Aketous auenaunt fore A_rthure hym selfene, 
That he vsede in werre alle this aughte wyntter ! 2627 
]Ie ruade me omane at 3ole, and gafe me gret gyftes, 
And c.  pounde, and a homme, and harnayse fulle ryche ; 
Gffe I happe to my hele that hende for to serue, 
I be holpene in haste, I hette the for-sothe !" 2631 
"Gifle his knafes be syche, his knyghttez are noble ! 
There es no kynge vndire Cristc raay kempe with hym one ! 
]Ie wille be Alexander ayre, that alle the erthe lowttede, 
Abillere thane euer was sir Ector of Troye. 2635 
Eow fore the krisome that thou kaghte /bat day thou 
was crystenede, 
Vhethire thowe be knyghte or knaffe, knawe now the 
"]Iy naine es sir Gawayne, I graunt the for sothe, 
Cosyne to Ihe conquerow, he knawes if hym sellerie ; 
Kydd in his kalander a knyghte of his chambyre, 2640 
And rollede the richeste of alle the Rounde Table ! 
I ame tlce dussepereand duke he dubbede with hishondes, 
Deynttely on a daye be-fore his dere knyghtes ; 
Gruche noghte, gude s/r, thofe me this grace happene ; 
It es the gifte of Gode, the gree es hys awene !" 2645 
"Petire !" sais Priamus, "now payes me bettire 
Thane I of Provynce warre prynce, and of Paresche ryche ! 
flore me ware leuer preuely be prykkyd to the harte, 
Tbane euer any prikkere had siche a pryse wonnyne ! 
Bot hemm es herberde at hande, in one huge holtes, 
HaLle bataile one heyghe, take hede ff the lyke ! 2651 
The duke of Lorrayne the derfe, with his dere knyghtes, 
The doughtyest of Dolfinede, and Duche mene many, 
The lordes of Lumbardye that leders are haldene, 
The garnysone of Godarde gaylyche arrayede, 2655 
The wyese of the Westuale, wirchipfulle biernez, 


Of Sessoyne and Surylande Sarazenes enewe ; 
They are uovmerde fulle neghe, and namede in rollez, 
Sexty thowsande and tene for-sothe of sekyre mene of Ther« 
mighty host 
armez ; 2659 wen 
Bot if thow hye fro this hethe, if harmes vs bothe, 
And bot my hurtes be sone holpene, hole be I neuer ! 
Tak heede fo this hansemane, tltat he no home blawc, He blas tire 
ware ]est they 
Are thowe heyly in baste bcese hcwene al to peces ; »ou« 
and destroy him. 
flot they are my retenuz to ryde whare I wylle, 2664 
:Es none redyare renkes reomaande in erthe ; 
De thow raghte with that rowtt, thow Tdes no forther, 
c thow bees neuer rawnsonede for reches in eoEhe !" 
ir Gawayne wente or the wathe corne, whare hym beste Sir Ca go 
with the womtd- 
lykede, 2668 « k,igbt 
thur' mers» 
Vitti thi wortheliche wye, that wondyd was sore ; 
]Icrkes to the mountayne there oure mcne longes, 
lq, aytayndc theire blonkes ter on te brode mede ; 
Lordes lenande lowe one lemande scheldes, 2672 
'ith lowde laghttirs one lofte for lykynge of byrdez, 
Of larkes, of lynkwhyttez, that lufilyche songene, 
And somc was sleghte one slepe witl slaughte of t/e pople, 
That sange in the sesone in the schene schawes, listettinlg to the 
ongs of the 
So lawe in tle lawndez so lykande notes. i. 
Thane sir V-hycher whas warre thaire wardayne was 
w«,ndyde, 2678 
And went fo wepand, and oEyngandc lais bandes ; 
Sir Vychere, sir Valchere, theis weise mene of armes, 
Had wondyre of sir Gawayne, and wcnte hyme a-gayns, 
]Ictt hym in the mydwaye, and me'uaile theme t[h]oghte 
]Iow he maisterede tlat mane, so myghtty of strenghes ! 
]le aile te welthe of the werlde, so woo -,vas theme neuer ! 
"ffor alle oure wirchipe i-wysse awaye es in erthe !" 
" Greue ow noghte," qrwd Gawayne, "for Godis luffe sir 
makes light of 
of heuene ; hs 
flore this es bot gosesomere, and gyffene one erles ; 2687 
Thoffe my schouhlire be schrede, and my schelde thyrllede, 
And the wiclde of myae arme werkkes a littille, 

who are baiting 
their horses on tho 
broad mead and 

Sir Whycher lter- 
ceives that Sir 
Gwaiue i« 

and wonders how 
he eould have 
eonquered this 
mighty knight» 


llis prisoner, Sir 
Priamus» bas 
salves that will 
heal hem 

They assist him 
te disrnount. 

eaf 82J 

The knights lift 
Sir Priamus 
from his herse. 

They lay him 
down, and take 
off lais weeds.- 

A knight dressea 
their wounds. 

Then wine and 
rought fo them. 

The scouts brlnl 
news of the army 
in the wood. 

Sir Gawah,e is for 
tacking them 

This prissonere sir Ibamzts, that bas perilozts wondes, 
Sais that he bas saluez salle softene va bothene." 2691 
Thane stirttes te his stera-pe sterynfulle knyghttez, 
And he lordely lyghttes and laghte of his brydiile, 
And lcte his burlyche blonke baite on the flores ; 
Iraydes of his bacenette and his ryche wedis, 2695 
]ownnes te his brode schelde and bowes te the erthe, 
In alle the bodye of that bolde es no blode leuede ! 
Than preses te sir Pamous precious knyghtes, 
Auyssely of his herse hentes hym in armes ; 2699 
Iis helme and his hawberke/hay takcne of aftyre, 
And hasti]y for bas hurtte alle his herte chaazgyd ; 
They laide h)ane downe in the lawndez, and laghte of 
his wedes, 
And he lenede hym one lange, or how hym beste lykede. 
A ffoyle of f)me golde tbey fande at his gyrdille, 2704 
Tlat es fuile of the fleur of the fouur welle, 
That flowes owte of Paradice whene the flode ryses, 
That myche fro)¢ of failez, that fcede schaile vs aile ; 
]le it frette on his flesche, thare symes are entamede, 
The ïreke schalle be fische halle with-in fowre howres. 
Thcy vncouere tbat cors with fulle clene hondes ; 
Witli clere watire a knyghte clensis theire wondes, 
Kcled thcyme kyndly, and comforthed ther hertes. 
And whene the carffes ware clene,//my clede them a3ayne; 
]arelle fcrrers thcy broche(le, and broghte theme the wyne, 
Bothe brede and brawne, and bredis fulle ryche ; 2715 
Whene thay hade etene anone they armede after. 
Thane tha awntrende men "as armes !" askryes, 
Witli a claryomte clere, thire knyghtez to-gedyre, 
Cailys te concelle, and of this case tellys :-- 2719 
"ondyr es a companye of clene mene of armes, 
The keneste in contek t]at vndir Criste lenges ; 
In one okene wode an este are arrayedc, 
Yndir-takande mene of t/Sese owte ]ondes ; 2723 
_As sais vs sir l-'fiamo«s, se helpe seynt Petcr ! " 
"Go, roche," qwd Gawayne, "and grape in ¥,urc hertez, 


Who salle graythe to jone greue to jone gret lordes ; 
3i£ we gettlesse goo home, the kyng wille be greuede, 
And say we are gadlynges, agaste for a lyttille. 2728 
Florent, the 
We are with sir Florente, as to-daye falles, l«aderoftb« 
That es floure of ffraunce, for he fleede neuer; 
He was chosene and chargegide in chambire of tlm kynge, 
Chiftayne of t£is journce with cheualrye noble ; 2732 
Whethire he fyghte or he flee, we salle folowe aflyre ; 
flore aile tle fere of jonc folke forsake salle I neuer 
"ffadyre," sais sir Florent, "fulle faire je if telle ! 
Bot I ame bot a fawntkyne, vn-fraystede in armes ; 
3if any foly be-falle, tle fawte salle be owrs, 
And fremdly o Fraunce be flemede for euer ! 2738 
Toundes noghte 3o«r wirchiioe, my witte es bot symple ; 
e are owre wardayne i-wysse, wyrke as 3owe ]ykes ; 
e are at the ferreste noghte Ioassande fyve hudrethe, 
And tlmt es fully to fewe to feghte witi theme alle, d tbinks tb«¥ 
are too few to 
flore harlottez and hansemene salle helpe bott littille ; Vf 82, back] 
flght with so 
They wille hye theyme hyene for aile tleire gret wordes ! "y- 
I rede c wyrke aftyre witte, as wyesse men of armes, 
And warpes wylily a-waye, as ixchipfulle knyghtes." n« i f«  ¢e- 
ful retreat. 
"I grawnte," quod sir Gawayne, "so me Gode helpe ! 
Bot here are galyarde gomes tlat of the gre seis, 
The kreuclleste knyghttcs of tlm kynges chambyre, 
That kane carpe with the coppe knyghtly wordes ; 
We salle proue to-daye who salle the prys wyne." 2751 
'owe ferriours fers vn-to the fyrthe rydez, Arthur's mon 
advance to tire 
"  And fomgez a faire fe]de, and on fotte lyghttez ; 
Prekes aftyre te pray, as pryce mene of armes. 
• orefit and Floridas, witi fyve score knyghttez, 2755 
ffolowede in tlm foeste, and on the way fowndys, 
• yngande a faste trott, and on the folke dryffes. 
Than felewes fast to oure folke wele a fyve hundreth 
he enemy meet 
Of freke mene to the fyrthe, appone fresche horses ; th«m. hea««« b¥ 
[ir Feraunt. 
One sir Feraunt be-fore apone a fayre stede, 2760 
Was fosterde in Famacoste, the fende was his fadyre, 

Sir Florent ex- 
presses his defer- 
ence to Sir Ga- 
waine, the warden 
of the knizht« of 
the Round Tabie, 


He calls orn- 
fully on Sir Fio- 

who w|th 
lance in rest 
through the 

His consin vows 
vengeance for his 

but Sir Florid 
quickly sposs 
of him. 

Sir lynahl, the 
reegade, prondly 
presses in ; 

bot Sir Richer, 
of the Romd 
T:tble, ru[s htro 
through with a 

The rest of the 
rive hundred 

He flenges to sir Florent, and pristly he kryes,-- 
"Vy flees thow, fa]ls knyghtel thefende hale thi saule !" 
Thane sir fllorent was fayne, and in fewter castys ; 
One Fawneile of ifryselande to ffemmt he rydys, 2765 
And mghte in the reyne on the stede ryche, 
And D'des to-warde the rowte, restes he no lengere ! 
ffuile butt in tke frounte he flysches hyme euene, 268 
And aile dysfegowes his face with his feile wapene ! 
Thurghe his bghte bacenette his brayne has he towchede, 
And brustene his neke-bone, tkat aile his breste stoppede ! 
Thane his cosy-ne askryede, and cryede ful]e lowde, 
"Thowe bas killede colde dede t]e kynge of aih knyghttes ! 
He has bene faistede on felde in fyftene rewmes ; 2774 
He fonde neuer no fl'eke myghte feghte witk hym one ! 
Thow schile dye for his dede vith my derfe wapene, 
And aile tke doughtty for dule tkat in one dale houes !" 
"ffy," sais sir flloridas, "thow fl]eryande wD-che ! 
Thow venes for to flay vs, fl]oke-mooEhede schrewe !" 
Bot fl]oridas with a swerde, as he by glenttys, 2780 
A1]e the flesche of tke flanke he flapi)es in sondyre, 
That aile the filthe of tke eke and fele of the guttes 
ffoloes his foie fotte, vhene he furthe rydes ! 2783 
Than rydes a renke to reschewe tkat byerne, 
27rot was Raynalde of tke lodes, and rebelle fo Criste, 
Peruertede with paynym that Cristene persewes ; 
Presses in provdly, as fke praye wendes, 2787 
flore he hade in l'rewsslande myche pryce wonnene ; 
ffor-thi in presence thare he profers so large ! 
Bot thane a renke, sir ldchere of tke Rounde Table, 
One a ryaile stede rydes hym aaynes ; 2791 
Thorowe u rownnde rede schelde he schede hym sone, 
That the rosselde spere fo his herte rynnes ! 
The renke relys a-bovte and rusches to the erthe, 
oris fulle ruydlye, bot rade he no more ! 2795 
Now aile tkat es fere and OEaye of tkes fme hundreth 
 MS. te. 


ffalles on sir torent, a ffyve score knyghttes, 
]3e-twyx a plascho and a flode, appone a flate lawnde; 
Oure folke fongene theire felde, and fawghte theme 
agaes. 2799 
Than was lowde appone lofto "Lorrayne " akryede,  o 
" shouta "Lor- 
Vhene ledys wittt longe speris lasschene to-gedyrs, «raine"'Arthur...the other 
And "Arthure !" one oure syde,whene theyme oghte aylede. 
Than sir fflorefit and Floridas in fewtyre they caste, sir Ftorent 
tir F|«rtdaa per- 
form great de*d 
ffrusehene one aile the ffrape, and biêrnes affrayede ; of 
tïettis fyve af the frounte thare they fyrste enteride, 
&nd, or they ïerke forthire, fele of these othere ! 280G 
]3renyes browddene they briste, brittenede sdaeldes, 
Iettes and beres downe the best th«t/heine byddes ; 
Alle that rewlyde in the rowtte they rydene awaye, 
80 rewdIy they rere theys ryalle knyghttes ] 
XVhen sir Priamou,, that prince, pemayuede theire Sir Ptmu 
gainêne, °811 that he may help 
Arthur' knighta 
IIe hade pet6 in herte that he ne durste profire ; ,.''t 
tle wente te sir Gawayne, and sais hym these wordes, 
"Thi price mene fore thi praye putt are aile vndyre, 
They are witl Sarazenes'ouer-sette, me thane seuene 
hundreth 2815 
Of the Sowdanes knyghtes owt of sere londes ; 
AVahle thow suffire me, sir, for sake of thi Criste, 
With a soppe of thi mene suppowelle theyin ones." 
" I gxuche noghte," quod Gawayne, "the gree es 
that theyhave 
/haire awene t 2819 ot foht 
• fil! thm fifteen 
They mone hafe gwerddouns fulle grett graunt of Iny ur. 
Bot the freke mene of Framce fraiste theine selfene ! 
tfrekes faughte noghte theire fille this fyflene wynter ! 
I wille noghte stire with my stale halle a stede lenghe, 
Bot they be stedde with Inore stuffe thane one one stede 
houys." 2824 
han« sir Gawayne xvas xvarre, xvitl-o-«ttya« fe wode n« , 
heltlteg» the wol, 

l'ail on Sir Florent 
and hla men, 


T]ley had better 
i-et reat whtle 
they are able. 

Sir Alger. 
b, other, says tbat 
tho.zh heï are 
eo few tbey are 
a mtclt for ait 

Sir Gawalne 
encourages hi 

"lfwe fight to- 
day, the field 
slJl I ours." 


Vyes of the 'estfale apporte wyght horsez, 
Valopande wodely, as t)te waye forthes, 2827 
With alle the wapyns i-wys tlat to the werre longez. 
The erle Antele the olde the avawmwarde he buskes, 
Ayerande one ayther bande heghte thosande knyghtez ; 
His pelours and pauysers passede alle nombyre, 2831 
That euer any prynce lede puruayede in erthe ! 
Than the duke of Lorrayne dresesse thare-aftyre, 
Witli dowbille of the Duche-mene, tltat doughtty ware 
holdene ; 
Paynymes of Prxyslande, pre "kkers fulle noble, 2835 
Corne prekkande be-fore witli Priamous knyghtteT. 
Than saide the erle Ante]e fo Algere bis bro',lter,-- 
"Me angers ernestly af Arthures knyghtez ! 
Thus enkerly one an oste awnters theme selfene ; 2809 
They wille be owttrayede anone, are vndrone rynge, 
Thus folily one a felde to fyghte witli vs aile ! 
Bot they be fesede in raye, ferly me thynkes ! 2842 
Yç'alde they lm'posse take, and passe one theire way(.s, 
Prike home fo theire pD'nce, and theire pray leue, 
They mygh te lenghene theire lyefe, and lossene bott littille ! 
It wolde lyghte my herte, so helpe me oure Lorde !" 
"Sir," sais sir AJgere, "thay hafe littille vsede 2847 
To be owttrayede withe oste : me angers t/te more ! 
The fayreste schalle be fulle feye, that in ourefloke ryddez, 
Alls fewe as they bene, are they the ïelde leue !" 
hane gud Gawayne, gracious and noble, 2851 
Aile witli glorious gle he gladdis his knyghtes ; 
"Gloppyns noghte, gud mene, for gleterand scheldes, 
3ofe one gaoeyngez be gaye one one gret horses ! 
]3anerettez of Bretayne, buskes vp our hertes ! 2855 
]3eesnoghtebaiste ofoneboyes, ne of/haire bryghte wedis ! 
We salle blenke theire boste for alle theire bolde profite, 
Als bouxome as birde es in bede to ]air lorde! 
3effe we ïeghte to-daye, tle flde schalle be owrs, 2859 
The fekille faye salle faile, and falssede be distroyede ! 


3one folk is one ffrountere, vnfraistcde theyme semes 
Thay make fae and faye to the fend seluene 
We salle in th vge victour be holdene, 2863 
And avauntede wit voycez of valyant biemez 
l'raysedc wit pncez in i,resence of lord, 
And luffede with lady in der lond 
Aughte neucr siche honom'e none of oure eldcrs, 2867 
Vnwe nc Absolone, nc none of tlfi other 
Vhc we arc mos in dcstre, 3Iarie we tuerie,  
That es oe mam serine, that he myche tmz 
Ielys of that mylde qwene, that mekes vs e ; 2871 
Vho so mclcs of tlat maydc, myska he neuer " 
Be tlmse wordes ware ide,they ware noghte ferrebe-hynde 
Bot the lenghe of a lade, and "Lomyne " kes. 
W neucr siche a jtmtge at jouté  ehe, 2875 
In the vale of Iosephate, as gess vs telles, 
%ene Iuly ad Ioate ware juede fo dy, 
As was whene the che mene of the Rownde Table 
/uschcdc -to tle rowtc one alle sd  279 
flot so raythely thay rche wit rooelde speris, 
That the raskae was mde, and fane to the ef, 
And kamde to tlat cote 
"Forer " sa sir Gawayne, "th gladdez me heoEe  «,i. .i 
at the flight of 
That 3ont gedl3ges are gone, that ruade et nmb ; 
I hope that thees harlottez salle hae vs bot littflle, 
fibre they wille hyde theme in h wit- one holte 
enis ! 2886 
Thayare fewex one flldc tlmn t/ay were toEe nombde, 
Be fotty thousande  faythe, for e thee fae hoss." 
Ilot one Iolyan of Iene, a geante fe how, 
$1ain by a justhe 
]I jon one sir Ierante, a just of lis ; 
Thorowe a jcmmde achelde he jogges h throwe, 
.Xnd a fyne geerate of gente mayl, 2892 
Ioynter and gemowa, he joggea 
One a jambc stede tlz jnce he makes ; 
 neuene »tr,«k out, and mene wHtn ittad. 

Grest ehall be tho 
rewrd and joya 
f ictot'y. 

In ditre let 
then complain to 
Mary the mild 

The real rout 
run t the grovea. 

Even that in the 
valley of Jehoha- 
phat wa hot 
e.lua! fo it. 


Sir Fredefick 
tacks the Brit[sh 

The knigbts of 
the Round Table 
advance and fight 

Sir Priamus and 
his followers de- 
eer te the side 
of Arthur's men. 

They upbraid the 
Duke of Lorraine 
for nt having' 
paid thera their 


Thus es the geante for-juste, that errawnte Iewe, 2895 
And Gerarde es jocunde, and joyes hym the more ! 
Than the genatours of Genue enjoynes art ones, 
And frykis one the frowntere welle a fyve hundretl ; 
A freke highte sir ffederike, witl fulle fele orbe, 2899 
fferkes one a frusche, and fresclyche askryes 
Te fyghte witli oure fforreours, tl«at one felde houis. 
And thane the ryalle renkkes of tle lownde Table 
Rade furtl fulle ernestly, and rydis theme agaynes, 
][ellis witl the medille-warde, bot they ware ille machede; 
Of siche a grett multytudc was meruayle te here. 
Seyne at the assemblé the Sarazenes discoueres 
The soueeaynge of Sessoyne, that saluede wa nouer ; 
Gyawntis for-justede witl gentille knyghtes, 2908 
Thorowe gesserawntes of Iene jaggexle te tl«e bette ! 
They hewe thorowe helmes hawtayne biernez, 
That te tdltede swerdes te t/taire hertes rynnys ! 
Than t/m renkes renownde of the Rownd Table 
Ryffes and ruyssches downe renayede wreches ; 2913 
And thus they dreuene to tlce dede dukes and erles, 
Alle tlm dreghe of tle daye, witi dredfulle werkes ! 
hane sir Priamous tlm larynce, in presens of lordes» 
Presez to his penowne, and pertly it hentes, 
Reuertede it redily, an«t a-waye rydys 
To te ryalle rowte of t£e ownde Table ; 2919 
And heyly Iris retenuz raykes hym aftyre, 
flot they Iris resone had rede on his schelde ryche, 
Owte of t/m scheltrone tl, ey schede, a schelae of a fohle» 
And steris furti to tlm stowre, and stode be t/mire lorde ! 
Seyne theysent te the duke, andsaidehymhisewordes,-- 
"We hafe bene thy sowdeours this sex ere and moTe ; 
We for-sake tle to-daye be serte of owre lorde ; 2926 
We sewe te oure soueraynge in sere kynges londes. 
Vs defawtes oure feez of tlis foure wyntteres ; 
Thow arte feble and false, and noghte bot faire wordes ; 
Oure wages are werede owte, and thi werre endidc, 


We maye with oure wirchipe weend whethil vs lykes 
I red thowe trette of a trewe, and trofle no lengere, 
Or thow sall tyne of thi tale ten thosande or euene." 
" ff y a d e bles!" sai de t he d uk e, " the deuelle haue our bones ! 
ewern furiously. 
The dawngere of 3on doggez drede schalle I neuer ! [lef84,buck] 
We salle dcle this daye, be dedes of armes, 2936 
]Iy dedc, alld my ducherye, and my dere knyghtes 
Sichc sowdeours as 3e I sett bot att lyttilla, 
That sodanly in defawte for-sakes theire lorde !" 2939 
The duke in his schclde and dreches no lengere, 
1)rawes hym a dromedarie, with dredfulle knyghtez; 
Graythes to sir Gawayne, witli fulle gret nowmbyre 
(If gome. of Gernaide, that grcuous are holdene. 2943 
Thas fresche horsesede mene to the ïromt rydes, 
flhlles of oure fforreours be fourtty at onea ! m m«,t fell 
man3' of tlle 
They ]ma, le foughttene be-fore with a fyve hundrethe ; fora»'ers. 
It was no fcrly, in fythc,/bore they faynt waxene. 
Thane si" was grefcde, and grypys his spere, 
And gyrdez in agayne witli galyarde knyghttez ; 2949 
]Ictes the maches of Mces, and ruelles hyln thorowe, 
As man of this mcdillc-erthe, that moste hade greuede. 
]lot on Chastelayne, a cllil,le of the kynges chambyre, 
Vas warde fo sir Vawayne of the weste marches, 
Cheses to sir Cheldrike, a cheftayne noble, 
Witli a chasyng spore he chokkes hym thurghe ! 2955 
This chckke hyme eschcwcde be chauncez of armes ; 
So thay chase that childe, eschape may he neuer 
Bot on Svyane of Swecy, with a swerde egge, 
T]le swyers swyre-bane he swappes in sondyre ! 2959 
fie swounande diede, ami on the swarthe lcngede, ,,« i, alain by 
Sweltes ewynne swiftly, and swanke he no more 
han sir Gawayne gretes with Iris gray eghne ; 
The gu)oEe was a gude mane, be-gynnande of armes. or him. 
flore the charry chflde so his chere chaw-ngide, 2964 
That the chfllande watire one his chekes rynnyde ! 
" 'oo es me," quod Gawayne, "that I ne wctcne hade 

Ile charge Ar- 
thur'e knigltte on 
a drome4ary. 

Sir Gawaine 
grappe hia Slar. 

Child Clmntelalne 
elays Eir Chel- 


H lays one Sir 

then Hardolf, 

and sixty morv. 

He avcngee the 

md cuts his wny 
throuh the 

The great deed 
of Arthur'e chiv- 
ctre the victory. 

Sir Fiorent 
ree on with 

I salle wage for that wye aile that I welde, 2967 
Bot Ibewrokeneon that e, that thushashym wondyde !" 
He dresses hym drertly, and to the duke rydes, 
Bot one sir Dolphyne the deffe dyghte hym agaynes, 
And sir Gawayne hym gyrd with a grym launce, 2971 
That the groundene spcre glade to lais bette ! 
And egerly he honte owte, and hurte a-nother, 
An haythene knyghte, Hardolfe, happye in armes ; 
Sleyghly in at the slotte slyttes hyme thorowe, 2975 
That the slydande spere of lais bande sleppes ! 
Thare es slayne in that dope, be elagere of his hondes, 
Sexty slon-,ene in a slade of sleghe men of armes ! 
Thofe sir Gawaynne ware wo, he wayttes hym by, 
And was warre of t]iat wye that the chflde wondyde, 
And with a swerde siftly he swappes hym thorowe, 
That he swyftly swelte, and on the erthe swounes ! 
And thaneheraykestotherowtc, andruyschesonchelmys; 
Riche hawberkes he rente, and rasede schyldes ; 2984 
Rydes one a rawndoune, and lais rayke holdes ; 
Thorow-owte the rerewarde he holdes wayes, 
And thare raughte in the reyne this ryaile the ryche, 
And rydez in-fo the rowte of the Rownde Table. 
hane oure cheualrous I men changene theire horsez, 
Chases and choppes downe cheftaynes noble, 
Hittes fulle hertely on helmes and scheldes, 2991 
Hurtes and hewes downe haythene knyghtez ! 
Ketelle-hattes they cleue euene to the scholdirs ! 
Vas neuer siche a clamour of capitaynes in erthe ! 
Thare ,vas kynges sonnes kaughte, curtays and noble, 
And knyghtes of the contré, that knawene was ryche ; 
Lordes of Lorayne and Lumbardye bothene 2997 
Laugh[t]e was, and lede in with oure lele knyghttez ; 
Thas that chasede that daye, theire chaunce was bcttire, 
Swiche a cheke at a chace escheucde theyme neuer ! 
")hen sir orent, be fyghte, had t]«e felde wonene, 
He fferkes ine be-fore with fyve score knyghttez ; 
 MS. chcualrours. 


Theire prayes and theire presoneres passes one afyre, 
With pylour% and pauysers, and pryse mene of armes. 
Thane gudly sir Gawayne gydes his knyghttez, sir Gawala¢ ton 
low8 with eau- 
Gaz in at the gayneste, as gydes hym telles, tion, 
flore greffe of a garysone of fulle gret lordes 3007 
Sulde noghte gripe vpe his gere, ne swyche grame wirche. 
tfore-thy they stode af the straytez, and with his stale 
Tille his prayes ware paste the pathe that he dredis ; 
Y(hene they the cetWmyghte see that the kyng seggede, and  
which Arthur 
Sothcly the same daye was wit[h] asawte wonnene. 3012 i. 
An hawrawde hyes be-fore, the beste of the lordes, 
Hom at the herberga&m, owt of tha hyghe londes ; 
Tornys tytte to the tente, and to the kynge telles 3015 A h«d 
to Arthur and 
Aile the tale sothcly, and how they hade spede ;-- tu, him 
vicory of 
"Aile thy forreours are fere, that forrayede with-owttyne, 
Sir orent, and sir flloridas, and aile thy ferse knyghtez ; 
Thay hafe forrayede and foghtene witlï fulle gret nowm- 
byre, 3019 
And fele of thy foo-mene has bmghte ooE of lyffe ! 
Oure wirchil,fulle wardayne es wele escheuyde, 
flot he bas wonne to-daye wirchipe for euere, 
/Ie has Dolfyrte slayne, and the duke takyne ! 3023 
lIany dowghty es dede be dynt of lais hondes ! 
lle bas presonelz pfice, pryncez and er]es, 
Of lice richeste blode that regnys in erthe ! 
Alle thy cheuallrous, mene faire are eschewede, " '" 
Bot a childe Chastclcynne myschance es be-£dlene." 
" tIaoEayne," sais the kyng, "harawde, be Criste ! 
Thow bas helyd myne herte, I hete the for-sothe ! 
I ife the in tIamptone a htmdreth pownde large." 3031 
]he kynge than to assawte he sembles his knyghtez, 
V'itli somercastelle and sowe appone sere halfes ; 
Skyftis his skotiferis, and skayles the wallis, 
Anti iche wache  bas his warde with xiese mene of 
armes. 3035 
 Or wathe. 

and how Sir Ga- 
waine has won 
worship for ever. 

Then the king 
rejoices and gives 
him a hundred 
[leaf 85, 
Arthur assembles 
his Inights to 
ault the 


Churches and 
chapela ar b¢ela 
fo earth. 

The pain f the 
]ple le l)ity to 

for mercy. 

Ardeur promi.t 
that no hurt ahall 
befall ther-. 

The city is eur- 

The Duke is sent 
to Dover aa & 

Many of the in- 

Thane boldly tay buske, and bendes engynes, 
Payses in pylotes and proues theire castes ; 
]fynsteris and masondewes they ma]le to tire erthe, 
Chirches and chapelle chalke-whitte blawnchede. 3039 
Stone [s]tepelles fulle styffe in tle strete ligges, 
Chawmbyrs witl chymnés, and many cheefe irms, 
Paysede and pelid dowae playsterede v¢a]les ; 
The pyne of t]e pople was peté for to here ! 3043 
Thane tire duchez lfire dyghte witl damesels D-che, 
The cowatas of Crasyne witl hir clere maydyns, 
Knelis downe in t]e kyrnelles thare the kyng houede, 
On a couerede horse com]yli amyede ; 304 7 
Theyknewe hymby contenaunce, and criede fullelowde, 
"Kyng crownede of kynde, take kcpe to ticse wordes ! 
We be-seke 3ow, sir, as soueraynge and lorde, 
That je sale vs to-daye, for sake of ]oure Criste ! 305 l 
Send vs some socoure, and saughte witli the pople, 
Or tle cetA be sodaynly witl assawte wonnene !" 
He weres his vesere witl a vowt noble ; 
Vitli vesage vertouous, this valyante bierne 3055 
]Ieles to hir myldly witl fulle meke wordes,-- 
" Salle no mysse do ow, ma dame, tlat to me lenges ; 
I gyf ow chartire of pes, and oure cheefe maydens, 
Thechfldireand t]e chastemene, thecheualrousknyghtez ; 
The duke es in dawngere, dredis it bott littylle ! 3060 
He salle idene te fulle wele, dout ow noghte eBes." 
Thane sent he one iche a syde to certayne lordez, 
ffor fo leue the assawte, the ceté was oldene ; 3063 
With the erle eldeste sorte he sent hym tbe kayes, 
Aud seside tle saine nyghte, be sent of tlre lordes. 
The duke to Douere es dyghte, an0 alle his iere knyghtez, 
To duelle in dawngere ane dole tire dayes of hys lyue. 
Thare fleede, at the ferrere ate, folke withowttyne 
nobyre, 3068 
ffor ferde of sir fflorent and his fers knyghtez ; 
¥oydes the cetWand to the wode .rynnys, 
Witli vetaile, and vesselle, and vestom-e so ryche. 30.71 



Thay buske vpe a baner abowne the brode 3ates. 
Of sir ornt, in ffay so fayne ,vas he neuer ! 
The knyghte houys on a hylle, be-helde to the wallys, sir Fm,t 
by a i. that 
And saide, "I sce be 3one syngne the cetWes oures !" the «ty 
Sir Arthur enters anone with hostes arayede, 3076 Arthurenter 
with hi ho8t. 
Euene a the vndrone etle o lenge. 
In iche lcuere on lowde he kynge did 
Of payne of lyf and lyre and lesynge of londes, 
That no lele ligemane, that to hym lonngede, 3080 ne torture me 
liegemen to 
Stflde lye be no ladysse, ne be no lele maydyns, wi«, the mi**. 
Ne be no burgesse wyffe, better ne werse ; 
:Ne no bicrnez myse-bide, that fo the burghe longede. 
--hene the kyng Arthure hade lely conquerid, 3084 for^nh"rthe «*e-V¢°«a" 
 ç And the castelle couerede of the kythe riche, me,t of Lorraine 
whieh he ha 
AIle tl+e crowelle and kene, be craftes of armes, 
Captayns and constables, knewe hym for lorde. 
He deuysede and dclte to dyuerse lordez, 3088 
A dower for tbe duchez and hir dere childire ; 
Wroghte wardaynes by wytte to welde alle the londez, 
That he had wonnene of werre, thorowe his weise 
knyghtez. 3091 
Thus in Lorayne he lenges as lorde in his awene, 
Serrez lawes in the lande, as hym leefe t[h]oghte ; 
And one tho Lammese day to Lucerne he wendez, ^t L,,. 
go to Lueerne. 
Lengez thare at laysere witli lykynge i-nowe ; 3095 
Thare his galays war graythede, a fulle gret nombyre, m mr 
aro aembled. 
Alle gleterand as glase, vndire grene hyllys, 
'ith cabanes couerede for kynges a-noyntede, 
Witli clothes of clere gohle for knyghtez and other ; 
Sone stowede theire stufl'e, and stablede theire horses, 
Strekes streke ouer the strem in-to tlm strayte londez. e e,ae me 
foreee over tl,e 
Now he moues his myghte with myrthes of herte,  
by rmrvellou 
Ouere mowntes so hye, thase meruailous wayes ; 3103 
Gosse in by Goddarde, the garett he wynnys, s,«, te st 
Ctlmrd ller do- 
Gmythes the garnisone grisely wondes t fu,¢ 
• tison 
Whene be was passede the heghte, than the kyng houys 
Vith his hole bataylle, be-hahlaudc a-bowte, 3107 


],'kn down on 

Sir Florent and 
Sir Floridas plant 
an ambuh, 

and capture the 
[.IOE 8, back] 

The conqueror 
holds his court 
tt| COu3O. 

The lord of 
dilan sends to 
offer submission 
and tribute. 

Lukande one Lmnbarddye, and one lowde melys,w 
" In one lykande londe, lorde be I thynke." 
Thane they cayre to Combe, witli kyngez a-noyntede, 
That was kyde of tle coste, kay of alle otler. 3111 
Sir orent and sir oridas t/tan fowndcs be-fore, 
With ffrekc mene of ffraunce welle a fyve hundreth ; 
ïo the eeté vn-sene thay soghte at tlte gayneste, 
And sett an enbuschement, als tleme selle lykys. 3115 
Thane ischewis owt of tltat cetC fulle sorte be tl, e mo,]ae, 
Slale discouerours, skyftes theire horses  
Than skyftes tles skouerours, and skippes one hyllis, 
Diskoueres for skulkers that they no skathe lymppene ; 
loueralle and pastorelles passede one aftyrc, 3120 
Vith porkes to pasture at the price jates ; 
]3oyes in the subarbis bourdene fftlle hegtie, 
At a bare synglere that to tle bente rynnys. 
Thane brekes ou_re buschemefit, and the brigge q.'nncs, 
/3rayedez in-fo tle burghe witl baners displayede, 3125 
Stekes and stabbis thomwe that them a-jayne-stondes ; 
ffowre stretis, or t/ay stynte, they stroyene fore euerc ! 
,-ow es the conquerour in Combe, and his courte holdes 
l With-in tle kyde castrlle, with kynges enoynttede ; 
Feconsaillez e the comouns that to tl«e kyt]5 Iengez, 
Comfourthes tle carefulle with -knyghtly wordez ; 3131 
lIade a captayne kene a knyghte of hys awene ; 
Bot alle the contre and he fulle sone ware accordide. 
The syre of Mclane herde saye tlte ceté was wonnene, 
And send to Arthure sertayne lordes, 3135 
Grete sommes of golde, sexti horse chargegid, 
Be-soghte h3mae us souerayne to socoure tl, e pople, 
And saide he wolde sothely be sugette for euer, 
_knd make hyTne seruece and suytte for his sere londes ; 
ffor plesaunce of Pawnce, and of Pownte Tremble, 3140 
ffor Pyse, and for Pavy, he profers fulle large, 
]3othe purp,«r, anti palle, and precious stonys, 
:Palfrayes for any pryncc, and prouede stedes ; 3143 
 3IS. stablis. : Or Beeonsaillez. 


And ilke a 3ere for 3[elane a melione of golde, 
][ekely at [artynmesse to menske with his hordes ; 
And euer withowttyne askynge he and Iris ayers 
Be homagers to Arthtre, vhilles his lyffe lastis. 3147 
to Arthur at 
The kynge be his concelle a condethe hym sendis, Coin« 
And he es comene to Combe, and knewe hym as lorde. 
-to Tuskane he tournez, whene thus wele t3qnedo , Xrthur enter. 
- Takes townnes fulle tyte witli towrres fulle heghe ; 
Valles he welte downe, wondyd knyghtez, 3152 
Towrres he turnes, and turmentez the pople. 
Wroghte wcdewes ftfl]e wlonke, wrotherayle synges, 
Ofte wery and wepe, and wryngene theire handis ; 3155 
And alle he wastys wit]] werre, thare he awaye rydez, d 
Thaire welthes and theire wonny[n]ges, wandrethe hc 
7oghte ! 
Thus they spryngenz and sprede, and sparis bot lyttill., 
Spoyllcs dispetouslye, and spillis theire es ; 3159 
pcndis vn-sparely, that sparede was lange, 
Spedis theme to Spolctt with spefis inewe ! 
ffro Spayne in-fo Spryslande the worde of hyme 
sprynges, 3162 
And spekynn of his spends, disspite es fifl]e hugge ! 
Towardc Vitebe this "«alyant avires the eynes ; 
Avissely in/at vale he retailles his biernez, ,, the Vot 
Viterbo he 
Witli vernage, and orner wyne, and venysone bakene ; vi¢tualt bi, mon. 
And one the vicounte londes he visez go lenge. 31ç7 
Vertely the avawrawarde voydez theire horsez, 
In he Vertennone vale, the vines i-mangez ; 
Thare suggeournes this souerayne, witli solace in herte, 
To sec whene the senatours seng any wordes ; 3171 
Reuelle with fiche wyne, rioes hym sellerie, 
This roy with his ryalle mene of the lownde Table, « k 
knight make 
Vitli myrthis, and melodye, and manykyne gamfies ; 
SVas neuer meriere men ruade one this erthe ! 3175 
Bot one a Seterdaye at none, a seuenvghte thare-aftvre, 
*  The cmn|nget 
The konvngcste cardynalle that to the courte lengede ca. 
" is aent to him, 
Knelis to the conqnerour, and kaes thire wor,les, 


and offer that 
the Po.e ehall 
eovereign in 

Hotage 9re 
given for the 
truth of his 

himself for his 

Prayes hym for the pes, and profyrs fulle large, 3179 
To hale petWof the pope, that put was at-wndere ; 
Be-soghte hym of suxrawn% for sake of oure Lorde, 
Bot a oeuenyghte daye to Htay ware aile emblede, 
And they schulde sekerlye hym see the Sonondaye 
ter-aftyre, 3183 
In the cetWof Ro]ne, as soueraynge and lorde ; 
And crowne hyme kyndly with luTso]nede hondes, 
With his ceptre, as soueraynge and lorde. 
Of this vndyrtakynge ostage are co]nyne, 3187 
Of ayers fulle auenaunt awughte score childrenne, 
In toges of tarsse fulle richelye attyryde, 
And beAuke theme the kynge, and his clere knyghtte. 
When they had tretide thiere trewe, with troanpynge 
ther-after 3191 
They tryne vn-to a tente, whare tables vhare raysede ; 
The kynge hyme selfene es sette, and certayne lordes, 
Vndyre a sylure of sylke, sawghte at the burdez, 
Aile the senato«rs are sette sexe be tbame one, 3195 
Seffed solemI)ly witti selcouthe metes : 
The kynge myghtty of myrthe, witti his mylde.wordes, 
lehetez the Romaynes at his rche table, 
Comforthes the cardynalle so knyghtly  h3ane seluene ; 
And this roye ryalle, as romawns vs tellis, 3200 
P,uerence the lomayns in his riche table. 
The tawghte mene and the conynge, whene theme t}ane 
Tas theire lefe at the kynge, and tornede agayne ; 3203 
To the cetWthat nyghte thaye soughte at the gayneste, 
And thus the ostage of Rome with Arthure es leuede. 
han this roy royalle rehersys theis wordes, 
" Now may we euelle and riste, fore ]ome es oure 
awene ! 3207 
]Iake oure ostage at ese, thise auenaunt  childyrene, 
And luk e hondene theme alle that in myne oste lengez, 
The ernperor of Almayne, and aile theis este marches; 
 MS. kynghtly.  :MS. auenaumt. 

We salle be ouerlynge of alle that one the erthe lengez ! 
We wille by Hm Crosse dayes encroche ' t/,eis londez, 
And at the Crys'nmesse daye be crowned  ther-aftyre ; H« ,ni  
ed at Chriatmas 
Ryngne in my ryalltés, and holde my lownde Table, l. Rome, attd 
Iold hie Round 
V*Tithc the rentes of Rome, as me beste lykes ; 3215 u« th« 
Syne graythe ouer tle grette see with gud mene of armes, 
To reuenge the renke that one the rode dyede !" 
Thane this comlyche kynge, as cronycles tellys, 
Bownnys brathely fo bede witli a blythe herte; 3219 
al|d dreams. 
Of he slynges with sleghte, and slakes gyrdille, 
And fore slewthc of slomowre one a slepe fallis. 
Bot be ane aftyre mydnyghte aile his mode changede ; 
I[c mett in the mornc-while fulle meruaylos dremes !¢] 
And whcne his dredefulle drem whas drefene to tlze ende, 
The kynge dates for dowte, dye as he scholde ; 35 
Sendes aftyre phylosophers, and his affraye telles, m ende for 
philoophera, and 
tells them the 
"Sene I was ïormede in fayth, so ferde whas I neuer ! 
ffor-thy rawnsakes redyly, and rede me my swefenys, 
And I salle redily and ryghte rehersene the sothe. 
][e thoughte I was in a wode willed myne one, mw. in. 
woed among wild 
That I ne wiste no waye whêdire tlat I scholde, 3231 
flore woluez, and whilde swynne, and wykkyde bestez ; 
Valkede in that wasterne, wathes fo seche ; 
Thare lyouns fulle lothely lykkyde heixe tuskes, 
Alle fore lapynge of blude of my lele knyghtez ! 3235 ih «« 
ing from their 
ïhurghe t]at foreste I flede, thare floures 'hare heghe, teth t 
of hi knigbt.. 
ffor to fele me for ferde of tha foule thyngez ; 
lIerkede to a medowe witti montayngnes enclosyde, r« ne. fo. 
beautiful meadow 
The meryeste of medillerthe that mene myghte be-holde  encl«sed with 
" mountains, and 
The close was in compas castyne aile abowte, ig 
silver and grapes 
of gold. 
Wit]i clauer and clereworte clede euene ouer ; 
The vale was enuerownde a wit]5 vynes of siluer, 
Alle wit]5 grapis of golde, gretter ware neuer, 3243 
F_mhorilde wit]5 arborye and alkyns trees, 
E»beris fulle honeste, and hyrdez there-vndyre ; 

1 ][S. Encrochc encroche, ffi MS. crownend. 
a MS. euene rownde. 


A beautil 
duchen de- 
«cended from the 

drerd in gor- 
geouoe appareL 

She whirled a 
et rane wheel 
with ber band. 

chair of silver, 
ornamented with 
Kings rlave fo 
the w|teel vne 
atler another. 
Six had fallen 
and amented 
their misfortune. 

[s 3 

litt|e man with 
lean loinm and 
long hair. 

Alle froytez foddenid was that floreschede in erthe, 
flaire frithed in frawnke appone tha free bowes ; 3247 
Whas thare no downkynge of dewe that oghte dere 
Witti the drowghte of the daye aile drye ware the flores ! 
Than discendis in the dale, downe fra the elowddez, 
A duches dereworthily dyghte in dyaperde wcdis, 3251 
In a surcott of sylke fulle se]kouthely hewede, 
Alle wit/i loyotour ouer-laide lowe to the hernmes, 
And witli ladily lappes the lenghe of a 3erde, 
And alle redily reuersside with rebanes of gohte, 3255 
r, ruchez and besauntez, and other bryghte stonys, 
With hir bake and hir breste was brochede alle ouer, 
Vit.h kclle and wit/i eorenalle clenliche arrayede, 
And that so com]y of colour one knowene was neuer ! 
A-bowte cho whirllide a whele witli hir whitte hondez, 
Oner-whclme aLle qwayntely the whele as cho scholde ; 
The rowelle whas rede golde wit/ ryalle stonys, 
Faylide wit/i reched and rubyes i-newe ; 3263 
The spekes vas splentide alle -itl speltis of siluer, 
The space of a spere lenghe springande fu]le faire ; 
There-one was a chayere of chalke-whytte siluer, 
And chekyrde wit/i charcbocle chawn-D-nge of hewes ; 
Appone the compas ther clewide kyngSs one rawe, 
'itli corowns of clere golde tlzat krakede in sondire : 
Sex was of that setille fu]le sodaynliche fallena, 3270 
Ilke a segge by hyme selle, and saide theis wordez,-- 
' That euer I rengnede one thir rog, me rewes it euer ! 
Was neuer roye so riche that regnede in erthe ! 
W-hene I rode in my rowte, roughte I noghte elles, 
Bot reuaye, and reuelle, and rawnsone the pople ! 3275 
And thus I drife forthe my dayes, whilles I dreghe 
And there-fore derflyche I ara dmpnede for euer !' 
The laste was a litylle mane that laide was be-nethe, 
/-tis leskes laye alle lene and latheliche fo sehewe, 3279 


The lokkes lyarde and longe the lenghe of a 3crde, 
His lire and his lyghame lamede fttlle sore ; 
The two cyne of the byeryne was brighttere thane sfluer, 
The tother was 3alowere thene the olke of a naye. 
' I was lorde,' quod the lede, ' of londes i-newe, 3284 
And alle ledis me lowttede that lengede in ertlie ; 
And nowe es lefte me no lappe my lygham to hele, 
Bot lightly now ame I loste, leue iche mane the sothe ! 
The secunde sir for-sothe that sewede theme aftyre, 
Vras sekerare to my sighte, and saddare in armes ; 
Ofte he syghede vn-sownde, and said theis wordes,-- 
' On one see hafe I sittene, als souerayne and lorde, 
And ladys me louede to lappe in theyre armes; 3292 
And nowe my lordchippes are loste, and laide for euer !' 
The thirde thorowely was throo, and thikke in the 
schuldyrs, st.t and strong. 
A thra man fo thrette of, there thretty ware gaderide ; 
tIis dyademe was droppede downe, dubbyde with stonys, 
Endente alle wit] diamawndis, and dighte for t]e nonis ; 
' I was dredde in my dayes,' he said, ' in dyuerse rewmes, ne 
drended in 
And now dampnede to the dede, and dole es the more !' 
The fourre was a faire mane, and forsesy in armes, 
The fayrcst« of fegure that ïom-mede was euer ! 
' I was frekke in my faithe,' he said,' whilles I one 
fowlde regnede, 
ffamows in fferre londis, and floure of a]le kynges ; 3303 
:Now es my face defadide, and foule es me hapnede, 
flot I ara fallene fro ferre, and frendles by-leuyde !' 
The fifre was a faire mane thane fele of ties orner, 
A fforsesy mane and a ferse, with romand lippis ; 3307 
l:[e fongede faste one the feleyghes, and fayled ]Ms armes, 
Bot it he faflede and felle a fyfty fore large ; 
Bot it he sprange and sprente, and spraddene his armes, 
And one the spere-lenghe spekes, he spekes thire wordes 
' I w in Surrye a syr, and sett be myne one, 3312 He tiad 
sovereiçn in 
As souerayne and seyngnour of sere kynges londis ; syn, t 
now fallen. 

He tiad been lord 
of manv lands, 
but o wae loet. 

The second had 
sat on the seat .s 
sovereign and 

The fiflh wae very 
tierce and violeut. 

The fourth was a 
fair man, but foui 
mischance had 
now tiappened te 


He had been 
umong the 
lien| , back] 
doughtiest in 
Iris d.ay, but had 
been marred by 
the maiden. 

Two king's were 
climbing to the 
chir, but failed 
to reaCb it. 

'rite other 
clad in eilvcr, 
with a croie of 

A rl)zut/reeted 
the Duche. who 
wt.leomed hzm. 

N'ow of my eolaeo I ara fulle sodanly fallene, 
And for ake of my eyne, one este es me rewede ! ' 
The sexte hade a sawtere semliche bowndene, 
Vit]5 a surepel of silke sewede fulle faire, 3317 
A harpe and a hande-slynge witli harde flynte stones ; 
'nat harmes he bas hente he halowes fulle sone,-- 
' I was demede in my dayes,' he said, ' of ded2s of armes 
One of the doughtyeste that duellede in erthe; 
Bot I was merride one rnolde in rny moste strcnghcthis, 
Witli this raaydene so mylde, tbat mofes vs alle.' 3323 
Two kyngea ware clymbande, and clauerande one 
The creste of the compas they couette fulle 3erne ; 
'This chaire of charbokle,' they said, 'we chalange 
As two of the cheffeste ehosene in erthe !' 3327 
The childire ware chalke-whitte, chekys and otl« r, 
Bot the chaycre a-bownne cheuede they heu r: 
The forthirmaste was freely, with a fi'ount largo, 
The faireste of fyssnamy that fourmede waz eu," ; 3331 
And he waz buskede in a blee of a blewe noble, 
Witli flourdelice of golde floreschede al ouer; 
The tother was cledde in a cote aile of clene siluer, 
Vith a comliche crosse coruene of golde, 3335 
ff,)Te crosselettes krafty by the crosse ristes, 
And ther-by knewe I the kynge, that crystnede hyme 
hane I went to hat wlonke, and w)-nly hire gretis, 
And cho said,' welcome i-wis! wele arts thow 
fowndene ; 3339 
The aughte fo wirchipe my wille, and thow wele cowthe, 
Of alle the valyant men that euer was in erthe ; 
flore alle thy wirchipe in werre by me bas thow wonnene, 
I hafe bene frcndely, freke, and eramede tille other ; 
That bas thow fowndene in faithe, and fele of thi bicrnez, 
flore I fellid downe si»" Frolle with frowarde knyghtes ; 
ffore-thi thc fruytes of Fraunce are freely thyn»e awcne. 


Thow salle the chayere escheue, I chese the my sellerie, 
achieve th. chair» 
Be-for alle the cheïtaynes chosene in this erthe.' 3348 
Se.ho lifto me vp lightly with hir leno hondes, 
And serte me softely in the see, tho scptre me rechede ; .and waet th¢re- 
Craftely with a kambe cho kembede re)me heuede, 3351 
That the krispane kroke to my crownne raughte ; 
Dressid ofie mo a diademe, that dighte waa fulle faire, 
And syne profres me a pome pighte fulle of faire stonys, t him. 
Enam«.hle with azoure, the ert] thero-one depaynti,le, 
Selkyldo with the r, alto see appone sere halfes, 3356 
In sygne that I sothely was souerayno in erthe. 
Than broght cho me a brande with fulle bryghte hiltes, ^ 
bright hilt w. 
.And bado me brawndyseho B,e blade, ' l«e brande es brought to 
myne awene : 3359 
1lany swayne with the sTnge bas the sw[e]tte leuede ; 
ffor wlfillcs thow swanko witli the swerde, it swykkedc 
lice neuer.' 
Than raykcs cho with roo, and riste whene hir likede, 
To tho ryndes of tl, e wode, richere was neuer ; 3363 
Vas no pomarie so pighte of pr3mcez in erthe, 
No nonno apparaylle so prowde, hot paradys one. 
Scho bad the bowes scholdo bewe downe, and bTng to n, 
the wooJ, and the 
my hondes 3366 
to yield their 
Of the bette that they bare one brawnehes so heghe ; fruit to him. 
Than they heldede fo hir heste aile hoily af ofies, 
Tho hegheste of iche a hirste, I bette ow for-othe : 
He wtm litl take 
Scho bade me f)a'the noghte tho fruyte, bot fonde whilles [leaf89] 
freely of the 
me likedo, 
' fronde of the fyneste, thow freliche byerne, 3371 
And recho fo the ripeste, and ryotto thy seluene ! 
l-iste, thow ryaite roye, for l,ome es thyae awene ! 
And I salle redily toile lice roo at the gayaeste, 
And rêcho the lice riche wyne in rynsede coupes.' 3375 vhe 
wine for him 
Thano cho wente to the weilo by the wode enis, from the *pring, 
That alle weilydo of wyne, and wondirliehe rynnes ; 
Kaughte vp a coppe-fulle, and couerde it faire ; 3378 
Scho bad me dereliche drawe, and drmke to hir selfene, a. 
 t'illk to her. 


B,st at mid-day 
aU was changed. 

She spoke tu 
him flercely, and 
told him that he 
hould fuse lais 

F;he whirled the 
whcel round, till 
hic qllarter8 were 
quashed and 
chine chopped 
asunder by the 

The philosopher 
interprets the 
dream, and tells 
Arthur that 
good frtmte i 

He le tu prepare 
lor his eltd 

and tu round ab- 
beys in France. 

He is bld take 
heed of the other 
king who tried 
the chair. 
The tiret was 
the second 
the third Julit 

tlte fotlrth Judas 
the I a¢cbee 

And thus cho lede me abowte the lenghe of an owrc, 
Vith aile likynge and luffe, that any lede scholde ; 
Bot af the myddaye fulle ewyne alle hir mode chaungede, 
And mad mychc manace witli mcruayllous wordez ; 
Vhene I cryede appone hirc, cho kcst downe ]air browes : 
' Kyng, thow karpes for noghtc, be Criste that me madc ! 
ffor thow salle lose this laykc, and thi lyre aftoE% 
Thow has lyffede in delytte and lordchiipes inewe !' 
AbooEe scho whirlcs the whclc, and whirles me vndirc, 
Tille aile my qwarters tl«t v:hiile whare qwaste al to 
peces .t 3389 
And with that chayerc my chyne was choppcd in sondire ! 
And I hale cheuefide for chcle, sen me this chanco 
Than wakkenyde I iwys, aile wery for-dremyde, 3392 
And now wate thow my woo, worde as the lykes." 
"ffreke," sais the philosophre, "thy fortmm es passedc ! 
flot thow salle f)md hir thi fou, frayste whene the lykes ! 
Thow arts af the hegheste, I hotte the for-sorbe ! 3396 
Cha]ange nowe when thow fille, thow cheuys no more ! 
Thow bas schedde myche blode, and schalkes distroyede, 
Sakeles, in cirquytrie, in sers kynges landis ; 3399 
Schryfe the of thy schame, and schape for thyne ends ! 
Thow has a schewynge, sir kynge, take kepe 3if the lykc, 
flot thow salle fersely falle witti-in fyve wynters ! 3402 
ffownde abbayes in ffraunce, the froytez are theyne awene, 
flore ffroiile, and for fferawnt, and for thir fcrse knyghttis, 
That thowe fremydly in ffraunce bas faye be-leuede ; 
Take kepe 3itte of other kynges, and kaste in thyne herte, 
That were conquerours kydde, and crownnede in erthe ; 
The eldeste was Alexandere, tlat aile the erthe lowttede ; 
The tother Etor of Troye, the cheualrous gume ; 
The thirde Itfl3am Cesare, that geant was holdene, 
Ia iche jorn6 jentille, a-juggede witti lordes ; 3411 
The ferthe was sir Iudas, a justere lu!le nobille, 
The maysterfulle Makabee, the myghttyeste of strenghes; 


The fyfte was [osue, tbat joly marie of armes, 3414 
That in Icralem oste fe myche joye lymppede ; 
The sexte was Dard the dere, demyd with kyng t 
who lew the 
One of the doughtyeste that dubbe w euer, 
ffor he slewe th a slynge, be sleyghte of his handis, 
Gol 5  the ctte gome, grymmeste in ehe ; 3l 19 
Syne endittcde in his dayes allc the dere psme 
That in the sawtim ere sctte t sclcouthe word 
The two clbande kges, I knawe it for-sothe, or te 
wbo wcre cli,. 
i.g, one shall 
Salle Karolus be eaide, the kg ne of Fraunce ; 
IIe sae be crowelle and kcne, and oenquerour holdcne, 
Couere be conqueste contres ynewe ; 3425 
]Io se encroche the crowne that Crist bain h) selfene, « . .. 
crown that Christ 
And that lifcliche launce, that lepe to his hcrte, r« .« t. 
hnce tbat leapt 
Vhcn he w crucyfiede one crose, and e t/ce kene 
Iyghtly he salle conquere to Cristyne men hondes. 
The tother salle be Godfmye, that Gode schaHe reuene 
One the Gud Frydaye with galyarde yghtes ; 3431 
IIe salle of Lorme  lorde, be lecfe of his fadire, the other .1,1 be 
Gfrey, the lord 
And syne in Ierusalem myche joye happ)me, «:,,,,. .,,o 
shall rever the 
flot ho salle couer the c ho craftes of armes, 343 te cross. 
And st»e ho corode kmge, wit kryoemeenotde; 
Salle no duke  his dnyes sicho dtanye happée, 
e siche myschefe dreghe, whene trewtho salle be tryede  
ffore-t ffortune the fctches to ruCHe the nowmbe, 
 make up the 
s nynne of the nobto namede in erhe ; 339 
This se  romance be redde with a knyght, 
]ekkenede and renode wit otous kynges, 
And demyd one domosdaye, for dedis of aes, 32 
bratcd for ever 
flot t/ce doughtyte that euer was duclland in erthe : .. the doughtit 
So many clerkis and kges sae karpe of ot dedis, 
And kepe oe conquesz in cronycle for euert 
Dot the wolfes in the wode, and the whilde btes, 
the w and the 
Are some wikkyd mene that weyes thy rewmes, 3447 
ick me 
Es entde in thvne açscnce to weaye t.hv pplc, 
  - people. 

He w] hRv 
eorne tidlngs 
within ten dayœe. 

He is bid to re- 
pent and nmend. 

The king 
and puts on 

approa«.hing in 
Ihe garb 

[leaf 90] 

of a pilgrim. 

He asks him 
whither he is 


And alyenys and ostes of vncouthe landis. 
Thow getis tydandis I trowe, with-in tene dayes, 3450 
That some torfere es tydde, serte thow fro home turnede ; 
I rede thow rekkyne and reherse vn-resonable dedis, 
Ore the repenttes fulle rathe alle thi rcwthe werkes ! 
Iane, amende thy mode, or thow myshappene, 
And mekely aske mercy for mede of thy saule !" 3455 
hane rysezthe richekynge, and rawghteone his wedys, 
A reedde actone of rosse, the richeste of floures, 
A pesane, and a paunsone, and a pris gixdi]le ; 
And one he henttis a hode of scharlette fulle riche, 
A pauys pi]lione hatt, f/rot pighte was fulle faire 3460 
Vith perry of the OD'ent, and precyous stones ; 
]Ils gloues gayliche gilte, and grauene by/he hemmys, 
Vith aynes of rubyes fulle acious to schewe ; 
IIis bede grehownde, and his bronde, ande no byerne 
ell, s, 34ç,4 
And bownnes ouer a brode mede, witli bret] at his bette ; 
ffar:h he stalkis a stye by tha stille enys, 
Stotays at a hey strcttc, studyande hyme one ; 
Att the surs of the sonne, he sees thcre commande, 
P, aykande to Romewarde the rcdyeste wayes, 3469 
A renke in a rowndc cloke, witl righte rowmme clothcs, 
Vith hatte, and with hcyghe schone homely and rownde ; 
Witl flatte ferthynges the frcke was floreschede alle ouer, 
Manye schredys and schraggcs at his skyrttes hynges, 
Witl , ande witti slawynG and skalopis i-newc, 
Both pyke and palme, alL pil'am hym scholde. 3475 
The gome aythcly hym grette, and bade gode morwcne ; 
The kyng lordelye hym selfe, of langage of l%me, 
Of Latyne corroumppede all, fulle louely hym menys,-- 
"Whedire wilnez thowe, wye, walkande thyne orme  
Qwhylles fhis werlde es o werrc, a wawhte I it bol, le ; 
]Iere es ane enmye with oste, vndixe 3one vynes ; 
And they see the, for-sothe, sorowe the be-tyddes ; 
Bot 3if thow hafc condethe of tle kynge selfene, 3483 

]IF.. DlSCLOS.F_,8 IlE)I8ELF ,8 81R CnADOI. 103 

Knaues wille kille the, and kcppe at thow haues ; a.a lell. hlm tho 
And if tl, ou halde the hey waye, they hente the also, 
I,oL if thow hasLyly haïe helpe of his hende knyghtLes." 
'ihane karpes sir Cradoke te the kynge sellerie, 3487 
_a_ ,, I salle ïor-gyffe hym my dede, se me (iode helpe ! 
saya that he feara 
Onye grome vndire Gode, LhaL one this grownde walkes ! 
Latte Lhe keneste corne, Lhat te the kyng langes, 
I salle encou»tire hyme as knyghte, se CrisLe hale my 
sawle ! 3491 
ff,,r thow may noght reche me, ne areste thy selfene, 
Thoffe HJou be richely arayede in fulle riche wed ; 
I wille noghte wonde for no werre, te wende whare me 
likes, 3494 
Ne for no wy of this werlde, that wroghte es one erthe ! 
Il, et I wille passe in pilgremage pas vn-to ome, 
pilgrirnago to 
Te purchese me pardonne of the pape selfcne ; 
And of payncs of purgatorie be plenerly assoyllede ; 
Thane salle I seke sekirly my souerayne lorde, 3499 
Sir Arthure of Inglande, that auenatnt byerne ! 
final Arlhur 
fier he es in this empire, as hathelle men me telles, 
OsLayande in this Oryente witla awfulle knyghtes." 
"-ro qwyne corne/houe, kene marie," quoà the kynge 
him whenco ho 
thane, 3503 
whetber he knowa 
"That knawes kynge Arthure, and lais knyghttes also I 
Was thoue euer in lais courte, qwylls he in kytli lengede l 
Thow karpes se kyndly, iL eomforthes myne herte ! 
Wcll wele bas thou wente, and wysely thou seehis, 
Il'or thore arte ]3retowne bierne, as by thy brode speehe." 
"Me awghte te knowe the kynge, he es my kydde lorde, r «t him lhat 
hia naine la Sir 
Crlok. a knilht 
And I eahle in his courte a knyghte of his ehambire ; or^t,«, 
ber, and keeper of 
Sir Craddoke was I callide, in his courte riche, 3511 
Kcpare of Karlyone, vndir Lhe kynge sclfene ; 
/X'owe ara I eachede oxsoEL of k)oE/i, with kare aL my herte, 
And Lhat eastclle es cawghte with vneowthe ledys." 
Than Lhe comliche kynge kaughte hxan in armes, 3515 r« king 
" and 
Kcste of Iris ketille-hattc, anti kyssede hyme fidle sorte, 

Sir Cradok relis 
lfim of the evii 
[leaf 90, back] 
deeds of Modred. 

He b.ès thered 
forces of paynim 
and outlaws 

who rob the re- 
]iious and ravish 

whole of England 
and all Arthu'8 

He bas a fleet of 
seven score ships 
at outh-mptom 

But, worst of ail, 
be has tken 
Guinever, and 
bolds her a 
h wire  

Saide, "welcome, sir Craidoke, so Criste mott me helpe ! 
Dere cosyne of kynde, thowe coldis myrte herte ! 
How faris if in :Brctaynne, with alle my bolde berynns  
Are they brettenede, or brynte, or broughte owte of lyue l 
Kene thon me kyndely whatte caase es be-failene ; 3521 
I kepe no eredens fo eraîe, I knawe the for trewe." 
",Sir, thi wardane es wikkede, and wilde of lais dedys ; 
flot he wandretli bas wroghte, sen thon a-waye passede ; 
He has castel]es encrochede, and corownde hma seluene, 
Kaughte in aile the rentis of the lownde Tabil]e; 
He devisede the rewme, and delte as hym likes ; 3527 
Dubbede of the Danmarkes, dukes and erlles, 
/)isseueride them sondirwise, and cites dystroyede, 
To 8arazenes and 8essoynes, appone sere halues, 
He haz semblede a sorte of selcoute berynes, 3531 
Soueraynes of Surgenale, and sowdeours many, 
Of Peyglates, and paynyrnms, and prouede -knyghttes 
Of Irelande and Orgaile, owtlawede berynes ; 
Alle thaa laddes are knyghttes that lange to the mowntes, 
And ledynge and lordechipaoe bas aile, ails theme selfe 
likes ; 3536 
And there es sir Childrike a eheftayne hohlyne, 
That ilke cheualrous renne, he ehargges thy pople ; 
They robbe thy religeous, and ravische  thi nonne-% 3539 
And redy ryddis with h[s rowtte to rawnsone the pouere; 
ffro :Humbyre to :Hawyke he haldys his awene, 
And al]e the cowntr of Kentt be couenawnte entayl]i,_le; 
The comliche castel]es that to the coro,xne langede, 
The holttes, and the hare-wode, and the harde bankkes, 
Alle that Heuguste and Hors hent in theire tyme ; 
Art Southamptone on the see es seuene skore chippes, 
ffrawghte fulle of ferse folke, owt of ferre landes, 3547 
ffor to fyghte with thy ffrappe, whene thow theme 
:Bot itt a wozde witterly, thowe watte noghte the werste ! 
tic has weddede Waynore, and hir hLs wieffe holdis, 
 JS. ravichsc 

.nTHUn'S mF,F. 105 

And wofinys in the wilde bowndis of the weste marches, 
And bas wroghte hire witli childe» as wittnesse tellis ! 
Off aile the wyes of t£is worlde, woo motte hym worthe, 
AHs wardayne vnworthye womene to 3eme ! 
Thus bas sir hlodrede merrede vs aile [ 3555 
ffor-thy I merkede ouer thees mowntes, to mene tle the 
Than the burliche kynge, for brethe at his herte, Ahnr 
corne by the 
And for this botelesse hale alle his ble ebaungede ! a. 
"By te rode," sais te roye, "I salle it revenge ! 3559 
Hym salle rcpente fulle rathe aile his rewthe werkes 
Alle wepande for woo he vent to his tentis ; 
Vnwynly this wyease kynge, he wakkenysse his berynes, 
Clepid in a clarioune kynges and othire, 3563 
Callys theme to concelle, and of t]ds cas tellys, « ¢.n 
and ts them the 
" I ara wlth tresone be-trayede, for aile my trewe dedis !  
And aile my trauayle es tynt, me tydis no bettire ! 
Hym salle torfere be-tyde, this tresone bas wroghte, 
And I may traistely hym take, as I ara trew lerde ! 
This es Iodrede, rite manc that I moste traystede, 
]Ias my castclles encrochcde, andcorownde hyme seluene, 
With renttes and reches of the vvnde Table ; 3571 
Has ruade aile hys retcnewys of renayede wrechis, 
And devysed my rcwme to dyverse lordes, 
To sowdeours and to Sarazenes owtte of sere londes ! 
IIe has weddyde Waynore and hyr to wyefe holdes, ['l«af91] 
And a childe es eschapede, the chaunce es no bettire ! 
Thcy hale sembledo on the sec seuene schore chippis, 
ffulle of ferrome folke, fo feghte wit]5 myne one ! 
ffor-thy fo Bretayne the brode buske vs by-houys, 3579 T« 
ceed to Britain 
flot to brcttyne the berymm that hs this hale raysede ! wth all epeed. 
Thare salle no freke men fart, bott alle onc freschc horses, 
That are fraistede in fyghte, and doute of my knyghttez : 
Sir Howclle and sir Hardolfe here salle be-lcue, 3583 sir o« 
ir Hardolf shall 
To be lordes of the ledis that hcre to me lengcs ; rem:dn behind 
govern Rome and 
Lokes in-to Lumbardye, tl«at thare no lede chauny, c,-- 


Arthur and 
i-t knight 
jmrnev rapidly 
twards lJritain. 

In fifteen dayn his 
Ileet is aelnblcd. 
Ile emhark and 

]I« discnvers the 
fieet of the enerny 
armed and pre- 
pared K,r fight. 

Then he make 
rea tv hic êhips 
f,r te battle. 

And tcndirly to Tuska3me take tente a I bydc  
Iae the rentis of Rome qwene thay are rekkenedc ; 
Take sese the saine dayc that laste w assyede, 
Or c ae thc ostage, witwtty the ways, 
De hg-de hye appone hygh aUe hol]y af ones " 
Towe bownes the bolde k)mgewit [1] beste knyghtes, 
Gem trome and toe, and t forth aftyrc ; 
Tumys thorowe Tkae, tarics bot littiHe, 3593 
Lygh noghte in Lumbarddye bot whene thc lyghte 
failede ; 
Mcrkcs ouer the mowntaynes fue me,waylous vayes, 
Ayres thurghe Almaygmc eve af thc gayncs ; 3596 
fferkes ev)m»o in-to awndrche with hys fcme 
knyghtt ; 
With- f)fftene dayes his flete  emblede, 
And thane he schoupe hyme to chippe, and oehown»es 
no lengere, 3.',99 
Schcrys vith a chae Dmdc ouer the schyre atcrs ; 
By tire roche with ropes he D'des one akerc, 
Thare the false mene fletyde, and one fle lengedc, 
Witg chefe cha)mes of chare chokke to-gcdyrs, 3603 
Charggede evyne chekefe of cheurous yghtoe ; 
Aml  the hynter one hegh, he and crestes, 
IIatchcs with haythene mene hillyd ware tharc vndym, 
rowdHche pmyede  with ayntede clothys, 3607 
Iehe a pece by pece pD'kkyde tylle otler, 
Dubbyde with dagswaynnes dowblede they seine ; 
And thus the dee Danamarkcs had dygh aile the)e 
cl fippys, 3610 
That no dvnte of no datte dere theme ne schoulde. 
Than the roye and the renkes of the ownde Table 
A1]e ryally in rede ayes t cppis ; 
That dayc ducheryes he delte, and doubbyde knyghttes 
Dresses dromowndes and aggcs, and awene vpc 
stonys ; 3615 
] MS. pmtrayede. 


toppc-castclles hostuffedc with toyclys, as hym 

Bcndys bowes of vys thare-aftyre 
Tolowris tcntyly takelle they ryghttcne, 
righten the 
Brascne hcdys fulle brode buskede one flones, 
Graythcs for garnysones gomcs arrayes ; 3620 
Gryme gaddcs of stele, ghywes of iryne, grim of 
Sti.ttclys  stcryneonesterynnewitIAstyffemcneofarmcs; ofiron. 
]Iony lufiiche launce appone lofte stonndys, 
Ledys one lcburde, lot,lys and other, 3624 
Pyghte payvcse onc porte, payntede scheldcs, 
One hyndire hurdace one highte helmede knyghtez. 
Thus thcy schcfteue foreschotys one thas schirestrandys, 
Ilke schalke in his schrowde, fulle scheene ware /boire 
wcdys. 3628 
The bol,le kynge es in a barge and a-bowtte rowes, 
AIle bare-heuvede for besye witli beueryne lokkes ; t.,t bareheadcd. 
And a bcryne witli his bronde, and ane helme betyne, 
Mengede with a mawncelct of maylis of si]uer, 3632 
Compaste with a coronalle, and coucrde  fidle riche ; 
Kabs te yche a cogge, te comfurthe his knyghttes : 
Te Clegys and Clcrcmownde he cryes one lowde, , i ,,,,« te 
Cleg and Clerc- 
" O Gawayne  O Galyrane  thies gud mens bodyes." ,,«,.d. te Lonc| 
• " and Lancelot, 
To Loth and to LyonelIe fulle louefly he melys, 3637 
And to sir Lawncelot de Lake lordliche wordys, 
"Lat vs couere the kythe, the coste es ow-re ovnne ; ,. let us recover 
And gcre theme brotheliche blenke, allç oneblod-hondes 
• hound's b|ench 
hew clown heartily 
Bryttyne thcm with-in bourde, and brynne theme hare 
aftyre ! 3641 
IIewe downe hertly 3one heythene tykes ! 
Thay are harlotes halfe, I hette ow myne honnde !" 
Than he coueres his o,,-e and caches one ankere, , Ç.« i 
ahip, takea hs 
helmet md mail, 
Kaughte Iris comliche helme with the clerc maylis ; ..d displays his 
Buskes bancrs one brode, betyne of gowlcs, 
XVitli eorowns of clerc golde clcnliche arraiede ; 36t7 
t MS. Stirtteh-s. 2 MS. couercrde. 


His ehlef devlce 
is a picture of out 
Lady and the 

The sailors busy 
themselves to ge{; 
tige ships under 

They str4ke scross 
the strem and 
the stri£e beins. 

There fs great 
dashing [oether 
o[ ships. 

Grapplings are 
thrown out. 

A mighty strug- 
{;le ensues. 

tige rnariners. 

[leoE 92] 
Boardin.. are 
ronde and hand- 
to-hand flghts 
take place. 

Bot t/rare was chosene in the chefe a chalke-wldtto 
And a childe in hir ame, that chefe es of hevynne : 
Vith-owttene changynge in chace, thies ware the cheefe 
armes 3650 
Of Arthure tire auenaunt, qwhylles he in erthe lengede. 
Thane the marynerse mellys, and maysters of ckippis, 
Ierily iche a mate menys tille other ; 
Of theire temys they talke, how tlray warc tydd, 
Towyne tawsselle one trete, trvssene vpe sailes, 3655 
]et bonettez one brede, bettrede hatches ; 
Brawndeste browne stele, braggede in trompcs ; 
Standis styffe one the stam3me , steris one aftyre ; 
Strekyne ouer tire streme, thare stryvynge be-gynnes. 
ffro tire wagande wynde owte of tire weste rysses, 3660 
]rethly bessomes wit} byrre in berynes sailles ; 
With hir bryngges one burde burliche cogges, 
Qwhylles tire bilyn and tire berne brestys in sondyre ; 
So stowttly tle forsterne one tle statu h}oEtis, 3664 
/7at stokkes of the stere-burde strykkys in peces ! 
De thane cogge a,pone cogge, krayers and other, 
Castys crepers one crosse als fo tle cmfte langes : 3667 
Thane was hede-rapys hewene tlrat helde vpe tire mastes ; 
Thare was conteke fulle kcne, and crachynge of chippys ! 
Grett cogges of kampe crasseches in sond}a'e ! 
:bIony kabane clevede, cabilles destroyede ! 3671 
](nyghtes and kene mene killide the braynes .t 
:Kidd castelles were corvene witl alle theire kene wapene, 
Castelles fulle comliche, tlat coloured ware faire ! 
Vpcyaes eghelyage tlay ochene t/mre-aftyre, 3675 
With t/e swynge of the swerde sveys tle mastys ; 
Ovyre-fallys in tle firste frekis and othixe, 
ffrekke in tle forchipe fey es byleucfede ! 
Than brothely they bekyre with boustouse tacle, 3679 
]3ruschese boloeye one burde brynyede knyghtes, 
Owt of'botes one burde was buskede with stonys, 
Dett downe of tire beste, bry.tis the hctchcs ; 


Som gomys thoarghc-gyrde witli gaddys of yryne, 
Gomys gayliche clede ' englaymous wapene ! 3684 
Archcrs of Inghnde fulle egerly schottes, T« ««r, or 
England make 
Hittis thourghe the harde stele fulle hertly dyanttis t a,. 
• heatlen 
Sonne hotchene in holle the hcthenne knyghtes, 
Hurte thourghe the harde stele, hale they neuer ! 3688 
Than they falle to the fyghte, ffoynes witli sperys, 
Alle the frckkeste oe frownte tltat to the fyghte langes ; 
And ilkone frechely frayste, theixe strenghes, 3691 
Vcre fo fyghte in tire flete with theire felle wapyne. 
Thus they dalte/tat daye, thire dubbide knyghtes, 
Tille aile tlte Danes ware dede, and in tle depe throwene ! Te Dae, 
ModreJ's fleet 
Than :Bretones brothely wit]5 brondis they hewene,  u a. 
Lepys in vp one lotie lordeliche beDmes ; 3696 
W-hen ledys of owt-lodys leppyne in waters, 
Alle ottre lordes one lowde laughene at ones ! Artlmr' lord 
ugh to ee their 
Be thane speris whare spronngene, spalddyd ehippys,  leap iltO 
Spanyolis spedfly sprcntyde ouer burde. ; 3700 
Alle the kene mcne of kampe, knyghtea and other,  
Killyd arc colde dede, and castyne ouer burdez ! 
Theire swyers sweyftly has the swete leuyde, 
lIcthene heuande on hatche in ther hawe ryses, 370 
Synkandc in the salte see seuene hundrethe at ones ! 
Thane sir Gawayne the gude, he bas te gTee wonnene, sir «.aiç 
the ships to hi 
Alltl aile the cogges ete he gafe to his knyghtes, 3707 k,it. 
Sir Gcryne, and sir Grisswolde, 2 and othir gret lordes ; 
Garte Galutlî, a gud gome, girde of tllaire hedys ! 
Thus of the false flete appone the flode happenede, T 
fslse flee. 
And thus theis feryne folke fey are beleuede ! 3711 
itt es t/ie traytoure one londe with tryede knyghttes, t »oar«a 
traitor bas a land 
And aile trompede they trippe one trappede stedys, my oftried 
Schewes theme vndir schilde one the schire bankkcs ; 
IIe ne schownttes forno schame, bot schewes fulleheghe ! 
Sir Arthure and Gawayne avyede theme bothene 3716 
To sexty thosandez of mene, that in theire syghtc houede. 
]3ethis the folkewas fellyde, thanewas the flode passede  
t Or clade. "- MS. G?ifswolde. 


Arthur walts for 
the tide to fise 
lfore he lands. 


leaf 92., Uak] 

a, lvaneeagainsg 
lodred'e host. 

"We hall f«ll 
he fleld ah'.dl be 

He and his Ilttle 
tnd chare tho 
 hole army. 


Thane was if slyke a slowde in slakkes fidle hugge, 
That let the kyng for to lande, and the lawe watyre ; 
ffor-thy he lengede one laye for lesynng of horsesys, 
To loke of his lege mene, and of his lele knyghtes, 
3if any ware lamede or loste, life 3ife they seholde. 
Than sir Gawayne the gude a galaye he takys, 372t 
And glides vp ata gole wit]ï gud mene of armes 
Vhene he growndide, for grefe he gyrdis in the watex., 
That to the girdylle he gos in aile his gyle wedys 
Schottis vpe appone the sonde in syghte of the lordes, 
Sengly with hys soppe, my sorowe es the more 
Wit]ï baners of his ba's beste of his armes, 3730 
/Ie braydes T-on the banke in his bryghte wedys 
tle byddys his baneoure, " buske thow be-le 
To 3one brode batayle that one one banke houes 
And I ensure ow sothe I salle owe sewe aftyre ; 373t 
Loke e blenke for no bronde, ne for no bryghte wapyne, 
Bot beris doaae of the beste and bryng theme o-dawe 
Bees noghte abayste of theire boste, abyde one the erthe 
,. haue my baneres borne in batailles fulle hugge 
We salle felle 3one false, the rende hale theim satfles 
ffightes faste 'ith the frape, the felde salle be owres 
llay I that traytoure ouer-take, torfere hyme tyddes, 
That this tresone haz tymbyrde to my trewe lorde 
Of siche a engendure fuile littylle joye happeras, 37t3 
And that salle in this jomaee be juggede fulle euene 
Sow they seke ouer the sonde this soppe at the gayneste, 
Sembles one the sowdeours, and settys theim dyntys 
Thourghe lice scheldys so sehene schalkes they towehe, 
With schaftes scheueride sehorte of thas schene launees 
Derfe dynttys they dalte with. daggande sperys 
One the danke of the dewe many dede lyggys, 3750 
Dukes, and dtLszepcris, and dubbidc knyghttys 
The doughttyeste of Danemarke vndone are for euer 
Thus th renkes in rewthe rittis theire brenyes, 
And reehis of the richeste vn-rekene dynttis ; 3754 
Thare they thronge in thc thikkc, and thristis fo the erthe 


Of the thraeste mene thre hundrethe af ones ! 3756 They a|ay threo 
hundred of 
Bot sir Gawaync for grcfe myghte noghte agayne-stande, 
Vmbeippys a spore, and to a gome rynnys, 
/7at bare of gowles fulle gaye, with gowces of sylucre ; 
I[e gyrdcs hym in af the gorge with his gryme ] lattnce, 
That tl, e gmwndcne glayfe graythes in sondyre ! 3761 
With that boystous brayde ho bownes hym to dye ! 
Thc kynge of Gutlande it was, a gude mane of armes. 
Thayre avawwarde than alle voydes tl, are-aftyre, 
At'ts vcnqucste verraycly with valyant beryncs ; 3765 
Mctis with medilwardc, that Modrede ledys ! 
Oure mene merkes theme to, as theme myshappenede 
ff.r hade sir Gawaync hade grace fo halde the grene hille, 
Itc had wirchipe i-wys wonnnene for mer ! 3769 
Bot thane sir Gawayne i-wysse, ho wayts hym welc 
To wreko hyme on thiswerlaughc, th et this werre nmucde ; 
And merkes fo sir Modrede amonge aile his bcr)as, 
With the ][owntt%ms, and other gret lordys. 
Tf, an sir Gawayne waa greuede, and with a grct wylle «.i 
good spear in 
ffcwtcrs a $aire si)tre , and freschely askryes, 3775 
Modred with re- 
" ffals ïosterde foodc, the fonde haue thy bonys ! 
ffy onc the, fclone, aud thy fals xverkys ! 
Thow salle be dcdc and vndone for thy derfe dcdys, 
Or I salle dy this daye, if destanye worthc !" 3779 
'ihano his enraye, with oste of owtlawede berynes, [leaf0a] 
The boat of the 
 Alle cnangy]les abowte oure excellente knyghttez, ««y. mr- 
ing sixty thou- 
Tiret the tmytoure be tresone had tryede hym scluene ; oa 
Dukes of Danemarke ho dyghttcs fulle sono, 3783 and hia iittio 
And lcdcrs of Lettowe, witlï legyons inewe, 
Vmbylappyde oure mene with launcez fulle kene, 
Sowdeours and Sarazenes owte of sere landys, 
Sexty thosande mene semlyly arrayede, 3787 
Sekerly assembles thare one seuenschore knyghtes, 
Sodaynly in dischayte by tha salte strandes. 
Thane sir Gawayne grotte with his gray eghene, 
ffor grole of his gud mene that ho gyde schuldc ; 
 growne struck o«f, aud gryme u'riltcn instead. 

Sir Gawaine idlla 
the king o1 Goth- 

Thc van--uard of 
the army flics. 

Gawaine rashly 
advances against 
the centre, where 
Iodred i, with 
the M«mtagus and 
other great lot'da. 

(]awaine wee]pa 
and laments for 
3791 the danger ofhia 


He coin forts 
them with pro- 
mises of bleseings 
in heaven. 

Tey ehall sup 
with prophets, 
patriarche» ad 
tle that vields 
unslain.  he 
or succom'ed o 
Christ .' 

Then Gawaino 
griufly grips 

and rushes into 
the fray. 

He perfrm 
mihty deeds of 

He ,vyste that thay-,vondyde ware, and very for- 
foughttene ; 
And what for wondh'e and woo, aile his witte faylcde. 
And thane syghande he saide, witt sylande terys,-- 
"We are witi Sarazencs be-sett appone sere halles ! 
I syghe noghte for my selfe, sa helpe oure Lorde ; 3î96 
Bot for to [see] vs supprysede, my sorowe es the more. 
]3es dowghtty to-daye, 3one dukes schal]e be 3oures ! 
flot dere Dryghttyne this dayc, dredys no wapme. 
Te salle ende this daye ats excellent knyghttes, 3800 
Ayere to endclesse joye wiffi angelles vnwemmyde. 
Thofe we hafe vnwittyly wastede oure selfene, 
We salle wirke aile wele in tle wirchipe of Cryste. 
We salle for one Samzenes, I sekire ow my trowhe, 
Souppe with oure Saueoure solemply in heucne, 
In presence of t£at precious, prynce of aile o}er 3806 
Witi prophetes, and patriarkes, and apostlys fulle nobil].., 
]3c-fre his freliche face that fourmede vs alle! 
ndirc to one aldsones, he /mt 3eldes hyme eur, 
Qwhylles he es qwykke and in qwerte vnquellyde with 
De he ncuer mo sauede, ne socourede with Cryste, 
13,»t Satanase lris sawle mowe synke in-to hotte ! "3812 
han gr3nnly sir Gawayne gryppis hys wapyne, 
Agayne that et bataille he graythes hym sone ; 
I',adly of his riche swerde he reghttes le cheynys, 
In he schokkes his schelde, schountes he no lcngare ; 
Bot ails vnwyse, wo,lewyse, he wente at the gayneste, 
XVondis of thas wedirw3ms with wrakfulle dynttys, 
Alle wellys fulle of blode, thare he awaye passes ; 3819 
And t/tofe hym ware ftdle woo, he wondys bot lyttille, 
Bot wrekys at his wirchipe tle wrethe of hys lorde ! 
He stekys stedis in stoure, and sterenefulle knyghttes, 
That stcrynamene in theirestempesstone-dede/my lygge I 
tte ryvys le ranke stele, he rittes le maylcs ; 382 I 
Thare myghte no renke hym areste, his resone 
passede ! 


He feile in a fransye for fersenesse of bette, « 
He feghttis and felils down« [hat hyme be-fore standis ! 
fie[le neuer fay mane siche fortune in erthe ! 3828 
In-to the hale bataile hedlygs he rymys, 
And hurtes of the hardieste that one the erthe lenges ! 
Letande atts a lyone, he lawnches theme thorowe, 
Lordcs and ledars, that one the launde houes ! 3832 
3it sir Gawayne for wo wondis bot lyttiile, 
Bot woundisof thas wedirwynes with wondiffulle dyntes, 
Alls he that wold wilfully wastene hyme selfene ; 
And for wondsome and wille aile his wit failede, 3836 
That wode ails a wylde beste he wente at the gayneste; 1aa 
b¢ast, he leaves 
|1 wallowing in 
Aile walewede one blode, thare he a-waye passede ; boa where he 
Iche a wy may be warre, be wreke of an-other ! 3839 
]«an he moues to sir 5[odrede amange aile his knyghttes, 
And mett hyme in the myde schclde, and mailis hyme 
thorowe ; 
Bot the schalke for the scharpe he schownttes a littille, 
He schare hyme one the schorte rybbys a schaftmonde m wou 1o- 
dred in the aide. 
large ! 3843 
The schafte schoderede and schotte in the schire beryne, 
That the schadande blode ouer his schanke rynnys, 
And schewede one his schynbawde, that was schire 
burneste ! 3846 
And so they schyfte and schove, he schotte to the erthe; t«d rU t 
the earth. 
V/th th e lussche of the launce he lyghte one hys schuldyrs, 
Ane akere lenghe one a launde, fulle lothely wondide. 
Than Gawayne gyrde to the gome, and one the groffe 
failis ; 3850 
AHs his grefe was graythede, his grace was no bettyre ! 
]e schokkes owtte a schorte knyfe schethedewith siluere, Gawain «trikes 
at him with a 
And scholde haue slottede hyme in, bot no slytte knife, butmisses 
his blow. 
happenede ; 
His hand sleppid and slode o slante one the mayles, 
And the tother slely slynges hym vndire : 3855 
With a trenchande knyfe the trayto«re hym hyttes, Te traitor bits 


thrgh the 
hetmet and the 

Gawaine is ono 

King Frederiek 
saks wh« he was. 

• |oed telle 
him that he waa 
Sir Gawain¢ tbe 
good, the mevri- 
est. the kindliest» 
and the bravcet 
of knight ! 

and eurs¢s hi 

Thorowe te helme and the hede, one heyghe one tl«e 
brayne : 
And thus sir Gawayne es gone, the gude man of armes, 
Witti-owttyne reschewe of reuke, and rewghe es tle more 
Thus sir Gawaynne es gone, that gyede many othire ; 
ffro Gowere to Gernesay, aile tle gret lordys 3861 
Of Glamour, of Galys londe, this galyarde knyghtes, 
flot glent of gloppynyng ] glale be they neur ! 
Yng ffroderike of Fres faythely/hare-aftyre, 5864 
ffrayaes af the false mane of owre ferse knyghte ; 
" Knew thow euer this knyghte in thi kithe D, che, 
Of whate kynde he was comene? be-knowe now the sorbe; 
Qwat gome was he this with the gaye armes, 3868 
Vit this gryffome of golde, tat es one growffe fal]yne 
tte bas grettly greffede vs, sa me Gode helpe ! 
Gyrde dowe oure gude mene, and greuede vs sore ! 
tte was the $terynneste in stoure that euer atele werryde, 
flore he bas stoaayede oure stale, and stroyede for eu, r 
Than sir 5[ordrede with mouthe melis fulle faire ; 3874 
"He was makles one molde, marie, be my trowhe ; 
This was sir Gawayne the gude, te gladde$te of othire, 
And the graciouseste gome that vndim God lyffede, 
]Iane hardyeste of hande, happyeste in armes, 3878 
And the hendeste in hawle vndire hcuene riche ; 
T/ce lordelieste of ledynge qwhylles he 1)oEe myghte, 
flore he was lyone allossede in londes i-newe ; 
Had thow knawene hym, sb" kynge, in kythe thare he 
lcngede, 3882 
His konynge, his knyghthode, his kyndly werkes, 
His doyng, his doughtynesse, his dedis of armes, 
Thow volde hafe dole for lais dede the dayes of thy 
lyre !" 
]it ltat traytour ats rite teris lete he falle, 3886 
Turnes hym furthe tite, and talkes no more, 
Went wepaad a-waye, and weries the stowndys, 
 ]IS. glopp.mgnyng. 


That euer hia werdes ware wroghte siche wandrethe to 
fatvd  work 
wyrke : uch woe. 
ene he thoghte on this thynge, it thirHede  herte ; 
flot sake of s syb blode sygheande he rydys ; 391 
When that renayede reuke rememirde hym seluene, 
Of reuerence and ryotes of the odc Table, 
He oemyd and repent hyme of aile his rewt,he werkes, 
wickuesa and 
ode awaye wit hia rowte, fiatya he no lengere, 3895 
flot rade of oure riche kynge, e that he scholde. 
Thane ka)Tea he to Cornewaile, crefulle in herte, e ia com- 
Be-cause of h k)aemane that one the coste ggea : 
He tariea toemlande ay, tydand  herkene. 3899 
Than the toure ttede the Tyaeday/har-aftyoe, 
TDnya in with a ayne tren to wirke, 
And by the Tambe that ride h tent, he refis, « pitchea hi 
nta by tho Ta- 
And thane in a mette-wle a measangere he sendes, 
And aite -to Waynor how the werlde chagede, 
wte fo 
And what couche coste the kg w aryuede, 3905 
One floode foughne with his flee, and feHyd theme 
o 1; 
Bade hir ferkene oo feue, and ee wit h chfldire, 
$$s he myghte e h)e awaye, and me to hir 
speche, 3908 
A yere in-to Irelande, in-to thas oe-mowntes, blddig ber fly 
Aud wonne tham h wfldernee wlth-in tha wast landys. 
an cho sermys d See at .»rke  hir chambire, 
Gronys fle ysely with etand teres, 3912 
Pms oe of the palesse wlth oee hir pryce maydenys, 
Towde Chestyre in a chae thay chese r the wayes, 
Dighte  ewe for to dye with de at h he ; 
Scho ka to Karelyone, and kawghte  a vaile, nt 
Crleoa and 
Askes thare the habite  the honoure of Criste, , OEo ,. 
And ae for falsede, and frawde, and feoe of h louerde ! 
ot whene oe wie kynge w that Gawa)e was 
landede, 3919 
I[e al to-wryth for woo, and wrgande h bandes, aà 


He hastens to the 
field where ten 
thousand of the 
traitor's men and 
• even ore of 
his own knihts 

['leaf 4, backJ 
A rthur slays 
dukes and eaH; 

he seeks Ior the 
knights of tbe 
Round Table, 

a.d finds Slr'Ga- 
waiue lying dead. 

With groans and 
tears he kissee 
the boy. 

He bitterly la- 
ments tbe goal 

Gers lawnche his botes appone a lawe ,vatire, 
Londis als a lyone with lordliehe knyghtes, 
Slipœees in in the sloppes o-slante fo tle girdylle, 
gwalters vpe swyftly vith l(m swerde druwene, 392 
:Bownnys his bataile and baners displayes, 
Buskes ouer tlm brode sandes with bretli af his hertc, 
ffcrkes frekkly one felde t£are tlte feye lygges ; 
Of the traytours mene one trappede stedis, 3928 
Ten thosandez ware tynte, tlm trewghe fo aeownt, 
And certane on owre syde seuene score knyghtes 
In soyte w/th theire souerayne vn-soxvnde are beleuede ! 
Jte ky-age com]y ouer-keste knyghtes and othire, 
Erlles of Awfrike, and Estriche berynes 3933 
Of Orgaile and Orekenay, tlte Iresche kynges, 
The nobileste of -NTorwaye, nowmbirs fulle hugge, 
Dukes of Danamarke, and dubbid knyghtes ; 
And the guchede kynge in the gay armes 3937 
Lys gronande one the gTo-nnde, and girde thoroweevene! 
The riche kynge ransakes with rewthe af his herte, 
And vp r3Tes the renkes of alle tlm t'ownde Tabylle ; 
Ses theme aile in a soppe in sowte by theme one, 3941 
Vith tJe Sarazenes vn-sownde enserchede a-bowte ; 
And sir Gawayne the gude in his gaye armes, 
Vmbegrippede the gie, and one oxoEe fallene, 3944 
 baners braydene downe, betyne of gowlles, 
His brand and his brade schelde al blody be-rouene ; 
Vas neuer ore semliche kyage so sorowfulle in herte, 
'e tlat sanke hyme so sade, bot that sighte one. 3948 
han gliftis the gud kynge, ahd glopyns in herte, 
Gronys fulle grisely with gretande teris ; 
Knelis downe fo the cors, and kaught if in armes, 
Kastya vpe his v-mbrere, and kyssis hyme sone, 3952 
Lokes one his eye-liddis, that lowkkide ware faire, 
ttis lippis like to the lede, and his lire falowede ! 
Than the coroa-nde kyng cryes fulle lowde, 
"Dere kosyne o kynde, in kare ara I leuede ! 3956 



ffor nowe my wirchipe es wente, and my were endide 
Here es the hope of my hele, my happynge of armes 
3Iy herte and my hardynes hale one hym lengede ! 
My concelle, my comforthe, that kepide myrte bette ! 
Of aile knyghtes the kynge tl«at vndir Criste lifede, 
Thou was worthy to be kynge, thofe I the eorowne bare ! 
My wele and my wirchipe of aile this wedde riche 3963 
Vas wonnene thourghe si»" Gawayne, and thourghe his t , fl,rough 
hic wit that all 
witt olle ! his eonquests 
were marie. 
Allas !" saide sir .Lrthure, "nowe ekys my sorowe 
I ara vttirly vndone in mme awene landes ! 
A dowttouse derfe dede, thou duellis to longe ! 3967 
Vhy drawes thou so one dreghe ? thow drownnes myne 
herte ! " 
Than swe[l]tes the swete kynge and in swoune fallis, 
Swafres vp swiftely, and swetly hym kysses, 
Tille his burliche Lerde ,vas blody be-rowne, 3971 
Alls he had bestes birtenede, and broghte owt of lire; 
Ee had sir Ewayne comene, and othire grete lordys, 
llis bolde bette had broustene for bale at that stownde! 
"-Dlyne," sais thies bolde mene, "thow blondirs thi 
his knights re- 
selfene, 3975 .tr- i. 
This es botles baie, f,,r bettir bees it neuef ! 
If es no wirchipe i-wysse to wryng thyne hon,lcs, 
To wepe als a womane it es no witt holdene ! 
De knyghtly of contenaunce, als a kyng scholde, 3979 
And leue siche clamoure for Cristes lufe of heuene !" 
"ffor blode," said the bolde kynge, "blme salle I neuer, 
(r my brayne to-briste, or my breste other ! 
Vas neuer sorowe so softe that sanke to my bette, 
Itt es fulle sibb to my selïe, my sorowe es the Bore 
Vas neuer so sorowfulle a syghte seyne with myrte eyghene ! 
He es saes supprysede for syne of myrte one !" 
Downe knelis the kynge, and kryes fulle lowde ; 3987 
Witli carefulle contenance he karpes thes wordes, 
"O rightwis riche Gode, this rewthe thow be-holde 

Arthur swoons 
for grief; then 
etarts up and 
kisses the 
His beard ie 
smeared in the 
blood of Gawaine. 

He excuses him- 
self on account 
of the greatness 
of the grief. 


}le co||ects Ga- 
waine's blood in 

The body was 
• ent straiht to 

aud met by a pro- 
cessivn of monks. 

Ar'nur gives or- 
tiers that ail hon- 
our soul6 be 
l,aid to the dead.. 

T]ds ryalle rede blode ryne appone erthe ; 
It ware worthy to be schrde and schrynede in golde, 
flot it e sakle of syne, sa helpe me oure Lorde !" 3992 
Downe knelis the k)ng with kare af his bette, 
Kaughte it vpe kyndly with his clene handis, 
Keste it in a ketil]e-hatte, and couerde it faire, 3995 
And kayres furthe wit} the cors in kyghte t]«are he lenges. 
"-[-»re I make myn avowe," ¢lttod the kynge thane, 
 "To Mossie, and to Marie, the mylde qwenne of 
] salle neuer ryvaye, ne racche vn-COwl)ylle 
At roo ne rayne-dere, that rynnes al0pome erthe ; 4000 
:Neuer grewhownde late glyde, ne gosschawke lat flye, 
Ne neuer fowle see fellide, t]«at flieghes w[th wenge ; 
ffawkone ne formaylle appone fiste handille, 
Ne itt witI gerefawcone rejoyse me in erthe ; 4004 
Ne regne in my royaltez, ne halde my L'ownde "/'able, 
Tille thi dede, my dere, be dewly reuengede ! 
Bot euer droupe and date, ciwyllcs my lyfe lastez, 
Tille Drightene and derfe dede hafe done etwate theme 
likes !" 4008 
Than kaughte they vpe Checors wit/ kareat theire hertes, 
Karyed [it] one a coursere wit] te k3mge selfene ; 
The waye vn-to Vynchestre tay vente at the gayneste, 
Wery and wandsomdly, with wondide knyghtes ; 4012 
Thare corne te p»or of te plas, and professide momkes, 
Apas in processione, and with the prynce metys ; 
And he be-toEe thame the cors of the knyghte noble. 
"Lokis it be clenly kepyd," he said, "and in the kirke 
holdenG 4016 
Done for derygese, as to the ded fallys, 
Menskede with messes, for merle of the saule : 
Loke it wante no waxe, ne no wirchipe elles, 
A_nd af Oe body be bawmede, and one erthe holdene, 
iff Uou kepe thi couent encroehe any wirchipe 4021 
At my eomyng a-gayne, f Cist wille it thc, le ; 


A-byde of the beryenge tille they be broughte vndire, 
Tltat bas wroghte vs this woo, and this werre mouede." 
/tan sais sir Vychere 
vises that he 
-- "' I rede e warely wende, and wirkes the beste ; 
Wincheter and 
Soiorne in this cetC and semble thi beDmes , 4027 rally hi force». 
And bidde with thi bolde mene i thi burghe riche : 
Get owt knyghttez of contres, that castelles holdes, 
And owt of garysons gretc gudo men of armes, 
ff,»r we are faithely to fewe to feghte with theme aile, 
T/rat we see in his sorte appone the ste bankes." 4032 
Vit]5 krewelle contenance thane the kyng karpis theis 
" I praye the kare noghte, sir knyghte, ne caste thou no [leaf95. back] 
Hadde I no scgge bot my selle one vndir sone, 4035 
And I may hym sec witl sighte, or one hym sette hondis, 
I salle evene amange his mena malle hym tb dede, 
Are I of the stede styre halfe a stede lenghe 
I salle [stryke] hym in his stowre, and stroye hyme for Quer, 
And thare-to make I myrte avowe devottly to Cryste, 
Aad to hys modyre hlarie, the mylde qwene of heuene 
I salle neuer soio«rne sounde, ne sawghte af myne herte, 
ojour in cilv 
In cetWne in subarbe serte ppone erthe, 4043 or town till lc- 
dred be slain. 
:Ne itt slomyre ne slepe with my slawe eyghne, 
Tille he be slayne f]«at hym slowghe, if any sleyghte 
happene : 
Bot euer pursue the payganys tlat ray pople distroyede, 
Qwylls I may pare theme and pynne, in place tbare mo 
likes." 4047 
Thare durstenorenke hymaresteofalletle RowndeTable, 
:Ne none paye tlat prynce with plesande wordes, 
:Ne none of his lige mene htke hym in the eyghne, 
So lordely he lukes for losse of his knyghttes ! 4051 
Thane drawes he to Dorsett, and dreches no langere, 
Derefulle dredlesse witl drowppande teris ; 
Kayeris in-to Kornewayle witli karc at his hertc, 

,rthIlr declares 
that though he he 
alone, if he may 
cee Modred he 
will mail him to 
death amoug al! 
his mea. 

None of his liege 
men dare look 
him in the eyes. 


Arthur follow 
lodred into 
Cocwal[ and at 
tacks m. 

A rast host of 
aiem assautt 
thar's men. 

There were sixt 
thouand agins¢ 

Ar[bur on  
charger arranges 
hia men. 


The tmys of the traytoure he trynys fulle euen«e ; 4055 
And turnys in be the Treyntis the traytoure to sec|w, 
ffynds hym in a foreste tlm Frydaye therê-aftire ; 
The k3g lyghttes one fott, and freschely askryes, 
And with his freliche folke he has the felde nommcac ! 
ow isschewis his enraye ndire the wode eynys, 
±$ With ostes of alynes fulle horrebille to sehewe ! 
Sir Mordrede the Malebranehe, with Iris mythe polde, 
ffotmdes owt of the forestc appone fele halfes, 4063 
In seuene ett batailles semliche arrayede, 
Sexty thowsande mene, the syghte was fulle hugge, 
Aile fyghtande folke of the ferre lanndes, 
flaire fettede one îrownte be tha îresche stron,lcs ! 
And aile Arthurs oste was amede wlth knyghtes 4068 
]ot awghtene hundrethe of alle, entrede in folles ; 
This was a maehe vn-mete, bot myghttis of Criste, 
To melle with tha multitude in thaze man londis. 
Than the royalle roy of the Rownde Table 4072 
Pydes one a riche stede, arrayes his beryns, 
Buskes his avawmwarde, als hym heste like8 ; 
Sir Ewayne, and sir Errake, and othire gret lordes, 
Demenys the medihvarde menskeftdly thare-aftyre, 
With Merrake and Meneduke, myghtty of 8trenghes ; 
Idirous and .Uymere, fhire auenaunt childrcne, 
Ayers with Arthure, wlth seuene score of "knyghtes ; 
He rewlis the rerewarde redyly thare-aftyre, 4080 
The rekeneste redy mene of the Rownde Table, 
And thus he fittis hLs folke, mzd fischely askryes, 
And syene eomïorthes his mene xvith knyghtlyehê 
" I be-seke os', sirs, for sake of oure Lorde, 408 
That 3e doo wele to-daye, and dredis no wapene ! 
ffighttes fersely aowe, and fendis 3oure sêluene, 
ffellis downe 3one feye folke, the felde salle be owrs ! 
They are Samzenes 3one sorte, m-sownde motte they 
worthe ! 4088 
 Or Menyduke. 

Sert one theme sadlye, for sake of ottre Lorde ! 
3if vs be dcstaynede to dy to-daye one flis erthe, 
We salle be hewedc vn-to heuene, or we be halfe colde ! 
Loke e lett for no lede lordly to wirche ; 4092 
Layes 3one laddes lowe be the layke ende ! 
Take uo tente vn-to me, ne tale of me rekke, 
Ies besy one ny baners with 3oure brighte wapyns, 
That they be strenghely stuffede with steryne knyghtes, 
And holdene lordly one lofte ledys to schewe ; 4097 
3if any renke theme arase, reschowe theme soue. 
Wirkes now my wirchipe, to-daye my werre endys ! Tdas hi 
end .' 
$o wotte my wclo and my woo, wir -kkys as ow likys ! 
Crist comly with cmwne comforthe 3ow alle, 4101 
ffor the kyndeste creatou that euer kynge ledde ! 
I gyffe ow alle my blyssyng w'th a blite wlle, 
And alle Bretowns bolde, blythc more se worthc !" 
They pypo vpe af pryme tyme, approches theme ncrc, 
Pris mene and priste proues theire strenghes ; 
Brenfly the brethemen bragges in troumppes, 4107 
In cornettes comlyly, whene knyghttes assembles, 
And thane jolyly enjoynys theis jentylle knyghttes ; 
A joIyere journé ajuggede was neuer, 
Yhcne Brctones boldly enbmces theire scheldes, 4111 ,« Sto» - 
tavk the enemy, 
And Cristyne encroyssede theme, and castis in fewtire ! ithout delay. 
Sau sir Arthue oste his enraye askryes, 
ud in they schokke theire scheldes, schontes no 
lcngare ; 
Schotte fo the schiltrones, and schowttes fulle heghe, 
Thorowe schelds fulle schene schalkes they touche ! 
Redily t'has rydde mene of the Rowndc Table 4117 
Vith ryalle rannke stele rittys theire mayles ; 
Bryneys brovddene they briste, and burneste helmys, 
I[cwes haythene mene dowae, halses in sondre ! 
ffyghtande with fyne stele, the feye blod D'nnys, 4121 
Of the frekkeste of frounte, vn-fers ere be-levede. 
Ethyns of Argayle and Irisehe kynges 
:Enverouncs oure avawmwarde with venymmos berynes ; Tac vanguard is 

If they are s|ain 
they will be tken 
stright up to 

He gives them 
his parting bless- 


surrouuded by 
the enemy, and 
rnany of them 

Artbur bids Sir 
l,h-us re$cue 
[leaf 96, back] 
fa{her, Sir 

Sir ldrs replie 
that his fatber 
bas commzded 
him hot to leave 
the king. 

"If I e be destimd 
to dg., rist 
keep his sorti :" 

Peghttes and paynymes w/th periIous wapyns, 4125 
Vith speres disspetousely disspoyiles oure knyghttes, 
And hewede downe the hendeste with hertly d3mttys ! 
Thorow the hoile batayle they holdene theire wayes ; 
27eus fêrsly they fyghte appone sere halfes, 4129 
That of the bolde ]3retones mythe blode spillis 
Thare durste non rescowe theme, for reches in êrthe, 
The steryne ware/hareso stedde, and stoEede wit[h] othire: 
He durste noghte stixe a steppe, bot stodde for hyme 
seluene, 4133 
Tille thre stalis ware stroyede be strcnghe of hyme one ! 
" Idrous," quod Arthure, "ayre the by-houes [ 
I see sir Ewayne ouer-sette with Sarazenes kene ! 4136 
I,'edy the for rescows, arraye thee sorte ! 
Hye the wittt hardy mene in helpe of thy ffadire ! 
Sett in one the syde, and socoure 3one lordes ; 
Bot they be socourrcde and sownde, vnsawghte be I 
neuer !" 4140 
Idrous hyme ansuers ernestly/hare-aftyre,-- 
" He es my fadire in faithe, for-sake salle I neuer, 
][e has me fosterde and feddê, and my faire Lretherene, 
Bot I for-sake this gate, so me Gode he]pe, 4144 
And sothe]y aile sybredyne bot thy selle one ; 
I breke neuer his biddynge for beryne one lyre, 
Dot euer bouxvme as beste blethely to wyrke ! 
He commande me kyndly, with knyghtly wordes, 4148 
That I schulde lelely one the lenge, and one noo lede elles; 
I salle hys commandement holde, ]if Criste wil me thole ! 
He es eldare thane I, and ende salle we bothêne ; 
He salle ferkke be-fore, and I salle corne aftyre : 4152 
3iffe hyme be destaynede to dy to-daye one this erthe, 
Criste comly with erowne take kepe to hys saule ! " 
han renays the riche kynge with rewthe at his bette, 
l:Iewys hys handys one heghte, and to tlce heuene 
lokes,-- 4156 
"Qwythene hade Dryghttyne destaynedeat his derewille, 



That he hade dcmyd me to-daye fo dy for 3ow aile ! 
That had I leuer than be lorde aile my lyfe tyme, 4159 
Off alle that Alexandere aughte qwhilles he in erthe 
Sir Ewayne and sir Errake, f/tes excellente beryr% sir 
Sir Errak per- 
Ente ilt one t]e oste, and egerly stryk ; 4162 
of valour foro 
The ethenys of Orkkenaye and Irischo kyng, they are over- 
Thay gobone of/be ctese with dene swerd, 
ttew ont th hulkes with theim harde wapyns, 
Laycd downe th ledes with lothcly d3mttys ; 4166 
Schdim and schchlys thay schrcde fo the hawnchcs, 
And medl,.s thourgho mayles thay merkene in sondire  
Siche honoure ncuer aughte none ehely 
Af thcire emlyng daye, bot Ahure hyme seluenc ! 
So lh e droughte of he daye dryede theire hecs, 4171 
That bothc drynkles thcy dye, d,,le was the more  
Now mellys oure mcdille-wardc, and mengene to-gcdire. he «e,t or- 
thur's my en- 
Sir M,,rdrcde the Malcbranche with h mychc poplc, 
bn watçhing 
]Ie had hide hyme bc-hmde wi[h- [has boite eynys, the 
prepang to 
Vih halle batae on herbe, harme  the more [ 41î6 ckthekhg. 
]l hade sene/be conteke al elee fo the ede, 
]Iow oe cheualrye cheuyde b chaunces of armoe [ 
]Ie wiste oure foe w for-fough[[ee, tho Hmre w 
feye leuede ; 
To encotere the kynge he cas he sorte, 4180 
]«t the churles chekyne hade chaungyde ls aes ; t 
changes his as 
Ho had sothely for-sakene the sawtoe engœelede, t .¢ h,- 
And laugh[e vpe thre lyons aUe of whitte si]u, 
l'assande in purpre of peie full,, riche, 4184 
tl,r thc kynge sde noghte kwe the caelous xche  
Be-causc of h coways he kte of his atyre ; 
]lot the comche kyng knewe hym fie swythe, 
Karpis to sir Cadom thes k)mdly wordcz, 4188 point, him out 
Io Sir çador. 
"I see the traytoure corne ondyr trynande fidle jerne ; 
,me ladde wlth the lyon es le to hyme selfe  
IIym salle t.orfcre be-tydc, may I touche ones, 4191 

Arthur wishes 
that he might die 
instead of hil 

fleaf 97] 
bim at once, and 


The two foEmou 
swo«ls, Clarent 
and Caliburn. 
shall this day be 
tried one agaist 
the other. 

Sir Marrik fights 
xvith b|odred 
and ie fiȣd to 

fol' Sir Marrik 
,cas marred with 
old ige. 

ffor alle his tresone and trayne, ails I ara trcw lorde ! 
To-day Clarente and Caliburnc salie kythe theme to-gedirs, 
Vhilke es kenee of kerfe, or hardare of eghge ! 
ffraiste salle we fyne stele appone fyne wedis. 4195 
Itt was my derlynge dayntcuous, and fulle dere holdene, 
Kepcde fore encorownmentes of kynges enoynttcde, 
One daycs when I dubbyde dukkes and erlles ; 
It was burliche borne be lhe bryghte hiltcs ; 
I durste neuer dcre it in dedis of armes, 4200 
Bot euer kepide dene, be-cause of my sduene. 
ffor I see C]arent vn-clede, that crownc es of swerdcs, 
hIy wardrop of "Wal3mgfordhe I wate es distroyede ; 
Wist no wy of wone bot AVaynor hir seluene, 4204 
Scho hade the kepynge hir selfe of that kydde wapyne, 
(pif cofres enclosede that to the crome Icngedc, 
With rynges and relikkes, and the regale of ffraunce, 
That was ffowndene one sir ffrolle, whcne he was feye 
lcuyde." 4208 
Tlmn sir Marrike in malyncoly mctys hym sone, 
With a mellyd mace myghtyly hym strykes ; 
The bordoure of his bacenett he bristes in sondirc, 
That the schire rede blode ouer his brene rynnys ! 4212 
Thc beryne blenkes for balc, and aile his ble chaungcs, 
Bot itt he byddys as a bore, and brymly ho strykes ! 
]Ie braydcs owte a brande bryghte als euer ony syluer, 
That was sir Arthure awcne, and Vtcre his fadirs, 4216 
In the wardrop of Walyngfordhe was wontc fo bc kepcdc; 
Thare-with the derfe dogge syche dynttes he rechedc, 
The tother with-drewe one dreghe and dttrste do none 
ot/,er ; 
ffor sir Marrake was mane merrede in elde, 4220 
And sir Mordrede was myghty, and [in] his moste 
strenghis ; 
Corne none with-in the comp.% knyghte ne none other, 
With-in the swyng of swerde, that nc he the swete leuyd. 
That persayfes oure prynce, and presses to faste, 4224 

Strykes in-fo the 8towre by 8trenghe of hys hanis ; 
way to lodred, 
]ffetis with sir Iordrede, he melis vn-faire,-- 
"Turne, traytoure v-trewe, te tydys no bettTe ; 4227 an« 
Be gret Gode, thow salle dy witb dy-nt of my handys ! 
The schalle rescowe no renke ne reches in erthe !" 
The kyng with Calaburne knyghtly hym strykes, «n hs strike 
him with Cali- 
The cantelle of the clerc schelde he kerfes la sondyre, b, 
through hi 
In-to the schuldyre of fhe schalke a schaftmonde large, «ldtbe houlder.and into 
That the schire rede blode schwede one the maylys ! 
He schodirde and schrenkys, and schontes bott lyttille, 
Bott schokkes in scharpely in his schene wcdys ; 4235 
The ffelonne with the ffyne swerde freschely he strykes, r. to 
wde4, tke 
The ffclettes of the fferrere syde he flassches in sondyre, Arth, and giv«s 
him a terrible 
wound in the 
Thorowe jopowne and jesserawnte of gentille mai]es ! 
The freke fich.ede i tire flesche an halïe forte large ; 
That derfc dynt was his dede, and dole was the more 
That euer that doughtty sulde dy, bot at Dryghttyns 
wylle ! 4241 
itt with Calyburne his swerde, fulle knyghttly he nhra, C- 
burn cuts off the 
stD.kes, sword-hand of 
Kastes ine his clere schelde, and coueres hym fulle faire; 
Swappes of the swerde bande, a] he by glente, 4244 
Arme inche fro the elbowe, he ochede if in sordyre, 
That he swounnes one the swarthe,  ard one swm fallis; 
Thorowe bracer  of browne stele, and tle bD-ghte mayles, 
That the hilte and the bande appone the hethe ligges ! 
Thane frescheliche the freke the flnte vpe rererys, 
Brochis hym in with the bronde fo tle bryghte hi]tys, « i««« h]m 
"with hi sworL 
And he bmwles one the bronde, and bownes to dye. 
" In faye," says te feye kynge, "sore me for-thyakkes  
tha hi eod 
That euer iche a fa[se theefe o faire an ende haues." t o f« . 
Qwene they had ffenyste t/ris feghte, thane was the felde 
wonnene, 4254 
And the false folke in the fehle feye are by-leuede ! 
Tille a fforeste they fledde, and felle in the greuys, 
 IIS. swrathe. 2 MS. brater. 


are defeated and 

Arthur nds the 
dead bodies of I 

]:[e $wo01$ for 

and bit terly 
rieves over 

[leaf 98] 

'ow he may 
weep and wring 
his hands, for Ide 
worship is gone 
for ever. 


And fers feghtande folke folowes theme aftyre ; 
I-Iow-ntes and hewes downe the heythene tykes, 
Iourthe .rys in the moxrntaygnes sir Mordrede knyghtes 
Thare chapyde neucr no childe, cheftayne ne otIer, 
Bot choppes theme downe in the chace, it chargys bot 
littylle ! 4261 
ot whene sir Arthure anche sir Ewayne he fyndys, 
And Errake ttre auena»nt, and other grett lordes, 
tIe kawghte vp sir Cador witti care at his herte, 
Sir ClegSs, sir Cleremonde, tiges clere mene of armes, 
Sir Lothe, and sir Lyonelle, sir Lawnceh)tt, and Lowes, 
Iarrake and 3Ieneduke, t/rat myghty ware euer; 4267 
Vitli langoure in the launde thare he layes theme to- 
Lokede one theyre lighames, and witI a lowde steuene, 
Al-ls lede t/rat liste noghte lyfe and loste had his myrthis 
Than he stotays for ruade, and alle his strenghe faylz, 
Lokes vpe to tIe lyfte, and alle his lyre chaunges, 4272 
I)ownne he sweys fulle swythe, and in a swoune 
Vpe he coueris one kneys, and kryes fulle oftene,-- 
"Kng comly with crowne, in care ara I leuyde 
Alle my lordchipe lawe in lande es layde vn,lyre ! 4276 
That me has gyfene gwerdones, be grace of hym seluene, 
5Iayntenyde rny rnanhede be mygbte of tbeire bande.% 
:Made me manly one mohle, and mayster in erthe ; 
In a tenefulle ty-me this torfere was rereryde, 420 
That for a tmytoure bas tynte alle my trewe lordys 
Here rystys the riche blude of the Rownde Table, 
Rebukkede witI a rebawde, and rewthe es the more 
I may helples one hettie bouse be myne one, 4284 
AHs a wafulle wedowe tiat wanttes hir beryne 
I may werye and wepe, and wrynge myne handys, 
flot rny wytt and my wyrchipe awaye es for euer 
Off alle lordchips I take leue to myne ende ! 4288 
Here es he Bretones blode broughte owt of lyfe, 
And nowe/n tlris jom'nee alle my joy endys !" 

Thane relyes the renkes of alle thc wndc Tale, 
To the ryalle roy thay ride tham ae 
hi men rall 
Than oembles furie sonne seuene score knyghtes, d him. 
In sighte to/haire souera3e, that w ode leuede; 
Than elis the crownede kynge, and kry nue lowde, 
" I thanke the, Gode, of thy grace, with a d e 
That gafe vs verrue and àtt to vencows th becs ; 
And vs h atede the ee of thcis et lord 
He sent vs neuer no schame, ne schenchipe in erthe, 
Bot eucr it tho ouer-hande of alle other kynges : 4300 
We hafe no layserc now these lordys to seke, 
ffor onc laythely ladde me lamede so sore 
Graythe vs to Glaschenbery, vs ga noue other 
ten  Glton- 
are we may D'ste vs with roo, and muake oe wondys. 
Of th dere day werko, the DDhne be louede, 4305 
That vs h desedeand demyd to dye  oe awene." 
ane they holde ai 16s hcste haHy af nues, 
And gmythes to Glasschenberye lice gare at he gayneste; 
Entres the Ile of Aueloyne, and .thure he lyghttes, 
hlcrk to a manere there, for myghte he no forthire : 
A sg)e  of SMcrno enoerch his wonde, 4311 
The kyng secs be aye hat soxde bese he neuer, 
And soue to Ms sekire mene he said the woles, 
"Don carie me a confeour, wit Crête in 
a confeaaor. 
I ville be howselde in hase, wate happe so be-tyddys 
Constantyne my cosyne he e the coroxe bere, 4316 
AHs be-commysh) of k)de, ffc Ctewe h) thole 
Beryne, fore my benysone, thowe berye one lordys, 
That in baytae th brondcz are broghte owte of lffe; 
d sythene merke may to Mordrede chilene, 4320 
That they bec sleyghely sla)e, and slongene  wat); 
Latt no wykkyde wede waxe, ne xwythe nue tMs erthe 
I wame fore thy whipe, 5rke as I bydde 
I fore-gyffe aile effe, for Cristez lufe of heuen  4324 
ife Vaor hafe wele oeoghte, wcle h be-tydde " 
t MS. usne. 

He thanks Goal 
for the victory, 
and all the glory 
v, hieh he and 
knights hl won. 

He alppoints Con- 
ttalltl ile, 
kinsman, hi heir. 

He orders 3fo- 
dred's children to 
be dain. and 
shlng in waters. 

"If Guitaever 
bave well 
wrourht, well ber 

He enters the 
]sle of Avelon 
and is taken to 
mannr there ; for 
he conld go no 
further. A sur- 
geon examines 
hie wounds. 


Great mourning 
ws rnade at 

Thls was the end 
of Arthur of the 
blood of Hector 
and of Priamus 
of Troy. 

He saide In manus with mayneonemoldewharehe ligges, 
And thus passes his speTt , and spekes he no more ! 
Tire baronage of Bretayne thane, bechopes and othire, 
GroEvthes theme to Glaschenbery with gloppynnande 
To bery thare the bolde kynge, and brynge to the erthe, 
With alle wirchipe and welhe that any wy scholde. 
Throly belles thay rynge, and Requiem syngys, 4332 
]:)osse messes and mat)ms with mournande notes : 
lelygeous reueste in theire riche copes, 
Pontyficalles and prelates in precyouse wedys, 
Dakes and dusszeperis in theire du]e-cotes, 4336 
Cowntasses knelande and claspande theire bandes, 
Ladys languessande and lowrande to schewe ; 
Aile was buskede in blake, birdes and othirc, 
That schewede af the sepu]ture, with sylande teris ; 
"Whas neuer so sorowfu]le a syghte seene in theixe tyme ! 
Thus endis kyng Arthure, as auctors alegges, 4342 
That was of Ectores blude, the kynge sone of Troye, 
And of sir Pryamous, the prynce, praysede in erthe ; 
ffm thethene  broghtc the :Bretons aile his bolde eldyrs 
In-to Bretayne the brode, as the Bruytte tellys. 4346 
et c'. explicit. 

Hic jacet Arthurus, rex q[u]odam rex 9ue futurus. 

] Or thythene. 




Absolone, 2868. 
Achinour, 1824. 
Acres, 903, Acre. 
Affrike, 574, Affryke, 1869, Au- 
frike, 2607, Awfrike, 3933, dfica. 
Akyne, 496, Aix-la-67al»elle. 
Aladuke, 1739, Alidoyko of 
Towelle, 1916, Alyduke, 1824. 
Alexander, 2634, Alcxandere, 
3408, 4160, Alexandire, 2602, 
Alexandere, 0.607, Alysaundyre, 
57"2, Alexa'ndria. 
Algere, 2837, 2847. 
Alidoyke. See Aladuke. 
Almaygne, 3596, Alma.vne, 45, 
496, 555, 618, '2387, 3"210, Ger- 
Alyduko. See Aladuke. 
Alymere, 4078. 
Alysaundyre. ,See Alexandere. 
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Ambyganye, 572. 
Antele, 2829, 2837. 
Anyone, 42, Aniane (in t'rance). 
Araby, 1175, Arraby, 576, Ara- 
Argayle, 4123, Argyle. 
Arthur, 26, 496, Arthuxe, 172, 
288, 305, 70, &c. 
Askanore, 1739. 

Asye, 574, Asia. 
Aueloyne, lle of, 4309, Isle of 
Aufrike. See Affrike. 
Aungers, 288. 
Awguste, 1967, Augsbur,j. Lat? 
ttgula tïadelicorum. 

Babyloyne, 586, Babylon. 
Baldake, 586, Bagdad. 
Bareflete, 629, 1182, 1223, ]3ar- 
flete, 835, Bar.fleur. Lat. IJaro- 
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]3awdewyne, 277, ]3awdw) ne, 
1606, 2384. 
Bayone, 38, 2379, Bayonne. 
:13ayous, 587. 
Bedvere, 893, 1170, Bedwar, 
2384, Bedwere, 116`2, 126, 1606, 
174, 2"238, 2379. 
Bedwyne, 1408. lrgbably a 
mistake for l?edwere. 
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Berelle, 1605, 1775, 1914, 
Berille, 126, 1771, Berylle, 
I3ernarde, Mounte, 566. 
Boice, 1263, 1426, 1433, 1456, 

130 INDF_.X Or IaMES. 

Boyce, 14S3, 1485, 1605» Boys, 
Borghte, 1698. A mlstako for 
Boyce, :Boys. ,ee Ioice. 
Brabane, 36, Brabant. 
Bremyae, 277. 
:Bretyae, 2095, 2330, 2362, &e., 
Bretayane, 3519. Bretavne the 
brade, 106, B. the brode, 3579, 
4B46, B. lhe braddere, 55, 1699, 
B. the more, 1018, Britain. 
Bretayne, 852, B. the lesse, 36, 
B. the l:ytt]]e, 304, Brittany. 
:Bretones, 101 l, 1484,1617, 411 l, 
Bretons. 1403, 14o7, Bretouns, 
1348, Bretowns, 4104, BritoJ. 
Bretowne, »ff., 3508. 
:Brut, 1695, Brutus. 
]ruytte, the, 4346, the Brute. 
:Bryane, 1606. 
]urdeux, 38, Bordeaux. 
Burgoyne, 36, 1018, 1241, 2383, 

Cador, 247, 1718, 1724, 177ï, 
&c., Cadore, 481,160, 1637,1707, 
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Caerlyone, 61, Karelyone, 3916, 
KarIyone, 351, Caerleon. 
Calaburne, 4230, Caliburne, 
4193, Calyburne, 4"4., Caliburn, 
Arthur's sword. 
Came, 2380, 2385. 
Capados, 580, Cappadocia. 
Capatoylle, the, 2353, Capitoile, 
280, Capytoile, 96, the Capilol. 
Cardyfe, 2498, Card;ff. 
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Catrike, 482. • 
Ca)me, 1311, Caln. 
Cayous, 156, 209, 892, 1864, 

1997, Kayous, 115, 1193, $157, 
&c., Ay, Arthur's chief butler. 
Chartris, 1619, Chartres. 
Chastelayne, 2952, Chasteleynne, 
Cheldrike, 2954. 
Chestyre, 3914, Chester. 
Childrike, 3537. 
Christofre, 2390. 
Clarent, 42(}2, Clarente, 4193, 
Arthur's best sword. 
Clarybalde, 2497. 
Clarymownde, 2497. See Clere- 
Clegis, 1604, 1638, 1649, 1671, 
&c., Clegys, 169"2, 3635. 
Clemente, 1828. 
Cleremonde, 1603, 4265, Clcre- 
mownde, 3635, Cleremownnde, 
Cleremus, 1603, 1638. 
Clowdmur, 1604. 
Clyme, the close of, 1639. 
Collbrande, 2123, 2201, one of 
Arthur's swords, perhaps  Cali- 
Colome, 623. 
Combe, 3110, 3128, 3149, Como. 
Constantyne, 282, an emperour 
of Rome 
Constantyne, 4316, Arthur's hoir. 
Constantyne, 628, 848, Costan- 
tyne, 373 Constantyne landez, 
Cordewa, 1866, Cordoca. 
Cornett, 600, Cornette, 1909, 
Cornewai]e, 1848, 2002, 2262, 
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walle, 1637, Cornewayle, 47,1777, 
Kornewayle, 4054, CornwalL 
Craddoke, 3511, 3517, Cradoke, 

lxD.x oF N,s. 131 

Crasyne, cowntas of, 3045. 
Creette, 200, Crete, 204, 580. 
Crist, 136, 467, 482, &e., Criste, 
2"27, 255, 296, &c., Cryste, 257, 
308, 3 t6, &e., Christ. 
Cyrus. ,Sec Cirquytrio in Glos- 
Cyprys, 596, Cyprus. 

I)amaske, 578, Damascus. 
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I)anamarke, 3936, Danemarke, 
3752, 3783, Danmarke, 46, 
Danamarkes, 3610, Danmarkes, 
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Danuby, 622, the Danube. 
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I)orsett, 4052. 
I)ouere, 3066. 
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2030, 2101, 2653, 283, Germans. 

:Ector, 2603, 2635, 3409, 4343, 
Egipt, 576, 2200. 
:Elamet, 575. 
Ermonye, 573, Armenia. See 
The Romans of Partenay. ll. 1637, 
531, 537"2, &e. ; where itis spelt 
:Ermyngalle, 1825. 
Errake, 4075, 4161, 4263. 
Eruge, 42. 
Esexo, 1740, ssez. 
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:Ewandre, 1868, Ewandyre, 1622, 
Ewaynedyre, 1904:. 
Ewayne, 357, 1572, 3973, 4075, 
&e., Ewayne f.vtz Henry, 1558, 

Ewane fytz V .ryence, 337, Ewayno 
fytz Vriene, 2066. 
Ewfrates, 573, Evphrates. 
Ewrope, 574. 

Famacoste, 2761, F«m.ægosta in 
Cyprus. 8ee The Romans of Par- 
tenay, l. 1299, and Mr 8keat's note 
Federike, 2899. 
Feltemour, 1382. 
Feraunt, 2760, 2765, Ferawnt, 
30-L Ferawnte, 2'-).1. 
Ferrer, 2421, Ferrere, 2432. 
ff. Names be#nning with ff are 
entered under single F. 
Flaundres, 495, Flaundrez, 34, 
49, Flawndresche, 3597, Flandars. 
Florent, 2735, 2762, 2764, 2797, 
&e., Florente, 21:$3, 27-29. 
Fl,rent, 2232, Lucius's sword. 
Floridas, 2755, 2778, 2780, 2803, 
3018, 311"2, Florydas, 2490. 
Forawnt, 2490. 12ead Ferau'nt. 
France, 2365, Fraunce, 34, 11o, 
367, 435, &e. 
Fraunehe-mene, 2484, Frencl- 
Fres, 3864. 
Freselannd, 110, Friselan,le, 367, 
Frysclande, 2765, Friedand. 
Froderike, 3864. 
Froille, 340, Frolle, 3345, 4208, 
Fryselande. Se. Freselarmd. 

Galelé, 592, Galilee. 
Galuth, 1387, 1470, 3709, Ga- 
lutlae, 2558, Gawayne's swerd. 
Galyrane, 3636. 
Galys londe, 3862, lldes. 
Garyere, 592. 
Gawayne, 1265, 1352,1368, 2218, 



&c. Gawaynne, 2979, 3860, Ga- 
weayne, 1463, Gaywayne, 233, 
Wawayne, 964, 130.2, 134.2, 1743, 
2953, Arthur's nephew. 
Gaynour, 84, 705, Vaynor, 3904, 
4)04, 43"25, Waynore, 3550, 3575, 
Waynour, 233, 65"2, 657, 697, 
thur's wife. 
Gayous, 1846, 1385, uncle of 
Geene, 559, 843, 863, Germe, 
2S97, Iene, 2SS9, 2909, Genoa. 
Gerarde, 2896. 
Gernaide, 2943, Granada. 
Gernesay, 3861, Guernsey. 
Gerone, 863. 
Geryne, 3708. 
Glamorgane, 59. 
Glamour, 3862. 
Glaschenbery, 4303, 4329, Glas- 
schenberye, 4308, Giastonbu. 
Godarde, 562, 2655, Goddarde, 
3104, ]Iount Goddarde, 497, 
.MouM Sg Gothard. 
Godïrayë, 3430. 
Golapas, 2124. 
Golyas, 3419, Goliath. 
Gothelande, 37, Gutlande, 3763. 
Gowere, 3861. 
Greee, 37, 1000, Greke, 1463, 
Grekes, 602. 
Grckkes See, 594, the eastern 
part of the Mediterranean. 
Grisswolde, 3708. 
Gryme, 1265. 
Gutlande. See Gothelande. 
Gyane, 37, Guienne. 

Hamptone, 3031, ,Southamloton.. 
tIarlelfe, 1741, Hardolïe, 2974, 
llawyke, 3541. 

ttenawde, 35, Hainault. 
Henguste, 3545, Hengist. 
Herygalle, 1742. 
tIerylle, 1742. 
Hillary, 625. 
Holaund, 35, Holland. 
Hors, 3545, Horsa. 
tIowelle, 1180, 1741, 3583. 
tIumbyre, 3541. 

Iaffe, Porte, 1520, 1544, 2039, 
Ja.ffa, lhe ancient Joplm. 
Idirous, 4078, Idrous, 4135, 4141. 
Idrus, 1439, 1510» Idrus fitz 
Ewayne, 1490, 1498. 
Iene. See Geene. 
Ienitalle, 2112. 
Ierante, 2890. 
Ierusalem, 3415, 3433. 
Iewe, 2895. 
Ihesu, 863, Jesus. 
Inde, 573, I»dia. 
Inglande, 1412, 2359, 3500, 3685, 
Ynglande, 2S3, 710, 724. 
Ioatalle, 2877. 
Iolyan, 2889. 
Ioneke, 1739, 1868, 1905. 
Iosephate, va]e of, 2876. 
Iosue, 2605, 3414, Joshua. 
Irelande, 31, 2359, 3534, 3909. 
Irritayne, 575. 
Iudas, 2605, 3412, Judas Iacca- 
Iulius Cesar, 115, Iulyus Cesar% 
Iulyus, 2877. 

Karelyon% Karlyone. See Caer- 
Karolus, 3423, Charlemagne. 
Kayone, 2380, a miztake for 


Kayous, caased by the word Bayone 
in the line belote. 
]{ayous. See Cayous. 
Kentt, 3542. 
Kornewayle. Sec Cornewai]e. 

Lancelott, 1720, Launcelot, 2073, 
Launcelott, 368, Launeelotte, 199, 
Lawncelot de Lake, 3638, Lawnce- 
lott, 4266. 
Lebe, 1767, 1781, 1803, 1817, 
1827, 1900. 
Lco, 1971. 
Lettow, 605, Lettowe, 2167, 
3784, LithuaMa. 
Lewlyne, 1826. 
:Londone, 248. 
Lorayne, 350, 1460, 2398, &c. 
Lorrayne, 4-09, 2418, £531, &c. 
Loti], 2081, 3637, Lothe, 4266, 
Lott, 1999. 
Lottez, 382. 
Lowelle, 1516. 
Lowcs, 4266. 
Lucerne, 3094. 
Lucius, 128, 251, 383, &c. Lu- 
cyus, 23, Lucius Iberius, 86. 
Lumbarddye, 3108, 3594, Lum- 
bardye, 2406, 2654, 2997, 3585, 
Lumberddye, 498, Lumberdye, 
135, 350, 429, 19ï2, Lombardy. 
Lasscheburghe, 2388, Luxemburg. 
Lyonelle, 1516, 2227, 3637, 4266. 

[acedone, 603. 
]Iakabee, 3413. 
][arie, 2869, 3998, 4041. 
:Marrake, 4220, 4:267, ]larrike, 
4209, ][errake, 4077. 
][arschalle de 3[owne, ] 397. 
Mawrelle of Mauncez, 1918. 
3[awrene, 1918. 
Mces, 2950, lIeyes, 2417, M«tz. 

Melane, 3134, 3144, 5[cloyne, 
351, 4-28, Milan. 
lIeneduke, 4077, 4267, ][. of 
Mentoche, 1919. 
][errake. Sec l[arrake. 
][essie, 3998, Mcssiah. 
][eyes. Sec [ees. 
Mighelle, Saynt, 940, Seynt M., 
1069, Myghclle, 1166, A't Miclad. 
Mighelle 5I,)unt, Seynt, 899, ,St 
licltaef  J[ouM. 
Iodrede, 679, 3555, 3569, 3766, 
3772, 3840, Mordrede, 65, ïl l, 
3574, 42-21, 4-2"26, &c. ]Iordred¢ 
the Malebranehe, 406-2, 4174. 
Mownttagus, 3773. 
Myghelle. A'ee Mighelle. 

Nauerne, 44, z'aca'e. 
/qazarethe, 591. 
'ormandye, 834, :h'ormaundye, 
:Norwaye, 4, 3935. 
:h'ylus, 591, the Aïle. 

Orcage, 572. 
Orgaile, 3534, 3934, Orgayle, 30. 
Origge, 18.°5. 
Orkenay, 30, Orekenay, 3934, 
Orkkenaye, 4163, Ork«ey. 
Owghtreth, 234. 

Pamphile, 588, Pam,hill«. 
Paradice, 2706, l'aradyse, 2039. 
Paresche, 1340, 1888, 2647» 
Parys, 1609. 1631, Par/,. 
Paule, 2413. 
Pavy, 3141, Pavye, 568, Pacia. 
Pawnce, 3140. 
Peghttes, 4125, Peyghtes, 3533, 
Perce, 588, 1520, Perse, 1377, 
154, Perda. 


lëter, 2413, 2724, 2883, Petite, 
2656, Petyr, 1"256, the apostle. 
Peter, 1476, 1519, 1631, Petir, 
1610, Petire, 1553, l%tyr, 1519, a 
lttyrsande, 352. 
leyghtes. See Peghttes. 
l%yters, 40, Poictiers. 
l%rte Iaffe. See laffe. 
l%rtyngale, 1028, Portugal. 
l%unte Tremble, 327, 352, 
Pownte T., 3140. 
lreter Iolme, 588, PresSer Joln. 
lrewssland¢, 2788, lruyslande, 
605, 2S35, Prussia. 
lriamous, 2698, 2î24, 2811, 
2836, 2916, Priamus, 2595, 2656, 
2690, Gawayne's prisoner. 
lrouynce, 40, Provynce, 2647, 
:Pruyslande. A'ee Prewsslande. 
Pryamous, 4344, Priam. 
Pulle, 604, Apulia. 
Pys, 352, Pyse, 3141, Pisa. 
awlaunde, 1607, owlande, 
:Raynalde, 1607, 1995, Raynallde, 
-,aynalde of the ]odes, 2785. 
eone. 8ee Rone. 
eynes, 853. 
icheere, 1745, Richere, 1607, 
1995, 2î99. 
Romayne, 310, 1704, 1733, Ro- 
r#an; pl. Romaynes, 120, 175, 
2"21, &c. lomaynez, 1761, 1877, 
&c. lomayns, 1"291, 1361, &c. 
ome, 23, 80, 86, 93, &c. 
one, 1338, eone (| P, oone), 
oodes, 597, l?hodes. 
]owlande, 1745. 
owne, 1996,/?onen. 

Salarne, 2586, Salerne, 4311, 
Sandewyche, 447, Sandwyche, 
490, 635, '20. 
Sarazene, 2277, Saracen ; pl. 
8arazenes, 6"4. 1856, 1911, &c. 
Sarazenez, 1960, Sarezenes, 599, 
607, Sarzanez, 1854, Sarz5nes , 
Satanase, 3812, Satan. 
Sayne, 1336, Seine. 
Scottlande, 32, 292. 
Seamoure, 1871. 
Sessoyne, 1977, 2657, 2907, 
Sexone, 1964, Saxons/. 
Sessoynes, 3530, Saxons. 
Sexone. See Sessoyne. 
Sextenour, 1700, Sextynour of 
Lby, 16"25. 
Soone, 2482, Saone. 
Sotere. See Sutere. 
Southamptone, 3546. 
Spanyolis, 3700, A'paniards. 
Spayne, 999, 3162. 
Spolett, 3161, Spoleto. 
Spruyslande, 3162. 
Surgenale, 3532. 
Surry, 608, 1687, 1844, &c. 
Surrye, 590, lfi2fi, 3312, Sury- 
lande, 2657, Syria. 
Sutere, 1627, 1910, Sotere, 1871 
Suters (?), 501. 
Swaldye, 57. 
Swetherwyke, 47. 
Swyane of Swecy, 2958. 
Swynne, 47. 

Tambire, 3902, Tamar. 
Tartary, 582. 
Thebay, 583. 
Tholus, 39, Tolouse, 1567, Tou- 
Towelle, 1916. 


]?reyntis, (|) 4056. 
Troye, 887, 1696, 2603, 2635, 
09, 443. 
Troys, 1629, Troyes. 
Turkayne, 2408..Read Tuskayne. 
Turky, 582, Turkey. 
Turkys, 1917, T«rks. 
Turoyne, 39, Tauraine. 
Turry, 234. 
Tuschayne, 431, Tuskane, 3150, 
Tuskayne, 3"28, 99, 3586, 3593, 

Valence, 41. 
Valewnce, Viscowntc of, 2047. 
Valyant, 2064, V. of Vyleris, 
Venyce, 204, Venyse, 2025. 
Vertennone vale, 3169. 
Viterbe, 326, 353, 2025, 2048, 
3164, Fiterbo. 
Vnwyne, 2868. 
Vryello, 1744. 
Vryenee. ,See ]wayne. 
Vter, 29, Vterc, 521, 1310, 4216, 
Arthur's father. 

Vtere, 1904, mistake f,,r Vtolfe (?). 
Vtolf% 1622, 1868. 
Vyenne, 4], Vienne (in 5"ance). 

Vade, 964. 
Walchere, 2680. 
Wales, 33, 56,Walis, 2890,Vest 
Walys, 3"2"2. 
Valschelandc, 334, IVales. 
Valtyre, 2495. 
Valyngf,»r,lhe, 4203, 4217. 
Vatlyng-strctte, 450, ]l;dllng- 
Wawayne. ,S'ee Gawayne. 
Waynor, Waynore, Waynour. 
5e Gaynour. 
Veeharde, 2495. 
Westfale, 2826, Vestuale, 2656, 
Westwale, 6"21, IIMpkalia. 
Whyeher, 2678, Wyehere, 2680, 
Vyghte, 334, the Lde of Wight. 
Wynchestre, 4011. 

Ynglande. ,See Inglande. 

orke, 636, 3911, Yor/: 



A, conj. and, 2522. 2797. 
A, int. ah ! 320, 1671, 1791. 
Abaischit% p.p. abashcd, 255. 
Abaiste, Abayste, p.p. cast down, 
1t"23, 3737. 
Abbayes, s. pl. abbeys, 3403. 
Abillere, adj. comp. abler, 2635. 
Abouen, 903, 904, Abouenn, 564, 
Abouue, Sll, Abowene, 823, 
Abowne, 2060, Abweue, 7î5, prep. 
ad adv. above. A.S. abufan. 
Accorde, P. agree, 344; p.p. ac- 
eordide, 3133. 
Accountes, v. 3 ,. reckons, 1102 ; 
1 . acounte, makc aeeolmt of, earc 
for, 405 ; if. acownt, tell, 3929. 
Actone, s. acton, 902, 3457 ; pi. 
aketouns, 26.26. 
Affraye, s. fright, terror, 3226. 
Affrayede, v. pmi. ïrightened, 
204; p.p. affrayede, 2256. 
Ai'tire, Aft)7, Aftyre, after, 64, 
8"2, &c. 
Agaste, adj. aght, afraid, 242, 
&gayne, Agaynes, Agaynez, 
Aay, rep. against, tovards, 77 t, 
1-26S, 26Sl. 
Agayne-stande, v. resist, 3îSî; 
pl. a.ayne-stondes, 3126. 
Ajournede, p.p. adjoltrned, put 
off, 3 t0. 

Ajuggede, p.p. judged, deemed, 
862, 1658, 3411, 4110. 
Ake, s. oak, 1096. A.S. tic. 
Akere, s. acre, 3849. 
Aketouns. ,Se* Actone. 
Alde, 13, 986, Awlde, 279, adj. 
Alegges, v. 1,1. allege, 4342. 
A_let, s. ailette» houlder-plate, 
Alfyne, s. 1343, a terre of re- 
proach; it literall means the 
in chess. See romptarim -Par- 
Algarde, s. a kind of wine, 202. 
Alkyne, Alkyns, adj. of every 
kind, 9"28, lî30, 3"244. 
Allblawsters, s. pl. crossbow-men, 
Alle-weldand. 'ee Alweldande. 
Allone, adj. alone, on]y, 54 l, 2312. 
Allossede, p.p. renomed, esteenx- 
ed, 3881. 
All.. ,ee Als. 
Alofede. Itead Alosede, 
praised, renowned, 15. 
Alouer, ade. all over, 2027. 
Alowe, v. praise, 1036 ; 3 s. alowes, 
Als, Alls, conj. as, 815, 1701, 
19S9, 1590; also. 119. 

OLOSS.ma_L tXVZX. 137 

Alweldande, 397, Alle-weldand, 
1059, adj. all-ruling, all-powerfuL 
Alynes, s. 1»1. aliens, 4061. 
Amange, prep. among, 4037; 
ad». at rimes, sometinaes, 1238. 
Ame = ara, 2606, 2642, &c. 
Amede, ].p. estimated, 4068. 
"Aësmer, aasmer, aenaer, aunaer, 
casmer : Juger, estimer, comparer, 
croire, penser, ître d'avis."--It- 
que.fort. Lat. oestimare. 
Ancestres, Auncestres, s. pl. an- 
cestors, 276, 5'2-1, 1310. 
And ---an, if, 134, 339, 1023. 
Ane, adj. an, a, 1079, 1148, 1661. 
Ancly, Anly, adv. only, alone, 98, 
1499, 1981. 
Anentis, 1»'op. against, 2568. 
Anes, adv. once, 360. ,qee Ones. 
Angcrde, p4». angered, any, 265, 
1'J35, 1957. 
Angers, impers, r. [e angers  I 
ana angry, 1665, 2838, 
Ankkere, s. anchor, 3601; 
ankers, 740, ankyrs, 495. 
Anlace, s. a sort of dagger, 1148. 
"Besides the dagger, Chaucer, in 
]mis Canterbury Tales, naentions the 
anelace, which was broad bladed, 
but lessening frona the hilt fo a 
sharp point, and having a sharp 
edge on each side." Meyrick, Cri- 
tieal Inquir#into Antient rraottr, 
vol. ii. p. 100. 
Auly. A'ee Anely. 
Anone, adr. anon, soon, 2716. 
Ansuere, v. answer, 98, 306; 
]greL answarde, 288. 
Ansuere, s. answer, 1324. 
Anter. See Awnter. 
Anterous, adj. adventurous, bold, 
Apas, ade. with measured step, 
Apone, 195, Appone, 262, Ap- 
ponne, 4000, ivrel, upon. 

Appairelles, v. pl. apparel, dress, 
500; p.p. appayrellde, 2t61. 
Apparant, Apparaunt, adj. appa- 
rent, 19t4, 2606. 
Apparaylle, s. apparel, 3365. 
Appertc, adj. open, 688. 
Appertly, 1478, Appertlychc, 
569, adv. openly. 
Appone. ,See Apone. 
Approches, r«fl v. oe/. draw near, 
Af, Are, adv. " conj. before, 254, 
Arase, v. snatch away, 4098. 
Araysede, p.l». raised, drawn up, 
A_rborye, s. trees, 3244. 
Ardant, Ardauunt, adj. burning, 
193, 10S7. 
Are. ,See Ar. 
Are, conj. or, 194t. 
Areste, v. arrest, stop, capture, 
633; lofer, areste, 329, arestede, 
Areste, s. arrest, 1456, 1473 
place of meeting, 311, 
Arowes, . pl. arrows, 2105. 
Arrabyes, Arrabys, s. pl. animals 
of some kiad, perhaps Arabian 
horses, 2"288, 9337. 
Arryfede, 835, Aryefede, 600, 
Aryuede, 3905, p.. eome to shore. 
As armes, (Ff.) fo arms ! 2717. 
Asawte. Sec Assawte. 
Asaye, 2615, Assaye, 2347, v. try. 
Asaye, s. trial, examination, 4312. 
Ascente, Assente, v. assent, 644, 
1506, 1963. 
A.eryez, 1367, Askryes, 2245, v. 
3 s. shouts, cries out ; iv/. ascriez, 
Asches, v. 2 s. askest, 313 ; 3 
askys, requires, 157 ; yret. aschede, 
askcd for, 715. 


Assawte, Asawto, Asawtte, s. as- 
sault, 1697, 301"2, 3053. 
Assemble, s. assembly, 1578,1852, 
Assingnez, v. 1»/. assign, 727 
Irel. assingnyde, 
Assoyllede, p.p. absolved, 3498. 
At--to (with the infinitive), 
Af -- that -- what, 1842, 3484. 
Atheliste, adj. Imblest, 1593. A.S. 
2ttamede, v. 3»ret. broached, 
"He let atame hys pvement tunne 
ŒEo make his gode getis glad. » 
l(oyal MS. 1S A x, leaf 130. bk. 
2Promploriu _Parvulorum. 
At-vndere, ndv. down, 3180. 
Atyre, s. attire, 4186. 
Auctors, . 3L authors, 4342. 
Auditoure, s. auditor, 1673 ; 
audytours, 661. 
Aughte, Awughte, edj. eight, 
ïS, 67, 31b$. 
Aughte, v. 5'ce Awe. 
Aughtende, ad.l', eighth, 462. 
Auncestres. ,ee AJcestres. 
Auntire, Auntyre. ,ee Awnter. 
Austcrcae, Austeryne, adj. stern, 
306, 41, 571, &c. 8ce Auster 
in Pricke of Concience, 1. 6181. 
Auantid, v. pret. prMsed, 1594; 
p.p. avauntede, 
Avanttwarde, 324, Avawewarde, 
2051, A vawmewarde, 2024,Avawm- 
warde, .2S.29, 3168, Avawwarde, 
3764, s. vanguard. 
Avawmbrace, s. vambrace, a piece 
of armour for the forearm, .2568. 
Auenaunt, adj. becoming, grace- 
fui, 26"26, 3188, 3"208, 3500. 
Aventaile, s. "a moveable front 

fo a helmet whieh eovered the 
face, and through which the wearer 
respired or drcw in the air, quà 
veutus hauritur." (-- hleyrick, 
Gloary of JIili[ar.g Termo, under 
Yentaeulum) 910, 
Auenture, s. adventure, chance, 
Aqres, v. turns towards, directs, 
3164. O. ]?r. rire»', turn. 
Avisenlente, s. advice, counsel, 
Avissely, Auyssely, adv. advised- 
ly, prudently, .21i99, 3165. 
Avowe, . vow, 296, 308, 347. 
Avowe, v. vow, 357 ; 3,.2». avow- 
ede, 369. 
Auoyeddyde, v.2»ret, quitted, _°051. 
Avyede, v. prd. showed the way, 
or ruade their way towards, 3ï16. 
"Avier: lontrer le chemin à 
quelqu'un." Itoque_foH. " d«oier, 
aveier, diriger, ]ntiquer la route, 
mettre en chemin, en bon chemin, 
exciter, irriter ; s'aroier, se mettre 
en route, dans la boane route, se 
diriger, s'occuper dequelqueehose." 
Awe, v. owe, 99 ; pl. aves, 455, 
ought; pret. aughte, owned, pos- 
essed, 9, .276, 5"21, &e.; pret. subi. 
aughte, oughtest, .2591 'aughte,' 
as an impersonal verb, 1583, 1595, 
33t0, awghte, 3509. Aie aughte 
=I ought. 
Awene, wlj. own, 709, 997, 1594. 
Awghene, ndj. eighteen, 4069. 
Awke, adj. perverse, eontrary, 
Awkewarde, Awkwarde, adv. 
awry, transversel, .2.2t7, 56t. 
Awlde. Sec Aide. 
AwneestlTe , s. ancestry, 1907. 
Awïatere, Auntire, Awntire, s. ad- 
venture, chance, risk, 1905, .2617 
2"92M ; pL awnters, 1967 ; at awn- 
tere, at random, 253. 



Awntere, Anter, Auntyre, v. ad- 
venture, 360, 1596, 1660; 3 s. an- 
ters, 1498 ; pl. awnters, 1596. 
Awntrende, a'. adventuring, 
bold, 2717. 
Awntrouseste, adj. most advcntur- 
ous, 162. 
Awughte. ,e Aughte. 
Ayele, s. grandfather, 2603. 
Ayere, Ayre, s. heir, 279, 283, 
263; lol. ayera, 31t6. 
Ayere, A3OEe , v. go, 4.55, 470, 1591 ; 
3 s. ayerez, 617; /!. ayres, 13"29; 
i.p. ayerande, 2830. 
Ayther, Aythere, Aythyre, adj. 
either, each, 939, 1991. 2830. 
Ay-ware, adv. everywhere, 614. 
Azoure, Azure, ». blue, 193, 765, 
A3ayne , adv. again, 2î13. 
A3aynes, A-3aynez , adv. against, 
786, 2117, '2791. See Agayne. 
A]ayne-stondes. 8ee Agayne- 

:Bacenett, s. cap of steel or other 
metal, sometimes worn under the 
helm, 906, 2695, 2770; yL bace- 
netez, 1751. 
"tIe hutte him on ]e helm on hiht, 
In-to ]e Brayn ]orw Bacine briht; 
Thus is his seruyse oldc." 
Te I(yng of Tam (Vernon 
MS., leaf 306, 
]3achelers, Baehellers, ». pl. novices 
in arms, 68, 567, 1424. 
]ade, v. 2»ret. abode, 2383. 
Bagis, Bagys, s. 1»/. badges, 2303, 
]aiste, p./o. downcast, afraid, 
]3aire, v. feed, 2694. 
Bake, s. back, 2203, 3257. 
]3akene,/9.p. baked, 3166. 
:Bakhalfe, s. backpart, back, 1482. 

Balde, adj. bold, 1968. 
Baldly, ade. boldly, 630. 
Bale, s. barre, grief, sorrow, 805, 
3976; adj. hurtful, 113. A.S. 
Balefulle, adj. hurtfifl, 791 ; cor- 
rowful, wretehed, 10"29, 1136. 
Bale-fyre, ». a large tire, properly 
a tire lighted as a signal of distress, 
Baltyrde, v. pret. danced about, 
capered, 7S"2. See Balteres, Allit- 
emtie _Poems (Rcprint), p. 10"2, l. 
Banarettez. See Banerettes. 
Bandez, s. ld. bonds, 1485 ; used 
metaphorically for "distress," 
Baneoure, s. bearer of a banner, 
3732. "Banyowre, or bannerherere. 
l'exillarius, rexillifer, primiTilus.'" 
:Promptorium l'arvulorum. 
Banerettes, Banerettez, Banaret- 
tez, s. /L knights of the bicher 
order, 68, 567, 1t03, 1t"2t, 2555. 
Banke, s. shore (of the sea), 728, 
3731 ; vl. bankkes, 371t. 
Baray-ne, adj. barren, 224. 
]3arbours, s. 1)1. barbers, 2331, 
]3arbycane, s. outer fortification 
or defcnce, fortrcss at the ourlet of 
a city, 1183, 2470. 
Bare. ,See Bere. 
]3are, s. boat, 3123. 
]3arefote, adj. barefoot, 2309. 
Bareheuedys, s. Id. boarheads, 1 î 7. 
Bare-heuvede, adj. bareheaded, 
Bare-le'de, adj. barelegged, 2122. 
Baronage, s. company of barons, 
5S7, 12t2. 
]3arowes, s. 1»1. swine, 191. A.S. 
Barrers» s. 1,1. barriers, 2469. 


Basschcdc, p.p. cast clown, 2121. 
Bataile, 783, Batelle, 316, Ba- 
tayle, 2458, Bataylle, 3107, Bay- 
taille, 4319, s. battle; body of 
iroops; pl. baitai]les, 1425, ba- 
tailles, 4064. 
:Baterde, 1».1». battered, 189. 
]athe, conj. both, 19, 34, 352, &c. 
Bawmede, v. pret. embalmed, 
2298; p.p. bawmede, 980, 4020. 
]aye, adj. bay, brown, 918. 
Baytaille. ,Sec Bataile. 
Baytand, g.p. baiting, 2516i 
baytaynde, 2671. 
Be, Bee, pr(:p, by, 60, 164, 174, 
]e, Bec, v be; ind. pres. TL bez, 
97, bene, 2850 ; fat. 1. bc (-- shall 
be), 9SI, 2631, 4140; 2. becs, 
1688, 2667, beese, 2663 ; 3. becs, 
3976, bese, 1017, 4312 ; imp. 
bes, 3798, 4095, becs, 2856, 3737, 
bez, 2"22. 
Beblede, v. oerct, ma(le bloody, 
Bechene, dj. beechen, 1 î l 3. 
Bechopes, s. pl. bishops, 4328. 
Becommys, v. becomes, is propcr 
for, 4317. 
]edde, Bedc, s. bed, 758, 805, 
Bede, adj. craving, hungry, lean, 
3464. Sec Bedd# in Ja:aieon. 
A.S. biddan, lo ask. 
Bedes, v. yl. offer, 505. 
Bedgatt, s. g(,ing to bed, 1030. 
Pee. ,See Be. 
Beerynes. ee Berne. 
ees. qee Be, v. 
egynnande, i. p. bening, _0963. 
1%halde, v. behold, 2517 ; 
behaldande, 3107. 
Bekez, v. 3 s bakes, warms, 1048. 
Bekcnde, v. Trot. committed, en- 

trusted, 2340, 2355; bekennydc, 
Beknowe, v. acknowledge, con- 
fess, 3867. 
Bekyre, v. contend, fight, 3679 ; 
pL bekyrs, 2425; preL bekerde, 
Bekyne, s. beacon, 564. 
Belde v. dwell, 8 ; TL bieldcz 
1"24`2 ; pret. beldytt, inhabile& oc- 
eupied, 38; /-T- beyidede, oeeu- 
pied, 566. 
Belefede, 1250, Belcuede, 3405, 
Bclcuefedc, 2350, p.p. left. 
]eleue, v. remain, 3583. 
Belyfe, telyue, adr. quic -kly, 1263, 
2068, 2336, 373'2. 
Berne, s. beam, 3663. 
]3eneyde. Rertd ]3endyde, v. 
preI. bcnt, 24'24. 
Bente, s. field, plain, 915, 1054, 
Bcnysone, s. blessing, 4318. 
Berde, s. beard, 1012 ; 1 d. berdez, 
Bere, s. bear, 7î5, 790, 80:?. 
Berc, v. bear, 51, 6]5 ; FreL bare, 
291, 893; p.p. borne, 3738. 
Berkes, v. 3 s. barks, 1351. 
Bernakes, s. pl. barnacle geese, 
Berne, 962, Bery. ne, 116, Benne, 
3580, Bicme, 1094, Byerne. 2"20'2, 
«. man; pl. bernes, 255, beryns, 
148, becrynes, 1050, bicrnez, 1483, 
byernez, 20"2, byerns, 1391. A.S. 
eogJ't o 
Bcrouene. Read eroncne, p.p. 
run over with, covered, 3946; be- 
rowne, 397 l. 
"On me [the cross] ]ay e lambe 
of love, 
I was plater, hys body ahove, 
Whan flessche and veynes aile fo- 
Wit blood I was bironne.'" 
Royal MS. 18 A x, ]eaf 1'28. 


Sec Beronen in Peref s Folio M,ç. 
ed. lhdcs and Furnivall, vol. i. p. 
213, L 31, and vol. iii. p. 63, 1. 
]3erye, v. bury, 4318 ; 3 s. beryes, 
2379 ;/.p. beryede, 980. 
]3eryelle, s. burial, 1776, 2188. 
I3eryenge, s. burying, 2377, 4023. 
Bes. ,Sec ]3e. 
]3esauntcz, s. 11. bczants, 3256. 
Bese. See ]30. 
Bessomes, v. 3 s. besoins, i.e. 
sweeps, 3661. 
]3esy, adj. busy, 4095. 
Besye, s. business, 3630. 
]3eseke, v. beseech ; 3 s. besekys, 
305; pl. besekes, 127; lret, be- 
soghte, bcsoughte, 1234, 1438, 
]3estaile, s. beasts, cattle, 1050. 
]3este, s. beast, 107, 811. 
]3etakyns, v. 3 s. bctokens, signi- 
ries, 82, 82. 
]3et, v. _pret. set in order, adjusted; 
lit. improved, 3656. • A.S. bélan. 
Beteche, v. hand over, deliver, 
commit, 1611 ; 3 s. beteehes, 714, ; 
ret. betoke, 18S9; betuke, 3190, 
4015. A.S. et«bean. 
]3etoke. See ]3eteche. 
]3etrappede, _p.p. entrapped, 1630. 
Betuke. See Beteche. 
Betwyx, prep. betwixt, 801,2798. 
]3etydde, v. betide, 4325 ; 3 s. be- 
t.vddes, 34,82; betyddys, 4,315. 
]3ett, v. _pret. beat, 24î0, 3682. 
]3ettes, v. imL lrres. _pL beat, 
:Betyne, adj. beaten; hence, adorn- 
ed wilh beaten gold, or other sueh 
material, 3631, 3646, 3945. 
]3eueryne -- bevering, quivering, 
3630. O.E. hiver, tremble. A.S. 
bi_flan. Or perhaps beueryne,= 
bëaver-eoloured; compare 

hoed in Sir Gawayne and tloe Green 
Kni#ht, 1. 8t5. 
Bewe, v. bow, 3366. 
:Bewes, ,. I;L boughs, 3366. 
Bewells, s. 1,1. bowels, 2175, 2203. 
Bewschers, . 1,1. ()the lower 
paris of the body, 1047. A.S. 
searu, bowels, &c.; bew -- bel, 
beau, fine, perhaps. 
Beyldede. See Bchlc. 
Bez. Sec 
Bidde, v. bide, remain, 4028. 
Biddis, v.bM. rires, pl. offer, 2310. 
, Bieldez. Sec ]3elde. 
]3ierdez. Sec ]3irde. 
/3flynge, s. probably the part of 
the ship about the bii or 
3663. K.S. $il, bill, beak,..., fore- 
part of a ship. (See 13osworth.) 
]3irdes, 2190, ]3irdez, 1029, 
Bierdez, 1052, Bvrdez, 9,99, «. 
women, ladics. :A.S. bryd, bride, 
wi[e, woman. 
]3irenne, 2519. ]Iistake f r 
:Birtenede, 3972. See :Brittene. 
Blake, adj. black, 775, 1090, 
Blanke, s. home, 1799 ; _pL 
blankes, 1860. Sec Blonke. 
:Blasons, s. _pl. shields of arms, 
1860. See Blasoun in Sir Gawayne 
and the Green A-nigM, 1. 828. 
Blawe, v. blow, 2662. 
]31awene, _p.p. blosvn, 1286. 
Blawnchede,/o.1». whitened, 3039. 
Ble, Blee, s. eolour, complexion, 
2576, 3332, 3558, 4213. 
]31emeste, _p._p. blemished, hurt, 
Blendez, v. 3 s. blends, is mingled, 
Blenke, v. blench, wlnce, 3640, 
3735 ; 3 s. blenkes, 4213 ; cause to 
blench, overeome, "2857. 



/leryde, v. ]»'et. mouthed, marie 
wry faces, 78"2. 
"Deuels sal gadir obout bym l,an, 
AndA g rymlygyr n on b y m and blere 
nd hydus braydes mak hym to 
fere." Hampole's Pricke o.f Con- 
science, l. 
Blethely, adv. blithely, cheerfully, 
Blod, 4121, Blode, 175, 392, 
Blude, 3"235, 4"22, s. blood. 
Blode-bande, s. blood-band, a 
bandage to stop bleeding, 2576. 
Blod-hondes, s. 1il. bloodhounds, 
Blody, Blodye, ad]. bloody, 793, 
Blondirs, v. 2 s. blunderest, 3975. 
Blonke, s. horse, steed, 453 ; pL 
blonkcs, 615, blonkkcs, 1634. A.8. 
Manca, blonca. 
Blude. 8ce ]31od. 
]31yne, v. cease, 1931, 2578, 3975. 
A.S. blinnan. 
Ilyschit, v. 1»'et. looked, 116. Sec 
blusched, Allileralire toems, p. 29, 
1. %0. 
Blysse, s. joy, 1485. 
Blyssyng, s. blessing, 4103. 
Bonettez, s. Id. additional pieces 
of sali, 3656. "Bonnet (bonnette, 
Fr.), an additional part ruade to 
faten with lalchings to lbe foot of 
the salis of small vesseh with one 
toast, in moderate winds. It is 
exactly similar to tbe foot of the 
sailit is intended for. They are 
commonly one-tlfird of tbe lepth 
of the sails lhey belong to." {Fal- 
coner's JIarine Diclionary, ed. Bur- 
Borde, 79, 171,630, Bourde, 730, 
364], Burde, 1930, s. board, table; 
board (of a ship). 
Bordoure, s. border, 4211 ; 
bordurs, 907. 
Bordyrde, p._p. bordered, 1002. 

Bore, s. boar, 188, 4214. 
Borne, 2519. Perhaps a mistake 
for berne. 
Borne, l».ao. Se, Bere. 
Bosturs, s. pL boasters, 1393. 
Bot, Bott, Botte, conj. but, 10, 
 ,except, 516, 5'21, utdess, 1925; 
bot if, flot if, bot lire, 356, 486, 
250, unless ;" ives. hhout, 4070. 
Bote, 1786, Botte, 1837, s. amends, 
recompense. A.S. hdt, bJtu. 
Bothen, Bothene, both, 35, 2547, 
2691, 2997, 3716, 4151. 
Botelesse, 9t 1,3558, Botles, 3976, 
Butelesse, 1014, adj. without re- 
meày, curcless. 
Bottes, s. 11. boats, 748. 
]3otures, s. 1,l. bitterns, 189. :Pro- 
bably miswritlen for Bdures ; sec 
Betowre in Iohn Rvssell's Boke of 
25ir/ure, ed. Yuruivall, 11. 421, 54:1, 
]3oune, Bowne, v. make ready, 
prepare, haslen, go, 936, 1013, 
]034 ; 3 s. bownes, 3591, bounnez, 
Bourde. See ]3orde. 
Bourdene, v. 1I. pres. ind. jest, 
31'2'2 ; bouredez, 3 s. lares, ind. ] 170. 
]3oure, s. bower, 2190. A.S. bdr. 
:i3oustous, 2175, Boustouse, 2425, 
3679, Boystous, 376"2, Bustous, 
615, 775, 783, 1379, adj. rude, 
rougb, harsh, violent. 
Bouxome, 2858, Bouxvme, 4147, 
adj. obedient. 
Iouxsomly, adv. obediently, 107. 
Bowes, v. 3 s. turns, 2251 ; 11. 
bowes, go, 69, 2310. 
Bowes, s. pL shou]ders, 188 ; 
boughs, 1711, 3"247. A.S. bol+, 
arm, back, shoulder, braneh, bonh.,, 
( BosortL ) 
Bowndene,/.p. bound, 3316. 
Bowne, v. 8ee Boune. 
Bownne, adj. ready, 1633, 233L 


:Box, s. stroke, blow, 1111. 
Boyes, s. p/. 2122, 2856, 3122. 
:Boystous. Eee Boustous. 
:Brace, v. fasten, fix, 1182; 3 s. 
braccz, purs on his arm, 914. 
:Bracer, 4247, s. brassart, a defence 
for the arm; ¥l. brasers, 1859. 
:Brode, adj. broad, 106, 914, 1094 
co»/, braddere, 55, 1699. 
Bragge, v. blow (in a trumpet); 
lres, ind. braggene, 1484, bragges, 
4107; lret, braggede, 3657. 
:Braggers, s. 11. boasters, brag- 
garts, 1348. 
Brand, 3946, :Brande, 893, 914, 
:Brannde, 2"239, . sword. A.S. 
rand, rold, brand, torch, sword. 
:Brankkand, i. io- branking, i. e., checking, curbing, re- 
pressing, 1861. Sec Jrh and 
11ra- in Ja»deso. 
" :Braste. See :Briste. 
:Brathely, a«b,. hastily, violently, 
fiereely, 1771, 319. 
:Braunchers, s. pl. young hawks, 
:Braundesche. Eee :Brawndysche. 
:Brawle, Ib'awlle, v. 2349, 2362 ; 
3 . brawles, 149. 
]3rawlynge, s. confusion, 2176. 
lrawnches, s. pl. branches, 3367. 
]rawndysche, v. brandish, 3359 ; 
3 . braundesche, 1056; ret. 
braundyschtc, 72, brawndcste, 
Brawne, s. boar, 1095. 
]rayd, v. drive, thrust, dash, 
draw, 117"2; 3 . braydes, "2695, 
braydez, "2069, 2073, brayedez, 
906 ; .p. braydene, cast, 3945. 
Brayde, s. thrust, 3762. 
:Brede, s. bread, 2715. 
Brede, s. toast meat, 79, 190, 
]03; /I. bredez, 1049, bredis, 

]3rede, . breadth, 1224, 2011, 
'273, 3656. A.S. $rcédo. 
Bredes, v. 3 s. breeds, 224. 
Bregaundez, s. pl. brigands, 2096. 
"ïhese foot-soldicrs wcre clothed 
in jackets, wllich wcre quilted, and 
had pieces of iron within, hcncc 
"callcd briga»dincs. 8uch jackes 
wcre worn in lhe time of E}izabeth 
and Jamcs I. by lhc :English arch- 
ets." Mcyrick, G/osr# of Mili- 
try Terns, under 
Breke, v. break, 4146; 3 
brckes, 31"24. 
Breklesse, adj. without breechcs, 
naked, 1048. 
:Breme, edj. tierce, 1380. 
Bremly, adv. ficrcely, 4107. 
Ircnë, 2253, 4212, Brcny, 1482, 
• . cuirass ; pl. brcnyes, 3753, brenys, 
1525, 1858, bryncys, 4119. Sec 
11fini in lhe Glossary to Haelo, 
ed. Skeat. 
:Brenyede, 316, Brynyede, 3680, 
adj. armed with a cuirass. 
Breste, s. breast, 2253, front of an 
army, 1990 ; pl. brestez, 191. 
Irestys. Eee Briste. 
Brcthc, s. wrath, anger, 107, 117, 
Brethly, ade,. angrily, 3661. 
:Brettened ]rettyne. See :Brittene. 
]rigge, 3124, Brygge, 2470, 
:Briste, v. burst, break, 214 ; 3 s. 
bristez, 805, brystez, 1135, 14S2; 
t'. bristez, 1859, brestys, 3663; 
yreL braste, 2176, 2271; 
l. broustcne, 2544/.. brustcne, 
2771, broustcne, 3974 wea]re[. 
brystedde, 1129. 
Brittene, 963, :Brettyne, 3580, 
.Bry.ttyne, 106, 1350, v. eut or dash 
in pieces, dcstro_v complelely ; yreL 
brcttened, 148, brittenvde, 802, 
bryttencde, 2`212; p.p. bîettenede, 
3520, brittenede, 1067, birtenedc, 


3972. A.S. brytlinn, brytia,, lo 
dividc into fragments, distribute. 
Broche, v. pierce, stab, 1172 ; 3 s. 
broches, '220"2, brochez, spurs, 918 ; 
l. brochez, spur, ltt9; pret. 
rochede, broached, tapped, fi714; 
¥.la. brochede, spitted, 1050, 1007. 
:Brochez, s. pl. spits, 1029. 
:Brode, adj. broad, 116, 792, 1047. 
ee Brade. 
:Broght, 3358, :Broghte, 802, v. 
lare/, brought; p.p. broghte, 1013, 
:Brokbrestede, adj. having a breast 
variegated, spotted or streaked 
with black and ,«hite, 1095. Sec 
roeed in Jamieson. Compare 
"' Brock-faced, a white longitudinal 
mark down the face like abadger." 
ronde, e. sword, 2566, 3631 ; 
lai. brondes, 2309. çee ]3rand. 
rotheliehe, 3640, ]3rothely, 
1408, 149, 1753, 1862, 2095, 
Brothly, 8617, adv. hastily, iolent- 
ly, fiercely. 
]3rothy, adj. (?) foamy, frothy, 
:Broxvddene, 2807 4119, ]3row- 
dene, 1858, adj. woven. Sec raw- 
den in ir Gawayne and lac Green 
Kn£yM, ll. 177, 580. A.S. bro#den, 
roden, la-p. of bregda», fo weave, 
braid, &c. The "brenyes" vere 
prohabl ruade of small metal rings 
woven one into the oher. 
Bruchez, s. id. brooches, 3256. 
13ruschese, v. id. brash, dash, 
]rustils, s. l. bristles, 1095. 
:Bryddes, s. 21. birds, 181. 
:Brydille, 453, ]3D'dylle , 2085, 
». bridle. 
Brygge. Sec Brigge. 
Brymly, adv. fiercely, 117, 4214. 
Bryne, 106, :Bryane, 564, v. burn; 

3 s. brynnez, lt41 ; pre[. hryate, 
117; .p. brynte, 350. 
]ryneys. Sec Brene. 
]rynyede. Sec Brenyede. 
:Brystedde, :Brystez. 8ce Briste. 
Iryttenede, :Bryttyne. 8ce :Brit- 
]3urde. ,See ]3orde. 
:Burgesse, 3082, s. burgess, citii 
zin; pi burgeys, 857. 
:Burghe, . city, 1968, 2424, 3083; 
lai. burgbes, 11. A.8. 
]3urliche, 2190, Burelyche, 30, 
Burlyche, 586, 730, 100"2, 1111. 
010, adj. tall, stately, grand. 
]3urliche, adv. grandly, 4199. 
:Burneschte, 906, 1011, 2123, 
:Burnese, 7, 3846, Burnscht, 
1113, Burnyste, 177, 1859, la.p. 
humished, polished. 
Bus, irnper8, v. behoves, '2.576. 
Ys bus  we musL 
:Buscayle, 895, Buskayle, 1634, 
Buschede. Sec Buske, v. 
]3uschement, . ambush, 3124. 
Sec Enbuschement. 
Buskayle. 8ce ]uscayle. 
Buske, s. bush, wood, 453, 918 ; 
/d. buskez, 114. 
Buske, v. rnake eady, prepare, 
armuge, dispose, maua_,2e, hasten, 
proeeed, go; 3 
289, buskez, 073.; pl. buskes, 
1754, buskez, 7'29, 1618; yreL 
buskede, 1633; irap.  ,. buske, 
1"26]; irap. 2 ¥1. buskes, 2855 ; 
.p. huskede, arrayed, dressed, 517, 
333, 4339, busehede, furnished, 
567 ; buske vpe, raise, 
Bustous. Sec Boustous. 
Butelesse. ee Botelesse. 
Byd, Bydde, Byde, v. ask, bid, 
43, 1181, 158, 4323;  ». bsddcz, 
1776, byddh, 361. 


Byddynge, s. bidding, command, 
1030, 1931. 
]3yde, v. remain, abide, tarry, 
8, 936, 1968; 3 . byddys, 4-21t; 
yL byddes, 2808, byddez, 1030, 
await, watt for ; ira T. 2 pl. bddez, 
Bycrns, ]3yeryne. Sec Ierne. 
Byggly, adv. bigly, strongly, 1376. 
Byhalue, s. behalf, 1674. 
Byhoucs, 4135, 13yhouys, 3579, 
Byhows, 1715, impers, v. behoves. 
Iyhyndene, adv. behind, 694. 
Iylefcde, 1538,-Byleuedc, 2145, 
-2366, Bylcuefede, 3678, Byleuyde, 
1557, 185, p.p. left. 
]ynnc, prejo, within, 804. A.S. 
]3yrdez. 8ce Birdes. 
Byrre, s. impetus, violence, 3661. 
]3yswcakçz, v. 3 s. toils, 1128. 
A.S. beincan, to labour. 
tyttes, v. 3 s. bites, 791. 
Ca, 261, 1892, Caase, 3521, 
Case, 2719, Cas, 356t, . hap, oc- 
Cabane, 757, Kabane, 3671, s. 
cabin; id. cabanes, 733. 
Cabilles, s. T1. cables, 3671. 
Cachedo, 2.p. chased, 3513. 
Cachene, v. ! d. catch, seize, take, 
831; 1)l. car chez, 4S0; pret. caught e, 
1105, kaghtc, 2636, kaught, 3951, 
kaughte, 3378, kawhte, 3916; 
T.,n. cawghte, 3514, kaughte, fi995. 
Caffe, s. chaff, refuse, 1064. 
Caire. Bec Cayre. 
Cantelle, s. corner, quarter, lump, 
piece, 4231. "Chatel, CaMel, coin, 
quartier, morceau, chanteau." /?er- 
Capitayne, 1864, Capaytle, 2:263, 
. captain ; loi. capstaez , 838. 
Captyfe, 1589, . captive, pri- 
soner; pl. captifls, 15S0. 

Care, 859, Kare, 1838, s. sorrow. 
Carefulle, adj. un]aappy, 957, 
sorrowful, 1777. 
Caremane, s. male, man 957. 
A.S. car[nan. 
Carffes, s. Id. cuts, 2713. 
Carie, s. fellow, 1063, 1107, 1165. 
A.S. carl. 
Carpe, 2750, Karpe, 1929, 2126, 
v. talk, speak; 3 . carpys, 13"2; 
pret. carpede, 143, '20. "Carpyn', 
or talku'. Faulor, confa6u[or, 
garrulo." Promptorium Parvulorum. 
Carpynge, s. talk, 1672. 
Caryage, s. luggage, 2355. 
Caste, v. cazt, eonsider, purpose ; 
9 s. castes, 961 ; 3 s. castes, 1998 
eastis, 1769 ; pret. kest, 3381, keste, 
118, 280, 913; in, p.  s. kaste 
3406;/).p. eastyne, 819, 340. 
Castelles, s. pl. eastlcs, 27, 849. 
Cawtelous, adj. full of artifices, 
artful, ctuming, uly, 4185. Fr. 
Cayre, 877, Caire, 1192, Kaire, 
611, 1319, Kayere, 627, Kayre, 6, 
4tl, . go; 3 s. eayres, '2t3; 
ca3ers, 4b0. The original meaning 
was turn. .8. crran, céran, to 
t U l.Zl. 
Certane, 3930, Certayne, 817, 
ado. certainly: 
Certez, 116:, 1342, Certys, ade. 
surely, eertainly. 
Certyfye, v. tell, inform, 1555. 
CetC 601, 2012, Cetee, 440, 488, 
s. cit; TI. cetees, '2609, eetese, 
Chaas, s. chace, 2269. 
Chalange, v. contest, dispute, 1322, 
challenge, 2524, 3397, claire, 3326. 
"Chalo»ger ..... demander, con- 
tester, proroquer, attaquer, défen- 
dre, refuser, prohiber, blâmer; de 
calumnia fausse accusation, chi- 
cane." Burguy under Chalonge. 
Champayne, s. champaign, levcl 


country, 1"2"26, 136"2; ¥1. cham- 
Changene, v. infl change, ] 405, 
chawnge, 2301; pL changene, "2989, 
chaungene, 168; pret. chaungede, 
338"2, chawngyd, "270l, chawngide, 
2964; i. p. chawngawnde, 25"23, 
chawngynge, 3"267. 
Chapes, s. pl. metal tips of sword- 
-heath.% 25`22. "Chape of aschethe. 
qpirula." Prompt. Parv. "The 
chape of a sword was a badge as- 
sumed by the De la Warr family, 
in memorial of the part taken by 
Sir Roger de la Watt, at Poitier% 
1356, in the capture of John, King 
of France, when he took possession 
of the royal sword." 
Chapyde, v. pret. eseaped, 4260. 
Charbokle, 3326, Charebocle, 
2523, 3267, . carhtmcle. 
Chare, . (?) 3603. 
Chare, v. (l)carry, 1886. 
Charge, v. load, burden, charge, 
molest, &e.; 3 . chargges, 3538; 
2tel. chargede, 1540, chargyde, 
1406 ; p.p. chargede, 1549, chareg- 
yde, 155"2, charged. 3136, charg- 
gede, 3604, chargegide, "2731. 
Chargeur, 1026, s. dish; 
chargeours, 185. 
Charitee, . charity, 1019, 1542. 
Charottez, s. pL chariots, 1552. 
Charpe, adj. sharp, 3600. 
Charte, . car, 3914. 
Charry, odj. (?) dear, cherished, 
2964. Ff. cr, dear; céri, cher- 
Chasse, s. chace, 2368. 
Chasse, v. chase, 2237. 
Chasty. e, v. chastise, correct, 1019; 
/./. chastyede, 690. 
Chasynge-spere, ». hunting-spear, 
18"23, 2955. 
Chauffede, /._p. heated, excited, 

Chaunce, . chance, hap, 1749, 
fortune, 2999; chawnsc, '2368; pL 
chauncez, 531, 2956. 
Chauncelere, 169, 1551, Chaun- 
chclcrc, 1541, #. chancelier. 
Chawffe, v. bccomo heated, 2301. 
Chawmbyrs, . pl. chambers, 3041. 
Chayere, «. chair, seat,3266, 3329, 
Cheefe, «. chief (Her.), 2523. 
Cheêfe, adj. chiêf, 1363, 1404. 
Cheekke. Sec Chekke. 
Cheese. Sec Chese. 
Chefede. Sec Cheue. 
Cheftans, 18, Cheftanes, 1872, 
Cheftaynes, 1323, 1406, . 
Chekefulle, adj. chockfull, 3604. 
Chekke, 1539, 2956, Cheke, 3000. 
Cheekke, 1986, #. check, repulse; 
but applied te the enemy, and there- 
fore e¢]uivalent te scce. In line 
]986 t seems te mean the force 
which checks the enemy. 
Chekyne, s. chicken, 4181. 
Chekyrde,_p.p. chequered, 3267. 
Chele, s. cold, 3391. 
Chere, s. face, countenance, 2069, 
Chese, 1619, Cheese, 682, v. 
choose; hence, choose a way, go 
towards ; 3 s. cheses, 2954, chesez, 
]225; 21. chesene, 1873; 
chosene, 2731. 
Cheualere, s. knight, 208, 1551 ; 
]1. cheualers, 2116. 
Cheualrons, 1362, 1540, Cheuall- 
tons, 1399, adj. chivalrous. 
Cheualrye, 18,169, 1404, Cheuall- 
rye, 531, . chivalry, knighthood, 
Cheuede, 1117, 1841, Chefede, 
869; p./. fared, thriven, sncceeded. 
Cheuede, v. ]n'e?. attained, 3329. 
Cheueride, p./. shivered, 3391. 


Chewyse, v. save, 1750. "OEevir, 
venir, A bout de quelquec,hose, sor- 
tit d une affaire, se tirer d embarras 
..... " arguy. 
Cheynes, s./l, ehains, 2522. 
Chiftayne, s. ehieftain, 9.î32. 
Childe, s. applied to a grown per- 
son, g95"2, 4"260 ; pl. childire, 18"21, 
childre, 10"25, childrene, 4078, 
childrenne, 3188, childyre, 8t5, 
1051, childyrene, 3"208. 
Chillande, i. p. chilling, cold, 
Chippe, s. ship, 3599 ; 2»l. chippes, 
Chippe-burdez, s. pl. shipboards, 
cl,is, () 2217. 
Cho, pron. she, 655, 659, 715, 
&e. See 8eho. 
Chokkefulle, a«]. ehoekfull, 1552. 
Chokkes, v. 3 . () thrusts, 2955; 
/.p. ehokkode, 3603. 
Chullede, p.p. 1444. "Chulle. 
To bandy about." Halliwell. 
Churles, adfi ehur]isb, 4181. 
Chymn6s, 3041, Chympns, 168, 
s. pL brasiers, or othcr rcceptacles 
for tire, fireplaces. 
Chyne, . chine, backbone, 3390. 
Cirquytrie, 3399, Cyrqwitrye, 
g6} 6 (wrongly printed Cyrua 
witrye), ». pri'de, arrogance. 
Cité, 1696, 19î9, Citee, 60, . 
city. See CetC 
Clappyde, 956, Clappide, 1137, 
v. z,'et, smote together. 
Clarioune, 3563, Claryoune, 2718, 
. clarion, war-trumpet; pL clarions, 
Claspande, i. p. clasping, 4337. 
Clsppis, s. o?. clips, 909. 
Clathe-sekkes, s. p/. cloth-sacks, 
CIauor, s. clover 3241. 

Clauerande, i. p. clawing, 3324. 
Clede, v. Fret. clothed, 2713 ; p.p. 
cledde, 333t, clede, 31» 36, 
clcede, 17, clothcd, clad. 
Clcfe, v. ret. clave, split, .0559. 
Cleffe, v. cleave, stick, cling, 
Clekes, 1865, Clekys, 11  4, 2123, 
v. 3 s. clutches, seizes. 
Clene, a«{]. clean, pure, _°Of, 217, 
bright, fait, good, 1197, 1603. 
Clenkkede, v. Tret. clanked, 2113. 
Clenliche, CleMy, Clenlyche, adt,. 
weil, 916, 68, 654, 1586, entirely, 
quite, 581, 673, 850, gl5. 
Clepid, v. Tret. caLled, 3563. 
A.S. clypian. 
Clere, ad]. clear, bright, 819, 883, 
909, illustrious, 1559, clear, free 
from obstacles, 1640. 
Clereworte, s. 3241. Perhaps : 
A.S. cloefer-wyd, small clover. 
Clergialle, adj. skilful, 1758. 
Clergyally, adv. cleverly, 200. 
Clergye, s. learning, 809. 
Clerkis, 3444, Clerkkes, 2391, s. 
pl. clcrics, scholars. 
Clowes, 1639, Clewez, 2019, 
Kleus, 396, Cloughcs, 941, . 
Clcwide, v. prd. cleaved, clung, 
Close, v. enclose, 1165, 003. 
Close, s. prison, 1586, enclosed 
space, enclosure, 1639, 3240. 
Closse, adj. secret, 1196. 
Cloughes. See Clewes. 
Clowez, s. 2#. claws, 783. 
Clyfe, 883, Clyffe, 2158, s. cliff; 
il. clcyffez, 019. 
Clymbande, i.p. climbing, 3324, 
Clynges, v. 3 s. presses, 1865. 
Coblez, s. ])/. cables, 742. 



Colorez, 733, Cofirs, 2283, Cofres, 
4.206, «. lzL coffers, chests. 
Cogge, s. ship, 476, 756, 3634; 
iii. coggez, 738. " Cairet on the 
coidc ythes coff.¢es & other." The 
DeMruclion of Tfoy, E. E. T. S., 1. 
Col,Ils, r. 2 s. makest cold, chill- 
est, 8518. 
Colurez, s. 1,1. colours, 819. 
Clnandez, 2392, Comaundez, 
1637, Commaundez, 71, v. 
pres. ind. eommands; preL coin- 
ande, 1.218, eomaunde, 2356, coin. 
auudyd, 160"2, commande, 156, 
4148; i»q. eomaunde, 1585. 
Corne, v. i»f. 1584; 3 s. pres. 
i»d. cornes, 1818, commes, ï99, 
cornez, 841, eommez, 1t39; pl. 
commez, 1545; l'el, corne, 
176, 2119 ; i.p. commande, 3468 ; 
].p. eomene, 5b.2, 865, commyne, 
1419, comyue, 987. 
Corne, s. coming, 1203, 1565, 
Comelyche, 1318, ComlJche, 3335, 
Comly, 1'203, 3'259, Comlyche, 71, 
1053, adj. comely. 
Coules, imlers, v. becomes, befits, 
Comforth, 830, Comforthe, 944, 
18:9, Comfurthe, 696, v. comfort, 
strengthen; 3 s. comfourthes,:131. 
Comforthe, s. comfort, 3960. 
Comlyli, 3047, Comlyly, 4108, 
adv. in a comely mamaer. 
Commande. ,See Corne. 
Comone, v. converse, 1580. 
Comouns, 725, Comowns, 2353, 
s. /. commons. 
Compas, s. outer part (of an en- 
elosure), 3 tO, (of a wbeel), 3"268, 
3325, eompass, reaeh, 
Compaste, p.p. surrounded, 3633. 
Concelle, 259, &c. ,See Counsaile. 
Concelle, 243, 2395, Consayle, 
1959, s. eouneil. 

Condethe, 3148, 3483, Coundyte, 
475, Cundit, 4tt, «. sale conduct. 
Condethes, s. pl. conduits, 201. 
Condycyone, s. condition, 151 I. 
Confundez, v. 3 s. confounds, 
19.2"2; p.p. coufundede, 1153. 
Connygez, s. Tl. coules, rabbits, 
Conquerid, 284, Conqueryd, 24, 
v. yre/. won, gained; T.T. con- 
queryde, 40.2. 
Consayle. Sec Concelle. 
Constable, s. 1585, 1590. 
Contek, Conteke, «. strffe, 2721, 
3669, 177. 
Contenance, Contenaunce,s. eonn- 
tenance, manner, behaviour, 1'23, 
2"2.2, M2, 2120, 033. 
Contr$, 623, 676, Contree, 848, 
16to, Countré, 223,230L Cou nré, 
352, s. country ;[. contres, 31.25, 
contreez, 27. 
Conuaye, v. convey, 1589, 1604. 
Conynge, adj. cunning, skilful, 
3"20.2 ; superL conygeste, 809; 
konyngeste, 3177. 
Cope-borde, s. cupboard, 206. 
Copes, s. 1ff. 4334. 
Coppe, s. cup, 2750 
Coppe-fulle, s. cupful, 3378. 
Corage, s. heurt, 536, 1725, 1922. 
Corenalle. Aree Coronal.le. 
Corkes, s. carcase, 1091. 
Corne, () 1786, 1837. 
Cornettes, s. pl. 1758, 4108. 
Cornuse, s. pl. horns, 1809. Lat. 
CO'll tl. 
Cronalle, 008, 1108, 3633, Cte- 
halle, g28, . ; a kid of ring or 
crown round a helmet; also, par 
of a lady's head-dress. 
Corone, 291, Coroune, 8, 
Corowne, 3543, Crowne, 
4"20"2, Crownne, 3352, s. crochu; 
l. corowns, 3"269, crounes, 51. 


Coroune, 678, Crowne, 3185, v. 
crown; p.p. corounde, 142, co- 
rounede, 1"25, corownde, 1654, 
24i.7, 3525, crowned, 3"213, 
crownede, 3049, crownncde, 3407. 
Corroumppede, p.p. corrupt, 3478. 
Cors, 1779, 2380, Corse, 1389, s. 
corpse, body. 
Corsaunt, s. holy body, body of a 
saint, 1164. See Corsant in 
lish Gilds, p. 97, ]. 3, and Corseynt, 
E»glish Gilds, p. 188, l. 1. 
Corvene. £'ee Kerues. 
Coseri, s. (?) 1582. 
Coste, s. coast, 834, 877, 1787. 
Cosyne, s. cousin, kiusman, 338, 
kinswoman, 86; pl. cosyns, 50, 
Cote, 1690, 3334, Cotte, 1194, s. 
Couaitte. See Coueite. 
Couatys, s. covetousness, 1580. 
Çouaunde Rad Conannde, adj. 
eunning, skilfu|, 558. 
Couched, p.p. set» 909. 
Coueite, 1191, Couaitte, 51, 
Couctte, 8325, v. eovet ; 2 s. pres. 
couettes, 1321 ; 1J-P. cowayte, 
Couenawnte, s. covenant, 3542. 
Couent, s. convcnt, 1220, 4021. 
Couer, Couere, v. recover, 859, 
126, win, 3t25, 334. ; 3 s. coueres, 
364, coueris, 91, reaches ; coueris 
vpe, gets up, 4274; reL coucrde, 
won, 274, 280, reached, 858 ; couerd 
vp, got up, rose, 12, coueride, got 
up, 2195 ; .. couerede, v:on, 28, 
Couere, v. cover, 1886 ; 3 s. pres. 
couers, 1110; pret. couerde, 3378, 
39.95 ; p.p. couerde, 1770, 115, 
couerede, 3047, 3098. 
Couerte, dj. sheltered, 1780, 
sccret, ] 196. 
Conndyte. ,e Condethe. 

Coungé, s. leave, 479. Fr. congé. 
Counsaile, 291, Concelle, 144, 
259, 10"23, s. counsel, adviee. 
Counsayles, v. 3 s. advises, 305. 
Cotmtere, v. encounter, 1274; 3 
eownterez, 1848; T.T. eownterede, 
Countrf». »S'ee Contr. 
Coupable, adj. blameable, guilty, 
Coupes. See Cowpe. 
Coupylde, v. pret. coupled, fast- 
ened, 2336. 
Coursere, s. 1388, 2166. 
Courtays. Se Curtais. 
Coutere, s. elbowpiece(in amour), 
2567. Sir Gawuyne and the Green 
Knight, 1. 583. 
Couthe, v. pret. knew, 21, Cowthe, 
eouldst, 330. 
Cowardys, s. eowardice, 1693, 
Cowayte. See Coueite. 
Cowchide, v. pret. lay down (as 
hounds); and hencc, beeame mcek 
and submissive, 1"22. 
Cowle, s. a large tub, 
"Cowle, esselle. Tina, Calh." 
PrornpL Parv. In E»gli.,h Gihl. 
ed. Toulmin 8mith, pp. 371, 
Cocle is used for a tub, or some 
such vessel to measure aie with. 
Cowntas, s. eountess, 3045 ; 1,L 
contasses, 4337. 
Contere, s. accountant, 16î2. 
Cownterez. See Countere. 
Cowpe, s. cup, 209; !,1. cowpes, 
210, 237; coupes, 3375. 
Cowpez, v. 3 s. smites, strikes, 
799, 2059 ; pl. cowpene, 2543. 
Cowthe. See Couthe. 
Crachynge, s. crashing, 3669. 
Crafe, v. crave, 168I, 3522. 
Crafte, s. skill, art, 752, 3667 
¥I. craftez, 28, craftys, 


Craftely, 3351, Craftyly, 196, adv. 
Crafty, adj. skflfully ruade, 211. 
Crage, s. cmg, 876. 
Cramede,p.p. crammed, 477,1051. 
Casseches, v./91, pres. ind. crush, 
3670; pret. craschede, 2114,crassch- 
ede, 1109. 
Crauaunde, adj. craven, 133. 
Crayers, 738, Krayers, 3666, s. 
pl. small vessels. "And, for the 
l{evictallyng and I{efresshyng of 
the said Shippes with Water and 
other :Necessaries, the said Ad- 
mirall shall, over and above the 
said Shippes, bave Two Cra#er, 
the one being of the Portage of 
Thre Score and L'fty [?fifteen] 
Tonnes, wherein sha be the Master 
Twelve Mariaers and One Bore, 
and the other Cra.¢er shall be of he 
Portage of fifty rive Tonnes, wbere- 
in shall be the Maister with Ten 
[aryners and one Boye" . .... 
IndeMura i#/er I)ominum Re.¢em 
Edwardum I:[oward Calitaneu», Ge- 
neralem .4rmatee ,uper Mare 
151'2). ttymer, dera, tom. xiii. 
p. 328, col. 2. 
Craysed, _p.p. broken, 2150. :Ff. 
Creatoure, a. ereature, 534, 859 
pl. ereatours, 10'2. 
Credens, s. eredentials, 88, 3522. 
Creest, Creeste, . crest, 1108, 
1133, 1185. 
Creette, s. a kind of wine, 200. 
Crepers, s. pl. grapnels, 3667. 
( Halliwell.) 
Cresmede. 8ee Crysmede. 
Cretoyne, s. 197. "A sweet 
sauce." tI«lli,ell. Compare "Cre- 
tons : Lard coup menu qu'on fait 
frire dans la poêle." Roquefort. 
Crewelle, 132, 1909, Crouelle, 
118, Crowe]le, 254, 3t2, Cruelle, 
43, 88, adj. cruel, tierce, angry, &c. 
Cfispid, p.p. 1003. 

Cristene, Cristyne, a,0". Christian, 
39; b. 1187, 2786, 11"2. 
Cristenly, adv. like a Christian, 
Crisgyndome, . Chrisgendom, 
Crist.ynmesdaye, . Christma-day, 
Cristy-nmese, 64, Cristymesse, 
839, Crystnmesse, 5t, . Christ- 
Cronycle, . chronicle, 3445; pl. 
eroncles, 218. 
Crose, 3t28, Crosse, 3335, s. 
cross ; one crosse, across, 3667. 
Crosse-dayes, . 1l. 321 
Crosselettes, . 1I. 3336. 
Crouelle. See Crewelle. 
Crounes. ,S'ee Corone. 
Çrowelle. ee Crewello. 
Crownnede. S'ee Coroune, v. 
Cuelle. ,S'ee Crewelle. 
Cruschene, v. inf. erush, 1134. 
Cryande, i./9. crying, 1137. 
Crysmede, 1051, Cresmede, 1065, 
Krysomede, 31S5, adj. anointed 
with chrism. 
Cryvtenede, Crystnede,p.p. christ- 
ened, 3337. 
Crysume, 142, :Krysome, 2447, 
3435, . chrism. 
Cukewaldè, s. cuckold, 1312. 
Cufidit. 'ee Condethe. 
Cunvayede, v. pret. convoyed, 
Cure, s. care, 673. 
Curius, adj. curious, 61. 
Curlues, s. pl. curlews, 196. 
Curtais, 2394, Curtaise, 209, 417, 
Curtays, 125, 1318, Curlayes, 481, 
Courtays, 21, adj. courteous. 
Curtaisie, s. courtesy, 1274, 1681. 
Cm'y, s. cookery, 1063. 


Dagges, v. pL pieree, 2102 ; L/. 
daggande, 3749. 
Dagswaynnes, s. 1OL garments "of 
frize, or some materiai with long 
thrums like a carpet," 3609. 8ee 
Daççysweyne and notes thereon in 
Promptoriura Prvulorum. 
I)alte, Daltene. 8,,e Dele. 
I)amesels, s. ld. young ladies, 
I)ampnede, / damned, con- 
demned, 3277, 3299. 
I)anke, Dannke, adj. dank, damp, 
313, 3750. 
Date, v. fie hid, lie still, 4007 ; 
3 s. dates, 32"25. " Daryn', or 
drowpyn', or prively to be hydde. 
Latito, l«teo, Cath." 39romltorium 
Darielles, s. 1l. a kind of dish, 
199. 8ee the reeipe For darials in 
Liber Cure Cocorum, ed. Morris, p. 
]3auncesynge, s. dancing, _'2030. 
I)aungere, Dawngere, s. power, 
579, 3067, danger, 1935, '2935. 
Daweyng, s. dnwn, daybreak, 
Dawcz, s. pl. days; donc of 
dawez, killed, 2056. 
Daynteez, s. pL dainties, 199. 
Daynteuous, adj. dainty, 4196. 
Daynttehely, ado. daintily, 723. 
Debles, 2934. 
Dede, s. deed; IgL dedes, 48, 
dedys, 13. 
Dede, adj. dead, 975, 1722. 
Dede, s. death, 1253, 1935. 
Dede-thrawe, s. death-pang, 1150. 
Deesse, s. dais, 218. 
Defadide, P.I. faded, 3304. 
Defawte, s. default, 2939. 
])efawtes, v. I»L are wanting, fail, 

Deffuse, s. prohibition, 256. Com- 
pare " Defaix, deffais, deffois, de- 
fois: Lieux alCendus, où fl n'est 
pas permis de pêcher ni de chasser ; 
empêchement, dfense." Roquefort. 
But it is more than probable lhat 
we ought to rend "deff[e]nse"-- 
forbidding, prohibition. 
Degr6, s. degree, 84. 
Dele, v. deal, 1278 ; preL delte, 
49, 3088; Ioret. pl. daltene, 2101, 
dalte, 3693, 3749 ; av.p. delte, 1216, 
1277, 1564. 
Delygens, . diligence, 1934. 
Delytte, s. delight, 1970. 
Delyuerede, l».z0, set free, 1688, 
Demenys, v. 3 s. leads, 1988; 
yL demenys, 4076. O. Fr. derae- 
Demyd, Demyde, 1o.p. deemed, 
judged, "219, 1561,, doomed, 4158. 
Depayntide, 1».l ». depicted, 3355. 
Depez, s. 11. deeps, 750. 
Depnesse, s. depth, 746. 
Dere, v. hurt, injure, 1783, 3248, 
3611, 4.00 ; 3 s. derys, "2099. 
Dere, odj. dear, 974, 1216. 
Derefulle, a,lj. 4053. Qu. fc, r 
derffMle, full of pain or eare. Com- 
pare derf, hardship, atiction, pain, 
in Stratmann. 
Dereliche, 3379, Derely, 1277, 
adv. dearly. 
Dereworthily, adv. preeiously, 
Derfe, a,tj. hard, strong, severe, 
31"2, 33"2, 811, 2052, 210"2, 26.52. 
Derflyehe, adv. severely, 3277. 
Derke, adj. dark, 754. 
Derlynge, s. darling, 4196. 
Derygese, s. 1OL dirges, 4017. 
Despyne, 183. ,See Porke des- 



:Destanye, 3436, 3779, :Desteny, 
1563, s. destiny. 
:Dcstayned¢, p.p. destined, 664, 
4090, 4153, 4157, 4306. 
:Destruede, p.p. destroyed, 1181. 
:Deuer, s. duty, 1940. 
:Devisede, v. pret. divided, 352i. 
:Deuorande, i. p. devouring, 2054. 
Deuotly, 296, Devottly, 347, «dr. 
Devyse, v. divide, 2400; pret. 
dcuysede, 308. 
Dewly, «dr. duly, 4006. 
:Deworyde, p.p. devoured, 851. 
:Deynttely, «dr. daintily, 2643. 
Diamawndis,s. pl. diamonds, 3297. 
:Dictour, s. spokesman, 712. 
:Dighte. ee Dyghte. 
Dischayte, s. deceit, 3789. 
Iiscouerours, s. pl. scouts, spies, 
:Diskoueres, v. ind. pres. pl. search, 
3119 ; ira T. pl. 2. diseoueres, 1641. 
:Disseucre, v. separate, 1575 ; 3 s. 
disseuerez, 1978 ;/ret. diss¢ueride, 
Disspite, s. spire, 3163. 
Disspyszede, p.p. despised, 269. 
:Dogge-sone, s. dog-son, 1072, 
Dole, 3067, 3299, 3885, ule, 
256, 703, 777, . sorrow. 
Dolcfulle, a«O'. sorrowful, 2054. 
Dolphyne, s. 2054. 
oluene, p.p. buried, 975. 
Domesdaye, s. day of judgment, 
Doo, v. do, 1934, 2322 ; 2 s. pres. 
iid. dosse, 1954; pl. lres, id. 
dosse, 4333;/zp. donne, 1940. 
Doubbyd, 48, Doubbyde, 3613, 
. preL dubbed. 
Douce, adj. sweet, pleasant, 1251. 

:Doughttily, adv. valiantly, 1939. 
Doughty, 20, Doughtty, 1738, 
2777, Dowghtty, 3798. adj. valiant; 
s«perl, doughtyeste, 219. 
Doughtynes, 1563, Doughtynesse, 
3884, $. valour. 
]:)out, v. doubt, 3061. 
Do'bille, adj. double, 2834. 
Dowblede, p._p. doubled, 3609. 
Dowblcttez, s. 1»1. doublets, 2625. 
Dowcherys. 5'ee Ducherye. 
Dowere, s. do-ry, 3089. 
:Downkynge, ». rnoisture, 3248. 
Dowte, Dowtte, ». doubt, 2043, 
fear, 3"25. 
Dowtte, v. fear, 312. 
Dowttouse, adj. dreadful, terrible, 
:Drafe. Sec ]-)ryffes. 
Dragges, s. pl. drags, 3615. 
I)ragouns, s. 1ff. dragons, 1252. 
Dawe-brigge, s. drap'bridge, 
Drawes, v. 3 s. draws, proceeds, 
151; ¥1. drawene, 3615; ¥./. 
drawene, 3924. 
Dreche, v. tarry, delay, abide, 
1504 ; 3 
dreches, 1254, 2154; lret, drecch- 
ede, 754. 
Drechede, p.]). troubled, harassed, 
"Ac sathanas pe frecche 
pe saule wule drecre, 
Hwan he ao-nflt habb@." 
Jesua Coll. 31. 29, leaf "249. 
I)rede, v. dread, fear, 829, 2235; 
yret. d/edde, 20; v.T. dredde, 398. 
Drede, . dread, fear, 46, 754. 
Dredlesse, Dredlez, tdv. vithout 
doub|, eertaialy, 1503, 2043, t053. 
I)refene. 'ee I)ryffes. 
Dreghe, s. daration, continuance, 

Dreghe, one, adv. aside, back, 786, 
787, 3968, 4219. 
I)reghe, v. surfer» endure, 3276, 
I)reghely, a«h,. enduringly, con- 
tinually, 20"28. 
I)rcmyd, imprs, v. 2ret. 760. 
Hym dremyd :: hc dreamed. 
I)renschene, v. ioE. drown, 761. 
Drerely, Drerily, adv. drearily, 
2154, 2969. 
Dresce, 550, I)resse, 1072, 2042, 
201, v. direct, arrange, adjust, 
dispose, prepare, array; 3 s. dresses, 
20"26, drcsesse, 2833; /d. drisses, 
2473; pret. dressede, 18, 1055, 
dresside, 579, drissede, 2052, dr3'ss- 
ede, 46 ; p.p. dresside, 1252, dris-qd, 
218 ; dresses vp = rears. 
I)rcuene, I)rife. 5"ee I)ryffes. 
I)rightene, 4008, I)ryghttene, 
lz)78, Dryghttyne, 3799. s. the 
Lord; .¢en. Dryghtyns, 664, Dr3'ght- 
3,nez, 1564. A.S. Drihten. 
Drissede. See Dresce. 
I)romondaries, s. ff. dromedaries, 
I)romowndes, s. pl. swift ships, 
3615. "Dromon, dromont : Gon- 
dole, vaisseau de guerre." Roque- 
fort. "Dromones, Naves cursoriœe, 
expediti cursus navigia." Du- 
I)roupe, v. lie laid, lie still, 
007. See Date. 
I)rowghte, s. dryness, 3249. 
Drowppande, i. p. ïalling, 4053. 
Drye, v. surfer, 704, 1546, 1632. 
I)ryffes, v. pl. drive, rush, 2757 ; 
pret. drafe, ï87, drife, 3276 ; lret. 
l. dreuene, 291; i. iv. dryfande, 
61, 816;/./. drefene, 3224. 
Dryghttene. See Drightene. 
I)rynehene, v. in.f. to drown, 816. 
I)rynkles, adj. drinkless, 4172. 
I)rynkyne, v. pl. drink, 2028. 

I)ryssede. See I)resce. 
Dubbyde, p.p. adcrned, 3609. 
I)ucherye, s. duchy, 2400, 2937; 
ivl. duchcrés, 1728, ducher3'es, 3614, 
dowcherys, 9. 
I)uchez, s. duchcss, 852, 9î4, 
I)uelle, v. dwell, tarry, abide, 306ï ; 
2êret. duellede, 33"21, duellyde, 219 ; 
i. iv. duelland, 3443 ;/.p. dueLlyde, 
I)ukkes, I)ukkez, s. pl. dukcs, 
723, 2029. 
I)ule. Sec ])oie. 
/gule-cotes, s. /ol. mourning gar- 
meuts, 336. 
I)usperes, 66, 1254, Duspers, 145, 
Dusseperez, 2029, Duzseperez, 723, 
Duszeperis, 3751, Dusszeperis, 
336, s. pl. peers ; lit. twelve pecrs 
(Ff. douze pairs). Dussepere, 
oae of such peers, 2329, 2642. 
I)uttez. Read I)inttez, s. id. 
strokes, 787. 
I)yaperde, adj. 3251. 
I)yghte, v. ortier, arrange, dispose, 
1253; 1 s. dyghttes, 2;o5; pret. 
dyghte, 2970; p.p. dwhte, sent, 
3066, dressed, 3251, dJ'g]lte, adorn- 
ed, 3353. 
Dyked, p.p. buried, 975. 
I)yme, adj. dira, 1723. 
I)yne, s. din, noise, 2031 
I)ynncd, v. pret. sounded, resound- 
ed, 2031. 
I)ynnynge, s. noise, 2030. 
I)ynt, 1073, I)ynte, 312, 1118, s. 
stroke, blow; pl. d3'nttez, 1127, 
dynttys, 332. 
Dysfegoures, v. 3 s. disfigures, 
Dyspens, s. spending, 538. 
Dyssauyde,/9./9. deceived, 683. 
Dyuerse, ad]. divers, various, 49, 



Dyuysyde, v. pret. divided, dis- 
tributed, 49, 1389. 

Efte, adv. again, 470, 529, 2349. 
Egerly, 1125, 1148, 1411, 1591, 
Egyrly, 1499, ado. sharply, fiercely. 
:Egge, 2567, 2958, :Eghge, 4194, 
». edge. A.S. ec#. 
Eghelynge, adv. edgewise, 3675. 
Eghene, 3790, Eghne, 116, 358, 
Eughne, 19"20, Eyghene, 3985, 
Eyghne, 1083, 4044, Eyne, 328"2, 
. pl. eyes. A.S. edge, 2l. effyan. 
Eghge. 5'ee Egge. 
Egle, s. eagle, 2067, 2245. 
EgTee, adj. sharp, eager, 507. 
Eke, co»j. also, 44, 572. 
Ekkene, v. inf. increase, 2009 ; 
3 $. pre$. id. ekys, 3965. 
:lagere, 2977, is eertainly mis- 
written. The alliteration requires 
s/ .... ; perhaps we ought to read 
leyghte, skill, dexteriiy. 
Ehlare, adj. comp. older, 4151. 
Elde, s. age, 301, old agê, 4220. 
A.S. yldo. 
Elders, Eldyrs, s. 1;L ancients, 13, 
ancestors, 99, 272, 293. 
Elfaydes, s. pl. animais of some 
kind, 2£$8. 
Elles, adv. else, 1191, 1209, 2020. 
:Emange, prep. among, 375. 1917, 
2060. See Amant. 
Eme, s. uncle, 1347. A.S. edm. 
Enamelde, 2565, 3355, Enamel- 
ede, 2027, p.p. enamelled. 
Enan'lles, v. 3 s. en-angles, i. e. 
surrounds by troops formed in an 
angular figure(?), 3781. Comp. 
Enarmede, p.p. 91 O. 
Enbraces, v. pl. put on the arm, 
4111 ; enbrassez, 1753 ; ¥.p, en- 
brasserie, 2459, 2518. 

Enbuschement, s. ambush, 1407, 
Enbusehes, v. 3 . pres. id. sets 
in ambush, 1981 ; p.p. enbuschede, 
1712, enbuschide, 1403, ambushed. 
Enclesside. Read Enclossede, 
enclosed, 2396. 
Enclined, 479, Enclinede, 1706, 
v. Tret. bowed. 
Enclines, s. 1,1. bows, 83. 
Enclosez, v. 3 . 1134 ; p.p. en- 
closede, 4"206, enclosyde, 3"238. 
Encontre, 1320, 1787, Encount- 
ire, 3491, Encowntere, 4180, v. 
encounter; pL enconters, 2158; 
prel. encontrede, llbS. 
Encorownmentes, s. 11. corona- 
tions, 4197. 
Encroche, v. seize, obtain, 326 ; 
3 . encrochez, 1"243; prel. en- 
crochede, 2036; ¥.¥. encrochede, 
Eneroyssede, v. pret. crossed, 
Endente, 3297, Endenttyd, 2052, 
¥.p. endented (Her.). 
:ndittede, v. pret. indited, com- 
posed, 34"20. 
Endordide, p.p. dlt, 199. 
Enêwe, 2657, Enowe, 504, adv. 
E.nfeblesches, v. T/-Tres. become 
weak, 2484. 
Enflureschit, p.p. flowered, 198. 
Enforce, v. exert ; enforce ow, 
endeaour, 2"25 ; enforsse, strength- 
en, reinforce, 
Engenderde, p.p. begotten, 843. 
Engendurc, s. begetting, 3743. 
Enge)aes. ee Engynea. 
Englaymez, 1131, Englaymous, 
3684, . pL tender slimy. "Gley- 
myn', oryngleymyn'. Fi«o, 
Proraptorium Parvulorum. 
Engowschede, p.p. swollen, in- 



flated, 2053. "Engousser : Enfler, 
grossir." Rofueforl. 
Engrelede, F.i- engrailed (IIer.), 
:En¢nes, 2481, 3036, Engeynes, 
2t-23, s. oel. engines. 
:Engyste, v. assign lodgings, 445. 
"Gister, giter : Assigner un glte." 
Enhorild%/.p. surrounded, 
8ce Enourl«d in Alliterative Poems 
(Reprint), ]3.19 aad Glossary. 
Enis. qee Eynes. 
Enjoynes, 897, Enjoynys, 4109, 
. in/. join in battle; l)rel, enjoïa- 
ede, 087. 
:Enkedy, adv. ardently, eagerly, 
507, 2066, 2°22, 2839. 
Enmy, Enraye, . enemy, foe, 
519, 64.2, 195"2 ; oel. enmyse, 1"205, 
Eundlcd, I».P. enamded, 1294. 
Ennoyntede, 50, Ennoynttyde, 
101. Enoyntede, 14"2, Enoynttedc, 
51-4, 9.447, lJ./, anointed. 
Enowe, adv. enough, 504. 
:Enpeyred e,/x.p.impaired,damaged, 
Enpoysone, s. poison, 213. 
Enscge, 441, Ensegge, 1337, v. 
besiegc; 3 8. enseggez, 69.3; 
ensegede, 1696. 
Enserchede, 3942. Read :Enser- 
cledc, encirclcd. 
Enserches, v. 3 s. searches, ex- 
amines, 4311; L enserches, "2466. 
:F_msure, v. assure, 1689, 2324, 
Entamede, v. pret. cut, wounded, 
2"203; .p. 1160, "2708. 
entamer, trancher, blesser, léser, 
enlever l'intégrité." 
Entayllide, l».u, entailed, 3542. 
Entire, v. enter, 1967 ; ind. pres. 
3 . enteres, 2007, 2357; pl. enires, 
4309; lorel, enieride, 2805; 

entirde, 3448, entrede, 4069, en- 
tyrde, 1691. 
Enverounes, v. Id. environ, sur- 
round, 41'24; preL enuerounde, 
went round or about, 9.051, 9.091-; 
p./. enuerownde, surrounded, '24"2. 
Enueryde, p.p. () 1694. 
Enuyous, adj. 2047. 
Enya A'ee Eynes. 
Er, v. 2d. are, 166. 
Erbefis, . Id. gardons, 3245. 
Ercheuesqes, . pi. archbishops, 
Ere, v. id. are, 1538, 1582, -'2547. 
Ere, aàv. before, 1840. 
Erle, s. earl, 1659 ; 2d. erlez, 1904, 
erlles, 35"2S, 3933. 
Erledoms, s. 2d. earldoms, 42. 
Erles, s. pl. earnest, deposit, 2687. 
Erne, . 2d. ears, 1086. 
Ernestly, adv..'2838, 2903. 
Errawnte, adj. arrant, 2895. 
Erthe, . earth, 109, 161. 
Erthely, adj. eartlfly, 1664, 4169. 
Es, v. 3 s. is, 16, 88, 89; pl. 
es (-- are), 1666, 3448. 
Eschape, v. escape, 1020, 2957 ; 
pret. eschappede, 1881, eschappide, 
9.367;/-T- eschapede, 1111, 3576. 
Escheffe, v. 2301. 
Escheue, v. attain, 3347; prel. 
escheuede, 3000, eschewede, fell 
out well, 9.956, eschewede, met wi h 
good fortune, 16"20 ; p.p. eseheuyde, 
0'21, eschewede, 1559, 09.7. 
Eschewes, v. 3 «. draws back, re- 
treats, 1116; preL eschewede, 1881; 
i»p. 2 pl. eschewes, 1750. " 
c/drer, eskiver, esclwveir, éviter, fuir, 
esquiver." 13«r#uy. 
Ese, s. esse, 3208. 
'Este, adj. east, 1740, 3210. 
Esterne, 1006, F_.styre, 554, s. 



:Etene, oe.p. eaten, 2716. 
Ethenys, 4163, Ethym, 4122, 
p/. giants. Sec E/ayn in Sir Ga- 
wayne and te Green A'aiyM, ll. 140, 
72. A.S. 
Ettylle, v. purpose, 554; 3 
ettelles, 5-0, etles, 3077. 
:Euene, 2073, :Euenne, 4055, 
Euyne, 78, Evyne, 3596, Evyane, 
3597, Ewene, 76"2, Ewyne, 618, 
1122, Ewynne, 2961, adv. even, 
straight, right, just. 
Euensange, ê9*, Euesange, 900, 
,. evensong, vespers. 
Eueriche a, 2037, Euer-ilk a, 212, 
adj. every. 
Euylle, adc. fil, 111 
Ewene. See Euene. 
:E .wyne, . evening, eve, 1006, 
Ewyne, EwTnne. See Euene. 
Ewyre, adv. ever, 8. 
:Eye-liddis, s. 1»l. eyelids, 3952. 
Eyghêne, Eyghne, E)me. Eee 
:E3mes , 1.°83, 2308, F.ynez, 1760, 
Eynis, 2516, Eynys, 1879, Eynyes, 
2'275. Enis, 2S86, 3376, Enys, 3466, 
.¥I. narrow passages, passes. A.S. 
eÆge, narrow, Germ. eÆge,  narrow 

Faa-mene, . 1l. foemen, 303. 
:Fadire, 3432, Fadyr, 112, }'adyre, 
1169, . father. 
Fadome, s. fathom, ll03. 
Faees, s. pL foes, 403. 
Faghte. ,See 'eghte. 
Faire, adv. well, lll0, 3.°47. 
:Fairely, adv. nicely, 954. 
Faith, s. 1155. 
:Faithely, :Faythely, adv. asmLred- 
ly, 3S6, 4031. 
Fakene, v. iol. coil, 742. "Fake, 

one of the circles, or windins, of a 
cab|e, or hawser, as it lies disposcd 
in the coil ..... The fakes are 
greater or smaller in proportion to 
the extent of space which a cable is 
allowed to occupy where it lies." 
Falconer's Marine Dictionary, ed. 
Burney. Sc.faik, a fold (Ja,nieoa). 
Falle, v. betide, 1006 ; 3 ». falles, 
belongs, 2450. 
Falow, adj. pale, 1402. 
Falowede, p.p. tttrned pale, 3954. 
Fais, adj. ïalse, 1307. 
Falsede, 3918, Falssede, 2860, $. 
falsehood, error. 
Falterede, v. pret. quivered, 1092. 
Fande. ,S'ee Fynde. 
Fande, 557, 867, 984, Fannde, 
656, v. endeavour. See onde. 
Fannge, v. seize, take, receiv, 
425; ind. yre,. 3 . fangez, ]005, 
1'2:t9. çee Fongene. -- 
Fare, v. go, 3581 ; fd. pres. 3 a. 
fares, proceeds, behaves, 788. 
Fare, s. journey, course, 393. 
Fare-waye, s. course, 1357. 
Farlande, ». foreland, 880, 984, 
Farly. See Ferly. 
Faucetez, s. 1»I. tape, .°05. 
Faughte, Faughtte, Fawghte. 
Sec Feghte. 
Fawcone, 788, Fawkone, 4003, . 
falcon; 1. fawcouns, 925. 
Faxve, «dj. variegated, particolour- 
ed, 77. A.S.fa. 
Fawnelle, 2765. Read Fawuelle, 
. a horse of a yellowish ehesnut 
eolour. "Fauvel, fauvau, fauveIle : 
De couleur rousse, fauçe, tirant sur 
le jaune, flau,,fulu,.'" Ro9uefort. 
Fawntkyne, 2440, 2;'36, . littl 
ehild, baby ; pl. fawntekyns, 85. 
Fawte, . lack, 160, fault, 2737. 
Fax, ». hair, 1078. A.S. feax. 


Fay, adj. fated to die, dead, 394, 
438, 971, 3828; fey. 1.21, 517, feye, 
Fay, Faye, s. faith, 2842, 2860, 
Fayfully, adç. faithfully, I î 15. 
Fay|e01, 3308, looks like a mistake 
through confounding this line with 
the next ; qu. faldede, folded. 
Fayne, adj. glad, 1160. 
Faythefully, adv. 1345, 1735, 
Faythely. Sec Faithely. 
Feble, adj. weak, bad, 226, 2929. 
Fecchede, v. pret. fetched, 169; 
p.p. fechede, 111, fechyde, 437. 
Feedde, p.p. fed, 2492. 
Feelde. ,Sec Felde. 
Feemene, s. 1#. herdmen, keepers 
of cattle, 24S8. A.S.feoh, cattle. 
Feghte, 367, 1715, Fyghte, 1345, 
lî35, v. fight; 3 s. fedtlys, 789, 
fyghttez, 2091 ; pl. feg'lttes, 1495, 
feghttez, 2163, fcghttene, `2555; 
pret. faghte, 1174, faughte, "2164, 
faughtte, 1898, fawghte, 299; 
i. p. feghtande, 4°.57, fyghtande, 
40fifi, 41`21; p.p. f%htene,,,l 3019, 
foughtene, 1535, foughttene, `2365. 
Feghte, s. fight, 4254. 
Fegure, s. figure, shape, 781, 3301. 
Fekille, adj. false, 2860. 
Felde, 972, 985, Feelde, 1432, s. 
Fcle, adj. many, 845, 1247, 1496. 
Fele, v. hide, conceal, 3237. Sec 
fele, in S/ratmann. O.N..f«la, 
M. Goth.fl/han. 
Fele, v. feel ; lret, felede, 1874. 
Feletez, 1158, Felettes, 2174, 
4237, s. iv/. fillets. 
Felewes, v. 21. follow, 2758. 
Feleyghes, s. vl. felly, circumfer- 
ence of a wheel, 3308.'l#e. 
Felle, s. skin, 1081. A.S..fdL 

Felle, s. mountain, 2489, 2509. 
Felle, v. fell, 1139 ; 3 s. felh.z, 
1247; iv./, fellide, 1851, felldc, 
Felle, adj. tierce, cruel, severe, 
1401, 2769. 
Felly, adv. fiercely, 2141. 
Felowez, s. pL fellows, coin- 
panions, 1381. 
Felschene, v. {n.f. (?)renovate, 
1975. Halliwell has "' Feh'. To 
renovate a bat." 
Fende, & fiend, devil, 871, 954 ; 
IVL rendez, 843. 
Fente, s. (!) 4249. 
Fenyste, ao._P, finished, 4254. 
Ferant, 2259, Feraunte, 1811, 
1{0, Ferawnt, '2451, adj. seendy. 
Fcrcostez, s. ll. ships of some 
kind, 743. "Farkost, Navis." IC 
relius, under the word Kost. Ste 
Farcost and Fercosl in Ja»ffeson. 
Ferde, p.p. afraid, 403, 526, 322 ; 
s. fear, 1S75, 3069. 
Ferdnesse, s. fear, 121, 2258. 
Fere, s. fear, 3918. 
Fere, s. eompanion; pL feres, 
1608, ferez, 1789, feris, 1578, ferys, 
21'26. A.S. fie.fera. 
Fere, 1232. ,See Ferre. 
Fere, adj. sound, unhurt, 296, 
Ferke, v. raove, go, 984, 1037; 
fer "kke, 415`2 ; 3 s. ferkcz, 933, 949 ; 
i, ferkene, 3907; i. iv. ferkand, 
145, ferkande, 
Ferly, 2842, Ferlyche, 925, a:lj. 
Ferly, 2440, 2947, Farly, 2485, 
s. strange thing, wonder. 
Fermes, 425, Fermez, 1005, s. ll. 
rents, tribute. 
Fermysone, . (l)some khd of 
sauce, 180. 
Ferre, adj. far distant 354î"; fere, 



1"23"2; he ferre -- hy far, [1116; 
comp. ferrere, furiher, 1596, 306S, 
4"237 ; suzerl, ferreste, fm-thest, 
Ferrers, s. a kind of wine, 2714. 
Ferriours, 2752. Itead Forriours, 
}`errome, adj. far, forei-a, 3578 ; 
o ferrome -- afar, 856, 935, 2100. 
}`ets, 2161, }`erse, 1451, 1537, 
adj. tierce. 
}`ersely, 1115, 3402, }`ersly, 1118, 
adv. fiercely. 
]:ersenesse, . fierceness, 3826. 
}`erthe, a,lj. fourth, 3412. 
Ferthynges, ». id. round spots, 
}`eDme , aj. far, foreign, 3711. 
Ferynne, s. fern, 1875. 
Ferys. ,S'ee Fere. 
Fesantez, 925, }`esauntez, 198, s. 
yL pheasants. 
}`escale, 10.10. worried, 2842. 
}'este, adj. fast, 2142. 
Festenesse, v. 3 s. fastens, 1118 ; 
vL festenez, 935. 
Fetche, v. 1188. 
Feteled, p.p. fettled, set in order, 
}`etheris, s. iol. feathers, 2098. 
Fette, v. fetch, 557. 
}`ettede, p.p. ritted, ordered, ar- 
rayed, 4067. ee }ïtt. 
Feuerere, s. Febrary, 436. 
Fewle, s. fowl, bird, 2071 ; pl. 
feulez, 9"26. 
Fewtee, s. fealty, 112. 
Fewtere, 1791, Fewtire, 1769, 
Fewtyre, 1366, s. rest for a lance. 
Fewters, v. 3 s. lays in test, 3775 ; 
v.p. fewteride, 1711, fewtrede, 1756, 
with spears in rest. 
Fey. ,Sec Fay. 

Feyede, v. Tret. cleansed, wiped, 
Feyne, (?)foin, 1734. 
}`eyne -- fine, v. cease, 1147. 
}`eyne, v. fein, 1913. 
}`eynte, aàj. faint, 1874. 
Feyntly, adv. faintly, 1734. 
ff. Vords beginning with ff are 
entered under single F. 
Fichene, v. pl. fix, pierce, 2098; 
pret. fichede, 4"239. 
Fff, adj. rive, 1756. 
Fifre, «dj. fifth, 3306. 
}`illez, 1402, }`fllis, 1038, v. 3 
fills; ¥.. filled¢, satisfied, 103"2. 
}`ilsnez, v. 3 s. lurks, 881. Com- 
pare "ylskni, J[.alilmls." l'- 
Fflterede, 1078, 21t9, Filtyrde, 
7S0,/.p. matted, mixed. 
}`irthe, ». wood, 1708, 2144. 
Fische-hal]e, adj. as a fish, 
Fitt, v. fit, set in order, array, 
2139; 3$.fittcs, 1989, fiitcz, 1755, 
2O7"2 ; p.p. fittyde, 2555. 
l:lamnande, i. T- flaming, re- 
splendent, 198. 
Flappes, v. strikes, 2781. 
}`lawez, 773, Flawes, 2556, s. pl. 
blasts, gusts. 
Ylawmande, i. 10. £aming, 945, 
1975, flashing, 1365, 149. 
}`lawmez, v. 3 s. flames, 1037 ; 
fiawmes, 2556. 
Flawnke, s. flank, 1158, 2174; pl. 
fiawnkkes, 2100. 
Flay, v. frighten, terrffy, 2779; 
p.. flayede, 2441. 
Flayre, s. flame, 772. 
}`lede. See Flee. 
'lee, v. 2021 ; prd. fleede, 494, 
1432, 27"29, flede, 3"236 ; ¥.. flede, 


Fleete. v. float, 803 ; Fret. fletyde, 
Flemede, 2738, Flemyde, 1155, 
¥.p. banished. 
Flemesche, adj. Flemish, î43. 
Flenges, v. 3 s. flings, 2762.- 
FleD, ande, i. p. gibing, scoffing, 
1088, 2778. 8c.fleer. 
Flesche, s. 1160, 2099. 
'leschez, v. pl. flit about, 926. 
Flete, s. fleet, 1189. 
Fleterede, T.T- (?) fitted for flight, 
Flethe, s. (?) 2482. 
Flieghes, v. 3 s. flies, 4002. 
Flitt, v. shoot (with arrows), 2097. 
'lode, s. flood, 773, 803, 1189. 
'loke, s. flock, company, 2849. 
Floke- mowthede, adj. fluke- 
mouthed, having a mouth ]ike a 
fiat flh, 2779. 
Flones, 3619, Flonez, 2097,s. _pl. 
arrows. A.8..fld, )qdn. 
Florenez, s./)l, florins, 885. 
'lores, s. pl. fields, plains, 2694, 
Floresche, v. flower, flourish, 2555; 
Tret. floreschede, 324-6; p.p. fior- 
eschede, 771, 1708, 3472, flor- 
eschte, 9")4:, 1366. 
Flour, s. flower, 1709, 1990 ; _pl. 
fiourez, 970. 
Flourdelice, s. lily-flower, 3333. 
Flowe, v. _pret. flew, 772, 2100. 
Floynes, s. 1,1. a kind of small 
ships, 743. A. Jal in his Glossaire 
Nautique gives «' Flouia. Nom d'un 
petit navire pont6 ui pouvait na- 
viguer à la voile et a l'aviron." 
Flude, s. flood, 494. 
Fluke, s. flotmder, or other fiat 
fish, 1088. 
Fluriste, p.p. flowered, 180. 
'lyeande, i. 1». flying, 2451. 

Flyngande, l. p. flinng, dashing 
along, 2757. 
Flyschande, i. p. slashing, 2141. 
Flysches, v. slashes, cuts, 2768. 
Flyttynge, s. shooting (with ar- 
rows), 2099. 
Foddenid, T-P. produced, 3246. 
Foghtene. See Feghte. 
Folde, 315, 2151, Foulde, 1071, 
Fowlde, 3302, . earth. 
Fole, s. foal, 449, 2783. 
Folily, ade. foolishly, 2841. 
Folowes, v. 3 s. follows, 1118 ; pl. 
folous, 1360. 
Fomand, 3307, Fomande, 2233, 
Fomannde, 780, i. ¥. foaming. 
Fome, s. foam, 1079. 
Fonde. See Fynde. 
Fonde, 3370,(miswritten) Fonode, 
205, v. try. 
Fonderie. ,See Fynde. 
Fongene, v. pre». pl. take, 2799 ; 
fonngez, 2753 ; pret. fongede, 
seized, 3308. 
Fonode. ,See Fonde. 
Foo, ». foe, 1536, 3395. 
Foode, ». 9ffspring, child, person, 
Foomene, s. pl. foemen, 3020. 
Foonde, v. go, 366, 2489. 
Forbere, v. forbear, 1913. 
Forbrittenede,p.p. cut up, slaugh- 
tered, 2273. 
Forchipe, s. foreship, 3678. 
Forcyere, adj. comp. stronger, 
Fordremyde, p.p. wearied by 
dreaming, 339"2. 
Fore, prep. for, 256 ; conj. for, 
Fore-breste, s. front, 1494, 1990. 
Fore-brustene, P-T- burst, 2272. 

160 Lossama. 

ForegTffe. ,See Forgyffe. 
Forejustyde. See Forjuste. 
Forelytenede, p.p. lessened, 254. 
Fore-maglede, p.p. mangled, 1534. 
8c. ma#il, maigil , to mangle (Ja- 
Forestayne, . prow of a ship, 
Foretoppe, s. forehead, 108. 
Fore-trauaillede, p.p. fatigued, 
Forfette, v. forfeit, 557 ; p.p. for- 
fetede, 1155. 
Forfoughttene, p.lX wearied with 
fighting, 3795, 4179. 
Forgyffe, 3,i88, Foreifffe, 432, 
. forgive /.p. forgeffene, IS&. 
Forheuede, s. forehead, 1080. 
Forjuse, 2895, For3ustede, 2088, 
913t, 908, Forejustyde, 1393,/-T- 
overcome in a joust, defeated. 
Formaylle, s. femme hawk, 4003. 
Forraye, v. forage, 2489; 3 s. 
forrayse, 1"2t7; pret. forrayede, 
Forreours, s. pl. foragers, 2450, 
Forsake, v. refuse, 1686, 2734, 
dcny, 19t5, 414g. 
Forsesy, o,lj. strong, powerful, 
3300, 3307. 
Forsett, 2012, 2018, Forsette, 
1714, 1896, 1979, Foresett, 161, 
Forstern% s. forepart of the stern, 
lortethe, s. front teeth, 1089. 
Forthermaste, adv. first, 1365. 
Forthes, 2827, Forthis, 1850, v. 
3 s. procee&s. 
For-thi, 152, 225, For-thy, 1172, 
Fore-thy, 3009, Fore-thi, 3346, 
ad». therefore. 
Forthire, 261, Forthya'e, 340, 
ado. further. 

Fortldre, e. afford, furnish, 300, 
Forthirmaste, adj. first, 3330. 
For-thynkkes, 4252, For-thynk- 
kys, 9îl, impers, v. repeats; me 
f.. -- I regret, repent. 
Fortrodyne, 19-P- trampled, 2150. 
Fote, 801, 1079, Fott, 4058, 
FoRe, 933, 155, . foot. 
Fote-mene, s. 1l. infantry, 1989. 
Foughtene, Foughttene. ee 
Foulde. ,gee Fohle. 
Found, 452, Founde, 495, 1189, 
v. go, proceed; pL fowudes, 311'2, 
fownd.w, 9756; yret. foundide, 
Foundene, Found3me. ,_çce Fynde. 
Fourmede, v. pret. formed, 3808 ; 
p.p. 781, 861, 1061. 
Fourte, adj. fourth, 3300. 
Fourtedele, s. fourth part, quarter, 
Fowlde. See :Folde. 
Fowle, s. bird, 4002. 
Fowly, adr. foully, 1089. 
Fowndene. See Fynde. 
Fowndes. Sec Found. 
Foyle, s. leaf, .°704. 
Foynes, v. pL fonce, thrust, 1494, 
21tl, 2163; pret. foynede, 1S9S. 
Fra, prep. from, 47, 591. 
Fraisez, 1248. Read Frayes, ter- 
Fraiste, Frayste, v. try, test, 435, 
881, 3395 ; 3 s. fraystez, 12"27 ;/.p. 
fraistede, 2774. 
Fraknede, adj. frec -lded, 1081. 
Franche, OE/./'. French, 1250. 
Fransye, s. frenzy, 3826. 
Frape, 2804, Frappe, 2163, 3548, 
s. company, troop. 
Frappez, v. 3 s. smites, 1115. 


Fraunenez, s. liberty, 1248. 
Frawghte, 2p.2. laden, freighted, 
Frawnke, s. enelosure, 3247. 
Frayede, _p.p. frightened, 2260. 
:Fraynes, 507, :Fraynez, 337, 954, 
141, v. 3 s. asks, inquires. 
Frayste. 6'ee Fraiste. 
Fre, Free, adj. noble, 1711, 3247. 
Frechcly, adv. (?) boldly, (1) freshly, 
Freely, 3330, Frely, 970, Freliche, 
2488, 3371, 3808, adj. noble. 
Freely, adv. 2072, 2140. 
Freke, s. man, fellow, 557, 873, 
973; pl. frekes, 72, frekkes, 
1360, frykis, 2898. 
Freke, 2759, 2821, Frckk, 2139, 
:Frekke, 4¢54, adj. bold; suyed. 
frekkeste, 1536, 2164.. 
Frekly, 1360, 1451, Frekkly, 
3927, adv. boldly. 
Freliche, :Frely. See Freely, adj. 
Frcmdly, °738, Fremedly, 1250, 
:Fremydly, 305, adv. straugely. 
Fremmede, adj. strange, foreign, 
Frenchepe, s. friendship, 656. 
Frendez, s. pl. friends, 1442. 
Frendely, adj. friendly, 3343. 
Frendles, adj. friendless, 3305. 
Freschely, 1367, 1441, Fresche- 
liche, 429, Frescly, 2097, Fresc- 
lyche, 2900, ad». freshly, briskly, 
Freschene, v. refresh, 1452. 
Fresclyche, adj. fresh, 2502. 
Fresone, s. (?) Friesland horse, 
Fretene, p.p. (?) adorned, 2142. 
A.S. froettrian, to adora. 
Frette, p.p. (?) rubbed, 2708. 
Ff.frotter, fo tub. 
Fretted, .p.p. 1364. 

Fretyae, 1»-1»- devoured, 844. 
Frithez, s. l. woods, forests, 924. 
Frithed, .p. wooded round, hem- 
med in wifl forest, hedged, 37. 
Occurs in lOiers lire Plow»an, ed. 
8keat, Tcxt B, v. 590. 
Fro, prep. îrom, 3, 376, 1138. 
Fromonde, s. (?) 1112. 
Froske, s. frog, 1081. A.S. frosc. 
Frount, 1080, Frounte, 1711, 
1756, Fronte,  55, Fruut, 1112, 
Fronte, 195, s. brow, forehead, 
F rountcre, 2861, Frowntere, 2898, 
s. front of an army. 
Frowarde, adj. perverse, 3345. 
Froyte, s. fruit, 2492, 2707 ; Id. 
Frumentee, s.  dish madc of 
wheat and various other things, 
180. 8ee the recipe in Liber Cure 
Coeorum, ed. liorris, p. 7. 
Frunt. ,See Frount. 
Frusche, . dash, charge, swif 
attack, 900. 
Fruschene, v. 1»1. dash, smite, 
2S0 . "Froiser,.frui,er, éeraser, 
froisser, briser." 
Frykis. See Freke, 
Frysfliez, 1248. Read Frythez, 
Frythes, v. 2d. spare, °159 ; imp. 
2/d. 173; p.p. frythede, 656. 
Fude, s. food, 160, 2486. 
Fulfille, v. ffll up, 3438. 
Fulle, adz,. foul, 1154, 2436. 
Fulsomeste, adj. îoulest, 1061. 
Fundene. See Fynde. 
Furlange, s. îurlong, 8î3, 916, 
Furthe, adv. forth, 262, 632, 
Furthe, s. path, ford, 1227, 1525, 
171, 1897, 



Fute, s. foot, 461. 
Fyche, v. fix, 2162. 
Fyfe, a,lj. rive, 814, 856. 
:Fyfte, adj. fifth, 3414. 
Fyghtandc. Aree Feghte. 
Fygured,/9./9. 2151. 
Fylede, p.p. defiled, 978. 
Fylth, s. fou] lust, 1032, 10îl. 
Fynde, v. find ; pl. fyndez, 135î ; 
ret. lande, 1160. fonde, 2775 ; p.p. 
fundene, 1176, fondene, 675, 808, 
foundcne, 9"2, 163, foundyne, 435, 
fowndcne, 3339. 
Fyrthe, v. spare, 3370. 
Fyrthe, 8. wood, îorest, 1409, 
1850, 18ï5, 189ï, 2159. 
Fysnamye, 1114, Fyssnamy, 3331, 
s. physiognomy, face. 

Gaddes, 3621, Gad, lys, 3683, s. 
/L goads, pricks. 
Gaderide, p.p. gathered, 3295; 
lreL gadyredc, 59. 
Gadlaages, 243, 2î28, Gad- 
lvngez, 285L Gedlyn_-,es, 2584, s. 
/L 'fellows, worthle-- ellows. 
"So is mony gedclyng, 
godlyche on hor-e, - 
and i- ],eyh lutel wurp ; 
'lonk bi pe glede, 
and vuel at pare neode." 
Y'he Prorerb.* of zll.fred, .lesus 
Coll. MS. 29, leaf 9.64. 
A.S. #a'delin#, eompanion. 
Gafe, v. pret. gave, 2628, gavest, 
101S ; gaffe, gave, 85. 
Ga]aye, 8. galley, 3724 ; 2ff. ga- 
lays, 3096. 
Galede, v. j,tct, sang, 927. A.S. 
(laite, s. swine, 1101. 
Galyarde, a,lj. gay, 721, 1265, 
1"279. Fr.#a,llard. 
Gamene, 8. game, sport, 2811 ; 
yL gamnez, 1730, 317.k 
Gangnge, 8. going, 706. 

Gardwynes, 8. jol. guerdons, re- 
wards, 1729. 
Garette, s. watch-tower, 562, 3104. 
" pe ffarelte$ oboven e yhates 
Of e eete of heven, I lyken 
TylÏe le#arettes of a eeté of gold, 
pat wroght war, als I before told, 
Of yne euralle and ryeh rubys, 
Ana of otber stanes of gret 
prys .... " llampole's Pricke 
of Conscience, 11. 9101-9106. 
Garneschit, 722, Garnescht, 563, 
1000, p.p. garnisbed, furnishcd. 
Garnisone, 3105, Garnysone, 
'271, 2655, Garysone, 3007, s. 
Gaffe. ,Se Gcre. 
Gaz. 5'ce Goo. 
Gate, 8. going, 4144, road, 4308. 
Gayliche, Gaylyche, adv. gaily, 
913, 2655, 3t6"2, 368[. 
Gayne, v. avail, 165 ; 38. gaynes, 
4303; pl. gaynez, 1731. 
Gayneste, adj. Iaearest, 487, 1041, 
Gayspande, i.p. gasping, 1462. 
Geant, 3410, Geante, 2889, Gy- 
aunt, 11"2"2, 1"2"2"2, . giant; TL 
geauntez, 375, gyawntis, 2908. 
Gedlynges. »See Gadlynges. 
Gedyre, v. gather, 592. 
Gemows, 8. pL hinges, 2893. 
"Gymowe of a sperynge, lérti- 
ella, gemella." fomlMorium Par- 
vulorum. 8ee Way's notes on this 
Genatours, s. pl. riders on jennets, 
light hor-emen, 2897. "Génetaire, 
gene-teur, géneIe, géniIaire : Sorte 
de cavalier-, .uivant Philippe de 
Commines." "Genitaires : Cavale- 
rie légère." Roquffort. 
Gentille, adj. gentle, well-born, 
&c., 987,1161, 2088; superl, gentil- 
este, 862. 


Genyuers, s. pl. (?) 375. 
Gere, v. raake, cause, 360; 3 s. 
gers, 3572, 39"21;pret. garte, 1886, 
109, gerte, 1780, 1956, 1915; 
erte kepe hym ----- caused him to 
e kept. 
Gere, s. gear, tackle, 2539, 3008. 
Gerefawcone, s. gerfalcon, 400. 
Gers. ,See Gcre, v. 
Gersoms, s. 1,1. tresures, 165, 
Gerte. See Gere, v. 
Gessenande, (7) 2521. 
Gesserawnte, 2892, Jseraunt, 
90, Jesserawnte, 4238; s. coat of 
jazeran; /l. gesserawntes, 2909. 
"" Jazeran. Particular kind of arm- 
our, so called from the Italian 
ghiazerino, being ruade of overlap- 
ping plates of iron rivetted on ean- 
vass covered with velvet, red, black, 
or blue, and ornamented externally 
with brass studs." Me/rick, Glos- 
sor/ of J[ilitary Terres. "JaseraM, 
jazoron? ..... cotte de petites 
Gestes, s. 1»I. stories, 2876. 
Gettlesse, ad.l. without gctting 
anything, 7"2ï. 
Getyne, p.p. gotten, 886. 
Ghywes, s.pL gyves, fetters, 3621. 
Gife, 2630, Gifle, 2632, "co. if. 
Gife, 1179, Giff, 1060, Gifle, 
2321, v. give;/.p, gifene, lï'29. 
Girde, v. smite, 3709 ; 3 s. girdez, 
lï9: , gyrdes, 1370, gyrdez, 1470, 
gyrdis, 2563; ret. gyrd, 911; 
.p. girde, 3938. 
Girdille, Girdylle, s. girdle, 3458, 
Girse, s. grass, 394. 
Gladchipe, s. gladness, 59, 928. 
Gladdez, 2883, Gladdis, 2852, v. 
3 s. gladdens, encourages ; ¥l. ghd- 
dene, 9"28. 
Glade, adj. glad, 1386. 

Glade. ee Glydez. 
Glauerande, i.œee, talking foolishly, 
Glayfe, s. 3761. " GLaive. A 
weapon composed of a long cuttin 
blade af the end of a staff.... 
zl[e/ric, Glossar,¢ of Iilit«oE 
Gledys, s. 1»1. sparks, live coals, 
Glent, s. stroke, 3863. 
Glentes, 4244, Glentis, 2563, 
Glenttys, 2780, v. 3 . glances, 
Gleterande, i. p. glittering, 595, 
1"280, 2853. 
Gliftis, 39:9, Glyftes, 2525, v. 3 s. 
Gloppynyng, s. fright, amazement, 
Glopyne, v. terrify, 2580, be ter- 
ror-struck, 3 s. glopyns, 399 ; preL 
glopnede, 107; i,,T, pl. 2. glop- 
pyns, 285; L p. gloppynnandc, 
Glorede, v. l»ret, stared, 10î4. 
Glotonc, s. glutton, 10ît. 
Glydez, v. 3 s. glides, 1371; 
yret. glade, 297"2; i.. glydande, 
Glyfles. ,See Gliftis. 
Gobbede, a, lj. full of gab or de- 
rision, 136. Sc. abbed, loqua. 
Gobelets, s. pl. glove-ornaments 
of some kind, perhaps litfle cups, 
913. Compare GoSelot de 
aeormcup. (Roquefort.) 
Gobone, v. (.) 4164. 
Gode, adj. good, 3476. 
Gole, s. 3725. "A ditch or 
small stream." Halliwell. 
Golet, s. gullet, 1772. 
Gome, 85, 1209, Gume, 3409, 
man; pl. gomes, 1461, gomys, 
3683, 3684. A.S. 


Goo, v. go, 213, 1279; 3s. gas, 
3006, gos, 37'27, gosse, 310; pl. 
gosse, 497 ; i»p. 2 pl. gose, 1'266. 
Gorge, s. throat, 3760. 
Gorgere, s. gorget, piece of armour 
for the throat, 1772. 
Gorre, s. gore, 1130, 1370. 
Gos, Gose. ,gee Goo. 
Gosesomere, s. gossamer, 2687. 
Gosse. ,ee Goo. 
Gossehawke, s. goshawk, 4001. 
Gouernour, s. 1201. 
Gowces. Read Gowtes, drops, 
spots, 3759. 
Gowke, s. cuckoo, 927. A.S. 
Gowles, 3646, 3759, Gowlles, 
3945, . gules (Her.). 
Gracious, adj. 187. 
Graine, s. anger, 1077, 3008. A.S. 
Granes, v. groans, 2562. 
Grape, v. grope, search, 272.5. 
Grassede, ».p. fattened, fat, 1091. 
Grauene, p.p. enaved, 3462. 
Graunt, 2820, Graunted, 1202, 
l».p. granted. 
Grayhondes. ,$:ee Grehownde. 
Graynes, s. d. 913, 3463. 
Graythe, v. make ready, prepare, 
equip, 1279, convey, 4303. proceed, 
hasten, go, 1°66; 3.graythes, 
goes, 1353, 1384, 3761 ; p.p. gray- 
thede, equipped, 59, 602, gray- 
thide, 373. 
Graythelyche, 722, Graythely, 
1369, 135, 1387, Graythly, 1000, 
adv. readily, speedily. 
Graytheste, adj. readiest, prompt- 
est, 1201. 
Gre, 2748, Gree, 1936, 2645, s. 
will, pleasure. 
Gree, s. (degree) ascendancy, 
3706, 298. 

Grees, s. grease time, the rime 
when dcer are fat and fit for kil|ing, 
658. ee Grea$e in llalllwell. 
Greease-growene, «dj. grown over 
with fat, 1101. 
Grefe, 1077, Greefe, 1471, 2562, 
Greffe, 3007, 432, s. grief, anger, 
vexation, pain, sorrow. 
Grefe, v. grieve, 705 ; p.p. grefede, 
huit, 1'282, greffede, 1.i63. Sec 
Grefes. See Greue, s. 
Grehownde, 3464, Grewhomde, 
1075, Grewhownde, 4001, s. gray- 
hound; pl. grewhoundez, 1730, 
grayhondes, 251. 
Grekkes, a,lj. Greek, 594. 
Grene, a,/j. green, 1:66, 1281. 
Grennede, t,. prel. grinned, showed 
his teeth, 1075. 
Gresse, s. grass, 1131. 
Gret, 256, Grete, 207, Grctt, l, 
165, Grette, 539, adj. great co»p. 
retter, 32t3; slerl, gretteste, 
Grete, v. greet, 1282 ; 3 s. grctez, 
1077 ; 1. gretcs, 1'233; pfet. grette, 
8, 34î6. 
Grete, v. weep ; 3 s. etes, 2962; 
lre, grette, 3790 ; i. . gretand, 
951, 391"2. 
Gretez, v. 1774. Qu. gredez, 
Greue, s. grove, 2540 ; 1»1. eues, 
1874, greuez, 9'27, grefcs, 2881. 
Greue, v. grieve, vex, annoy; 
l;ret, greuyde, was vexed. 1352; 
/;.p. greuede, 135, 66, 1173, greu- 
yde, 10"2'2. 
Grewhounde, Grcwhownde. ,See 
Gripe, v. seize, gripe, grasp, 3008; 
3 . grypes, 1163, 2526, gryppes, 
Grisely, 3105, Grysly, 1075, Gry- 
sely, 951, Gryeslye, 1469, Gry[s]- 
lych, 1101, adj. horrible, grisly. 


Grisely, 146. °, 3950, Grysely, 
3919, Gryselyche, 1373, 4. hor- 
Groffe, 3850, Grouffe, 3944, 
Growffe, 3869, a. On g.- fiat, 
Grome, s. groom, 2526, 3489. 
Gronande, i. p. groaning, 1373, 
Grouche. qee Gruche. 
Grouffe. See Groffe. 
Groundene, 1371, 2972, Grown- 
deue, 1281, Gruudue, 1461, p.p. 
ground, sharpened. 
Growffe. ,See Groffe. 
Growndene. See Groundene. 
Gruche, 706, 2644, Grouche, 2819, 
v. be dissatisfied, grudge ; pret. 
grychgide, 2557; i.p. grucchande, 
1076, 1353, 1462. 
Grundyne. ,5ee Groundene. 
Grychgide. ee Gruche. 
Gryeslye. 8ee Grisely. 
Gryffoune, s. griffin, 3i69. 
Grygynge, s. (graying) dawn, 
Grylych, 1101. 17ead Gryslych, 
and see Grisely. 
Gryme, adj. grim, 3621, 3760; 
superl, grymmeste, 3419. 
Grymly, ade. grimly, fiercely, 
1471, 2558, 3813. 
Grypes, Gryppes. See Gripe. 
Grysely, Gryselyche, Grysly. Aee 
Guchede. Read Guthede --_ gout- 
tcd. goutté, bedropped, spotted, 
Gud, 2851, 2853, Gude, 559, 563, 
adj. good. 
Gudes, 295, Gudez, 1213, 1249, 
s. pl. goods. 
Gudly, adv. we[l, 677, 3005. 
Gumbah|cs, s. pi. (?) dainties, 

Gume. ee Gome. 
Guschez, v. 1l. gush, 1130. 
Guttes, 1130, Guttcz, 1370, s. pl. 
Guyte, s. child, 2963. Ste Get 
wad Gyte in Jamieson. 
Gwerdones, 4277, Gwerddouns, 
2820, s. pl. guettions, rewards. 
Gyaunt, Gyawntis. ,See Geant. 
Gydes, v. 3 s. guidcs, 3005. 
Gydes, s. 2»1. guides, 3006. 
Gye, v. guide, 4 ; pmi. -D'edc, 3860. 
Gyf, 3058, Gyfe, 1598, Gyffc, 4, 
v. give; 3 s. gyffes, 1774; p.p. 
gyfene, 4277, gyfl'ene, 120"2 ; gyffes 
= makes account of, 59. 
Gyrd, Gyrdes, &c. 5:ee Girde. 

Haa, int. 133. 
Habite, s. dress, 3917. 
Habydes, v. 3 s. abides, waits for, 
596; pL habyddez, remain, 1431. 
IIade. Aee Hafe. 
Hafe, 252, 286, Haffe, 1616, v. 
bave; 2 s. bas, 100, 140, hase, 1805; 
3 s. bas, 846; pl. bas, 1'2, 369; 
pret. hade, 26, 52. 
Hailsez, v. 3 a. greets, salures, 1058. 
IIakenayes, 484, tIakkcnays, 
2284, Haknays, 734,s.l. hackneys. 
Halde, v. hold, 424 ; 3 s. hahles, 
6, haldez, 1135 ;preL helde, 1196; 
p.p. haldeae, 387, 1456. 
Hale, v. draw, haul, 748. 
Hale, 1260, 2108, Halle, 2651, 
adj. whole. 
Halely, 764, Ha[ly, 1001, 1085, 
lAol|y, 78, adv. whoIly, entixely. 
Halle, s. half, part, side; pL 
halfes, 1853, halfez, 19î9, halues, 
1966, 3530. 
Halowes, v. 3 s. shouts, ho[las, 
HaL% . neck, throat, 764; pl. 
halses, 4120, halsez, 1798. 

166 «.oss,a1 ,DEX. 

taly, 297, 309, Holy, 348, 
ttame-holde, a,0". domestic, 1843. 
See Hamald in Jamieson. 
Hanche, 1100, 1119, Haunche, 
1157, . haunch. 
]Iandez, s. pl. hands, 1137. 
]Iandilez, v. id. handlc, feel, 1156. 
IIandsomcre, OElj. coin_p, more 
handy, 2125. 
I[annde-brede, s. handbreadth, 
Hansemane, s. henchman, page, 
662; pl. hansemene, 2743. See 
Ilen, emm in Jamieson. 
IIape, 1937, IIappe, 2416, s. hap. 
Happe, v. bave good fortune, suc- 
eeed, fi630. 
tappene, v. 1269, ohtain, 3433 
p.p. hapnede, happened, 1154, 330. 
lappy, adj. fortunate, 1711,2974. 
:Hal,pynge, s. good fortune, suc- 
cess, 3958. 
ttarageous, «tdj. 1645,17t2, 1834, 
fi-2$, violent, stormy. (Wright.) 
Harawde, 229 4, 3029, Haw-rawde, 
3013, s. herald. 
Harbergage, s. qtmrters, 2475. 
Hardare, adj. comp. barder, 4194. 
Harde. See ttere, v. 
Hardly, ado. closely, 1084. 
Hardynes, s. boldness, courage, 
tiare, s. ha[r, 1001. 
Hare, s. 2504. 
Harlotte, s. ribald, rascal, low 
fellow, 2461 pl. harlottez, 273. 
Not used in the modem sense. 
IIarmes, 2137, Harmez, 1812, v. 
3 s. barres. 
llarnayse, s. armour, 2629. 
Uarrawnte, v. (]) 2449. 
Harske, adj. harsh, hard, 1084. 
Has, Hase. See Hafe. 

ttastyly, adv. hasti]y, quickly, 
Hathelle, adj. noble, 358, 1659, 
166"2; superl, hathelest, 988, ha- 
thelieste, 2109. 
ttawberke, s. hauberk, coat of 
mail, 1156, 2078, 2552. Ger. 
IIawe, s. (?) 3704. 
Hawle, s. hall, 3879. 
Hawrawdc. ,Sce ttarawde. 
Hawtayne, adj. haughty, 1058, 
2612, 2910. 
IIawtayne, (]) 3029. 
t[aylcde, v. l»'et, projectcd, 2077. 
I[aythemene, s. IL (?) heathcn 
men, 2295. 
Haythenc, 1260, 2274, IIathcnc, 
1"284, Heythene, 2285, 362, Ile- 
thene, 1834, adj. heathen. 
Hedde, v. behead, 2311. 
Heddys-mene, s. pl. headmen, 
chier men, 281. 
tIede. ee tIeuede. 
ttede-rapys, s. T1. head-ropes, 
ttedire, a,h'. hither, 2611. 
Hedlyngs, adv. headlong, 3829. 
]Iedoyne, s. (!) 181. 
Hedyrwarde, adv. hitherward, tllis 
way, 25. 
Hedys. See Heuede. 
tteghe  herbe, heath, 2476. 
Heghe, 158, 167, 499, Hcyghe, 
371, ]:Iey, 3467, 3485, Iye, 39, 
58,Hyghe, 3014, adj. high ; 
h%heste,,, 3369. 
Heghe, 1261, 1832, Hye, 194, 
1119, adv. high. 
tteghe, s. high place, height, 1146. 
Heghcly, adv. hastily, 2294. 
tteghte = aughte, adj. eight, 
tteghte  herbe, s. heath, 2295. 

{}I,(}iSARIAL III}EX. 187 

IIeghte, 1157, 2613, Highte, 
36"26, s. height ; yL hcghttez, 798. 
}Iekes, s. pL horses, 2284. 
tIel,Iede, v. pret. bowed clown, 
inclined, 3368. 
ttele, s. health, prosperity, 2630, 
Hcle, v. bide, conceal, 3286; 
preL hillid, 1120; p.p. hillyd, 3606. 
Hele, v. heM, be healed, recover, 
3688 ; 3 s. heles, 2209 ; pret. helyde, 
1825 ; ¥.¥. helyd, 3030. 
IIelme, . helmct, 1832; pL 
helmes, 380, 730, heiImes, 2551. 
tIelmede, a«0". having helmets, 
1647, 3626. 
Helpene, v. i}¢ help, 1646 ; p.p. 
holpen, 2631, 2661. 
IIelych, adv. loudly, 1286. 
tIemmes, 1359, 1648, Hemmys, 
2219, s. pL borders. 
H«.ndc, adj. courteous, 167, 1135, 
Hente, v. seize, take, receive ; 3 s. 
hentez, 113`2, hentes, 2917; pret. 
hente, 2973 ;T.P. hente, 184`2, 3319. 
IIcrbariours, s. 1,1. harbingers, 
mon who went forward to find 
places for others, 
I h,rberde, p.p. harboured, lodged, 
158, 166, '2650. 
tIerl»crgage, s. lodgings, quarters, 
1"285, 2285. 
I[cre, v. hear» 12; pret. horde, 
1"285, harde. 
]-Icrcde, adj. haired, 1083. 
tIcretyke, s. hcretic, 1307. 
Ierkene, . hearken, 1646, 3899 
i»p. 2pl. herkenes, 25, herkynes, 15. 
Herne-pane, s. brain-pan, skull, 
Herte, s. heart, 251, 262. 
IIerte, v. take courage, 1181. 
lï[ertclyche, 2551, Hertly, 1835, 
. sevcr. 

tIertly, 3642, Hcrtely, 2991, adv. 
heartily, severe!y. 
l=[eslyne, adj. of hazel, 2504. 
Hcste, s. command, 2294, 3368, 
lï[etches, s. pl. hatchcs, 3682. 
Hete, 2127, 3030, Hotte, 2631, 
3369, v. promise, assure. 
Hethe, 1834, 2308, Hcghe, 2476, 
Heghte, 2"295, lieyghe, 2651, s. 
Hethely, adv. scornfully, 268. 
Hethynge, s. scorn, 1843. 
I[ette. Sec Hete. 
H,uande, i. p. rising, 370 l. 
I[euede, 262, 1178, 1354, s. 
head ; chier, 134 ; pl. hcdys. 
Heuedede, p.p. bchcadcd, 463. 
Heucn, v. raise, 1937. Sce 
IIe«en in the Glossary to lllitera- 
rive Poems, ed. Morris. 
tteuene, 1167, 126 l, tIewene, 705, 
Hewyne, 218t, s. heaven. 
Hewe, s. hue, colour, 207, 765, 
Hcwede, a,lj. coloured, 3252. 
Hewcne, v. 1,1. hcw, 1860 i P-P. 
hcwene, 1825, 2663. 
Hewys, v. 3 s. raises, 4156 ; 
hcwede, 4091. 
Hey, wlj. See Hcghe. 
Hey, s. See Iye. 
Heyghe, adj. S lï[eghe. 
Heyghe, s. See Hethe. 
Hcyly, adv. quickly, 464, 2663, 
Heyndly, OElv. Couleously, 15. 
lï[eynne, adv. hence, 2436. 
Heynous, adj. hcinous, 268. 
Heythene. See Haythene. 
Highte, p.p. c,Mled, named, 2899. 
Hillid, Hillyd. qee tIclc, v. 



llilte, s. hilt, handle of a sword, 
11.21 ; pl. hiltes, -2z)39, hiltez, 1056, 
]iiltcde, a«O'. 2274, 2911. 
lfir, 84, 980, Hire, 956,pron. ber. 
llirste, s. wood, forest, 3369. 
]Iittez, v. 3 s. ldts, 1112, 1125, 
]iode, s. hood, 3459. 
11, «lles, adj. hoodless, barehcaded, 
1-[oldene, v. I,L hol,l, 4128 ; 
holdene, 15î9, holdyne, 40, 166. 
Ihfle, adj. holh,w, 1083. 
1-i-le, 1647, 2661, Holle, 3687, 
41"28, adj. whole, ail. See Hale. 
I[,,lly, atlt', wholly, entixely, 748, 
3368, 3590. 
]i,Apene. ,Su ]ielpene. 
]iolte, s. wood, 1283, 1645 ; pl. 
holtez, 1"259. 
]iom, adv. home, 3014. 
1/omager, s. one who does hom- 
age, 3147. 
II,mdene, v. (9 serve with hands, 
]Iondrethe, 844, IIowndrethe, 
"2108, Itundrethe, 930, s. hundred; 
21. hundrethes. 81, hunndrethez, 
]t,-neste, adj. honotrable, good, 
]i,,nnde, s. hand, 1807; 
hondes, 2.255, hondez, 1114. 
H«,notrliche, adj. hootrable, 
Itope, v. suppose, 2209. 
Itopes, s. 1)1. (1) 2503. 
]iorde, s. treasure; 1»1. hodes, 
tic»re, adj. boat, houry, 1082. 
Hornez, s. oe/. horns, 1286. 
Horsse, s. 463; pl. horsez, 734, 
horscsys, 37.21. 

ttorsede, 1179, Horsesede, 2944, 
Horsesyde, 1647, adj. horsed, 
ttostaye, v. lead a best, or make 
ar, 555. 
]iotchene, v._pl, hack, chop, 3687. 
lIoue, ]iufe, 1688, v. tarD-; 3 s. 
houys, 915, howes, 2010, hufes, 
1"20 ;/vl. houez, 1"283, houys, 377, 
"2118 ; Tret. houede, 031 ; i.p. 
houande, 1648. 
ttoursches, v. pl. (?) rush, 2110. 
]iouse, v. dwell, 4284. 
ttowes. ,S'e tIoue. 
Itowge. ,ee ]iuge. 
Itowndrethe. Soe IIondrcthe. 
Hoqates, v. pl. hunt, 4258. 
ttowselde, p4». houseled ; be 
receive the housel, or consecratcd 
best, 4315. 
Howsynge, s. dwellings, quartcrs» 
1.284, "2.285. 
Hufe. ,Se' Houe. 
Huge, 1086, tIugge, 583, 1634, 
ttowge, "2889, adj. huge. 
ttukes, s. pl. 734. Miswritten 
for akes, or ekes, horscs. 
ttuke-nebbyde, adj. hooknosed, 
Itulke, s. a great awkward fellow, 
1058, 1085, 11"21, 1149. 
Hunde-fisch, s. houndfish, 1084. 
tIundrethe, ]iunndrethez. Ser 
]trdace, s. fence, palisade, barrier, 
tttrdez, v. 3 ». () lttrks, 1010. 
tttrles, v. 2 s. rushest, 262. 
tttrtez, v. 3 s. thrusts, 1772. 
]iy. See ttye. 
Hyde, s. skin, 115. 
]ydede, p.p. hided, skinned, 
covered, 1001. 

Hye. 8ce Heh« 
Hy«, 463, 2108, Hy, 2109, Hcy, 
166, ». baste. 
IIye, v. hasten, 1645. 
]tyely, adv. hastily, quickly, (or 
perhaps) loudly, 1058. 
Hyene, ad». hence, 2582, 2744. 
IIyled, p.p. hidden, 184. 8ee 
lIyrne, pron. hirn, 1133, 1134. 
]-Iymlande, (1) 2503. 
Hyndire, s. hindpart, 3626. 
IIynge, v. bang ; 3 s. h)mnges, 
3473 ; prd. hyngede, 281 ; i.p. hvn- 
gande, 1085 ; 
Hynter, s. hindpart, 3605. 
tI)oEdez, s. pL shepherds, 3245. 
]Iyre, pron. ber, 854. 
IIyttez, v. 3 s. bits, 1122, 1387. 

Iche. ee Ilke. 
Iche, v. sally forth, rush out, 
1412. O. Fr. issir. 
Idene, () 3061. 
Ife -- if, 420, 2438. 
lle, s. isle, 4309 ; ol. fiez, 575, 
illes, 2359. 
Ilkane, 279, Ilkone, 3691, Tron. 
each one, each. 
Ilke, adj. saine, 65, 232, 1311. 
A.S. ilc. 
Ilke, 1006, 1093, Ylke, 2460, 
2480, Iche, 589, 1004, Yche, adj. 
each. Often followed by a : ilke 
a, 83, ]9, iche a, 21&, $062, yche 
a, $634. 
I]les. Sec Ile. 
Imangez, prep. amongst, 3169. 
In-corne, s. coming in, 2009, 2171. 
Inc  in, 1797. 
Inewe. ee Inowe. 
Inglisce, s. English, 2529. 
Inns, s. 1»I. dwellings, 3041. 

Inowe, 3095, Inewe, 3161, Ynowe, 
1626, Ynewe» 1360, 1970, ad». 
Irene, 1186, Iryne, 2104, Yryne, 
118, ». iron. 
Iresche, 3934, Irische, 4123, 4161, 
adj. Irish. 
Irous, 1329, Irows, 1592, Irus, 
1957, adj. wrathful. 
Irouslye, ado,. wrathfully, 2530. 
Ischewe, s. issue, 1943. 
Isschewis, v. 3 s. issues, 4060 
pl. ischewis, 116. 
I-wis, 3339, I-wys, 2020, 2332, 
28"28, I-wysse, 3z)-2, 56, 2685, 
ad». certainly. 
Jaggede, v. pret. jagged, chopped, 
1]..23, 2087 ; p.p. 905, 2909. 
Jambe, 2894, Jarnby, 373, 
active, nimble; lit. leggy, from 
jambe, leg. 
Japez, s. pl. tricks, 1398. 
Jentille, Jcntylle, adj. gentle, 
115, 904, $411. 
Jcrodyne, s. (?) 905. 
Jerownde, adj. gyronny (Her.), 
Jeryne, s. (?) 903. 
Jesseraunt, Jesserawnto. 
Jocunde, adj. 2896. 
Jogges, v. 3 s. jogs, thrusts, 2.91, 
Jolily, Jolyly, adv. gaily, hand- 
somely, 245, 373, 2088, 109. 
Joly, adj. gay, trim, handsome, 
joIly, 3414; conp, jolyere, 4110; 
superl, jolyeste, 1658. 
Jonede, 2xp. joined, 2890. 
Jopowne, 4238, Jupone, 905, s. 
Jornd, 341 l, Journd, 2.75, 
Journee, 340, 372, 825, Jurnee, 
2S94, s. a day's travel, a day's 
fight, a day's work. 



Jowelle, s. jewel, 862. 
Joye, & 116 l. 
Joyes, v. 3 s. rejoices, 2896. 
Joynenyge, s. joining, encounter, 
Joynez, v. 11. join, 2112. 
Joynter, s. joint, 2893. 
Juggede, _p.p. judged, 2877. 
Juggez, s. 1,I. judges, 246. 
Jumette, s. 1122. /teaà Inmette, 
. intestines. Sec Inmeat, in Ja- 
faie, on. 
Jtmy, 8. June, 345. 
Jupone. ee Jopowne. 
Jurnee. Eee Jorn. 
Just, adv. 1123. 
Justere, . jouster, 3412. 
Justyfye, v. execute justice upou, 
punish, 663. 
Justynge, & jousting, 1657, 2875. 

:Kabane. Eee Cabane. 
]ïaghte. See Cachene. 
Kaire. Eee Cayre. 
Kalander, s. calendar, rol], 2640. 
Kalendez, s. pL calends, 2371. 
]ïambe, s. comb, 3351. 
Kampe, s. fight, 3670, 3701. 
:Kane, v. can, 2750. 
Karede, v. pret. 2882. Eee Cayre. 
Kare. ,Sec Care. 
Karfuke, s. place where four roads 
meet, 2003. A well-known cross- 
road af Oxford is called Carfax. 
Sec Carfouke, in the Roraan, of 
t'arlenay, ed. Skeat. also a note in 
ote$ atd Queriea, Series III, vol. 
x. p. 184. O. Fr. carrefourg. 
Kariede, 1887, :Karyed, 4010, v. 
ret. earrieà. 
Karpe. Eee Carpe. 
Karyage, s. baggage, luggage, 

Kaughte. Sec Cachene. 
Kaunt, ae. stout, bold, 2195. 
Kay, 3111, Keye, 1867, s. key; 
pL kayes, 3064. 
Kayere, Kayre. Eee Cayre. 
Kayaere, s. emperor, 1651, 1959; 
/l. kayseres, 1894, kaysers, 2391. 
Kele, v. cool, 1839; pret. keled, 
Kelle, s. catù, net (which ludies 
wore over their hair), 3"258. 
Kembede, v. Fret. eombed, 3351. 
Kempe, s. warlàor; 2)1. kempis, 
1003. A.S. cemla. 
Kempe, v. fight, 2633. 
Kene, v. tell, 2619, 3521, show, 
876; pret. kende, 4SI, 2194, kend, 
handed over, 1590. 
Kene, adj. keen, sharp, 4î, 1106, 
bold, 641, 115.2, 17"25, 1785, tierce, 
3669 ; comp. kenere, 4194; sulerl. 
keneste, 2î"21, 3490. 
Kenely, 935, 1243, 1271, Kenly, 
943, ado. sharply, boldly. 
]ïenetez, s. pl. kennets, small 
hounds, 122. 
Kepare, 8. keeper, 3512. 
Kepe, s. tare, heed, attention, 
156, 168, 1746. 
Kepe, v. keep, 1138, 1780, wait, 
watch, 2003, heed, regard, care, 
2398, 35"2.2, 40"21; trop. 2 
kepys, await, 6"28; yrd. kepede, 
919, kepyde, 838, 2263; 
kepede, 1586, kepide, 998, kepyd, 
:Keppe, v. catch, seize, 3484. 
:Kepynge, s. keeping, 4205. 
Kerfe, c. cutting, 4194. 
]ïerfes, 4231, Kerues, 2567, v. 3 
. cuts; p.¥. coruene, 211, 3335, 
:Keste. Sec Caste. 
Ketille-hatte, c. helmet, 3516, 
3995"; pl. ketelle.hattes, 2993. 


Keye. ,ffee Kay. 
Kidd, 3673, Kydd, 1272, 1390, 
Kydde, 96, 23"2, Kyde, 65, 1651, 
adj. celebrated, famoas. 
Kirke, 4016, Kyrke, 1219, s. 
Kithe, 3866, Kythe, 28, 51, 542, 
Kyghte, 3996, 8. nation, country. 
Kleuys. ,S'ee Clewes. 
Klokes, s. pl. claws, paws,  ' 
Knafe, 2621, Knaffe, 2637, s. 
servant; pi. knafes, 2632, knaucs, 
348 t; knaue --- male, 850, 10.25. 
Knawc, v. know, 1003, 1581, 
1672, acknowledge, 2637; 3 8. 
knawes, 1317; pret. knewe, 2177; 
p.p. knawene, 475, 165, knowene, 
Knee, s. ; pl. kneesse, 956, kneys, 
Km.le, v. kncel ; 3 s. knclis, 3951 ; 
pl. knclis, 3046 ; prd. knelyd, 1199, 
2312 ; i.p. kncland, 1137, 4337. 
Knyghte, s. 1138 ; pL knyghttez, 
Knyghthede, 1320, 1581, 2619, 
Knyghthodc, 1682, 3883, 8. knight- 
Knyghtly, 2395, Knyglltlycle, 
506, 1218, 4083, Knyghttly, 1649, 
adj. kuightly. 
Knyghtly, 1707, 1724,Knyghttly, 
169"2, 1790, adv. knightly, like a 
Knylles, v. 1;1. ring, 2353. 
Kombide, p.p. combed, 1003. 
Konynge, s. cunning, skill, know- 
ledge, :3883. 
Konyngeste, adj. most knowing, 
Kosyne. See Cosyne. 
Koueride, p.p. covered, 2381. 
Kowardely, ado. cowardly, 1923. 
Krafty. ee Crafty. 
Kraftes, s. pl. crafts, 253. 

Krakede, v. pret. cracked, 3269. 
Krayers. ee Crayers. 
Kreuel]este, Krewelle. ,See 
Krisome, 2636. ,çee Crysumc. 
K_rispane, i. . crisping, 3352. 
Kroke, s. crook, curl, 3352. :Dan 
Iichel uses the vcrb croki, to curl : 
"Of bise yd,.lenesse / ne byeb na3t 
quitte pe mcn pet dob zuo grat 
payne haro to kcmbe and to pouri 
lne sseawcrcs and ine haro here wel 
to croki an to blcuc be strcng[e." 
--lyenbi/e o.f I«wyt, ed. Morrl's, p. 
176. See tlavelok the I)ane, ed. 
Skea, Prefaee, p. vii, footnote. 
Krouelle. See Crewelle. 
Krysome. ,See Crysume. 
Krysomede. ,Se Crysmede. 
Kwne, v. can, know, 1565 ; kwne 
thanke -- return thanks. 
Kydd, Kydde, Kyde. ,See Kdd. 
Kyghte. ,See Kithe. 
Kynde, s. nature, kind, 125, 
2385, 3049, race, 3867. 
Kyndly, «dj. natural, propcr, 
good, 3883, 4188. 
Kyndlyche, 714, Kyndly, 2712, 
Kyndcly, 352I, ado. natura|ly, 
Kyne, s. kin, 2618. 
Kyn.yke, s. kingdom, realm, 24, 
1"27"2; pl. kyngrykes, 649, kyng- 
rykez, 8'20. 
Kynredene, s. kindred, 2604. 
Kynsemane, 3898, Kynyse-mane, 
1778, 8. kinsman. 
Kyrke. ,See Kirke. 
Kyrnelles, s. pL battlements, 3046. 
K)oEtillc, 998, Kyrtylle, 1024. 
1191, 8. kirtle. 
Kyste, s. chest ; pL kystys, 2302, 
2336, kystis, 2342, 2355. 
Kythe. See :KSthe. 
Kythe, v. show, 1652, 4193. 

Lacchene, 750, Lachene, 2541, 
v. pL catch, take; lret, laghte, 
2693, 270"2, laughte, 22"26, 2"292, 
lached, 1515; p.p. laghte, 874, 
laughte, 1817, 1828, 1902. 
Ladde, s. lad, 4302. 
Lade-sterne, s. loadstar, the polar 
star, 751. 
Ladily, adj. ladylike, 3254. 
Ladysse, s. 39l. ladies, 3081. 
Laggene, v. 3I. ()get rcady, 2542. 
Laghte. Sec Lacchene. 
Laghtirs, s. 1;. laughters, 2673. 
Lake, s. lack, 163. 
Lakes, s. 1I. lakcs, pools, 960, 
Lamede, v. pret. lamcd, disabled, 
4302; _p.p. 3281. 
Langage, s. language, speech, 
Lange, mO'. long, 1103, 1269; 
oae lange -- aloag, 1045, 2703. 
Lange, adv. hmg, 868, 1200 ; 
co»p, langere, 550, 587, lengere, 
736, 889. 
Lane, v. belong ; 3 s. langes, 
40"2, lengez, 2082 ; pL langez, 
langys, 244, lengez, 1410, 1479; 
pret. lengede, 1492, 2221. 
Lannges, v. 3 s. longs, 383. 
Langoure, s. languor, 4268. 
Languessande, i. _p. languishing, 
Lappe, s. lappet, 3254, rag, 3286. 
Lappe, v. wrap, fohl, enclose, 
"3"29'2 ; lret, lappede, 2300. 
Lapynge, s. lapping, 3235. 
Large, adv. wide, away, 1040, 
deep, 1120, greatly, freely, 1376. 
Largesce, s. liberality, bounty, 
Lasschëne, lash, smite, 2801. 
Lat, 3639, Late, 420, 1189, Latt, 
4001, Latte, 398, 1139, 1321, v. 

let ; 3 s. lattes, lets go, dismic«» 
disperses, 1819; lret, lete, 3886. 
Lates, 118, 248, 536, 2054, Latez, 
1076, s. Tl. features. 
Lathe, s. () displeasure, 458. 
Latheliche, 3279, Laythely, 4302, 
a«]. loathly, ugly, hateful. 
Latte, Lattes. 8ee Lat. 
Laughene, v. pl. laugh, 3698; 
Tret. lughe, 248. 
Laughte. A'ee Lacchene. 
Launce, s. lance, spear, 13î9; 
pl. launcez, 1459, 1754, lawnces, 
Launches, v. 3 s. ]caps, springs, 
2560; Tret. launschide, 194. 
Launchez, v. 1»1. launch, throw 
out (?), 750. 
Launde, 1517, Lawnde, 2084, s. 
plain, lawn. 
Laundone, s. (l) fiehl, 1768. "Lan- 
don : . .. petite landc, pâturage; 
terres remplies de broussaillcs." 
Lawe, adj. low, 154, 3720; 
s«perl, laweste, 2431; on lawe-- 
down, 2281. 
Lawe, «dv. low, 1270. 
Lawnches, v.  s. cuts, 3831. 
Lawnde. ,S,,e Launde. 
Laye, s. (?) 3721. 
Laye, s. law, religion, 2593. 
Laycre, s. lair, camp, 2293. 
Layke, s. gaine, 1599, 3386, 4093. 
Layne, v. conceal, 419, 2398» 
Laysere, s. leisure, 2430, 3095. 
Laythely. Sec Latheliche. 
Layttede, v. 1»'et. (?) 254. 
Leberalle, tdj. libcral, 2318. 
Leburde, s. lee-board, 3624. 
Leche, s. jelly, 194. 
Lechene, v. heal 2388. 


Lechyde, p.p. eut into slices, 188. 
Ledc, s. nation, man, person, 138, 
430, 997; p/. lcdcs, 195, 1902, 
ledys, 2801. 
Lede, s. Iead, 750, 2300, 3954. 
Lede, 1268, Leede, 154, v. lead, 
treat; pl. ledes, 303 ; pret. ledde, 
1515, lede, 3380 ;/.p. ledc, 1827, 
Ledynge, s. rule, 3536, conduct, 
Lee, s. sheltcr, 14t6. 
Lcefe, 2479, 3¢)93, Lefe, 1035, 
1335, Leue, 350, adj. dear, lier; 
comp. lcuer, 872, 1344, 1573. 
Leefe, 3432, Lefe, 72, 429, Leue, 
2082, s. leave, permission. 
Lefe, v. leave, 1340; 1,1. leues, 
remain; pret. lefte, 1516; .p. 
lefede, 1397, leuede, 848, 978, 
lcuyde, 39, 1900, 2208. 
Lefulle, adj.allowable, lawful,130. 
Lege, 1901, Liege, 1200, Lige, 
1768, 3080, Ligge, 2221, 2389, 
Lygge, 1518, adj. liege. 
Legyaunce, s. allegiance, 2594. 
Lelc, adj. leal, honest, faithful, 
truc, 14, 420, 67. 
Lelcly, 672, 2328, Lêlly, 1102, 
Lcly, 3084, adv. faithfully, honestly, 
Lemande, £ p. shining, gleaming, 
246"2, 2463, 2672. 
Lemete,/.i ). limited, 457. 
Lenand. ,ee Lene. 
Lendc, v. abide, 1970. 
Lendez, s. 1»I. 1vins, 1047. 
Lene, v. lean ; preL lenede, 2703; 
i. t- lenand, 1045, 67. 
Lenge, v. abide, remain, dwell, 
7'2, 128, 152 ; 3 s. lengez, 129 ; 
inf. lengene, 1588. 
Lengede, Lengez. Sec Lange, v. 
Lengere, 736,889, 1055, Lengare, 
2154, adv. longer. 

Lenghe, s. length, 1102, 1126. 
Lenghene, v. lengthen, 28t5. 
Leppe, v. lcap, 2084 ; 1l. leppyne, 
3697, lepys, 3696; pret. lcpe, 
3'27 ; i./. leppande, 1460. 
Lere, v. teach, 1035. 
Leskes, s. pl. loins, 1097, 3279. 
Lesse, co. lest, 2300, 2439. 
Lesse, adj. false; withowttyn3 
lesse  truly, certainly, 139. 
Lesynge, 3079, Lesyang, 3721, 
s. losing. 
Let. Sec Lette. 
Letande, i. _p. () appearing, 3831. 
Lete. Sec Lat. 
Lctherly, adv. wickeàly, 1268. 
Lett, v. cease, desist, 2325. 
Lette, v. hinder, prevent, 473, 
1269, 1721 ; pre[. let, 3720. 
Lette, s. hindrance, 92, 458. 
Lettyng, s. hindrance, 371. 
Leue. Sec Leefe. 
Leue, v. believe, 702, 1097 
leues, 593. 
Leuenynge, s. lightning, 2463. 
Leuere. ee Leefe. 
Leueré, . delivery ; hence, gran 
ed or assigaed place, 241, livery or 
uniform; and hence, the different 
Pmarts of an army, 3078. Sec Livery 
Leues, s. l»t. leaves, 1708. 
Leuetenaunte, s. lieutenant, vice- 
roy, 646. 
Leucz, v. 3 s. lives, 1731. 
Lire, 3723, Liffe, 1036, v. lire 
lret, lifede, 3961 ; _.p. liffyde, 
Lifeliche, adj. (?) reM, actual, 
L[ffe, s. lire, 430, 1820. 
Lffte, v. lgrd. lifted, 3349. 
Lige, Ligge. Sec Lege. 
Liggez. ee Lygge. 



Lighames. 8ee Lyghame. 
Lightly, adv. 3287. 
Likez. A'ee Lyke. 
Likynge, s. pleasure, 130, 3381. 
Lire, 3281, 3954, Lyre, 4272, s. 
face, visage. A.S. Meor. 
Liste, s. desire, pleasure, 12. 
Liste, v. pret. desired, 4270. 
Lofte ; on lofte -- aloft, 163, 
916, 942; appone lofte- aloft, 
%00, 36-23. 
Loge, 421, Lugge, 152, 454, v. 
lodge; pl. lugegez, 22S0; IJreg. 
luggede, 486; i. v. lugande, 1045. 
Loke, 1643, Luk, 3209, Lu_ke, 
135, v. look; 3 s. lukez, 113 ; 
lukkes, 751; preL luked, 119, 
lukede, 1313; i»p. 9 pl. lokez, 
1640 ; i. v. lukande, 3108. 
Lokerde, p.p. curled, 779. Sc. 
lokker, fo curl (Jamieson). 
Lokkes, s. pL locks, 778, 3280. 
Lond, s. land; 1#. londes, 878, 
londez, 427, 1691, 1933. 
Londis, v. 3 s. lands, 3922. 
Longez, v. 2,1. l, clong, 2828 ; l»'eL 
lonngede, 3080. 
Loo, int. lo, 974, 1349. 
Loos, 254, Loosse, 474, s. praise, 
rcnown, good name. 
Lordcheppez, 1727, Lordchipez, 
953, 646, Lordechippez, 1970, s. 
pl. lordships. 
Lordliche, 3638, Lordlyehe, 570, 
2032, 281, 9541, adj. lordly. 
Lordly, 2230, 2479, Lordely, 
1818, 9227, adv. in a lordly manner. 
Lorne, p.p. lost, 1153. 
Losols, s. 1)1. raseals, wTetehes, 
Losse, 1599, Lossene, 2845, v. 
Lotes, s. _pl. features, 1462. 6'ee 

Lothely, adj. loathly, horrid, ugly, 
778, 3234. 
Lothely, adt,. horridly, 2074, 
Lothcne, 778,Loth)me, I097, adj. 
hateful, dctestable. 
Loue, v. I)raise, 369 ; 1».3». louede, 
Louely, 3478, Louelyly, 2292, 
adv. in a loving manner, kindly. 
Louerde, s. lord, 3918. 
Lowde; on l.  aloud, 1781, 
Lowe, s. flame, 194. 
Lowkkide, p.p. closed, 3953. 
Lowrande, i. 1 ». lowering, looking 
sad, 1446, 4338. 
Lowttes, v. I)L bow, 505;pret. 
lowt tede, bowed bc fore, 263 t, 3-2S5, 
Loyotou, s. embroidcry (Pcrry), 
Lufe, s. some part of a ship, 744, 
750. "Loof. Thc windward side 
of a ship .... It is hot easy fo 
make out exactly what parg of the 
ship the loof originally as. 1)u. 
loef i a ru[lock or oar-pin, scal- 
mus, but the loof was a timber of 
considerable size, by which the 
course of the ship was directed ; if 
would seem to be tbe large oar 
used b5 way of a rudder, or per- 
haps the tiller." ll'edgwood's 1)ic. 
Iionarg of Englist Efymolo#y. 
Lufe, 703, 705, Luffe, 1256, 3381, 
s. love, sake. 
Luffe, v. love, 1597; jol. luffes, 
Lufliche, 3623, Lufly, 1459, adj. 
Lufly, 505, Luffiy, 248, Luffiyche, 
967, adv. in a lovely manner. 
Lugande, Lugegez, Lugge, Lug- 
gede. See Loge. 
Lughe. ,See Laughene. 


Luk, Lukande, Luke, Lukkes. Æee 
Lukynge, #. looking, 139. 
Lumpe, 1819, Lumppe, 1814, 
'230, . crowà, throng. 
Lunggez, s. pl. hmgs, 2168. 
Lussche, s. (?) thrust, 3848. 
Lutterde, adj. bowed, bent, 779. 
8c. luttaitd. (Jamieson.) 
Luyschene, v. p/. () lash, 1459; 
pret. luysehede, 2"226. 
Lyarde, adj. gray, 2542, 3280. 
"" Liart, liarde, eris, eris-oommelé." 
Burg,,y. Sec Liart m ara esol. 
Lyefe, 2845, Lyffe, 1269, s. liïe; 
pl. lyfez, 1217. 
Lyf, .v. lire, 1903; 3 s. lyffes, 
405, 537; P.T. lyffede, 868. 
L)ffte, . sky, 427:?. 
Lygeau_ce, s. alleçance, 244. 
Lygge, v. lie; 2 s. lygges, 1060; 
3 s. lyggez, 805, lys, 3938 ; pl. 
lygges, 459, lyggcz, 118¢, liggcz, 
Lyghame, s. body, 3281, 3286 
pl. lighames, 4269. A.S. lichama. 
Lyghte, v. light, alight, 1270 ; 3 
#.lyghttez,933 ; pret. lyghte, 3594 ; 
p.p.lyghttcde, 1782. 
Lyghte, v. lighten, 2846; 3 s. 
lyghttys, 368; pl. lyghttys, 251. 
Lyghtenande, i. 2). lightening, 
flashing, 2i63. 
Lygmane, s. liegeman, 420 ; 
lyggemene, 151S. 
Lyke, v. be pleased, rejoice, 195; 
s»ally an irnpers, v. likez, 383, 
lvkes, 55, lykez, 1190, lykys, 32, 
8fi, pleases; pret. lykede, 599; 
i.p. lykande, being pleased, 
pleaaing, 497, 
Lykynge, s. pleasure, 701, 2673. 
Lyme, 459, 1097, Lymme, 1046, 
s. limb. 
Lympe, v. happen, befall, 1643 ; 
¥1. lymppene, incur, 3119; lymp- 

pede, gained, 3g15, lympyde, 
p.p. lymppyde, incurred, suffered, 
Lynd, . tree, 454, 486. 
Lyukwhyttez, . pl. linnets, 2674. 
8c. lintwMte ; A.8. linet, flax ; 
i#, flax-tinch, linnet. 
Lyone, s. lion, 139 ; »l. lyouJs, 
Lyppe, s. lip, 119 ; T1. 1)Tpys , 
1011, lippis, 395-$. 
Lyre. ,S'ee Lire. 
Lys. Sec Lygge. 
Lythe, 1653. Read Kythe. 
Lyth% adj. gentle, 1517, 1600. 
Lythe, v. listen, 12 ; 21. lythes, 
Lytherly, adv. badly, 1448. 
Lythes, s. pl. () leases, tene- 
ments, 99. Sec Lih in Glossary 
to Havelok the I)ane, ed. 8keat, and 
Lud in Glossary to lVilliam of 
zPaler:œe, ed. 8keat. 
Lythyre, adj. wicked, bad, 23. 
Lytille, 1021, Litylle, 1719, 
Lyttille, 75, adj. or adv. little. 
Lytte, () little, 550. 
Lyue, s. lire, 1775, 3067, 3520. 
Lywynge, s. living, 5. 

Ma, adj. more, 1829. 
Mace, s. 421 O. 
Mache, s. match, 4070. 
5Iached% 24»- matched, 1533, 
l[aches, s. () 2950. 
Mari, v. yret. ruade, 50, 112 i P-/- 
mad, 77. 
lIade, s. madness, 4271, 
5[agestee, 1236, ]Iaiestee, 1303, 
s. majesty. 
[aister, 990, 2870, 5Iayster, 938, 
3fi52, s. toaster. 
Iaisterede, v.2ret, mastered, 2683 


Makk, s. eompanion, fellow, 1166. 
]Iakles, adj. peerless, matchless, 
Malle, v. hammer, beat, 3038, 
4037; 3 . mallis, 3841. 
[aluesye, s. a -kind of wine, 236. 
]ffalyncoly, ». 2204, 4209. 
lran, adj. A'ee Mayne. 
Manace, s. menace, threatening, 
Manacede, v. ret. thxeatened, 
Yanere, s. manor, 4310. 
Ianere, s. manner, 1383. 
]Iangere, s. 1588. Qu. Iaugree, 
iii will. 
]ffanhede, . manhood, 399, 434, 
]Ianliche, adj. manly, 2417. 
Ianrede, s. homage, service, 127. 
]ffanykyne, adj. of many kinds, 
]Ianys :- man's, 76. 
]ffarasse, 2505, Iarras, 1534, 
BIarrasse, 2014, ,. morass, marsh. 
Marche, s. frontier, boundary, 
318, 1588; /L marches, 631, 
marchez, 1232, marchys, 77. 
]Iarchez-mene, s. 1I. bordermen, 
borderers, 1237. 
]ffarras, ]Iarrasse. Aee ]Iarasse. 
arre, v. mar, 2015. 
Iarters, s. 11. martyrs, 1066. 
]Iartyre, v. kill, 560. 
Mase, v. 3 s. makes, 960. 
]Iasondewes, s. jo/. hospitals, 3038. 
Ff. raison-dieu, lit. bouse of God, 
a naine suggested by Matthew xxv. 
]Iauee, 1238, Iawgree, 426, in 
spire of. 
lIaundement, ». commandment, 
order, 1587. 
Mawene, .z. mom, 2507. 

Mawgree. Sec ]Iaugree. 
Mawncelet. Read ]ffawntelet, 
mantling, or lambrequin, 3632. 
" Man/ling, or Larabrequin :a 
small ]Iantle, generally ofcrimson 
ve.lvet or silk and lined with er- 
mine, with tassels, attaehed to the 
:Basinet or ttelm, and hanging 
down over the shoulders of the 
wearer."--.Botœell' Heraldry (3rd 
edit. 186), p. 115. In the present 
instance the mantelet was of silver 
]Iayles, 2250, Maylez, 904, 1487, 
1766, ./1. chaJn or ringed armour. 
Iayne, s. might, power, 4326. 
Mayne, 427, 434, Man, 4071, 
]ffaynoyrede,/./. worked, 2507. 
Mayntene, v. maintain, 399 ; l-2- 
mayntenyde, 4278. 
Mayster. A:ee Maister. 
Maysterfulle, adj. victorioL% 
Mede, s. meed, reward, 666, 1068. 
][ede, s. mead, 1290, 2506. 
][edille, s. middle, waist, 2205, 
]ffedille-erthe, 2951, Medillerthe, 
3239, . world. 
Medillewarde, 2904, Medilwarde, 
3ï66, Medylwarde, 1988, . centre 
of an army. 
Mekilh, ][ekylle, adj. great, 1236 
adv. much, greatly, 711, 1314,1382. 
Mde, v. speak, talk, 990; 3 
meles, 382, 679, 1781 ;/L mellys, 
3652; ir/. 2//. melys, 2871. 
][elione, s. million, 3144. 
3[elle, v. mix, join, meddle, deal 
vith, 938 ;//. mellis, 2904. 
3[elles, v. 3 s hammers, smites, 
2950. See ]ffalle. 
]ffellyd, adj. (?) ruade likc a ,mll 
or hammer, hammer-headed, 4210. 
][ellys, 3Ielys. ,$ee 3[ele. 


3Icndement, s. amendment, 989, 
:Mend)mantez, . pl. (I) mendi- 
cants, beggars, 667. 
3Iene, v. speak, tell, 3556, speak 
of, mention, 2J69; 3 s. menys, 
talks, 3çîS, 3653. 
]Ienede, v. l»'et, meant, 891. 
3Icngene, v. pL mingle, join, 
4173 ;/.p. mengede, 363. °. 
:Menske, s. honour, 126, 399, 
lIenskes, v. 3 s. honours, 1303, 
][enskfully, adr. honourably, 631, 
91:0, 12i3, 1988. 
][ereswyne, s. dolphin, 1091. 
"Hic delfis, pis mere-swin." ,l- 
fric's Gr«rnrn,r, Cotton MS. Julitts 
A il, leaf 31. 
Ierke, v. proeeêd, 351,427, 4320, 
assign, 1068; 3 s. merkes, cuts, 
2.206; pl. merkene, 4168; p.p. 
merked, formed, ruade, 130, 
merkyde, 95°-. 
lIerkes, s. lfl. bouuds, 461, 1147. 
lIerrede, 1238, 3555, Merride, 
332.2, p.p. marrcd. 
3[cruaile, [eruayle, s. marvel, 
wonder, 268, 906. 
Ieruailles, v. 3 s. marvcls, 1314. 
]fferuailous, 260. Meruaylous, 428, 
Meruavllous, 2.287, Mcruelous, 
236, dj. marvellous, wonde'rfu|; 
s«erl, mcruelyousteste, 1_o9. 
Iery, adj. merry, chcerfal, 260 ; 
co», meriere, 3175; stqerl, mcry- 
este, 3.239. 
][esses, s. 1»1. masses, 4018, 4333. 
]Iett, v. pret. dreamed, 3223. 
3[ette, 2491, s. meat, food ; pL 
metes, 75, ruerez, 1.295. 
Mette, v. mect, 434 ; pret. mett, 
1175, 3S$1. 
3[ette-fulle, ad3". measttre-full, in 
good measure, 2343. 

]Iette while, s. measurcd time, or 
scantr rime, 3903. A.S. 
taodeï'ate, little. 
Meue, v. more, 2001. 
5[isdoo, v. i.ll-use, rrong, 126. 
5Io, 844, 885, 5Ioo, 856, 2500, 
tMj. more. 
5Iobles, s. pl. movable goods, 666. 
Mode, s. mind, 3"222, 3382, 3454. 
Modyr, ]ffodyre, s. mother, 
983, 1.211. 
Mofes, v. 3 s. moves, 3323. 
5[olde, s. mould, earth, 129, 952, 
5[one, v. nmst, shall, 813, 1155, 
21S6, 2436, 28.20. 
3[onee, s. money, 2343. 
3Ionethe, s. month, 318. 
'» ]Iowntay- 
3Iontayngnes, ,,-38, 
gnes, 4:259, s. pl. mountains. 
Monte, s. mountain, 938, 1069 ; 
pl. montez, 87, 1175, mow,tes, 
3535, 355fi. 
Mony, «dj. many, 3623, 3671. 
5[oo. 8ee 1[o. 
lIore, adj. greater, 1018. 
Morne, s. morning, morrow, o 
5Iorne-while, s. morning time, 
5[orthires, r. 2 s. murdcrest, 1315 
pl. mourhcrys, 4.259; p.p. mor- 
ihircde, 9î6. 
]Iorwcne, s. morning, 3476. 
][oste, v. must 250, 263, 449 
i»pers, v. 291. 
Mo.te, «dj'. greatest, 33«_, 
[r,t, 346, More, 410t, M,,tt, 
136, 1306, Motte, 2-27, v. nmst, 
lIournande, i. p. mourning, 4333. 
[ourtherys. See 5[orthh'es. 
l[owe, v. sut,j, sg. bc able, may, 



Ioyllez, s. id. lmùcs, 2287. 
Muskadcllc, s. a kind of wine, 
tyche, «dj. great, 1166, 1214, 
2033; adv. much, greatly, 1068. 
Myde, adj. raid, 3841. 
]Xtyddes, 1293, Myddys, 2176, s. 
]Iylde, adj. mild, 1211. 
Iynde, s. memory, 1221. 
Iynsters, s. i d. monasteries, 3038. 
Myrthez, s. ld. mirths, 1532. 
]X[ysehefe, s. trouble, misfortune, 
667, 3437. 
Myse-bide, v. offer injury, 3083. 
[ysesc, s. trouble, gnief; and 
hence, those ,vho are in troublc, 
Myshappene, v. mcct with mis- 
Ibrtune, 3t5 L 
[yskaries, v. 3 s. cornes to ga'ief, 
'27 ; pp. myscaryede, ]778, mys- 
karyede, 1237., s. wrong, i»jury, 1315, 
Mystc, s. mist, 20131. 
]I.vx, s. vile wn-tch; lit. dung, 
9S9. A.S. meo.r, dung, muck. 
"Ne myhtc e »Lee, Vo wurse don, 
]3ntc a-moug Ieoncs on rodc an- 
Jesu Coli. MS. °9, leaf 26, baek. 

Na, adj. no, 160, 310, 1644. 
:Nakyne, adj. of no kind, 2350. 
Nane, adj. no, 213, 565;yrom 
noue, 657, g613. 
X-auylle, s. navcl, 979. 
aye, s. a uaye = an aye, art egg, 
3-2S3. Compare 3"ei in lVilliam 
OEPalerne, ed. Skeat, i. 83. 
'c, adv. hot, 230, 1117; co»j. 
nor, 10, 161. 
cdes, 263, 1266, :Nedez, 1329, 
ledss, 470, s./l, busincss. 

N'edylle, s. needle (of a compass), 
• N'eghê, v. draw nigh, appmach, 
'eghe, ade. closcly, exaetly, 2658. 
:[X'eke-bonc, s. neckbone, 2771. 
Nere, wh,. nearly, almost, 805, 
llz7, 1135. 
X'ese, s. nose, 2248. 
Ncuewe, s. nephew, 689. 
N'ew]ere, s. ncw-year, 78. 
Newers daye, s. new-year's day, 
Xextte, adj. nearest, 2422. 
Neynesome, nine in alJ, 523. Sec 
Sure in Ilichthofen's Allfriedsche» 
Nobille, Sobylle, adj. noble, 16, 
]8, 68; $tt29etl. nobileste, 3139, 
Sol,flly, adv. nobly, 1815. 
Soblay, s. splendour, 76, 2t33. 
:h'%ghte, pron. naught, 1191 ; ade. 
nol, 135, 419, 117. 
]X'okyne, adj. of no kind, 430. 
Nombirde, 2887, Sowmerde, 
2658, ¥./. numbered. 
Somhyre, 2831, 3068, 'owmhre, 
28S, Nowmbyre, 2912, 3t38, 
]'owmer, 88, s. number : pl. nom- 
mers, 59], nowmbirs, 3935. 
Xomenc, 1437, -ommene, 1868, 
18ï= , t77, p.l. taken. 
N'ommers. Sec Nombyre. 
Noue, s. the ninth houx of 1ho 
day (at the equinox, noue = 3 
r. t.), 78. 
Sortis, 3297, :honys, 1927, s. 
r, once ; for the nonce, for the occa- 
N-onkyns, adj. of no kind, 2363. 
Nonne, adj. no, 3365. 
X'onnes, s. Id. nuns, 3539. 
Soo, adj. no, 4149. 


:Not, v. 1 s. know not, 977. 
N'otez, v. pl. make use of, 1815. 
A.S. nolian. 
'other, 2367, othyre, 10, ow- 
thire, 161, 429, coj, neither. 
Nottc, s. use; hence, business, 
1816. A.S. note. 
:Nowenc, 1806 ; thi nowene -- 
thine own. 
:Nowmbirs, NTowrnbre, Nowmbyrc, 
Nowmcr. 8ee Nombyre. 
/owmerde. ,ee Xombixde. 
:Nowthire. ,ee Nother. 
:Noyes, v. 3 s. barres, grieves, 
hTurree, s. nursling, 689. 
Nyghtgale, s. nightingale, 929. 
/yghttcs, v. 2 s. gettes$ benight- 
ed, 451. 
/Xynnc -- niée, 3439 

O, 656, 1217, 3480, 0o, 3907, 
pref. on, in. 
O, l»'ep, of, from, 3906. 
Oceedente, s. occident, west, 2360. 
Occyane, s. ocean, 31. 
Oehes, v. 3 s. hacks, breaks, 2565; 
I. Ocllcne, 3675; prel. ochede, 
421-5. " Oseher, oeher, ébrécher, 
entailler, briser." Jttrffuff. 
Ocupyes, v. 3 s. hohls, oeeupies, 
1663, 2360. 
Of ---- from, 2540. 
Oghte, 1,ron. aught, 1014, 1269, 
Okene, adj. oaken, 2722. 
Olawe, ado. below, down, 1517. 
Olyfimnte, s. elephant, 2339 ; I,L 
olyfantez, 12S6, olyfanntez, 
Olyfe, ado. of lift, from liïe, 802, 
1139 ; bringe olyfe -- kill. 
One -- on, l»'ep. 74, 116, 753. 
One, ad,'. alone, only, 826, 937, 
2519,%9L A.S. dne. Myne one, 

by myself, 3"230 ; by myne one, by 
mysclt; 70/:; bc ourc one, by our- 
selves, 1345; thyne one. tltysclf, 
466; vith hyme one, itl him- 
self, 597 ; of hvme one, of himself, 
1793; be thàme one, by them- 
selves, 3195. 
Ones, 135, 179, Onez, 1109, 1756, 
ado. once. 
One-seeande, i. p. looking on, 
Onone, «ch,. anon, quickly, soon, 
Ony, adj. any, 2519, 3489, 4215. 
0o. See O. 
Opy-ne, adj. open, 2147. 
Or, prep. ere, belote, 1269, 1788; 
«onj. ere, before, 374, 529, 16hO. 
Ordaynede, v. pr«L arrange,l, 
1991 ; p./. ordande, ordaincd, 1621. 
Orfraeez, 902, (-Irfrayes, 2142, s. 
gold embroidcrcd work, or fringe 
of o)d., " Oçf,'ais .... étoil% 
broenée d or, broderie en or, frange 
d'or." Bur#u d. 
Orrible, et,O', horrible, 124f). 
Oryent, 2289, Oryentte, 1904, s. 
Osay, s. a kind of drink, 202. 
Oslante, adv. a.qant, 2254, 3923., s. pl. hostages, 3187, 32ç8. 
Ostayan,le, L p. warring, or lead- 
mg an army, 350]. "Osloier, 
osteier, osteer, faire la guerre, guer- 
royer, mener ost, attaquer sou 
ennemi." Burgu#. 
Oste, s. host, 1624; 1,1. ostcs, 
12t0, osiez, 2387. 
Olher-while, adv. af anothcr time, 
Othire, adj. othcr, 3973; pron. 1,1. 
othcrs, 393. 
Ouer-charggede, p.p. overburd¢n- 
ed, overpowcred, 1749. 
Ouer-fallene, 1,.1 ». fallcn Ul,On , 



Ouergylte, p._p. gihled over, 207. 
Ouer-hande, s. upper hand, 
mastery, 4300. 
Ouerkeste, v. pret. overtkrcw, 
93 o. 
Ouerlyngc, s. superior, lord, 289, 
50, 710. 
Ouer-rane, v. preL overran ; p.p. 
ouer-ronne, 1"206. 
Ouer-reche, v. reach over, afford, 
1508; pl. ouerrechez, reach over, 
Ouer-rydez, r. 1)1. ride over; p.p. 
ouer-redyne, 1415, 15-2. 
Ouersette, p.p. overthrown, 111, 
2S15, 4136. 
Ouer-swyngene, v. 1)1. overthrow, 
overturn, l 66. 
Ouer-whelme, v. overturn, 3261. 
Oundyde, 765, Ownde, 193, adj. 
 avy. Her. ondee. 
"Hire ownded hcre, that sonnyssh 
vas of heure, 
She rente ."  
Chaueer: toylu.ç # Cty,e«de , 
bk. iv. stanza ei. 
Ovyre-fallys, v. pL fall over, 
Ower, pre_p, over, 747. 
Ownde. S,'e Oundyde. 
Owte-iles, 30, Owtt illes, 2359, 
,. pl. foreign islands. 
Owte landes, 2607, Owte-londes, 
27"23, Owt-londys, 3697, *. /l. 
foreit countries. 
Owte-mowntes, s. J»L far off 
mountafns, 3909. 
Owte ouer, 903, Owtt ouere, 2339, 
adv. outside, above. 
Owther, 110, 2413, Owthire, 964, 
coj. either. 
Owttraye, v. finish, overeome eom- 
pletely, ruin, do violence against, 
64"L 1010, 13"2S; 3 ,. owtrayes, 
]664;/.p. oterayede, 195"2, owt- 
rayede, 261î, ottrayede, $40. 

Pacokes, ,. pL peacocks, 182. 
Pales, 503, Palesse, 3913, Palcz, 
63;, îlS, . palace; pL palaiscz, 
Palfray, ,. 3143. 
Palle, s. a kind of rich silk or 
cloth, 1.2S$, 2frS, 
Palyd, 128, Palyde, 13;'5, p.p. 
paled (Her.). 
Pape, s. pope, 229, 2327. 
Pare, v. (?) 4047. 
Parlement, s. parliament, 146. 
Party, s. part, 212 ; pl. partycs, 
parts, countries, 2596. 
Pas, s. pace, 3496. 
Passande, i. p. passing, more ihan, 
fi 7 41, passanL 
Pastorelles, s. I,L herdmen, 3120. 
Patriarkes, s. pl. 3807. 
Paume, s. palm, 776. 
Paunsone, s. () piece of armour 
covering the paunch, MSS. "t'an- 
cire, pancMre, la partie de l'armut-e 
qui couvre h pause ou le ventre.'" 
Pauys, 3460, properly means a 
large shield, but if is by no n,eans 
c]ear what is meant in this pas- 
Pauysers, s. pl. men who bore the 
paris, a large shield used to eover 
arehers, ;31, 3004. 
Pavelyouns, 26:24, Pauyllyons, 
48, ,. pL tents. 
Pawnce, s. pieee of armour for 
the helly, 05. 
Pawnche, s. pauneh, 2f,76. 
Paye, v. satisfy, please, 4049 ; 3 
,. payes, 646; j.. payede, 30. 
Payganys, s. I;L pagans, 4046. 
Payne, s. penalty, 2329 ; 
paynez, 1546, 1632. 
Paynyme, s. pagan, 1377 ; 
paynymes, 35, payuymmcz, 


Payses, v. pL weight, load, 3037 ; 
preL paysede, overloaded, weighed 
Pyvese, . J/. pavses, 3G25. 
Pecez, . pL pcces, I5. 
Pcchclyne, . (]) 1341. 
PckIb., . a kind oî sauce ruade 
of.drippi»g, winc, mustal'd, and 
ornons, 1027. Sec the rccipc For 
Pyk«lle in the Liber Cure Cocor«m, 
cd. Morris, p. 31. 
Pelid, v. pret. thrust, drove (3), 
Pel,mrs. ee Pylours. 
l'end,.s, v. 3 s. belongs, IG12  
pl. '26z)4. 
I)ellOWlle, 8. pennon, flag, 2917 ; 
pl. penouns, 2/JiO. 
Pe nsellc, s. small 1)ennon, streamer, 
20î6, 2tll; 1ol. pcnse||es, 2t60, 
pensels, 1269. 
l"ercede, v. preL piereed, 2075. 
.Peres, l J,6, l'ercz, 637, l'cris, 
1637, s. pl. pecrs. 
I)erfournede, p.p. performed, 672. 
Pcrrie, 4184, l'crrye, 24(;0, 3461, 
s. prccious soncs, jewelry. 
1-'ersayfcs, v. 3 s. perceives, 4224 ; 
pret. persayfede, lfi31, persaymde, 
l'erscwes, v. 3 s. pursues, 21.55; 
pret. persev;edc, lî6, pemuedc, 
Pertly, aih'. openly, 2917. 
Pes, 2411, Pesse, 1542, s. peace. 
Pesane, s. () 34.58. 
PetA, s. pity, 2812, 3043. 
Peyne. ,S,'e Payne. 
l'ighte, Pyghte, p.p. pitched, 
1:)$7, 1:90, set (with sones, &e.), 
21'2, 335,3fi0 i adorned (?),336i. 
Pilgram, s. pilgrinl 3475. 
Pilgremage, s. 3496. 
Pillione hatt, s. 3460. A kin,1 
of bai, at one time worn only by 

doctors in theology, but aflerwards 
n,ore generally. 8ee Pecock's Re- 
pressof, ed. Babington, pp. 88, 
and Glossary. 
l'ilouur, s. robber, 2533. 
]»las, s. place, 4013. 
Plasche, s. marshy place, 2798. 
Platers, s. i d. dishes, 1S2. 
Platez, s. pl. plates, 2075. 
Plattes, s. 1 A. purl,le cloths, 2478. 
"_Platta, p,,rpura, vel pannus pur- 
pu,'ei coloris." 1)«cange. Or more 
probably plaltes is a pl. v. meaning, 
strike, beat. A.S. 101ttia#. 
Playne, adj. level, smooth, 1290. 
Playsterede, a,O'. I,lastered, 3042. 
Plenerly, odr. ïully, 26015, 3498. 
Plenteuous, «dj. abundant, 1028. 
llesande, i. p. i,leasing, l,leasant, 
11, 40t9. 
l'lesaunce, s. dclight, enj,,yment, 
Pleyne, v. complain, 1217. 
]?lumpe, s. crowd, 2199. 
Plyande, «dj. flexible, 77)'. 
Plytte, s. condition, 683. 
Pomarie, s. fruit-garden, orchard, 
Polne, s. globe, 3354. 
l'omelle, s. small gl,,be (prohal)ly 
used as an ornament on a flag- 
staff), 1"289. 
Pontyficalles, s. pl. (?) Lishops, 
Po1,1e, lf)0, 1204, Popule, 11, 52, 
s. people. 
Porke despyne, s. porcupine, 183. 
Porkes, s. pl. swine, 3121. 
Porte, s. port, 2609 ; () 3625 ; 
1 ff. portes, gaes, 503, 568, portez, 
portholes, 79. 
Postles, s. 1»1. apostles, 2413. 
Potestate, s. power, potentate, 


loueralle, s. poor folk, 3120. 
:pouere, adj. poor, 3540. 
:pouerte, s. poverty, 1545. 
Pourpour, s. purple, 1375. 
Powere, s. forces, 1635, 1925, 
Po)ne, v. work upon, toil at, 
Poyntez, s. 1)l. points, 767. 
Praye, s. prey, booty, 3003, 3010. 
Prckande, :prekes, Prckys, Prek- 
kande, &c. S¢e Prike. 
Preker, Prckkers. ,ee Prikkere. 
Presant, aJj. present, 1°_57. 
Presante, s. present, 1021. 
Prese, v. press, 1583 ; 3 s. presez, 
1374; pret. presede, 2199. 
Presone, 1546, Presonne, 1632, 
s. prison. 
Presonere, s. prisonêr, 2536; 1)7. 
presoners, 15S3, 1636. 
:Presse, s. crowd, 1477, pressure, 
difliculty, 15-2-2. 
Preué, adj. privy, secret, 2005. 
:Preuê]y, 213, 896, ,0648, Preualye, 
1609, adv. privily, secretly. 
:Price, 94, 355, Pris, 500, 569, 
Pryce, 230, 76, Prys, 2, 71, 
Prvse, 1636, Prysse, 15t5, adj. 
prècious, worthy, good. 
Prike, v. prick, ride, 2.¢14 ; 2 s. 
pDkkes, 533 ; 3 s. prekez, 156, 
prckys, 71 ; pl. prckes, 503 ; 
2 pl. prekez, 1609; i. p. prekande, 
15t5, prekka,de, 2S36 ; p.p. puk- 
kvd, pricked, 6t8, pry'kk:yde, 
sfitched, 3608. 
:Prikkere, 2649, Preker, 1374, 
rider, horseman; pl. prekers, 355, 
1-t79; prekkers, 2635. 
:Pris. See Price. 
:Pste, adj. ready, 1021, 4106. 
:Pristl.v, ado. readily, quic-kly, 
:Profite, ï. offer battle, 2534 ; 2 s. 

pro[crs, 2533; 3 s. profcrs, 1376, 
Profite, °_837, :Profyre, 1257, s. 
Profitabille, adj. 1 l. 
Proudely, 1374, Proudliche, ] 287, 
Prowdliche, 3607, adv. proudly, 
Proue, v. prove, t.ry, test, 1341 ; 
3 s. proues, 148; p/. prouene, 
7-16, proues, "246-1 ; p.p. prouede, 
Proueste, 1611, 1889, Prouoste, 
163"2 . provost. 
Prowde, adj. proud, 2536, gay, 
splendid, 2076. 
:Prowesche, s. advantage, ] 958. 
Pryce, adj. ,See Pfice. 
Pryce, 1924, 278, Prys, 275], 
1)ry. se, 26t9, . prase, prize. 
Prykkes, Prykkyde. ,See Prike. 
Pryme, s. the first hour of tho 
day, 95, 4105. 
Prys, Pryse, s. ,See Pryce. 
Prys, Pryse, Prysse. See :Price. 
Prysonêre, 1478, :pryssoncre, 
1610, . 
Purchese, v. gain, acquire, obtain, 
Purpos, 687, Ptrposse, 2848, s. 
:ptrpre, 4184, Purpur, 3142, 
1)urpure, 1-28, l'ourpour, 135, . 
Purtmyede, p.p. pourtrayed, 3607. 
Puruayede, v. l»'t, provided, 
furnished. 253; p.p. puruayede, 
1925, 2-177. 
Purueaunce, s. provision, pro id- 
ing, 6SS. 
Put, v. -°535 ; put of -- ward off. 
Pygges, s. pl. pi, 183. " 
Pyghte. ,Se Pighte. 
Pyke, s. pike, staff, 3475 ; p 
pykes, points, claws, 777. 
Pyke, v. pick ; 2 s. pykês, 2534 ; 
pyke vp, 1636. 



Pylotes, s. pL pellets, stones used 
as missiles, 3037. 
Pylours, 3004, Yelours, 2831, s. 
//. (?) arehers, or n,en who worked 
the engincs. 
Yyment, s. a kind of drink, 1028. 
Pyne, s. suffering, 3043. 
Pynnc, v. pin, 4047. 
Yypez, s. 1il. pipes, fifes, 2030. 
Quarte, 552, Qwerte, 3810, s. 
health, prosperity. 
Quarterde, p.p. quartered, 1736. 
Quod, v. pret. quoth, said, 140, 
259, 1559. 
Quyte, v. requite, 1788. 
Qwartlles, s. pl. bolts (for the 
cross-bow), 2103. 
Qwarters, s. pl. 3389. 
Qwaste, p.p. quashed, crushed, 
Qwat, 3868, Qwate, 4008, pron. 
Qwayntly, 2103, Qwayntely, 
3261, adv. cunningly. 
Qwen, 1222, Qwene, 26, 736, 
Qwcnne, 48, Qwhene, 407, adv. 
Qwcne, 2189, 2871, Qwenne, 
399$, s. queen. 
Qwerte. ,_qee Quarte. 
Qwhene. ,See Qwen. 
Qwhilles, 4160, Qwhyle, 553, 
Qwhylles, 34.S0, 3651, 3510 ; 
Qtvylls, 3505; cric. whilst, while; 
qwylls, 407, qwylles, 007, until. 
Qwyke, 1736, Qwykke, 3810, 
dj. alive. 
Qwylls, Qwylles. See Qwhilles. 
Qwyne, adv. whence, 3503. 
Qwythene, 4157, properly means 
whe»e; .in t.his passage it seems 
to be mswntten for Qwyne--- 0 
bat ! Compare "Whvne mvoEMe 
-- 0 that I ml,t, 1. 

See the preface fo Hampolc's 
Pricke of Conscience, cd. Morris, 
pp. xxv and xxvi. 

Raas, v. tear, pluck away, 362 ; 
yret. rasede, tore, 298. 
Racches, s. pl. hounds, 3999. 
Ilade, adj. frightened, 1995, 2881. 
Rade, s. fear, dread, 3896. 
Rade. ,See Y, yde. 
I-adly, adv. quickly, 1529, 3815. 
A.S. hroedlice. 
adnesse, s. fear, dread, terror, 
aghte. ee Y, eche. 
I'«dke, 1525, l,ayke, 2985, s. 
course, path. 
l,aissede, p.p. raised, 2057. 
I,ane. See Y, yne. 
l,anez, s. pl. thickets, brushwood, 
9"23. 8ce Rone 3 in Sir 
and Ie Green AnigM, ed. Morris, 
anke, 2271, annke, 14î4, 1 î64, 
2138, adj. tank, strog. 
P, ankour, s. 1666. 
Papl, adv. swiftly, lî63. 
appyd, v. pret. rapped, slnote, 
arede, v. pret. roared, 78, 1124. 
12,asches, v. pl. dash, 2107. 
l,asede. ,S'ee Raas. 
I,askaille, s. rabble, 2881. 
Rathe, adj. swift, quick, 2550. 
lmthe, adv. quickly, speedily, 
12ï5, 1332, 1665, 0-2. 
athly, 237, aythely, 2880, ado. 
Paughte. 5'ce Peche. 
l,aunsake, v. search, 4304 ; 3 s. 
ransakes, 3939 ; pl. ransakcs, 
1SS4 ; imp. 2 pL rawnsakes. 
aurtsone, s. ransom, 17»28. 


amxsone, 466,1276,1508, 
sone, 3275, r. ransom, Ievy ran- 
soin upon; prd. raunsounde, 293, 
39; p.p. rauound, 100, mm- 
sonede, 2667. 
auyschett, v. 1»'et. rahed, 29L 
]awe, s. row; on rawe:  a 
row, in order, one after the other, 
3S, 633, 19. 
lawghte. Ae Reche. 
Itapyde, v. ret. rped, 79. 
a ndoune, s. swiftness, violence, 
impetuosity, 95. $ee andon 
Iaakes. ee ae. 
lIaone. ee aunsone. 
ayke, v. proceed, go ; 3 s. raykes, 
lî6t, raykez, b59,105ï ; ret. ray- 
kede, 23 ; i.p. rakande» 369. 
ayke, s. ,See RaoEe. 
tayde, pç. clothed, covered, 
Baymede, .p. () 100. alweH 
bas, "Bame. To rob, or pluder." 
Baythely. ,S'ee t[aty. 
eale, 524, BeaHe, 179, 221,411, 
Rialle, 1993, Ityalle, 53, 7t, 
l{vealle, lï, adj. royal, nglv, 
hle ; superl, reeste, 175, 
ealtee, s. royalty, 135, 228, 423 ; 
I. ryaHtes, 31, ryalltez 1665, 
royaltez, 4005. 
ebanes, s. 1l. fibbons, 3255. 
l:ebawde, s. ribald, c, va,a- 
bond, 1333; /. rebawdez, 116, 
ebawdom, adj. ribald, 456. 
ebeHe, adj. rebeHio, 2040. 
Iebuke, v. 1333 ; p.p. rebede, 
455, rehuked, 1445, rehuskkyde, 
223, rebuykyde, 86ï, 105, 2153. 
]1eche, v. reach, strech forth 
hand in givin or receiving ; hence, 
hand over, eive, Iake, draw, &c., 
. reehes, 1111, 252, rechez, 
ret. raghte. 2ï66, raughte, 1527, 

1 S.4, 335-2, rawghte, 3456, rechede, 
1090, 3350, 4:18; p./. raghte, 
2666, rechide, 10:t3. 
Beched, s. (?)richness, 3263. 
Beches, s. riches, wealth, 266î, 
Recheste, adj. richest, 155. 
Reconsaillez, v. 3 s. reconci]cs, 
P, ecreaunt, adj. recreant, 2334. 
l,ed, 2032. ,See Rede, v. 
P, eddour, s. fear, dread, 100, 485, 
141S. Su. Goth. rtedde, fear. 
Reddour, s. rigour, 1406. O. Fr. 
redour, reddur, rigour, severity. 
Rede, 550, 2369, 1Red, 2932, v. 
advise ; interpret, 3"»2S ; v./. rede, 
discerned, 921. 
:Rede, 995. 2144, eedde, 3157, 
leede, 7'35, 15:6, adj. red. 
P, edely, 172, 2070, IIedily, 363, 
Redyly, 1.207, 15.6, adv. readily, 
:Redene. 8ee 12,yde. 
:Redy, v. make readv, prepare, 
4137; vl. re@es, 
edyne. ,S'ee yde. 
eedde. ee I:,ede. 
Refe, v. rob, takc away, deprive 
of: lret, refede, 959, refte, 95, 
175 ; /.p. refede, 1..20, refte, 
1"206, lî33, rewede, 3315. 
1Regale, s. regalia, 4207. 
Poegestre, s. rester, 113. 
Reghte, adv. right, 1057, 1668, 
just, 1301. 
:Reghttes, v. 3 s. rights, puts to 
rights, 3S15; /1. reghttez, 145, 
ryghtteue, 615. 
egne, 398, Reonne, 4005, 
R.vagae, 31, v. reign ; 3 s. regnes, 
310, regnez, 287, ryngnes, 
L rengnez, 865; yrd. regnede, 
293, 3"273, rengnede, 3"27"2, reynede, 
175,rsngaede, 2"2S ; i./. regnandc, 



P, ehersene, v. relate, tell, say, 
32"29 ; 3 8. rehersys, 3"206; pret. 
rehersede, 1666. 
Rehetes, 411, I'«hctez, 3198, v. 
3 8. cheers; pret. rehctcde, 2"21. 
O.Fr. rehaiter. 
Rcke, s. smoke, 1041. 
]ekcneste, adj. (1) quickest, 
readiest, 40M. A.S. recew, soon, 
ekenyng, 1678, ckky-nynge, 
102, s. reekonig, aeeount. 
ekke, v. teck, eare, 995, .0040 ; 
pret. roughtc, cared for, 3"275. 
Rekkene, v. reckon, 1275, 233i. 
eklesse, adj. reckless, earelcss, 
9-2, 1670. 
Relayes, v. pL relax, slacken, 
eleuis, ,. pL ral]y, .0-078 ; pret. 
releuyde, 223; T-T- releuede, 
elikkes, s. pL relies, 4-007. 
elyes, 4-°91, :Relyez, 1882, v. TI. 
rail)' ; pret. relede, 1391. 
:Relys, v. 3 s. reels, 279L 
cmenaunt, s. remnant, remain- 
der, 1553. 
emmes. See cwme. 
emmes, -°197, I'emys, 4155, r. 
3 s. shouts, cries out ; Tret. rcmyd, 
cmowes, v. 3 s. removes, 1761. 
l%nayede, adj. renegade, having 
renounced their faith, 2913, 357"2, 
engnede, engnez. See egne. 
enke, s. man, 1057 ; pL reukes, 
1410, renkkes, 391,199L renkys, 
17, 147, rennkkez, 215. 
ennene, v. pl. run, 200. 
Rente, s. rent, tribute, 465; pl. 
reniez, 103, 995, rcnttez, 1599, 
Rependez, v. I d. bang back, 2107. 

Repent, v. 1)tel. repented, 389t ; 
repent, imTers. . 1392. 
Requit, p.p. paid, 1680. 
Rere, v. more, -°810. Cf. Dan. 
tf re dg, to hestir oneself. 
ereage, s. arrears, 1680. 
Rerebrace, s. 2566. "From tho 
French arriere-bras. That part of 
plate armour which eovered the 
arm from the shoulder to the elbow. 
In the reign of Eward II. only 
one plate at first proteeted the arm 
outside, being put on the sleeve of 
mail ; but afterwards the rerebrace 
beeame a cylinder, consisting of 
two halves joined with hinges and 
elasps." Meyrick, Gloss[tr. of Mili- 
tary Terres. 
Pererys, v. 3 s. rears, 4249 ; p.p. 
rereryde, 4"250. 
Rerewarde, s. rearmaard, 1430, 
15.7, 176"2. 
Resaywe, v. receive, 3587. 
Rescewe, 1752, Reschewe, 2243, 
Reseowe, 4131, ». reseue; T-P. re- 
sehowede, 6. 
Resehewe, 3859, Reschewes, 433, 
Reseowe, 1953, Reseows, 4137, 8. 
reseue, deliveranee. 
Resonabillye, ado,. reasonably, 
Resone, -0041, Rcsoune, 174, 1668, 
s. rcason, account. 
estreynede,p.p. restrained, .0041. 
etenewys, 3572, ]getenuz, 1334, 
1655, 266t, s. TL retainers, 
Retournes, v. pL turn back, 
Reuare, 62, 1455, eyuere, 424, 
Ryuere, 1"29"2, 8. river. 
Reuaye, 3275, Ryvaye, 3999, v. 
hunt by a river. "Rioier, rireier, 
chasser en rivière." Bur#uy tmder 
Rouelle, s. 1667. 


Ieuellc, v. 1969. 
leucngyde, P4»- avenged, 1204. 
Reuerssede, v. l»'«t, turned down, 
2070; p.p. rcuersside, tumed up, 
trimmed, 3-)55. 
euertcde, v. Tret. turncd over, 
Reueste, 17.1». dressed, clothcd, 
:Rewdly. ,'ee uydly. 
ewe, v. have pity, 866; cause 
regret, 16î8 ; 3 s. rewes, 3272. 
ewedc. See Refe. 
]:ewfulle, adj. rueful, pitiful, sad, 
]cwfully, ado'. rucfully, sadly, 
ewghe. ȍee ewflm. 
ewllez, 1672, Rewlys, 509, v. 3 
s. rules, govcrs ; pl. reles, 1OE55, 
rcwlys, 76; p.p. rcwlyde, 5. 
ewrae, s. realm, 1207 ; p 
rcvmes, 5"2, 66, 4"25, femmes, 49. 
ewthe, 888, 1430, 2197, Iewghe, 
359, ». piv, compassion, sorrow; 
rethe 'ekes, sotrof deeds, 
3-53, 3894:. 
:Rcynedc. ,_%e Regne. 
lqeyuere. ,See euare. 
]=;ialle. See l,eale. 
iatours, s. Id. ravagers, 2034. 
I:,ichcly, ado. 173. 
/icheste, edj. 147. 
]igge, s. back, 800. A.S. hrycg. 
:Rightene, v. pl. put right, 1525. 
/-ightewissly, e,_lc, rightcously, 
ightwis, adj. righteous, 3989. 
Riotes. See l!yot. 
Riotous. A:ee Ryotous. 
iste, 1969, Ryste, 108, 423, v. 
test ; 3 s.rystcz, 2170 ; pret. ristcd, 
485, rystedc, 53 ; T.T. ristc, 2"235, 

Rittez, 2138, ittis, 3753, v. 
break, tear. 
Roche, s. rock, 1146, 3601. 
Rochclle, . a kind of wine, 203. 
Rode. ,See L'yde. 
Rode, s. food, cross, 3217, 3559. 
A.S. rdd. 
Rog, s. (?) crowd, 3272. Ste toge 
in Ihrc. 
Roggede, v. pret. shook, 784. 
Rollede, p.p. enrolled, 2641. 
Romawns, s. dal. romances, 3200. 
:[tomcde, v. 2fret. roared, 784. 
:Romyez, v. 3 s. roars, 888 ; 1,»'et. 
romyede, 112 [. 
Rongene. ,ee Rynge. 
Ronnene. ee Byne. 
Roo, s. test, peste, quiet, 1751, 
362, 439. A.S. row. 
Roo, s. wheel, 3374. Ff. row, 
Lat. rota. 
Boo, s. roe, 922, 4000. A.S. rd. 
Boode. ,ee Iyde. 
ose]de, 2880, losselde, £793, 
adj. (?) brandished, shaken. Ci'. 
8w. ruslda, to shake ; E. rttile. 
Rosers, s. id, rosetrees, 923. 
Bosse, s. rose, 3457. 
L'ossclde. ,ee Roseldê. 
Rossete, adj. russct, 237. 
I',ostcz, s. pl. toasts, 1049. 
Roughte. See Rckke. 
L'oungene. ee I,ynge. 
Rowelle, s. whecl, 3262. "l-?oele, 
roele, roelle, roue, petite roue, 
rond, cercle ; de roM«.'" 
Rowm, 1454, Rowme, 391, 432, 
Rovmme, 470, adj. roomy, spa- 
Powte, v. sleep ; lit,. snore, 108. 
Rowte, 719, lî63, Rowtt, 1656, 
Rowttc, 390, 456, . company, 

Powtte, s. road, way, 379. 
Ioy, 411, 1670, Poyc, 3200, 
3"273, a. king. [r. roi, Lat. tex. 
Royaltez. See Realtee. 
ungcnc. See Rynge. 
Rusche, v. rush, £dl; cast, hurl, 
]339, thrust, 2S$0 ; 3 ». rusches, 
falls, 2341, 2794, ruschez, rushes, 
39"2, ruysches, 2983; l,l. ruschcs, 
2550, ruysschcs, hurl, dash, 2913; 
preL ruschcdc, 279"2, 2S9, ruschte, 
]usclêde, adj. ()ruckled, wrin- 
kled, 1096. Cf. ruck in 1Yedg- 
uyd, 1096, Puyde, 1049, 1057, 
133"2, adj. rude. 
uydly, 785, 794, Puyd]yehe, 
] 77, Rewdly, 2810, adv. rudely. 
uysches, luysschcs. See l'usche. 
Ilyalle. See J:eale. 
Ryalltez. See Itealtce. 
]-tyally, adr. royally, 1472, 3613. 
l'ybbez, 1134, Itybbys, l151, s. 
lL ribs. 
ltyehe, o«'. 108, 833. 
],'ydde, ««lj. tierce, 411î'. Sec 
Rid in Jamieson. 
Ryde, v. ride, 1876 ; 3 s. ryddis, 
3540; pl. ryddez, 2849, rydene, 
2b09; preg. rade, 294, 853, rode, 
1953, roodc, 9"20 ; pret. L rcdenc, 
4S5; p./. redenc, 2598, redyne, 
5, 100. 
yealle. 8ee eale. 
Ryfe, 362, ywe, 2439, v. rive, 
rend, split, pierce ; 3 «. ryfez, 94, 
1474, ryvys, 38 ;/)l. ryffes, '2913. 
Ryghtc, aàv. straight, 889. 
Ryghttene. ee Rcghttes. 
P, yghttcz, 894, 1439, 12yghtys, 
610, «./L 
yghtwise, adj. righteous, 866. 
:Ryndes, 3363,12yndcz, 92 l, 1884, 
«. an trecs. 

Pyne, v. run, 109, 3990; 3 s. 
rynnez, 1121, rynnys. 31, 6"2, 540; 
oeret, fane, 15"26, '2881, rynnyde, 
2965, rynnyd, 9"0; preg.l, ron- 
nene, 9"2 " ; i. T- ry,nan¢lC, 39"2, 
ynge, v. ring, 4332 ; p.p. rungene, 
463, mungene, 1587, rongene, 976. 
Ryngne, P, yngnede, llyngnes. 
See Regne. 
Pynisch, e«dj. either Rhcnish, or 
strange, foreign, .203. See Rudsel 
in Glossa .ry to Alliterative Poems. 
12ynnande, Itylmez, ynnyde, &e. 
See 1Ryne. 
l'ynsede, p.p. rinsed, 3375. 
12,yot, 456, 785, P, yott, 3Il, 
l=tyotle, 9.23, 1S83, v. ravage; (with 
the rcflexive pronoun) run riot ; 3 
«. ryottez, 619, riotes, 317. 
I'yotous, 379, o 
4., Pdotous, 363, 
12,yotte, s. uncontrolled license, 
riot, 294, 412; 1l. riotes, 3S8, 
ryotcs, 3S93. 
12ype, v. search, 187 ; 3 s. types, 
llysses, v. 3 s. rises, 3660. 
yste, ystede, &c. See istc. 
Ryues, s. 1,1. (.) 1764. 
R3a'aye. ,b'ee 12a.uayc. 
Pyve (-- aryve), v. land, 3896. 
l'yvys, 12,ywe. S'ee P, yfe. 

Sa, adv. so, 3796, 3870. 
Sabylle, 771, Sable, 2027, s. 
sable, black. 
Sadde, «dj. satisficd, 847. Gcr. 
Sade, adj. sad, 3948 ; com], sad- 
date, 289. 
Sadilles, 1801, Sadyllcs, 1855, s. 
pl. saddles. 
Sadly, 331, 1685, 2466, Sadd]y, 
1,t58, adv. 


Sale, v. save, 3051. 
Sagge, adj. sage, wise, 814. 
Saghetylle, v. bccome reconciled, 
Saise, v. 3 s. says, 1162; imlo. 2 
pl. saisc, 1"267. 
Sakles, 3986, 3992, Sake].es, 
3399, adj. innocent. 
Sale, s. hall, 82, 91,134, 409. 
Salle, 136J,. l?ead Sable. 
Salle, v. shall, 16, 105, shalt, 111, 
Salue, v. salure; 3 s. saluT, 87; 
pret. salued, 82, salu]edc, 953. 
Salue, s. salve; pl. saluez, 2691. 
Salue, v. heal, 932 ; 1)4). saluede, 
Sandes, 513. lerhaps a mistake 
for sa Mesman. 
Sandes-mane, s. messenger, 1419 ; 
pl. sandismene, 266. 
Sare, ad. sore, sorely, 134, 2248. 
,qatanase, s. Satan, 3812. 
Satilles, v. 2l. settle, descend, 
Saughte, s. peace, reeoneiliation, 
lOOï, 15t5, 305").. 
Saule, 666, 1062, Saulle, 2192, 
Sarde, 1169, ». soul. 
Saunke, s. blood, 179. 
S2wghte, o,lj. at peace, reconcilcd, 
peaceable, 319t, 402. 
Sawle. See Saule. 
Sawtere, 3316, Sawtire, 3421, s. 
Sawturoure, s. sa]tire, one of the 
ordinaries in heraldry, 418"2. 
Say-ne, v. bless, cross (oneself), 
969; loret, sayned, 10i2, saynned, 
Scathylle. Sec Skathclle. 
Schadande, i. p. shedding, flow- 
ing, 35t5. 
Shafte, s. shaft (of a spear), 2169. 

Schaft-monde, s. 2546, 3843, 
43"2. "'A measure, ri'oto ihc iop 
of the extended lhumb 1o Ihc ut- 
most part of the paire, which in a 
tall man is about six inc]les, or 
ha|f a foot."--Bosworth's A.. 
Diet. under Seteft-muM. 
Sehake, v. shake, 1,roeeed, 1213, 
Schakke, s. sudden movement, 
Schalke --chalk, 1226, 1363. 
Schalke, s. man, 1098, 2170, 
schalkes, 1SSî, schalkez, "2)11. 
Schalle, v. shall, 7,148,shalt, 102. 
Schalyde, p4). scaled, 766. 
Schamely, «dt,. shamefully, 2616. 
Schamesdede, s. dce,l of shamc, 3. 
Schanke, s. shank, leg, 3845 ; pL 
schankez, 1099. 
Schape, v. shape, f,orm, prepare, 
32, 132I, 2588, 300; I»'et. 
schoupe, 3599. 
Schappe]y, ado. fitly, 2333. 
Schappes, v. 3 s. shapes, dcstines, 
Schare. See Sche,. 
Scharlctte, s. scarlet, 3459. 
Scharpe, s. 3841. 
Scharpely, dr. sharply, smartly, 
1 "). 1 "L 2.29, 
Schathe. See Skathe. 
Schawe, 2406. Read Schewe. 
Schawe, s. wo,l, 1765 ", 
scha,es, 17-3, 160. 
Schaylande, w/j. (.) scaly, 1098. 
S¢hede, 2922, Schedde, 3398, v. 
pret. shed, poured. 
Scheene, 1760, 2457, S«hene, 
2 19, 371-7, 8chenne, 676, adj. 
fait, beautifu[. 
Seheftcne, Scheftys. 8ce Skyfte. 
Schel, le, 914, II lO, Sel*ihle, 3714, 
8chylde, 29S1, s. shicld ; 
scheldez, 595, scheldys, 255. 


8chel01e, v. shield, 3. 
Schcl01yde, adj. having shields, 
Scheltrone, 2106, 2922, Schil- 
tronc, 1856, Sheltrone, 199"2, 8. 
troop, hand ; pl. schilt rounis, 1765, 
schiltrouns, 1813, 2210. The older 
for,n is 8chiltru». A.8. 8c,jld, 
shield, lruma, troop. 
8chcnchipe, s. disgraee, 4299. 
Schcndc, v. ruin, disace, con- 
found, 21.35. 
Schcne. A'ee Scheene. 
Sehepe, s. sheep, 2922. 
Schere, v. shear, eut, 2546; 3 ». 
seherys, 3600; pret. schare, 383, 
scherde, 1856, 255. 
Scherenkene. Sec Schrenkys. 
Schethede, p.p. sheathed, 3852. 
Scheuerede, v. l,r,,t, shivered, 
split, 1813; p.p. scheueride, 378. 
Schcwe, v. show, 191, 1183, ap- 
pear, 1717 ; i schewene, 57. 
Schewynge, . showing, manifest- 
ation, 34ol. 
Schifte, Schiftys. ,.gee Skyfte. 
Schildc. Ste Schelde. 
Schiltrone, Schiltrounis. Sec 
Schippcmene, s. 2,1. shipnen, 
sailors, 1212. 
Schirc, 1760, 2169, Schyre, 1213, 
3600, ««/j. bright. 
Schirreues, s. pl. sheriffs, 725. 
Scho, pron. she, 853, 860. 
Schoderede, 3844, Schoderide, 
2106, 8chodirde, 4234, 8chodyrde, 
21;9, ». pret. shuddered, shook, 
Schokke, v. shock, jog, more or 
throw with violence, 411; 3 8. 
schokkes, 3816, 3852, 4235; pL 
schokkes, 1759. 
Scholde, 1031, 1719, Schoulde, 
3611, v. should. 

Schone, s. pl. shoes, 3471. 
Schone, 1717, 1719, Schoune, 
314, v. shun, avoid, get or keep out 
of the way ; 3 s. schownnes, 3599. 
Schonte, Schontez. SeeSchountes. 
Schore, s. score, 2344, 3577. 
Schorte, at the, shortly, soon, 
Schotande. Sec Schotte. 
Schotene, v. Tf. shut, 749. 
Schotte, v. shoot, 1992 ; 
sehottes, 2'26 ; pret. schotte, 1765 ; 
i. p. schotande, 1766. 
Schotte, s. shot, shooting, 2105, 
2.28 ; pl. schotys, 36-.).7. 
Schotte-mene, s. 2I. shooters, 
Schouellc-fotede, adj. shovel- 
footed, 1098. 
Schouene, 2333, Schoue, 2335, v. 
lret, pl. shaved. 
Schoulders, s. pl. shoulders, 2546. 
Schoune. A'ee Schone. 
Schountes, 3816, Schownttes, 
3715, 382, 8chuntes, 1055, v. 3 
8. turns aside, shrinks away, hesi- 
rates, dclays ; pl. scl,ontcz, lî59 ; 
pret. schonte, 2106, :428, schounte, 
ï36 ; i»p. 2 8. schunte, 132. 
Schoupe. Sec Schape. 
Schove, v. shove, thrust, 3847. 
Schowande, i. p. (l.) shuflting, 
Schownnes. Sec Schone. 
Schownttes. Sec Schountes. 
Schragges, s. Tl. jagged ends, 347 3. 
Schrede, v. pret. eut, 2211, 4167 ; 
p.p. schrede, 2688. 
Schrede, 3991, Schreede, 767, 
p.p. clothed. 
Schredez, 905, Schredys, 3473, 
8. pl. shreds. 
Schrenkys, v. 3 s. shrinks, 4234 
îl. scherenkeae, 2105 ; 

190 «ossaoE Dx. 

schrenkede, wr/nkled, 2211; i. p. 
schrenkande, wrinkling, 1857. 
Schrewe, s. wicked person, 2779. 
Sehrifte, s. shrift, confession, o588. 
Schrinkande, L p. shrin-lHng, 
wrinkling, ï67. 
8chrowde, s. dress, 3628. A.8. 
crtM, garment. 
Schryfe, v. confess, 3400. 
Schrympe, 8. deformed creature, 
monster (applied to a dragon), 767. 
Schrynede, p.p. shrined, 3991. 
Schulde, v. should, 3183, 3791. 
Schuldrez, 1157, Schuldyrs, 3294, 
8choulders, 25t6, s. pl. shou]ders. 
Schunte,Schuntes. ,SeeSchountes. 
Schwede -- schewede, showed, 
Schyfte. ,ee Skyfte. 
Schylde. ,S'ee Schelde. 
Schynbawde, s. 3846, seems to 
mean lhereave or shin-plate ; but 
the form of the word leads one to 
ihink that if originally meant sMi- 
belt, probably a piece of chain-ar- 
mour or other defence hound round 
tbe leg. Sec Glossary io S.¢r Ga- 
wayne, ed. Madden. Compare 
Eng. baldrick and Lat. balteu.s. 
"He, and his gambesons, glomede 
als gledys, 
With gravnes of rubyes, that gray- 
thedè were gaye 
And his schene schynhawdes, 
scharpe for to schrede." 
Yhe .ttrMyr of dcthure, ed. 
Madden, .tanza xxxi. 
Sehyre. ,S,,e Schire. 
Scoulders, 766. Read Schoulders. 
Scrippe, s. 3471. 
Seche, Sechis. Sec Seke. 
See s. seat, 3291, 3350. 
Sec, s. sea, 490, 1402. 
Seegge, s. seat» pmi)er place, 

Seegge. Sce Segge. 
Seese, v. pL sec, 1405. 
Segge, 134, 1043, Seegge, 1574, 
. man; /gL seggcz, 1t20, 1t2:2. 
A.S. ecg. 
Segge, 355, . siege. 
Seggede, v. 1»tel. besieged, 3011. 
Segzmurry, s. lordship, 528. 
Sekadrisses, s. 1,I« 2283. Ther« 
is surely some mistake here ; per- 
haps we ought fo read eoadrille 
-- crocodiles (compare 8pan. coco. 
drillo) or cokatrise, -hich may 
bave the saine meaning, since Ro- 
quefort gives, "' Coca/rite, cocalrix: 
Crocodile. » Either suits the allit- 
eration, gives some sense, and 
might by a s]ight mistake of 
scribe be turned into 
which gives no sense at ail. Croco- 
diles in a Roman camp are hot 
more out of place lhan camels and 
elephants are vhen erossing the 
Alps with cotfins on their Icks! 
8ce p. 69. 
Seke, adj. sick, 15;'4. 
Seke, 105, 937, 1296, Scche, 
3"233, v. seek, make for, go (to- 
wards); 2 . sechis, 3507; pret. 
$oghte, 1011. soughe, 7-20, 21 î0 ; 
inf. sekene, 898 ;/9./9. soghte, 1171. 
Sekere, 1173, 1458, Sekire, 4313, 
8ekyre, 78, 551, adj. sure, sale, 
trusty ; comp. sekerarc, 3259 ; 
superL sekereste, 149"2. 
Sekerly, 441,969, Sekirly, 3499, 
8ekyrly, 439, 14)0, ado. surely, 
certainly, safely. 
Sekire, v. ensure, 2585, 3804. 
Sektour, s. executor, 665. 
Selcouthe, 75, 1298, 3531, Sel- 
kouthe, 19t5, adj. strange, rarc. 
Seldene, ado'. seldom, 1163. 
Sele, s. seal, 85. 
Sellerie, 331, 338, Seluene, 1, 8, 
8ehyne, 10, 3:, self. 
Selkouthe. ,See Selcouthe. 

OLOSSa, ,XDEX. 191 

Sdkouthely, ada strangely, 3252. 
Selkylde, 3356. Perhaps mis- 
wr]tten for ' 8erkylde,' encircled. 
Seluene, Seluyne. See Selfene. 
Semblant, s. show, splendour, 75, 
Semble, v. assemble, gather, meet, 
63, 967 ; yL sembles, 374.8 ; Tret. 
semb]ede, 409, 1457; ¥. sem- 
hlde, 70. 
Semes, 1672, Semez, 133, 1162, 
Semis, 1418, i»qer«, v. seems; 
pvet. semede, 123, semyde, 193. It 
is often used with the objective 
case of the personal pronouns : the 
semes = thou seemest, 1672 ; them 
semyde = they scemed, 193. 
Semliche, 3947, Senflyclw, 655, 
8emly, 410. 199, adj. seemly, 
comely, goodly. 
Semliche, 3316, Semlyly, 378î, 
ado. in a comely manner, well. 
Sen, 127, 142, Sene, 526, 952, 
adv. or co,,j, since. 
Sendelle, s. fine linen, 2299. 
Sengely, 2434, Sengilly, 471, 
259"2, Sengly, 37"29, adv. singly, 
Sent, ». seent, 1040. 
Sent, ». assent, consent, 1628, 
2615, 3065. 
Sepulture, s. burial, 4340. 
Sere, adj. various, diverse, separ- 
are, 19"2, 607, 1576, 3195. 
Serfe, v. serve, 1220 ; pret. ser- 
fede, 89"2. 
Serfede, 1068. A'ee Serues. 
Sergeaunt, s. servant, 632 ; 
Serte, s. desert, 2926 ; pl. ser4es, 
513. Compare serve for deserve. 
Seruez, v. zv. serve, 1168. 
Serues, v. pl. deserve, 1315 ; 1».1 ». 
seruede, 2590, scrfede, 1068. 
Ses, v. 3 s. sees, ,9, 1. 

Sesez, v. 3 s. seizes, 1500. 
Seside, v. prel. put in possession, 
3065; p.¥. sessedc, 960S. 
Sessede, v. preL ceased, 2132. 
Sesyne, s. seizin, 3588. 
Sete, 3315, Serte, 1305, s. seat. 
Seterdaye, s. Saurday, 15hO, 
Seghene. 8ee Sythene. 
Setille, s. settle, seat, 3270. 
Seuende, a«O'. seventh, 488. 
Seuenschore, seven score, 3788. 
Seuenyghte, s. week, 153, 3S0, 
Sewes, s. 1,1. stews, pottages, 192. 
Sewe, v. follow, 2927; Fret. 
sewede, 3$8 ; i.p. sewande, 81. 
Sex, ad.A. six, 354, 380 ; sex 
sure  six in ail, 471. 
Sextc, adj. sixth, 3316, 3416. 
Sextene, a,lj. sixteen, 81, 105. 
Sexti, Sexty, adj. sixty, 179, 
210, 601. 
Sexti-faflde, a«O'. sixtyfohl, 2299. 
Seyne, s. sign, 2055, 280. 
Seyne, il.p. seen, 3985. 
Seyne, ado,. afterwards, 188, 192, 
282, 1591. 
Seyngnour, 3313, Se3mlowr % 
219, s. lord ; pL seynowres, 1577. 
SeynL s. sain, 1169 ; 1,l. seyntez, 
1163, 116. 
Sheltmne. ee Seheltrone. 
Sibb, 3984, Sybb, 645, 3891, 
Syhbe, 681, adj. rclated, akin. 
Siche. ee Swylke. 
Siluere, s. 1165. 
Silueryne, adj. ruade of si]ver, 
Sigulere, adj. single, by himself, 
Sir, 3288, Syr, 3312, Syre, 3134, 
. lord. 


Sittande, L p. becoming, suitable, 
953, 1501. 
Sittandly, adv. becomingly, 159. 
Sittene, l).p. sat, 3291. 
Skalopis, s. 1,1. scallop-shells, 
Skape, v. escape, 15G2. 
Skathe, 1G43, 1841, 3119, Scha- 
the, 29"2, s. hurt, damage. 
Skathelle, 1642, Scathylle, 32, 
adj. hurfful. 
Skathlye, adj. hurtfu], 15G2. 
Skayles, v. 3 s. scalcs, 3034. 
Skayres, v. 3,1. scare, frighten, 
Skewe, v. eschew, escape, 1562. 
Skfftez. See Skyfte. 
Skilfidle, mO'. reasonable, right, 
Skomfite, s. discomfit, 2335. 
Skomfite, p.p. discomfited, 1644. 
Sk«mfitoure, s. discomfiter, one 
who discomfits, 16tt. 
Skomfyture, s. discomfiture, 1561. 
Skorno, v. seorn, 16t2; l)ret. 
skornede, 1St0. 
Skornefulle, adj. 1840. 
Skotiferis, 3034, Skottefers, 2468, 
,. pl. shicld-bearers. Compare Lat. 
seutiferi, squires. 
Skouerours, s. pl. explorers, scouts, 
Skoulkery, s. 1Lu'king, ambush, 
Skowtte-waches, s. ivl. scntinels, 
Skrogges, 1641, 8kroggêz, 1647,, 
. l. stunted bushes, shruhs. 
Skulker, s. 3119. 
Skyfte, 1643, Schifte, 1213, 
1325, v. shift, dispose, manage; 3 
s. skiftez, 1561, skvftys, 3"2; pl. 
skyftçs, 117, schifiys, 7"25, schef- 

tene, 36"27, schcftys, t56, schyfle, 
3St7; i»,p. 2 s. schsft, llï. 
Skylle, s. reason, skill, 32. 
Skyrmys, v. 11. fight, vkirmish, 
Slade, s. green valley, 2978. 
Slakes, v. 3 s. slackens, loosens, 
Slakkes, s. 1)1. (?) pools of water 
in slack or hollow places, 719. 
Slale, «dj. (?) 3117. 
Slaughte, s. slaughter, 2675. 
Slawe, adj. slow, du]l, 40t4. 
Slawyne, s. slavein, pilmSm's 
mantle, 3t74. 
Slayne, I).P. slain, 1824, -'2977. 
Sleghe, adj. sly, eunning, elever, 
Sleghte, 3°20, Sleyghte, 3418, 
40t5, s. sleight, skill, craft. 
Sleghte, p.p. slipped, 2675. 
Slely, 3855, Sleyghly, 2975, 
Slevghely, 43"21, ado. slily, prud- 
endy, cleverly. 
Slêpe, v. sleêp, 4044. 
Sleppes, v. 3 s. slips, 2976 ; Tret. 
sleppid, 3S5t. 
Slewe, c. lret. 3418. 
Slewthe, s. sloth, 3221. 
Sleyghly, Sleyghêly. See Slely. 
Sleyghte. Sec Sleghte. 
Slode, v. l»ret, slid, 3854. 
Slomowre, s. slumber, 3221. 
Slolnyre, v. slumber, 4044. 
Slongene, I».P. slung, .'2978, 4321. 
Sloppes, s. 1»I. pools, 3923. 
Slote, 2254, Slotte, 2975, s. pit 
of the stomaeh. 
Slottede, lzp. stabbed in the pit 
of the stomaeh, 3S53. 
Sloughe, 23, Slowghe, 4045, 
Slewe, 3tlS, v.lret, slew. 
lowde, s. slush, sludge, 3719. 


Slowghe. See Sloughe. 
Slydande, i. 1». sliding, 2976. 
Slyke, adj. such, 3719. See 
Slyng, v. 3 s. slings, throws, 
3"2"20, 3855. 
Slytte, ». slit, 3853. 
Slyttes, v. 3 ». slits, 2254, 29î5. 
Smyttes, 2.564, Smyttez, 1148, 
v. 3 . smites. 
Snel]e, adj. swift, 57. 
Socoure, v. succour, 2276. 
Socoure, 2317, Socure, 1438, s. 
Sodanly, 80, 599, 1422, Sodayn- 
liche, 3"270, Sodaynly, 632, 1980, 
adv. suddenly. 
Softe, adj. softening, melting, 
Softene, v. soften, ease, 2691. 
Soghte. See Seke. 
Soiorne, 4027, Soiourne, 4042, v. 
Solauce, s. solace, recreation, 239, 
Solemply, 3196, 3805, Solemp- 
nely, 1948, Solempnylye, 525, adv. 
Solempnitee, s. solemnity, 514. 
Soin, adj. some, 3683. 
Somercastelle, s. wooden tower, 
Somme, s. sure, 448, 2347. 
Somond, 1212, Somounde, .52.5, 
v. pret. summoned  .p. somonde, 
140, sommonde, 267. 
Somouns, s. summons, 91, 104. 
Sonde, s. something sent, 2511. 
Sonde, s. sand, 3728, 3745. 
Sondire, 2182, Sondxe, 1123, 
Sondre, 1388, 1482; in s.-- 
Sondirwise, adv. separately, 3529. 

Sone, s. son, 1945. 
Sone, 170, 1022, Sonne, 2222, 
ado. soon. 
Songene, v. lret. 1»1. sang, 745, 
Sonne, 1978, 2.511, Sone, 4035, 
Sonondaye, s. Sunday, .501, 2482. 
Soo, ado. so, 1841. 
Sope, s. sup, hasty meal, 1890. 
Soppe, s. crowd, company, troop, 
band, 1493, 2818, 3ï"29. 
Sore, s. diseaoe, 932. 
Sore, ade. sorely, 1173; coin_p. 
sorere, I163. 
Sorowe, s. 1138, 2224. 
Sçte, s. troop, company, hand, 
63, 410, 1575 ; pl. sortes, 606. 
Sothe, adj. true, 1686 ; for sothe, 
truly, 1087. 
Sothe, s. truth, 3229. 
Sothely, adv. truly, l ï2, 239, 
Sort, 1044, Sotte, 847, 1060, s. 
Soueraygne, dj. 116î. 
Soueraygme, 128, 1330, Soue- 
raygne, 141, . sovereign ; pl. soue- 
rayngcz, 1960. 
Soughte. See Seke. 
Souppe. 5'ee Sowpe. 
Sowdane, s. soldan, sultan, 590, 
1"295; pl. sowdanes, 593. 
Sowdeours, s. pL hired warriors, 
mercenaries, 551, 593, 29"25, 2938. 
Sowe, s. some warlike enginc, 
3033. Sce Sow in Jamieson. 
Sowmes, s. pl. su_ms, 1627. 
Sownde, «dj. 1577. 
Sowpe, 1298, Souppe, 3805, ,,. 
sup ; 3 . sowppes, 10"25 ; pret. 
sowpped, 409; i. p. sowpa,de, 
Sowper, s. supper, 1022. 


Sovre, 1041. Rpad Sowrs, source. 
Sowte. ,Sec Soyte. 
Soyte, 81, 3931, Sowte, 3941, s. 
suit, company. 
Spakely, adv. swiftly, quickly, 
Spalddyd, p.p. split, 3699. 
Spanne, s. span, 2060. 
Spayre, s. the spare r thin part 
of the body, the wait, 2060. 
Specyal]e, adj. 999. 
Spede, v. rare, succeed, 2414, 
speed, hasten, 2,I6; pret. spede, 
1795; ¥.p. spede, 3016. 
Speke, v. speak, 2415; 3 s. 
spekes, 2063. 
Spekes, s. pl. spokes (of a wheel), 
3264, 3311. 
Speltis, s. pL thin streaks or 
splinters, 326. 
Spencis, s. pl. expenditure, 3163. 
Spendyde, v.  ret. spcnt, 235. 
Spere, s. spear, 1794; pl. sperys, 
8pere-lenghe, adj. spearlength, of 
the length of a spear, 3311. 
SpeD% . spirit, 4327. 
Spille, v. perish, 2415 ; pl. spillis, 
destroy, 3159. 
Sl,leene , . 9061. 
Si, lenL . splint, 2061. "Splents. 
In aneient armour, several little 
plates that rus over each other, 
and proteeted ihe inside of the 
arm." tlalliwdl. They were also 
worn on ihe leg (sec Jamieson 
under Spl«»Ks), and probably on 
othet parts of the hody. 
Splentide, p.p. splinted, adorned 
witll splinters, 3"26. 
Sponene, p.p. spun, 999. 
8pmrres, 483, Spurres, 2416, s. 
pl. spurs. 
Spraddene. ,_qee Sprede. 

Sprangene. 8ce Sprynges. 
Sprede, v. spread, 3158; pret. 
sprede, 2062 ; laret, pl. spraddeue, 
Sprente, 2062, 3310, Sprentyde, 
3700, v. laret, sprag, leapt. 
Springande, 8prongene. ee 
Sproulez, v. 3 s. spraw]s, 2063. 
Sprynges, v. 3 s. springs, 3162 
pl. spryngene, 3158; preL 
sprangene, 4S3; i. p. sprin_ande, 
3"265; p.p. sprongene, 1943,ïaurst, 
179, spronngene, 3699. 
Spycerye, s. 162. 
Spytte, s. spite, 270. 
Sqwyere, s. squire, 1179. 
Stade, p.p. set, placed, 1926. 
Stake, v. put on a stake, 1178. 
Stale, s. company, troop, 377, 
1355, 135, 193"2 ; pl. stales, 1980. 
Stalkis, v. 3 s. 3466. 
Statu, s. foreship, 3664. 
Stamyne, s. some part of a ship 
Standerde, s. 2080. 
Statte, s. state, tank, 157. 
Stedde, p.p. beset, 2824, 4133. 
Stede, s. stead, place, 1748, 2824. 
Stede, s. steed, horse, 1355; pl. 
stedes, 1280, stedys, 1488, 1647. 
Stekes, v. 1,1. stick, stab, 3126 ; 
3 . stekys, 3S2); yret. stekede, 
8tele, s. steel, 131, 1487. 
Stelene, 1488, 2129, Stelyne, 
135, adj. steclen, ruade of steel. 
Stepes, v. 3 s. steps, 1229. 
8terape, 2692, 8terep¢, 916, s. 
stirrup ; pL sterapes, 3S'23. 
8tere-bourde, 745, Stere-burde, 
3fi65, s. starhoard. 
Sterenefulle, 3824, Sterynfulle, 
269.2, adj. stern, tierce. 


Steride, Steris. See Stirc. 
Stertez, 1104, Sterttes, 1355, 
Stirttez, 193"2, Slyrtez, 1152, v. 3 
$. starts ; pl. stttes, 269"2 ; pret. 
sterte, 916. 
Steryne, 157, 377, 735, Sterynne, 
36"2"2, adj. stern; superl, steryn- 
neste, 3872. 
Sterynly, adv. stern]y, 745, 2130. 
Sterys. Sec Stire. 
Steucn, s. voice, 2531, 4269. 
Stewede, v. pret. enclosed, 1489. 
"Estuier: Serrer, mettre dans un 
" étui, cacher, enfermcr, renfermer, 
envelopper, emprisonner."--Roqae- 
Stire, 2823, Styre, 4038, v. stir, 
more; 3 s. sterys, 917;p/. steris, 
29"23, 3658; pret. steride, 1793 ; 
imp. 2 pl. stirrez, 1748. 
Stirttes, Stirttez. See Stertez. 
Sti3ttelys , v. pl. arrange, 3622. 
Stodde, Stode. Sec Stondez. 
Stokes, s. pl. (0 estocs, or stab- 
bing swords, 1 36. 
Stokes, v. pl. stab, 2554. " Esto- 
quer, estoquier : Frapper, pousser, 
casser, rompre, briser." Roquefort. 
Stokkes, s. pl. 3665. 
Stonays, v. pl. stuns, bits stun- 
ning blows, 2118 ; p.p. stonayede, 
1933, 3S73. 
Stondez, 2090, Stormdys, 3623, 
v. l,l. stand; pret. stode, 1489, 
29"23, stodde, 4133. 
Stotais, 1435, Stotays, 3467, 
4271, v. 3 s. becomes foolish, mad, 
dizzy, or stupid. "Estoutir, es- 
toutoyer- Ètre fou, imprudent, 
avoir de ia témérité, être insensé; 
,tulte, cere." Roquefort. Burguy 
gives the forms "estoteier, estot«- 
teier, eMuteier, estoutoier, estotoier,'" 
but with the meaning "maltraiter." 
Stour, 377, 1747, Stoure, 1488, 
Stowre, 2086, s. battle. 

Stownde, s. time, 3974; 1,1. 
stowndys, 3888. 
Stownntynge, s. stopping, delay, 
Stowre. ee Stour. 
Strake. Sec Stryke. 
Strandez, 598, 883, 947, 12"7, 
1337, Strandys, 36"26, Strondcs, 
4067, . pl. waters. 
Strates, 561, Straytez, 3009, s. 
pl. straits, narrow places. 
Strayte, 1933, Straytt, 1230, 
adj. strait, narrow. 
Streke, adv. straight, 1792, 3101. 
Strekes, Strekyne. Sec Stryke. 
Strekez, v. 3 s. stretches, 1229, 
Streme, s. stream, 755 ; 
stremes, 1.2.2. 
Strenghe, 258, 376, Strenghte, 
796. s. strengih; strong place, 
1230, 1435 ; pl. strenghes, forces, 
1475, 2"2t.2, srenghez, 
strenghethis, 33"22. 
Strenghely, ad». strongly, 4096. 
Strette, s. street, road, 3467. 
Streynez, v. 3 s. exerts, 917. 
Strondes. Sec Strandez. 
Stroye, 1927, Struye, 561, v. dc- 
stroy ; pl. stroyene, 3127; p.p. 
stroyede, 1933, struyede, 1295. 
Stryke, v. strike, smite; 3 s. 
strykez, 11"2, strykkes, 1480; pl. 
strykkys, 1t11, strekes, 3101; 
pret. strake,, 2080, 2129 ; pret. pl. 
strekyne,  55, 3659. 
Studyande, i. p. studying, 3467. 
Stuffe, v. ïurnish, 1932 ; pl. stuf- 
fene, 2369 ; pret. stuffede, 3616. 
Sttrdely, ado. sturdily, 1104. 
Stye, s. path, 3466. 
Styghtylle, v. order, arrange, 157. 
Stynte, v. cease, 312 7. 
Styre. Sec Stire. 


Styrtez. ,See Stertez. 
Subarbe, s. suburbs, 4043; pL 
subarbis, 312"2, subbarbes, 2466. 
Subgettez. 5'ee Sugett. 
Suerddes. See Swerde. 
Sugett, 87, Sugette, 3138, s. sub- 
ject; pl. subgettez, 2314. 
Suggourne, v. sojourn, 153, $54, 
135; 3 ,. suggeourns, 54, sug- 
Sulayne, adj. alone, 2592. 
Suhle, v. sulj. pret. should, 72, 
213, 214. 
Sundyre, v. part, separate, 7. 
Suppowelle, v. support, 2818. 
Supprisede, 2616, Supprissede, 
1845, 8uppryseàe, 3797, 8upprys- 
scde, 1951, Supprysside, 14"0, 
F-P- taken unawares, overtaken, 
8urcott, 3252, StLrcotte, 2434, 
$. surcoat. 
Surepel, s. cover, 3317. 
Surgyne, s. surgeon, 4311. 
Surrawns, s. assurance, security, 
Surs, s. rising, fise, 1978, 2511, 
Sutcleste, adj. subtlest, 808. 
Suyche. See Swylke. 
Suyte, 179, 210, 528, Suytte, 
3139, s. suit. 
Swafres, v. 3 s. staggers, 3970. 
Sc. swaver, fo walk feebly. Jamie- 
Swalters, v. 3 s. (?) 3924. 
Swange, s. loins, 1129. 
Swangene, v. pret. 2)1. swung, 
Swanke, v. pret. toiled, 2961, 
Swape, s. blow, stroke, 314. 
Swappes, 4244, Swappez, 1126, 
119, v. 3 s. smi/es, strikes.; pl. 

swappene, 1464, swappez, 1465; 
Fret. swappede, 1795. 
Swarthe, s. sward, grassy ground, 
11"26, I466, 2145, 2960. 
Swathes, s. pl. 2508. 
Swayne, s. 3360. 
Swefene, s. dream, 812; 2,1. 
swefenn:ys, 32"28. 
Swefnynge, s. dreaming, 759. 
Swelte, v. die, 716, 813; 3 s. 
swelles, 2961, faints, 3969; L 
swelltez, 14613 ; ptet. swelte, 9.98"2 ; 
i. . sweltand, "2146, swelllaude, 
Swcperly, ado. quickly, nimhly, 
1128, 1465. 8c. swipper, quick, 
swift, nimble. Jamieson. 
Sweppene, p.p. swept, 2508. 
Swerde, s. sword, 47, 715; 1,1. 
swerddez, 1253, suerddes, 314. 
Swete, 3703, 4223, Swett, 2145, 
Swelle, 3360, s. lire. 
Swetly, 3970, Swettly, 1297, adr. 
Sveyftly, ada swfftly, 3703. 
Sweys, v. 3 s. sways, 57; pL 
1467, 3676, 4-2ï3. 
Swiche. 8ee Swylke. 
Swoghe, s. swaying motion, 759. 
Swogle, s. swoon, 1467. 
Swoughe, s. whirr, 1127. 
Swoune, s. swoon, 3969. 
Swounes, v. 3 s. swoons, 1127; 
i./. swouaaude, 146ï, 2960. 
Swowynge, s. somd, 931. 
Swyer, s. squire, 2959, 3703. 
Swykede, 1795, Swykkede, 3361, 
v. pret. deceived. 
Swylke, 403, Swiche, 3000, 
8uyche, 5"29, 81yke, 3719, Siche, 
967, 1031, 8yche, 76, 2"26, adj. such. 
Swym, s. swoon, 4246. 
Swynge, s. swing, 3360, 3676, 


Swyre-bane, s. neckbone, 2959. 
Swythe, ad». quiekly, swiftly, 
185, 409, 715, very, 19t9; as 
swythe : immediately, 813. 
Sybb, Sybbe. See Sibb. 
Sybredyne, ». kindrcd, 691, 4145. 
Syche. See Swylke. 
Sydlyngs, adv. sidelong, side- 
ways, 1039, 10t3. 
Sydys, s. pl. sides, 2148. 
Syene. ,See Syne. 
8yghande,3794, Sygheande, 3891, 
i.p. sigl,ing. 
Syland, 129ï, Sylande, 3794, 
43t0, i. p. flowing. 
Syluerene, adj. silvern, ruade of 
silver, 19t9. 
Sylure, s. canopy, 3194. 
Symple, adj. mean, 684, few, 967. 
Syne, s. sin, 3315, 3986. 
Syne, 85, 1182, 3216, Syene, 
4083, Synne, 3t35, adv. after- 
Synechalle, 1871, Syneschalle, 
1910, s. seneschal. 
Synglerc, s. boat, 3123. 
Syngne, s. sign, 3075. 
Syngmlere, adj. single, 826. 
Synkande, i. p. sinking, 3705. 
Synne. See Syne. 
Syr, Syre. 8ee Sir. 
Syte, 1060, Sytte, 1305, s. grief, 
Sythene, 184, 1336, S)oEhine, 
159, Sythyne, 56, 169, Sethene, 
19î7, ado. aftcrwards. 
Sythis, s. pL rimes, 2_'216. 
Syttyne, p.p. sat, 511. 

Tabylle, s. table, 53. 
Tachcmentez, s. /d. attachments, 
Tachesesedc ]), 821. 

Tacle, 3679, Takle, 2444, Takelle, 
3618, s. tackle. 
Taghte, 178, Tawghte, 3202, adj. 
taught, trained. 
Tak, v. take, 144; take, 307, 
proceed, go ; 3 s. tase, 1890, takes ; 
yL tas, 3'203; iweL tuke, 3'28, 
1359, `24 ; p.. takyne, 73, gone. 
Tale, s. number, 317, 335, 2933, 
account, 4094. 
Ta]mes, v. 3 s. falters, 2581. Du. 
'almen, to loiter, linger, hagle,, act tediously, be irresolute 
or m suspense. Sewell's ]Action- 
Talounez, ». pl. talons, claws, $00. 
Targe, ». round shield ; pl. targez, 
73`2. The targe was often emb]a- 
zoned, hence at line 89, large -- 
arms oa a seal. 
Tarsse, s. kind of cloth, 3189. 
Tarye, v. tarry, 1703. 
Tas, Tase. See Tak. 
Tauernez, ». 1,1. taverns, 1568. 
Taulde, p.p. told, 2618. 
Tawghte. See Taghte. 
Temez, v. 3 ». eml,ties , 1801. 
Temperalle, s. 2409. 
Tempeste, v. 2408. 
Temporaltee, s. 1570. 
Tende, adj. hcedful, attentive, in- 
tent, 1916. Sc. [eit. 
Tende, adj. tenth, 73. 
Tene -- ten, 1421. 
Tene, s. injury, wrong, grief, 
vexation, 1396, 1956. A.S. teona. 
Tenefulle, adj. harmful, grievous, 
Tenefully, ath'. grievously, 27"*.., 
Tenes, v. pl. harm, vex, annoy, 
264. A.S. leonan. 
Tente, s. heed, attention, 3586, 
409 t. 


Tentyly, adv. heedfully, atten- 
tively, 3618. 
Teraunt, e. tyraut, wicked or 
cruel man, 84 ; pl. terauntez, 583, 
tirauntez, 15ol, tyrauntez, '2 i0S. 
Terez, v. 3 s. tears, 800 ; pl. ferez, 
Teris, 3886, Terys, 3794, s. 1,l. 
Tha, 77, 157, 377, Thaa, 1993, 
pl. of the. 
Thai, 1141, 1144, Thay, 1160, 
Thêy, 0-'2, pron n. pl. ; çen. thaire, 
1153, ]396, theire, 13, '20, thiere, 
]ri0, 3191, thire, 19; obj. thaime, 
396, thamê, 3'29, 9=)3, thaym, '2'2îfi, 
'2'2S0, theme, 169, theym, 1SS6, 
theyme, 1859. 
Than, 1212, 2153, Thaue, 64, 
]96, ado. then. 
Thar, 881, Thare, 60, 102, ade. 
there ; thare -- vhere, 59, 11S5. 
Thare, impers, v. 403 ; h3an thare 
= he needs. 
Thare-aftyre, adv. thereaftcr, aftcr 
that, 1495, "20'2S. 
Thareby, 190, Thar-by, 1186, adr. 
thereby, beside. 
Tharê-fore, adv. therefore, 2042. 
Thare-in, 1242, Thare-ine, 1254, 
adv. therein. 
Thas, 58, 432, Thase, 236, 434, 
adj. those. 
Thedyre, adv. thither, 2488. 
Thoo, s. thigh, 1046 ; 2d. theese, 
Theeffe, s. thief, 1150. 
Thees, Theis, Theise. ,see This. 
Then, 315, Thene, 1344, co»j. than. 
ŒEher, wh'. there, 884; vhere, 
1131, 1'219 ; there -- where, 476. 
Ther-aftyre, adr. thereaffer, 1115, 
according foit, 339. 
Ther-to, adv. thereto, also, 181. 
Ther-vndyre, a:h'. under if, 1156. 

Thes. £k,e This. 
Thethene, adv. thence, 4345. 
Thewes, s. pl. virtues, good 
qualities, '21. 
The)me = thine, 3403. 
Theys. See This. 
Thic -- thee, 104. 
Thiere, Thire. ,See Thai. 
Tlfies, Thiese. ,see This. 
Thikke, s. thick, dense part of a 
crowd, 3755; vL thykkys, '2"216. 
Thir, Thire. ,see Tlfis. 
Thirllede, Thirllez. ,see Thyrle. 
This, pron. or adj. 410 ; pL thees, 
]54,, ]67, theis, 160, theise, -004, 
lhes, 4,8, 1356, theys, 2S10, thies, 
10[, `264,, thiese, '2î23, lhise, 15`2, 
.063, tbys, 5"2, lhir, 1161, 1164, 
thirê, 993. 
Thof. See. Thoghe. 
Thoghe, 477, 1329, Thof, 2443, 
Thofe, ]09, 4,60, OEhoffe, '2688, 
co»j. thougà. 
Thoghte. ,see Th)mkes. 
Thole, v. surfer, endure, permit, 
676, 4,00-'2, 4150. 
Thoos, 156 158, Thos, 42, 2200, 
lron, those. 
Thorowe, Thorughe. ,Set Thurghe. 
Thorowely, aele. thoroughly, 3294. 
Thorowowte, prep. throughout, 
right lhrough, '2]î0, '2986. 
Thosande,1400, Thosannde, 1537, 
Thowsande, 14,1, s. thousand. 
Thourghe. ,See Thttrghe. 
Tlmurghe-gyrde, p.p. smitten 
through, pierced, 3683. 
Tlra, 3295, Thraa, 249, adj. 
vehement, eager; superl, thracste, 
Thrange, s throng, 2217.. 
Thrawe, s. throe, pang, 1150. 
Threpide, 930, Threppede, 2216, 
v. lret, stl)ve. 

Thrette, v. threaten, 3295 
thretys, 249. 
Thretty, a0". thirty, 3295. 
Thristis, v. Id. thrust, 3755. 
Throly, a«h,. vehement]y, 1150, 
2217, 4332. 
Thronge, v. press, 3755. 
Throo, adj. vehement, 3294. 
Throstiiles, s. Tl. throstles, 930. 
Throwene, p.p. thrown, 3694. 
Throwghe, Thrughe, Thrughte. 
ee q_'hurghe. 
Thryftye, adj. 317. 
Thr3mgez, v. 3 a. presses, squeezes, 
1150, 17. 
TlnTstez, v. 3 a. thrusts, 1151. 
Thryttene, adj. thhoEeen, 216. 
Thurghe, 1,215, 499, Thourghe, 
1792, 2253, Thorughe, 495, 
Thorowe, 5, 24:, T,!lrowghe, 1772, 
Thrughe, 113, hrughte, 390, 
prep. through. A.S. urh. 
Thurghe-girde, p.p. smitten 
through, 14:61. 
Thursse, s. giant, 1100. A.S. 
Thykkys. Sve Thikke. 
Thynkes, 366, 1335, Thynkys, 
350, Thynkkys, 2440, impers, v. 
seems ; seems good, 996; pret. 
thoghte, 495, 24:79, thoughte, 3"230. 
Thyr]e, v. pierce, 1413; 3 s. 
thirllez, 2167; pret. thirllede, 1858, 
3890; p.p. thyrllede, 2"238, 
Thyandez. See Tydandis. 
Tide, s. time, 3902; pl. tydez, 
Til, 6, 36, Ti]le, 10, 130, Tylle, 
3608, prep. to. 
Tfltine, v. pl. tflt, topple, 1144. 
Tite, 3886, 3887, Tyte, 737, 841, 
Tytt, 144:, Tytte, 1891, 2583, adr. 
quickly; alls tire -- as quickly, af 
once, immediately. 

Tittez, v. 3 s. makes totter, 1801. 
To, adv. too, 957, 1200. 
To, conj. tiLl, 3182. 
To-briste, v. burst asunder, 3982. 
To-geders, 1050, To-gedirs, 1000, 
To-gedyre, 2718, adv. togcther. 
Togers, s. pl. clothes, 178. 
Toges, s. pl. togas, 3189. 
Toile, s. tussle, broil, 1802. Sc. 
Toile, s. customs, 1568. 
Tolowz, s. pl. () tool-makcrs, 
To-morne, adv. to-morrow, 1587. 
Tonges, s. pl. tongues (of a dra- 
gon's rail), 821. 
Toppe, s. top, 1144, head, 801. 
Toppe-castelles, s. T1. 3616. 
To-rattys, v. pl. rend asunder, 
Torfere, 1956, 3451, 3567, Tour- 
fere, 2582, s. harm, mischief. 
Tornys, 3015, Tournes, 1891, v. 
3 s. turns; pret. tornede, 3203, 
tonrnede, 105"2. 
To-ruscheez, v. id. dash asunder, 
To-stonayed e, p.p. utterly stunned, 
Tother, adj. other, 234, 3283. 
The first t is really part of the 
article, for the fo/ber : that other, 
just as tle tone -- that one. 
Toure, s. tower, 245, 1890; pl. 
toutes, 39, towrez, 1569, towrres, 
Tourfere. ,ee Torfcre. 
Towche, v. touch, 2067, concern, 
tell ; 3 s. towchcz, 800, ] 570, 1591 ; 
pret. towchcde, 770, towchide, 81 ; 
i.p. towchande, 263. 
Towne, w/j. trained, 178. 
To-wrythes, v. 3 s. writhes, 3920.. 
Towync, r. pl. dïaw, haul, 365. 



Toylez,  o 
»3, Toyelys, 3616, s. pl. 
(?) gear, tools. 
Traise, v. 3 s. draws, 162.9. 
TraLtely, 3568, Traystely, 1976, 
ado. safely, securely. 
Traistez. ee Trayste. 
Tra.ppede, p.p. covered with trap- 
pmgs, 1757, 2150. 
Trauaillede, p.p. who bave toiled, 
OErauaylande, 1684, Trauelande, 
1630, i. p. travelling. 
Trauayle, s. labour, 3566. 
Traylede, p.p. 250. 
Trayne, s. stratagem, 1630, 3901, 
Trayne, v. entice, deceive, 1683. 
Trays, s. trace, track, 4055. 
Trayste, v. trust, 669 ; 3 s. traistez, 
1987, 870; Tret. traystede, 1955, 
Traystely. See Traistely. 
Traytoure, s. traiter, 2173, 4055. 
Trayuellede, l).p. toiled, laboured, 
Trchute, 114, 2(;11, Trebutte, 
23t4, Tribute, 271, Tributte, 2357, 
Tremlande, i. p. trembling, 3899. 
Trenchande, adj. trenchant, sharp, 
Tresone, s. treason, treachel.; 
169, 2017. 
Tresoure, s. treasure, 668, 886, 
Trete, s. (?) row, 3655. 
Trett, 250, Trette, 263, 878, 
993, v. treat; p.p. tretyd, 07, 
tretide, 3191. 
Treunt, v. steal a march, 1976 ; 
pret. treuntede, 3900; p.p. treunt, 
OErew, 263, 992, Trewe, 879, 
2939, . trace. 

Trewage, s. tribute, 2358. 
Trewe, adj. true, 16. 
Trewghe. ,See Trewthe. 
Trewly, ado. truly, 2610. 
Trewthe, 3437, Trewghe, 3929, 
a. truth. 
Treyntis (?), 4056. 
Trine. See Tryne. 
Trippe, v. trip, more lightly, 3713. 
Trisene, v. pl. trice (nautical terre), 
Tristfly, 407, Trystily, 2357, ode,. 
trusti]y, faithfally. 
Trisdy, 731, 1262, Trystly, 832, 
ado. confid¢ntly, boldly 
Trofle, 2932, Trofifile, 1702, v. 
trifle; i. 2- trof¢lande, ]683. 
Trome, v. troop, 3592. A.S. 
trama, a troop. 
Tromperie, adj. having tntmp¢ts, 
Trompes, 1757, Tromppez, 1484, 
1947, Troamppcs, 4107. Troamp- 
pez, 170, Tramppez, 832, . pl. 
Trouflynge, s. trifling, 114. 
Trouthe, 164, 1314, Trowthe, 
1063, 1807, Trombe, 3804, s. troth, 
fidclity ; 2l. trowhes, 2325. 
Trow, 89, Trowe, 250, 887, 1693, 
v. believe. 
Trowhe. See Trouthe. 
Tro'mp3mge, s. trum peting, 3191. 
Trufles, s. pl. trifles, 89. 
Trumppede, v. 2ret. trumpeted, 
Trumppez. 8ce Trompes. 
Trusse, v. truss, pack up, 3592, 
stow; inf trussene, 1976; 2/. 
trussez, 731, trvssene, 3655; 2.p. 
trussede, 1702. 
Trvsselle, s. packs, bundles, 3655. 
Tryede, v. Fret. picked out, se- 
lected, 1947. Ff. trier. 


Trymblyde, v. pret. trembled, 270. 
Tryne, v. go, proceed; trine, 175 î; 
3 ». trynes, 359"2, trynys, 4055, 
trynnys, 3901 ; (?) ret. IL tryne, 
319"2 ; i./. trynandc, 4189. 
Trystily. See Tristily. 
Trystly. See Tristly. 
Tuke. See Tak. 
Tumbellez, v. pl. tumble, I 143. 
Tunge, s. tongue, 1250, 1891. 
Turmenttez, v. 2 s. torlnentest, 
195; 3 ». tçrmcntez, 3153. 
Tuskes, 1075, 3234, Tuskez, 791, 
»./l. teeth. 
Twa, adj. two, 171,335. 
Twys, adv. twice, 716. 
Tydandis, 3350, 3899, Tythdands, 
26, Thy3andcz , 1567, ». vL tid- 
Tyde, v. betide, happen, 879; 3 
». tyddes, 1703; /./. tydd, 365, 
tyddc, 451. 
Tydez. 8ce Tide. 
Tykes, s.//, dogs, 3642, 4258. 
Tylle. See Til. 
Tymbyrde, l.p. built, devised, 
Tymede, v. pret. happened, 3150. 
Tyne, v. lose, 2933 ; 2 s. tynnez, 
1952;/.p. tynt, 272, 770, tynte, 
1917, 2345, = perished, 481. 
Tymuntly, adv. like a tyrant, 2 î l. 
Tyseday, s. Tuesday, 3900. 
Tyte, Tytt. Aee Tite. 
Tythdands. See Tydandis. 
Valyaunt, adj. valiant, 2093. 
'assallage, s. service, 2048. 
Yawewarde, s. vanguard, 1981. 
Velany, s. villany, 298, 326. 
Vencows, Sec Venquyse. 
Venemus, 299, Venymmos, 4124, 
adj. venomous. 

Venge, v. avenge, 867; p./. 
vengede, 298, 2264:. 
Venquyse, 1984, Vencows, 4297, 
v. vanquish; ]reL venqwiste, 2093 ; 
v.p. vcnqueste, 3765, venquiste, 
325, venqwyste, 065. 
Ventelde, v. pret. spread safl to 
the wind, 737. 
Venmos. See Venenms. 
Veacle, s. a han«lkerchief sait[ 
to bave the priut of Christ's face 
upon if, 97, 307. 
Veage, s. a kind of drink, 204, 
Veayely, 3î65, Werreflly, 308, 
adv. truly. 
Verrede, p.. spottcd, 2573. 
Yeely, eMv. readily, 3168. 
Verrous, Yertouous. Ae Vertu- 
Vertue, s. tue, 215, 4297. 
Vertuouse, 204, Vertuus, 297, 
ertouous, 3055, Verrous, 5, adj. 
Vescounte, Vescote. A'ee 
Vesage, s. visage, 137, 3055. 
Yesare, 910, Vesere, 3054, s. 
Vesettez, v. 3 s. visits, 1726. 
VesseHe, s. 30îl. 
Vestoure, s. clothing, 3071. 
Vetaile, s. victuals, 3071. 
Vetaile, v. victual, 353; 3 s. 
retailles, 3165. 
Viage, s. joney, expedition, 
037, 93. 
Vice, s. fault, defect, 911. 
Vicounte, 3167, ¥iscovnte, 2047, 
Yescounte, 0, Vescownte, 198, 
Yyscownte, 050, ». 
Visez, v. 3 s. purposes, 3167. 
Vmbeclappes, v. 3 s. embmees» 


Vmbegrippys, v. 3 s. grps, 758 
];r«t. vmbegfippede, 
YRbelappes, . 3 s. surrounds, 
1819 ; oeret, vmbylappyde, 3785. 
YRbrere, s. part of a helmet, the 
movable part which shelters the 
face, 93, 2"27, 395"2. 
Vn-abaiste, adj. tmabashed, hot 
cast down, 1378. 
Yn'olysside, adj. unblest, hot 
marked with the siga of the cross, 
Vnblythely, ade. sadly, 1434. 
Vnbrydilles, v. 1»/. Unblioee, 2509. 
nJnclede,, unclothed, 4202. 
Vncouere, v. uncover, 2710; pret. 
vncouerde, 739. 
'ncouthe, 1902, 3449, Vncowthe, 
3514, adj. unknown, strange. 
'ncowpylle, v. uncouple, 3999. 
Vndir-takande, i. 10. enterprising, 
Vndone, 1722, 3752, 3966. 
'n0lrone, 2840, 307 î, Vndroune, 
46"2, 8. 
Vndyrtakynge, s. 3187. 
Vne-Rade, adj. unRade, .o507. 
Vnfaire, 303, 779, 1045, 
favre, 21ïl, ado. bad]y, il], un- 
Vfaye, adj. un]aarmed, sound, 
Vnfers, adj. unfierce, tare, 4122. 
Vnfondyde, aàj. untried, 2485. 
Vnfraistede, 2861, Vnfraystede, 
2736, adj. untried. 
Vfrely, ade. (?) ignobly, 780. 
nlordly, adj. 1313 ; ade. 126î. 
'nmete, adj. unmeet, 4070. 
Ynquellyde, adj. unkilled, 3810. 
Vnrekene, aàj. (?) tmpleasant, 
"Vnesonable, ««0". 3452. 

çnryghttwyslye, adv. unright- 
eously, 329. 
Vnsaughte, 1910, Vnsawghte, 
1306, 1457, 410, adj. 
Vnsaughtely, 1501, Ynsaughtyly, 
1847, ado. 
Vnsekyrly, adv. unsafely, 966. 
YnseRly, adv. unseemlily, 1044. 
Vnsene, adj. tmseen, 3114. 
Vnslely, adt,. unskilfully, clum- 
sily, 979. 
Vnsownde, adj. 3290, 3931, 3942. 
Vnsparely, 3160, Ynsparyly, 235, 
adv. unsparingly. 
'ntenderly, 1144, ,'ntendirly, 
2575, ado. 
'ntrewe, a'. untrue, îaitldess, 
Vntrewely, ado. dishonestly, 886. 
rnuenquiste, adj. unvanquished, 
Vnwemmyde, adj. unspotted, 
spotless, 3801. 
• "nwittyly, adv. unwisely, 3802. 
'nwynly, a,,, unjoyfully, un- 
pleasantly, 955,130"2, 1$1, 356`2. 
Ynwyse, adj. 3817. 
Voide, 309, Voyde, 215, _'2049, 
209, v. pass out, pass away; 3 8. 
voydes, retreats, 3764, oydez, 
withdraws, 19ï; l. voydez, quit, 
Youte, 137, Vowt, 305, s. Rien. 
Lat. wRus. 
Voyde, adj. empty, vain, 10, 
(?) open, 911. 
Voyde, Voydes, Voydez. ,£'ee 
'pbrayde, v. 1930. 
Vpcynes, s. pl. (?) 3675. 
Vpe---- up, 1119, 1877. 
Vrayllede, p.p. 2568. Perhaps 
for " Iérrelled, or l'arolled : 
having smal] rings attached." 
2Boutell's HerMdry, p. 88. 

OLOSSL tEX. 203 

Vse, v. practise, 1843. 
Vtas, s. 625. "The eighth day, 
or the apace of eight daya, ai'ter 
any festival." llalliwell. 
Vtterê, adv. further out, 2438. 
Vtters, v. 3 s. dismisses, 418. 
Vttirly, ad». 3966. 
Vys, 3617, Vyse, 2424, s. screw. 
Crossbows were drawn back by 
means of a screw. 

Wache, v. watch, 547; in.f. wac- 
chene, 613 ; p.p. wachede, 1613. 
rache, s. watch, 2499 ; pl. wac- 
chcs, 1356. 
Vafidle, adj, woeful, sorrowful, 
950, 955. 
Wagande, i. p. wagng, waving, 
Wage, s. pay, 302. 
Wage, 547, Vagge, 333, 1615, 
v. hire, engage ; wage, stake, 2967. 
Wagene, v. wager, 2445. 
Wakkens, 2370, Wakkenyse, 257, 
Waknez, 806, v. 3 ». awakes ; wak- 
kenysse, wakens, 3562 ; ]ret. wak- 
keuyde, awoke, 339"2. 
Walde, v. prct. would, 339, 342, 
wouldest, 876, 1035. 
Wale, s. gunwale, 740. 
Wale, v. choose, 181. 
Wale, adj. choice, 2148. 
Wale, adj. eddying, surging, 741, 
Walkande, i. p. xval-14ng, 762, 
Walkyne, s. wclkin, sky, 787. 
Walle, s. wave, 493. Ger. welle. 
Walopandc, i. iv. galloping, 2147, 
lValowes, v. Id. wallow, roll, 
1142; loret, walewede, 3838. 
Walsche, adj. Velsh, 320, 2044. 
Wandrethe, 323, 2370, Wane- 
drethe, 38, s. woe, sorrow. 

Vandsom41y, adv. (?) sorrow- 
fui/y, 0Y2. 
Wandyrs, v. 3 s. wanders, 798 
i.p. wanderande, 763. 
Vane, adj. wan, dusky, dark, 
9"2. A.S. wan. 
'ane. £'ee Vyne. 
Brapene, 1106, apyne, 1119, 
weapon ; pl. wapynez, 2137, wap- 
yns, 312. 
War. 5'ee Ware. 
Varantizez, guarantees, 1614. 
Wardane, 3523, Wardayne, 650, 
2494, s. wardcn. 
arde, s. ward, 2480, custody, 
Wardede, p.p. guarded. 1614. 
Wardrop, 4203, Vardrope, 901, 
26'22, s. wardrobe. 
,Vare = where, 1054. 
Ware, v. pret. pL were, 18, 177 ; 
j. pret. ] 
ware, 964 ; 3 s. ware, ï3, war, 976 ; 
¥1. ware. 
Vare, 19, 'arre, 1973, 2045, 
adj. wary, cautious, aware. A.S. 
Warely, ado. cautiously, 4026. 
Varesche, v. be healed, recover, 
Varlawe, 948, 958, 'arlow, 
]140, Werlaughe, 3771, . warlock, 
wizard; also, a wicked man; /d. 
warlaws, 613. 
Warnes, v. 3 s. refuses denies 
Warpe, 150, "Verpe, 9, r. throw, 
cast ; pl. warpes, 746; varpes ,- 
waye : make off; pret. warpe, 
'as, v. pret. pl. xvere, 1415. 
SVasternne, s. desert place, x4lder- 
ness, 3233. See lls/#re in 
literatire _Poens, B. 167. A.S. 
Wate. Ste Wiet. 


Wathe, s. way, path, 3233. See 
IFop¢ 3 in Allileralive_Poems, A. 151. 
A.S. tcd5u. 
Wathe, s. harm, hurt, 2668. Sec 
llrole in Allileralive Poems, B. 855. 
Vathely, adt. badly, 2090, 2186. 
Watte. »See Wiet. 
Vatyre, s. water, 1299, 1358. 
Vatyre-mene, s. Id. madners, 741. 
Vaueryngc, s. 2224. 
Vawarde, s. vanguard, 1767. ,See 
Vawhte, (?) 3480. 
Vaxe, v. grow, 4322. 
YVayfare, s. course, 1797. 
Wayfe, v. wandcr, stray, 960. 
Vaykly, a,l,, weakly, 697. 
Vayte, v. watch, look out ri-w, 
16, 1S07; 3 s. wa,ttes, 2979; 
b¢ wayttene, 1973. 
Weehes, s. pL witches, 613. 
Vedde, p4». wedded, 700. 
Vedcs, 1365, Wedez, 168, 500, 
Wedys, 229, s. pL wecds, gar- 
lVedirwyns. ,S'«,e Wyderwyne. 
Vedowe, s. widow, 950, 4285 ; 
pl. wedcwes, 315k 
Veende. See Wende. 
Veife. See Wif. 
Veihle. See Welde. 
Veile. S,,e Wele. 
Veisely. ,Sce Wyesly. 
Vekyrly, adr. watc]lfidly : hence, 
in a li'ely manner, brisldy, 
A.S. wacorlice, wa[chfully. 
Velde, 3090, Weilde, 650, v. 
rule  possess, 2967. 
Vele, s. riches, wealth, 401,653, 
weal, 4100. 
Wele, 170, 230, 321, Weile, 
1788, adv. wcll. 
Vclle, s. spring, wel], 540, 882. 

Welle, v. spring up, bubhle up, 
boil ; 3 s. wellys, flows, 3819 ; lret. 
wellyde, 3377; T.. well)'de, boi- lcd, 
Velte, v. ]»'et. overturned, 3152. 
Welters, 1140, Ycltcrys, 890, . 
3 s. rolls ; pL wchcrs, 112 ; i. T- 
welcrandc, 2147. 
Velthes, s. pL 3157. 
Vendc. ,See Wene. 
Wende, 302, 1299, Weendc, 
2tt5, 2i93, v.o; 2 s. wevndez, 
450; 3 s. wen«es, 614, w'endez, 
701, wendes, -°.185 ; prel. ent, 
Vene, v. flfink, suppose; 2 s. 
wenes, 1S06, wencz, 963; l»'el. 
wende, 21"21. 
Venges, 768, Wengez, 819, 926, 
s. 1 d. wings. 
Wepede, v. pret. wept, 1920 ; i. 
p. wepand, 2679, 3561. 
Werdcs, 3889, Wcredes, 385, s. 
pL fates, destinies 
Werdez. ,See Verlde. 
Were, ado. where, 3692. 
Were, 22, 33, 257, Werre, 516, 
6-)1, . war. 
Weredes. ,See Werdes. 
Veres ---- veers (?), 3054:. 
Wcries. See Wery, v. 
Werke, s. work; 1,1. werkes, 3, 
YCerkkes, v. 3 s. aches, 2689; L 
p. werkand, lï97, 214:8. 
Werlaughe. ,S,'e Wadawe. 
Werlde, s. wcrld, 5, 708 ; gon. 
sg. werdez, 674. 
Werpe. »See 
Werraye, 56, Werreye, 657, v. 
make war, war upon ; pl. wermyes, 
3t47; pret. wer,'avede, 203, 2d15; 
i. p. werraande, ".°0S9, 'erre$nd, 
Vcrre. See Were. 


V, Têrrydê, v. pret. wore, 3872 ; 
¥.p. wercde, worn, 2930. 
Very, 699, 31.55, Verye, 4286, 
v. ourse; 3 . weries, 3888; iv-P- 
weryd, 959. 
Wery, ad.l. weary, 492, 3392. 
Weryede, p.3». wearied, 796. 
Vesche, v. pret. washed, 231 ; 
v.p. weachene, 1301. 
'etene, Vette. A'ee iet. 
'ette, v. pret. wetted, 2332. 
Veyffe. Se Wif. 
Veyndes, Veyndz. See ende. 
,Veyne -- wine, s. 161. 
Veysse. ,S«,e V'iese. 
Whame, 1202, Vhayme, 770, 
lron, whom. 
qaanne. See Vyne. 
Whare, adv. where, 107, 302. 
W-har¢ -- were, 174, 529. 
Whas : was, 76, 634. 
Vhayme. 8ee 3aame. 
Vqedire, 3231, Vhed.a', 2533, 
Whedyre, 962, ado. whither. 
Whedyre, conj. whether, 1717. 
Vhene, 2044, Whenne, 63, adc. 
"3aethire, pron. whieh (of two), 
qailde -- wild, adj. 3232, 3446. 
Whilke, pron. which, 4194. 
Whilles, 1335, 1570, W-hills, 
1705, Whils, 1737, Whylez, 1597, 
co»j. whilst ; whilles, 1197, whills, 
3908, whylles, 2132, 2511, until. 
M'hilome, ade. sometimes, 1145. 
Whitte : white, adj. 3260. 
Vhoo -- who, 1322. 
Whydyrewyns. See Vyderwyne. 
Whyesest. £'ee Wiese. 
Vhyne, why--not, 703. Vhyne 
myghte I dye  O that I might 

Wieffe. See XVif. 
Vielde, s. (?) 2689. 
'iese, 3035, Veysse, 2514, 
Wyes, 149, X.'yese, 1972, Wyesse, 
2745, adj. wse; sTerl, wyseste, 
290, whyeseste, 53"2. 
Wiet, 420, XVette, 948, XVyt, 
958, v. know, know of; 1 s. wate, 
4203, watte, 533, 2"2"25 ; '2 s. wate, 
3393, watte, 69"2, 3549 ; pl. wotte 
(proTerl # a sg. for»O, 4100; pret. 
wiste, 3231, wist, 405, w.vste, 
339, 891; /.p. wetene, 2966, 
wytene, 869. 
Vit; 993, Veife, 652, Veyffe, 
674, Wieffe. 3550, Wyefe, 3575, 
Wfl, 986, Wyfe, 955, Wyffe, 3082, 
s. woman, wife; fil wyfes, 29 $. 
Wightenez. See Vyghtnesse. 
Vile, v. ge away bystealth, 3908. 
Viffully, ado. 151, 3835, 
Wille, s. wfldnes% madness, 3836. 
ïlled, 1».17. strayed, astray, 323(. 
'ilne, v. desire; 2 s. wil]nez, 
2224, wilnez, 34ï9, wylnez, 96I; 
3 s. wlnez, 38. A.8. wil»ia,«. 
Wirche. See Virke. 
ïrchipe, 2187, V)a'chip, 10, 
'yrchipe, 150, s. honour ; Tl. wyr- 
chippis, 2"2. 
Virchipe, Vyrchipe, 397, v. 
honour; 3 s. wyrschcppez, 1059; 
p.p. wirchipid, 320, wyrchipide, 
257, 685. 
ïrchipfu]le, 1356, 2231, Vyr- 
chipfulle, 333, 650, adj. worship- 
fui, honourab|e. 
Wirke, 339, 2187, Vyrke, 1t9, 
Wirche, 3008, Vyrche, 130, 1(30, 
1584, v. work, perform, do; 2 s. 
wirkkes, 232 ; 3 . wyrkez, 1267, 
wyrkkes, 1468; pl. wyrkes, 663; 
pret. wroghte, 1796; laret, pl. 
wroghtene, 2137; p.p. wroghie, 
26"22, 395. 
Wist, V¢iste. 8ee Wiet. 
V,'it, v. depart, 708. A.S. witara 


With-owtene, 997, With-owttyne, 
114, 139, Wythowttyne, 2"25, 491, 
prep. without ; except, 849: 
Withstondene, v. pl. withstand, 
1747; p.p. 19"26. 
Vith-thy, conj. provided, on con- 
dition, 2587, 2591. 
Vitter, v. certify, assure, 1239. 
Witterly, 3549, Wytterly, 324, 
ado. plainly, clearly, certainly. 
V]onke, adj. proud, splendid, gay, 
3154, 3338. A.S. wlanc, wlonc. 
Wode, 1266, 1281, Vodd% 1359, 
2"219, 8. wood; .pl. woddez, 197. 
A.S. wudu. 
Wode, adj. mad, raging, 3837. 
A.S. w6d. 
Wodely, adv. madly, 2827. 
Wodewyse, adv. madly, 3817. 
Wokes, s. pL weeks, 354. A.S. 
Wohl, 3835, Wolde, 1282, v. pret. 
would. See Wa|de. 
Wolfes, 3446, Woluez, 3232, s. 
pL wolves. 
,Volf-heuede, s. wolf's head, 1093. 
,Vombe, 8. belly, 768. A.S. 
*onde, 3494, 'oonde, 1615, v. 
hesitate; 3 8. wondis, 3S33. A.S. 
wandian, fo fear, be awe-struek. 
Wonde, ». wound; pL wondes, 
1469, 2148. 
Wonde, v. wound; 3 s. wondes, 
o090; pret. wondide, 2231; p.p. 
wondede, 1S53, wonddede, 1558, 
wondyde, 1415, 1434. 
Xondirliche, 3377, Vondyrlyche, 
1357, adv. wond¢rfu]ly. 
Wondsome, s. misery, 3836. 
Vondyre, s. 1166, 1342; adv. 
Vone, s. dwelling, abode, 1300, 
2 72, 4"204. 
Vonene. ,_e Vyne. 

Vonne, v. dwell, 3910; 3 
wonnys, 3551. 
Wonne, Wonnene,Wonnyne. 
'onnynges, s. pl. dwellin, ha- 
bilations, 3157. 
Wonrydez, s. pl. sorrow, gTief, 
707. See Waudrethe. 
Woo, s. woe, 2684, 3393. 
Voonde. See Wonde. 
Worde, v. 3393. 
Worme, s. reptile, 796, 798. 
Worows, v. 3 s. worries, kills, 
Worthe, v. become, be, 959 992, 
Wortheliche, 2669, Wor[hilyche, 
695, Worthily, 2191, adj. worthy. 
Worthethy -- worthy, 1302. 
Worthfly, 2231, Worthylye, 2547, 
Votte. See Wiet. 
Vfraite, v. pret. wrote, 390L 
Vrakfulle, adj. vengeful, 3818. 
Vrange, adj. wrong, left, 1480. 
Vra)oEhe. ,S'ee Wrythe. 
Wreche, 1273, 'riche, 1064, 
Wryche, "2778, 8. wretch; 
vreehes, 1446. 
Wrechyde, aàj. wretehed, 5. 
'reke, s. vengeance, 3839. 
reke, v. avenge, 321,385 ; 3 s. 
wrekes, 2213 ; i,fi wrekene, 151 ; 
p.p. wrokene, 2968, wrokyne, 2"2"25. 
'rethe, s. wrath, 151,321, 385. 
Wrethe, s. fold, wreath, 1093. 
Vrethide, v. pret. angered, 2191. 
Vriehe. See 'reche. 
Vristeles. See Wystille. 
Vroghte, Wroghtene. SeeVirke. 
Wrokene, Wrokyne. See 'reke. 
Wrothely, adv. tierce]y, 114], 
1480, '2"2 lk 

(}LO88ARI£L INDEg.. 207 

Wrothera.yle, s. misery, wretched- 
ncss, rum, 3154. 
Vryche. $',_'e Wrecbe. 
p.p. wryngande, 950, 26î9. 
Yerystille, v. wrestle, 1141 ; 3 s. 
wristeles, 890. 
Vrythe, v. twist, writbe, turn 
about, 439 ; wrythes, 1920, wryth- 
this, 2"214; ¥l. wrytbyne, 114:1; 
preL wraythe, 1098. 
Wy, 164, 695, 'ye, 2669, 
man, person; 1/. wyes, 56, 336, 
wyese, 1300, 2656, wysse, 685. 
A.S. iy, warrior; wiy, war. 
yL wedirwyns, 3818, wedirwynes, 
883t, whydyrewyns, 2"215. A.S. 
Y(ye, v. weigh (anehor), 740. 
Wyefe, Vyf, ,Vyfe, Vyffe. ee 
Vyes, Vyese. See Vy. 
Vyes, Vyese, Vyesse. 'ee 
Vyesly, 1974, YVeisely, 1613, 
2599, udv. wisely. 
\Vyghte, s. wight, man, person, 
Wyghte, adj. vigorous, strong, 
1140; comp. wyghttere, 94:; 
perL wyghteste, 90, 336, 532. 
Wyghtly, adv. vigorously, 553, 
Wyghtnesse, 258, 516, 796, 
Wightenez, 1806, s. vigour, 
Wykkyde, adj. evil, 3232. 
Wylde, s. wild animals, 181,657. 
Vylde lyre, s. 797. 
Wylez, s. pl. wiles, 1504. 
Wylily, adv. in a v,,ily manner, 
crafti|y, cunningly, 274:6. 
Vylnez. ,ee Vilne. 
Vynche, v. wink, wince, 2104. 

Vyndowes, s. p/. some part of a 
helmet, pmbabIy the windhole or 
aventail, 911. 
'ne, v. win, gaLn, conquer; 
wynne, 516 ; wyne to hir speehe, 
get fo speak to ber, 3908 ; wyne 
awaye, get away, 468 ; zre[o wane, 
33, 115, whaane, 2-2; ¥.p. won- 
nene, 121#, wonnyne, 26, 618, 
wonene, 8001, wonne, 887, 1805. 
Wynly, aàv. pleasantly, 671, 
2185, 3338. 
,Vynlyche, ad. pleasant, 181. 
Wyrche. See ,Virke. 
YVyrchip, Wyrchipfulle, &c. 
Wirchipe, &c. 
'3oEke, YVyrkkes. 8ee Vike. 
V(ysse, v. direct, guide, teaçh, 9, 
813; 3 s. wysse, governs, 671. 
Wysse. See Wy. 
Wyste, Wyt, Vytene. ee Wiet. 
Wythowttyne. See Vith-owtene. 
Wythsytte, v. resist, 104. 
Wytt, 741, M'ytt.e, 149, s. wit. 
Wytterly. See Witterly. 
Yare, 1901. Read Thare. 
Yche, Ylke. £'ee Ilke. 
Ynewe, Ynowe. See Inowe. 
Yryne. See Irene. 
Yschewes, v. 3 s. issues, 610. 
Ythez, s. »l. waves, 71, 77, 
a, d. yea, 993, 1033. 
aldsones, s. pl. (?) 3809. 
a|owere, adj. comp. yellower, 
apely, ado. quickly, 1502. 
ates, 271, atez, 2039, 
e, pron. ye, 12, 226. 
ee, 3911. :Perbaps a mistake for 
].res, sobs. A.S. ffiscian, to sob. 



3cffe, colj, if, 2859. 
3elde, v. to yield, 1502; 3 s. 
3eldes, 3809 ; p./. 3oldene, 2334, 
cldene, p.p. 1870. Probably a 
mistake for ' oldene.' 
:lcme, v. keep, guard ; 3 s. 3emes, 
430, 3emez, 938 ; ¥l. emes, 647. 
erde, s. yard, 3254, 3280. 
ere, s. year, 522, 552. 
errnys, () laments, 3911. A.S. 
ffyrmian, to roar. 
3erne, v. yearn, desire, lus[ after ; 
2 s. ]ernez, 150'2; 3 . jernes, 
103"2 ; p.p. 3ernede, 2343. 
3erne, ode: earnesfly, eagerly, 
1794, 38"25, 41S9. 
:lif, 340, ]ife, 1502, lift, loir, ]iffe, 
4153, coj, if. 

3ff, 1567, 3fie, 1668, 3iffe, 2323, 
v. give. 
3is, 2324, 3ise, 2585, ado. 3"es. 
3it, 1128, 3itt, 1140, 3itte, 2109, 
3ofe, 1938, 2854. Read ' thofe,' 
3oldene. ,See 3clde. 
3oie, s. Yule, 2628. 
3olke, s. yolk, 3283. 
3omane, s. yeoman, 2628. 
3on, 2935, one, 299, 336, 341, 
adj. yon. 
ondire, 3809, ondyr, 2720, adv. 
our, 95, 153, 222, 3owre, 630, 
683, pron. your. 
ow, 15,16,owe,1266,rc.. )u.